Many people believe that sleeping during the day is not good for health. But the opinion of scientists is slightly different. Some studies suggest that napping during the day is essential for human health. This reduces the risk of many diseases. One of them is also the lowering of BP. Similarly, the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases is also reduced by napping during the day.

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  1. What does the study say?
  2. How low is BP?
  3. Is it effective for everyone?
  4. So what do you do?

A study included 400 adult men and women who had high BP problems. Studies have shown that people who sleep during the day are 5 percent less likely to increase BP than those who do not sleep during the day. Researcher Dr. Manolis Kallistratus says, "Although this difference is very small, sleeping during the day still reduces cardiovascular problems in people. But even an hour of sleep during the day can give you the right result."

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Researchers found that sleeping or napping for an hour a day can lower your systolic blood pressure (the top level of blood pressure) by up to 3 mm/Hg. However, if you are taking low-dose medicine for blood pressure, then your blood pressure level can reach an average of 5 to 7 mm/Hg. While a short nap during the day brings your overall blood pressure up to 5 mm/Hg.

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Researchers say that the BP of the participants participating in this study was well controlled, but not necessary that BP can be reduced due to naps in the day for all other people. The researchers believe that in the future they will need to include such participants in their studies, whose high blood pressure is not so well controlled.

Along with this, it should be understood that taking a nap during the day does not only mean resting. The researchers note that the greatest drop in BP occurred just before the REM phase (REM phase: this phase usually begins 90 minutes after falling asleep), which suggests that good sleep is needed to lower BP.

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Due to the working lifestyle, there are very few people who can take naps during the day. But there is no need to worry about it. You can find an alternative if you want. Ultimately, getting rest contributes to improving your health. So be sure to take time to rest throughout the day.

Overall, the thing to say is that if you have a problem with high BP, then one hour of sleep taken during the day can be beneficial for you.

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