Insomnia is a common sleep disorder. In this situation, the person does not get sleep and even if it comes, it opens after some time. Stress and poor lifestyle are considered to be the main causes of insomnia. Nowadays every second person is facing insomnia. According to research, about 50 percent of people are struggling with insomnia. Although the problem of insomnia can happen to anyone, it is seen more in women and the elderly. The problem of insomnia can last for a few days, weeks, or years. Keeping in mind the time limit of insomnia, it is known in different ways. Acute and chronic insomnia are common.

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Today in this article, you will know in detail about the acute insomnia symptoms, acute insomnia causes, and acute insomnia treatment -

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  1. What is Acute Insomnia?
  2. Acute Insomnia Symptoms
  3. Acute Insomnia Causes
  4. Acute Insomnia Treatment
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Doctors for Acute Insomnia - Symptoms, Causes, and treatment

The problem of acute insomnia can be seen in most people. It can last from a few days to weeks. This is the most common type of insomnia. The problem of acute insomnia occurs when a person is under stress or something bothers him. Apart from this, sleeping in a new place and some medicines or medical conditions can also cause acute insomnia. This condition is not serious and gets cured in a few days, but if it is not treated on time, it can take the form of chronic insomnia.

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The main acute insomnia symptom is sleeplessness at night. In this situation, the person may feel uneasiness, etc. Other acute insomnia symptoms are as follows -

  • difficulty sleeping
  • frequent sleep disturbances
  • waking up in the middle of the night
  • feeling tired and weak
  • daytime sleepiness
  • difficulty concentrating at work
  • lack of concentration
  • having mood swings
  • be stressed and anxious
  • headache

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Stress is considered to be the most common acute insomnia cause. Apart from this, some physical and psychological reasons can also give rise to acute insomnia, but acute insomnia can be treated by removing all these reasons. There are other acute insomnia causes -

Climate Change

We all have the habit of sleeping in our beds. On the other hand, when we go to a hotel or a relative's house, there may be a problem of acute insomnia when there is a change in the environment. Apart from this, due to changes in noise, light, and temperature, it becomes difficult to sleep.

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Some medicines can affect sleep. In this situation, the person has difficulty sleeping till late at night. Therefore, some medicines are also known to cause acute insomnia.

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Caffeine and Nicotine

People who take excessive amounts of caffeine or nicotine may have trouble sleeping at night. Caffeine and nicotine can cause acute insomnia. Especially, if caffeine and nicotine are taken at bedtime, it can disrupt sleep. Therefore, consume caffeine in moderation for good sleep. Also completely avoid the consumption of nicotine and alcohol.

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Stress and Pain

Stress and anxiety are considered to be the main causes of acute insomnia. People who live under stress often have trouble sleeping at night. Being under stress for a long time can make a person suffer from chronic insomnia. In this situation, the person does not get sleep throughout the night and this problem can last for years. Therefore, it is necessary to be stress-free for good and restful sleep. For this, you can practice yogameditation, and exercise. Apart from this, if there is a pain in any part of the body, acute insomnia can also occur. In this condition, the person is unable to sleep due to pain.

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Nocturnal Urination

Some people have to go to urinate repeatedly while sleeping at night. Frequent urination creates a disturbance in sleep. Due to this, the person's sleep breaks again and again and it takes time for him to fall asleep again. Therefore, passing urine at night has also been considered a cause of acute insomnia.

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Acute insomnia can be treated because it is the initial stage of insomnia. Acute insomnia treatment keeping in mind its cause. To treat acute insomnia, the doctor may suggest a stress-free lifestyle. Also, you can ask to avoid caffeine and nicotine at night. If there is no sleep even after this, then acute insomnia can be treated in this way -

Sleeping Pills

By the way, the problem of acute insomnia lasts for a few weeks and gets cured by itself. On the other hand, if insomnia lasts for more than three months, it can reach the stage of chronic insomnia. In this situation, the doctor may suggest sleeping pills, but one should avoid taking any medicine without the doctor's advice.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Acute insomnia can also be treated with the help of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). In this situation, mental health experts help in reducing stress by talking to the person. This will help you reduce stress and get better sleep.

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Insomnia has become a common problem. Most people are facing acute insomnia. Stress is considered to be the main acute insomnia cause. In this situation, you may have trouble sleeping at night or you may have frequent sleep disturbances. In such a situation, the treatment of this problem can be possible by reducing stress. For this, the help of yoga can be taken. On the other hand, if there is a problem with sleeping for a long time, then do not ignore this situation at all. Contact the doctor and get the treatment done as soon as possible.

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