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What are blocked fallopian tubes?

Fallopian tubes are a pair of tiny tubes that carry eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. In human beings, fertilization of the egg takes place within the fallopian tube. Obstruction and blockage in the fallopian tube prevent the eggs can be prevented from entering the tube or from passing through the tube to the uterus. It may be caused by a uterus condition or STD and needs attention to avoid ectopic pregnancies and fertility issues.

What are its main signs and symptoms?

Blocked fallopian tubes do not often present with signs or symptoms other than infertility, delayed menses or too short or too long menstrual cycles.

What are its main causes?

The most common conditions which block the fallopian tubes by either scarring the inner lining of the tube or forming abnormal growths that block the tube include:

How is it diagnosed and treated?

Blocked fallopian tubes can be diagnosed using various radiologic or scoping techniques which include:

  • X-rays of the abdomen and pelvis
  • A specialised X-ray study called hysterosalpingogram 
  • Ultrasound of the pelvis
  • Laparoscopy

The treatment modalities include an open or laparoscopic surgery to remove blockage of tubes. The following techniques are used:

  • If the blockage is near the uterus, a non-surgical procedure is done in which a tiny tube (or cannula) is inserted into the duct to reopen it.
  • Surgery is used to remove the blocked section of the tube and reconnect its healthy ends, in case of more extensive or deeper blockages.
  • In hydrosalpinx (tube blocked due to fluid build-up), the source of fluid build-up is removed. A new opening to the uterus may be created.
  • The distal end of the tube can be recreated surgically to pick up the egg from the ovary.
  1. Medicines for Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Medicines for Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Medicines listed below are available for Blocked Fallopian Tubes. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
Coriosurge XpCoriosurge Xp 10000 Iu Injection838.0
Eema HpEema Hp 10000 Iu Injection900.0
Fertigyn HpFertigyn Hp 10000 Iu Injection890.0
Hucog Hp InjectionHucog Hp 10000 Iu Injection978.0
Materna Hcg HpMaterna Hcg Hp 5000 Iu Injection527.0
Ovutrig HpOvutrig Hp 10000 Iu Injection827.0
PubergenPubergen 10000 Iu Injection696.0
Zyhcg HpZyhcg Hp 10 K Injection890.0
ChoragonChoragon 5000 Iu Injection462.0
ChoriodayChorioday 5000 Iu Injection475.0
ChoriolifeChoriolife 2000 Iu Injection276.0
ChoriotecChoriotec 10000 Iu Injection856.0
CorionCorion 10000 Iu Injection630.0
Corion CCorion C 5000 Iu Injection495.0
Coriosurge HpCoriosurge Hp 5000 Iu Injection283.0
Eutrig HpEutrig Hp 10000 Iu Injection400.0
FertigynFertigyn 10000 Iu Injection890.0
HcgHcg 2000 Iu Injection269.0
Hcg SpHcg Sp 10000 Iu Injection750.0
HtropHtrop 10000 Iu Injection806.0
KoragonKoragon 5000 Iu Injection405.0
Koragon HpKoragon Hp 5000 Iu Injection573.0
Lutigen GoldLutigen Gold 2000 Iu Injection187.0
My HcgMy Hcg 2000 Iu Injection360.0
Neo HcgNeo Hcg 10000 Iu Injection516.0
OrigenOrigen 2000 Iu Injection277.0
OvidrelOvidrel 250 Mcg Injection1428.0
Ovifer HpOvifer Hp Injection450.0
Ovipure HpOvipure Hp 10000 Iu Injection930.0
OvitrellaOvitrella 250 Mcg Injection1500.0
Ovulate COvulate C 10000 Iu Injection437.0
Ovumax HpOvumax Hp 10000 Iu Injection790.0
Ovunal HpOvunal Hp 10000 Iu Injection880.0
OvutrigOvutrig 2000 Iu Injection340.0
PregnylPregnyl 1500 Iu Injection230.0
ProfasiProfasi 2000 Iu Injection327.0
ProferticProfertic 10000 Iu Injection970.0
ProficentProficent 2000 Iu Injection309.0
ProvigilProvigil 5000 Iu Injection506.0
Pubergen AquaPubergen Aqua 5000 Iu Injection580.0
Pubergen HpPubergen Hp 2000 Iu Injection252.0
Pubergen JoPubergen Jo 7500 Iu Injection603.0
Pubergen NanoPubergen Nano 500 Iu Injection216.0
SifasiSifasi 5000 Iu Injection385.0
Sifasi HpSifasi Hp 10000 Iu Injection1088.0
StimogonStimogon 10000 Iu Injection500.0
ZyhcgZyhcg 2000 Iu Injection307.0
AnserAnser 5000 Iu Injection419.0
DevironDeviron 2000 Iu Injection200.0
Life 250Life 250 250 Mcg Prefilled Syringe1400.0
MaternaMaterna Depot 3.75 Mg Injection4000.0
Materna HcgMaterna Hcg 5000 Iu Injection551.0
OvidacOvidac 2000 Iu Injection337.0
Provigil HpProvigil Hp 5000 Iu Injection225.0
Sven HcgSven Hcg 5000 Iu Injection180.0
Trigova HpTrigova Hp 10000 Iu Injection880.0
ClofertClofert 100 Mg Tablet69.0
ClomeClome 100 Mg Tablet137.0
EnclovaEnclova 100 Mg Tablet350.0
Ferpill KitFerpill Kit 50 Mg Tablet200.0
FertomidFertomid 100 Mg Tablet68.0
Fertyl MFertyl M 25 Mg Tablet127.0
RejunRejun 100 Mg Tablet135.0
SipheneSiphene 100 Mg Tablet68.0
Ubiphene NUbiphene N 100 Mg Capsule249.0
WorkovaWorkova 50 Mg Tablet300.0
ByproBypro 50 Mg Tablet375.0
CcliyaCcliya 100 Mg Tablet72.0
CerofeneCerofene 100 Mg Tablet63.0
ClomigeneClomigene 25 Mg Tablet31.0
ClomisurClomisur 100 Mg Tablet109.0
ClopheneClophene 50 Mg Tablet41.0
ClopregClopreg 50 Mg Tablet61.0
C PregC Preg 100 Mg Tablet96.0
DutchcomDutchcom 100 Mg Tablet62.0
EnccEncc 600 Mg Tablet140.0
Enova (Bsp)Enova 25 Mg Tablet21.0
FertexFertex 50 Mg Tablet60.0
Fertex MFertex M 25 Mg Tablet96.0
FertonFerton 25 Mg Tablet28.0
FertylFertyl 50 Mg Tablet80.0
FolistimFolistim 50 Mg Tablet58.0
Gamet 50 Mg TabletGamet 50 Mg Tablet39.0
Indukt CIndukt C 100 Mg Tablet120.0
Let RejunLet Rejun 2.5 Mg Tablet168.0
Materna CcMaterna Cc 100 Mg Tablet119.0
MaturovaMaturova Tablet37.0
OvagenOvagen 25 Mg Tablet32.0
OvipheneOviphene 25 Mg Tablet33.0
OvofarOvofar 50 Mg Tablet41.0
OvuclomOvuclom 100 Mg Tablet38.0
PregmatePregmate 50 Mg Tablet41.0
Pregmate MPregmate M 25 Mg Tablet38.0
Refert (Dial Pharmaceuticals)Refert 50 Mg Tablet39.0
TevrolTevrol 25 Mg Tablet55.0
Tevrol M (Mars)Tevrol M 25 Mg Tablet36.0
Trifol MfTrifol Mf 25 Mg Tablet34.0
VifertVifert 50 Mg Tablet86.0
BeclomBeclom 50 Mg Tablet81.0
Cee CeeCee Cee 50 Mg Tablet57.0
CloducerCloducer 50 Mg Tablet40.0
ClomiciteClomicite Tablet28.0
FertikFertik 50 Mg Tablet59.0
FertilinFertilin 50 Mg Tablet41.0
FertotabFertotab 25 Mg Tablet36.0
FulfylFulfyl 25 Mg Tablet14.0
MephyMephy 50 Mg Tablet50.0
CcqCcq 100 Mg/50 Mg Tablet169.4
FertilixFertilix 100 Mg/50 Mg Tablet154.0
UbipheneUbiphene 100 Mg/100 Mg Tablet297.0
Clofert MaxClofert Max 25 Mg/60 Mg Kit786.5
RoeletRoelet 50 Mg/50 Mg Tablet195.23
E Ova ME Ova M 100 Mg/3 Mg Tablet349.0
E Ova PlusE Ova Plus 100 Mg Tablet449.0
Ovaa ShieldOvaa Shield 600 Mg/4 Mg/50 Mg Capsule520.0

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