Often you will hear that a friend, relative, or a member of the family talks about not being able to sleep. In the language of common speaking, it is known as insomnia. It can be divided into several categories, such as someone falling asleep between 2 and 4 am or not being able to sleep the whole night. Although the reasons and remedies behind this may be different, do you know that hot water can solve your problem?

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Today in this article you will know in detail how hot water helps in good sleep.

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  1. Depends on the temperature and time
  2. Research result
  3. Understand the circadian clock and sleep
  4. EEG level changes
  5. Takeaway
Doctors for Benefits of hot shower before bed

Taking a hot bath before bed can help you sleep better, especially if both the temperature of the water and the time of the bath are right. A team of researchers gathered some data to find out the relationship between bathing, water temperature, and sleep quality. The researchers evaluated 5,322 studies.

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This report has been published in "Sleep Medicine Review". According to this, taking a bath one to two hours or ideally 90 minutes before bedtime between 104 to 109 ° Fahrenheit (40 to 43°C) can lead to better sleep. By doing this, you can fall asleep 10 minutes sooner than usual. The report also revealed how body heat affects the ability to fall asleep.

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It has been proved in medical research that sleep and our body's core temperature are regulated by a circadian clock (the body clock: from which our body's biological functions are known). Your body temperature should be higher in the late afternoon or a little before evening.

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One study involved six healthy women aged 22 to 24 who were physically unfit. They were asked to take a hot or cold bath for about 90 minutes at different times between 2.30 am and 5.30 am. Bathing with warm water increased to 1.8 degrees in rectal temperature, while bathing with cold water did not change.

EEGs (a test that detects electrical activity in your brain) were monitored overnight after hot and cold showers, and then it was revealed that there was no difference in any sleep parameter after the cold shower. There were no significant changes, whereas a warm bath resulted in a deeper sleep and less trouble falling asleep in the middle of the night.

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This research shows that after bathing with hot water, sleep is better. So, if someone is troubled by the problem of not sleeping, then he must try this method before going to sleep at night. This can be beneficial to some extent. Along with this, there is also a need to do yogameditation, and exercise regularly. Also, a good diet must be taken.

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