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A blood pressure reading consists of two numbers. The upper number indicates the systolic pressure, i.e. the pressure when blood is being pumped from the heart to the rest of the body, and the lower number indicates the diastolic pressure which is the pressure during relaxation of the heart. A blood pressure reading of 120/80 mmHg is said to be normal. Low blood pressure, also known as hypotension, is defined as systolic pressure less than 90 and diastolic pressure less than 60. It can be caused by multiple factors like standing for a long time, dehydration, heat, consuming alcohol, medical conditions like anaemia due to lack of proper nutrition, stress or hyperventilation. The symptoms of low blood pressure are fainting, giddiness, light-headedness, sweating, tiredness, and slow thinking. Low blood pressure is also a risk factor for dementia in elderly people. Homoeopathy is quite effective in treating problems related to the cardiovascular system, low blood pressure being one of them. Gelsemium, Viscum album, Glonoine and Natrum muriaticum are just a few of the hundreds of homoeopathic medicines, which when given in small doses, can cure the problem of low blood pressure.

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Doctors for Homeopathic medicine, treatment and remedies for Low Blood pressure

Many homoeopathic remedies can be helpful in alleviating the symptoms of low blood pressure. They first help to ease nausea and giddiness and let the person carry on daily activities easily. Then, they gradually help in improving circulation. Some of these remedies are:

  • Gelsemium
    Common Name:
    Yellow jasmine
    Symptoms: Mentioned below are some of the signs and symptoms along with peculiar characteristics of the individuals for whom this remedy would be effective.
    • Drowsiness, dizziness, dullness and trembling caused due to a reduction in blood pressure.
    • Dull headache, which will be more in the occipital (back of the head) region.
    • Sensation of heaviness in the eyes. There will be continuous twitching (flickering) of the eyelids. (Read more: Eye twitching causes)
    • In spite of extreme weakness, the person does not feel thirsty.
    • Slow breathing
    • Fever
    • Due to weakness, there is so much shaking that the patient needs to be held.
  • Viscum Album
    Common Name:
    Symptoms: The most commonly indicated remedy for low blood pressure is Viscum album. It works when a patient has the following symptoms -
    • Slow pulse.
    • Sensation of buzzing and stopped-up feeling in the ears.
    • Dyspnoea (difficulty in breathing) is experienced, due to which the person keep getting a cough on and off.
    •  A feeling of heaviness in the heart region so that it feels as if there is some weight on it.
    • Palpitations (fast and loud heartbeats).
  • Glonoine
    Common Name:
    Symptoms: This remedy is indicated when a person has the following symptoms -
    • Giddiness with heaviness in the head.
    • Pulsating headaches and pulsations that are felt all over the body.
    • Headache is mostly due to exposure to excessive heat.
    • Head feels heavy, but the person cannot lay their head on a pillow.
    • Headache increases as the sun rises (morning to afternoon) and decreases when the sun goes down (evening).
    • Pains mostly, only the left side of the head.
    • Giddiness as the person gets up from a sitting position and stand straight.
    • Rapid heart rate with difficulty in breathing along with low blood pressure. (Read more: Tachychardia treatment)
  • Natrum Muriaticum
    Common Name:
    Chloride of sodium
    Symptoms: This is a great remedy for maintaining blood pressure and treating hyperthyroidism. It is particularly suitable for school girls who complain of headache. The following symptoms help to distinguish this remedy from others when it comes to  treating low blood pressure:
    • Throbbing headaches that feel like thousands of hammers constantly hitting the head from within.
    • Symptoms are worse in the morning.
    • Chronic, long-standing headache.
    • Craving for salt, possibly due to low blood pressure.
    • Sinusitis in which congestion is felt in the face.
    • Tremendous weakness.
    • Confusion and vision problems like letters running together and a zig-zag appearance around all objects.
  • Carbo Vegetabilis
    Common Name:
    Vegetable charcoal
    Symptoms: Patients who benefit from this remedy tend to be fat, flabby and sluggish in their activities. They tend to experience the following symptoms -
    • Blood circulation seems to have reduced or become stagnant, causing blueness of skin.
    • Body becomes icy cold and blue, possibly due to dehydration.
    • Immense weakness.
    • Pulse is imperceptible.
    • A tendency to fall sick repeatedly.
    • Head spins along with a buzzing sound in the ears
    • Constant nausea.
  • China Officinalis
    Common Name: 
    Peruvian bark China
    Symptoms: This is a good remedy for individuals who have low blood pressure due to loss of fluids from the body like water and blood.
    • Extreme weakness and prostration.
    • Severe headaches wherein a person feels as if their skull would burst open.
    • A weird sensation in head as if the brain is banging to and fro against the skull.
    • The blood vessels in the neck, that is, the carotid arteries, pulsate intensely.
    • Symptoms are mainly worse in open air.
    • Dizziness when walking.
    • Photophobia or sensitivity to light.
    • This remedy works particularly well in chronic conditions.
  • Ferrum Metallicum
    Common Name:
    Symptoms: This remedy suits individuals who get easily tired with the slightest effort and have the following symptoms -
    • Iron deficiency anaemia
    • Pale skin and face.
    • Weakness, that is felt even after just talking.
    • False pinkness on the face which makes the person look normal, but investigations show low haemoglobin.
    • People who start feeling giddy even if they see flowing water get benefited from this remedy.
    • Hammering type of headache which is felt more in the back of the head.
    • A feeling of congestion in the head.
    • Hoarseness of voice with difficulty in breathing.
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  • In an acute condition, it is necessary to see and understand what the body needs. If the patient demands or craves certain things, these demands should be entertained and provided, as these things will give temporary relief from the illness.
  • For all health conditions, be it acute or chronic, it is necessary to give the patient adequate rest, physical as well as mental, so that he or she recovers faster and better.


  • As homoeopathic medicines are given in very minimal doses, any strong substance can interfere with their action. Thus, foods and drinks which have medicinal substances or strong ingredients like coffee, spices and herbs should be avoided.
  • Homoeopathic medicines also react with the environment and hence they should be kept away from direct sunlight. Also, one should not keep strong-smelling substances like perfumes near these medicines as it may affect the efficacy of these medicines.
  • Patients with low blood pressure should avoid mental and physical stress that can lead to fainting. 

Homoeopathy is said to be safe and effective in treating low blood pressure. Due to stress and environmental conditions, transport of minerals to body cells is hindered, causing reduction in blood pressure levels. Homoeopathy helps to increase the self-healing power of the body, thus increasing metabolic rates and activating excretion of toxins and acids from the body which finally helps in maintaining blood pressure.

Homoeopathic medicines have not been documented to have any side effects. They are prepared from natural substances that are used in nano doses and diluted immensely before use. These medicines can be safely taken by all age groups, as well as pregnant and lactating women. 

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Low blood pressure may be caused by several factors which may be associated with diet, lifetsyle or an underlying health condition. A qualified homoeopathic doctor will take into account all the possible triggering factors along with a detailed personal, past and family history to understand the individual’s condition and use the apt remedy and dosage to heal the ailment from its root.

Dr. Rashmi Singh

Dr. Rashmi Singh

18 Years of Experience

Dr. Monika Bhardwaj

Dr. Monika Bhardwaj

5 Years of Experience

Dr. Shailvi Singh

Dr. Shailvi Singh

4 Years of Experience

Dr Mukesh Nigam

Dr Mukesh Nigam

10 Years of Experience


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