Before problems like chest pain or difficulty in breathing arise, no one pays attention to the fact that they are showing signs of heart disease. Before heart disease occurs, the body gives many signals. Some of these signs are simply ignored because they are not related to the heart.

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The heart is the cause of 31 percent of deaths worldwide every year. With the help of a healthy lifestyle, the heart can also be kept healthy and free from disease, but if you understand the signs of heart disease on time, then the disease can be cured with treatment before it progresses.

Today in this article you will learn about the 4 major symptoms that indicate heart disease -

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Doctors for 4 Signs of Heart Disease

Here we are telling about those symptoms, with the help of which we can get an idea of heart disease -


Snoring occurs when the tissues in the airways vibrate during sleep, which is normal. However, loud snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea. In this condition, a person stops breathing five to 30 times every hour. In such a situation, the brain does not get enough oxygen, and sleep breaks repeatedly at night.

Sleep apnea is the most common cause of cardiovascular conditions. According to an article published on the Harvard Medical School's online website, patients suffering from sleep apnea are 5 times more likely to die from heart disease. In addition, 47-83% of sleep apnea patients suffer from cardiovascular conditions, 35% from high blood pressure, and 12-53% from heart failure.

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Teeth chatter

Loose teeth and gum disease are signs of poor health. Now researchers have revealed that a person suffering from gum disease has three times the risk of heart disease as compared to a person with healthy teeth.

Due to poor lifestyles and smoking, the risk of diseases related to the heart and gums increases. But it does prove one thing poor oral health can be a sign of a cardiovascular condition.

Due to the growth of bacteria, the teeth become weak and gradually this bacteria starts reaching the surrounding areas as well. When this bacteria reaches the blood vessels, in this condition it can damage the valves or the outer layer of the heart. This condition is called infective endocarditis.

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Persistent cough

Cough is a common condition. However, if the cough persists then it could be a sign of heart failure. If you are taking medicine for any respiratory problem and you have a persistent cough, do not ignore it at all. Heart failure occurs when the heart stops pumping enough blood throughout the body. Because of this, the pressure on the veins increases and the fluid starts going back into the lungs. Coughing occurs to expel this fluid and bring balance to the body system.

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Fat around the neck

You will be surprised to know that fat accumulated around the neck can also make you a heart patient. According to the American Heart Association, the accumulation of fat around the neck can lead to an increase in upper body weight and total cholesterol. Both of these are the main causes of heart disease.

If you are getting the above signs, then get a checkup done by a cardiologist once. Keep in mind that it is easiest to control any disease at its initial stage.

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If anyone feels the symptoms mentioned in this article, then he should immediately get his checkup done by the doctor. Any kind of problem related to heart disease can be avoided by getting timely checkups and treatment.

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