Triglycerides are a type of fat found in the blood. After eating, the body converts those calories into triglycerides, which are no longer needed, and stores them in fat cells for energy use. At the same time, having more triglycerides in the blood increases the risk of heart disease.

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Normal triglycerides level should be less than 150mg/dL. At the same time, reasons like obesity, uncontrolled sugar, alcohol consumption, and a high-calorie diet can increase the triglyceride level in the blood. In such a situation, adopting some home remedies can help in reducing the level of triglyceride.

Today in this article we will learn about home remedies to reduce triglyceride -

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Triglyceride can be reduced by making changes in diet and lifestyle. Home remedies like reducing sugar intake, including soy protein in the diet, and exercising can help in reducing triglycerides. Come, let us know in detail about the home remedies to reduce triglyceride -

Low sugar intake

Sugar is mixed separately in sweets, cold drinks, and fruit juices. Research suggests that sugar should not be consumed more than 100 to 150 calories in 1 day. Excess sugar in the diet can be converted into triglycerides, leading to an increase in blood triglycerides levels. Along with this, the risk of heart disease also increases. This can happen not only with elders but also with children.

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Soy protein intake

Soy protein is known to be rich in isoflavones, a type of healthy plant compound. Along with reducing bad cholesterol, it also helps in reducing blood triglyceride levels. Research says that triglyceride levels can remain balanced in post-menopausal women with regular consumption of soy protein.

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Eating nuts

Fiberomega-3 fatty acids, and unsaturated fats together play an important role in reducing blood triglycerides. For this, almondswalnutscashewspistachios, and Brazil nuts should be included in the diet. It is also important to keep in mind that nuts are high in calories. Therefore, it is right to consume them in limited quantities only.

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Say no to alcohol

Alcoholic drinks are high in sugar, carbohydrates, and calories. If calories are not used in the body, they can be converted into triglycerides and stored in fat cells. In addition, alcohol can increase the synthesis of lipoproteins in the liver, which carry triglycerides throughout the body. Research says that consumption of alcohol even in small amounts can increase blood triglycerides by up to 53 percent. Therefore, it is beneficial to maintain abstinence from alcohol to maintain normal triglyceride levels.

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Low carbohydrate intake

If the amount of carbohydrates is also increased in the diet like sugar, then it can increase the level of triglyceride. This is the reason why a diet rich in balanced carbohydrates should be consumed. Research suggests that the consumption of a low-carbohydrate diet reduces triglyceride levels.

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High fiber intake

Dietary fiber is found naturally in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. It is also found naturally in nuts, seeds, cereals, and pulses. Including more fiber in the diet slows down the absorption of fat and sugar in the small intestine, which helps lower triglyceride levels. Research also says that the consumption of high-fiber food automatically reduces triglycerides level.

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Avoiding trans fat

Usually, trans fat is found in commercially fried foods and baked foods. They are also found in some animal products. This trans fat can cause many health problems, including increased bad cholesterol levels and heart disease. According to research, the consumption of polyunsaturated fatty instead of trans fat in the diet can help in reducing triglyceride levels.

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Intake of unsaturated fats

Research suggests that monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats can lower triglyceride levels. Especially when they are in place of carbohydrates in the diet. Monounsaturated fats are found in olive oil, nuts (walnuts, flaxseedschia seeds), and avocados. Polyunsaturated is found in vegetable oils, fatty fish, and seeds. To enhance the triglyceride-lowering benefits of unsaturated fats, it is best to use olive oil.

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Exercise regularly

Research suggests that regular aerobic exercise lowers triglycerides. It is recommended to do aerobic exercise for 30 minutes 5 days a week. Activities such as walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming can be included in aerobic exercise. While all forms of exercise can help lower triglycerides, research suggests that high-intensity exercise for short periods is more beneficial.

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In addition to including nuts and soy protein in the diet, reducing triglycerides through exercise helps to lose weight. If someone has any health problem, then he should change his diet only on the advice of the doctor.

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