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What is myocarditis?

The inflammation of the heart muscle, also known as myocardium, is called myocarditis. Unlike other heart diseases, lifestyle does not play a role in the occurrence of this condition. No method for the prevention of myocarditis is available yet. In most instances, individuals with myocarditis recover without any complications, but in rare cases, there can be damage to the heart. However, it only occurs in severe inflammatory cases.

What are its main signs and symptoms?

The following symptoms may be observed after one to two weeks of infection:

  • Difficulty breathing with exercise or exertion
  • Tightness and stabbing pain in the chest that later spreads to the entire body
  • Difficulty in breathing while resting
  • Irregular heart rhythm (Read more: Tachycardia causes)
  • Swelling in the legs
  • Flu-like symptoms, e.g., fatigue, tiredness, and high temperature
  • Sudden loss of consciousness

What are its main causes?

Although sometimes the cause of myocarditis may remain unknown, the known causes are:

  • Common causes: Viruses, e.g., the virus responsible for upper respiratory tract infections
  • Less common causes: Contagious diseases such as Lyme disease
  • Rare causes: Use of cocaine, exposure to toxic agents like snake bites, spider bites, and metal poisons.

How is it diagnosed and treated?

In most cases, myocarditis does not produce any symptoms and remains undiagnosed. However, if an individual experiences symptoms of myocarditis, the following diagnostic measures can be taken:

  • Electrocardiogram: To study the electrical activity of your heart
  • Echocardiogram: To create an image of your heart and analyse the flow of blood
  • Chest X-ray: To study the structure of the heart and lungs for any structural changes
  • Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): To analyse the image of your heart
  • Heart biopsy: Occasionally performed to confirm the diagnosis.

The following treatment methods are generally prescribed for myocarditis:

  • Medications used for treating heart failure
  • Low-salt diet
  • Rest
  • Steroids to reduce inflammation
  • Counselling is useful for psychological support to the individual with myocarditis.
  1. Medicines for Myocarditis

Medicines for Myocarditis

Medicines listed below are available for Myocarditis. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
CardioxinCardioxin Tablet7.0
CeloxinCeloxin 0.25 Mg Tablet9.0
DigitranDigitran Tablet5.0
DigonDigon Tablet13.0
Digoxin (Glaxo)Digoxin 0.05 Mg/1 Ml Elixir21.0
DigoxinDigoxin 250 Mcg Tablet6.0
DixinDixin 0.25 Mg Tablet12.0
LanoxinLanoxin 0.25 Mg Injection12.0
SangoxinSangoxin Tablet9.0
Angizem CdAngizem Cd 120 Mg Capsule148.0
Angizem DpAngizem Dp 120 Mg Capsule148.0
AngizemAngizem 180 Mg Tablet170.0
ChannelChannel 120 Mg Tablet Sr106.0
DilcardiaDilcardia 30 Mg Tablet23.0
DilcontinDilcontin 120 Mg Tablet Xl155.0
DilzemDilzem 30 Mg Tablet23.0
DtmDtm 30 Mg Tablet25.0
Dz CdDz Cd 120 Mg Capsule23.0
IskiIski 30 Mg Tablet24.0
CardemCardem 60 Mg Tablet36.0
DilcalDilcal 30 Mg Tablet26.0
DilkabDilkab 30 Mg Tablet22.0
DilmaxDilmax 30 Mg Tablet21.0
DilocorDilocor 30 Mg Tablet17.0
Dilter CdDilter Cd 120 Mg Capsule423.0
DiltiDilti 30 Mg Tablet17.0
DiltiazDiltiaz 30 Mg Tablet16.0
DiltilongDiltilong 30 Mg Tablet19.0
DiltimeDiltime 120 Mg Tablet Sr55.0
DilzexDilzex 30 Mg Tablet26.0
DzDz 30 Mg Tablet16.0
DzmDzm 30 Mg Tablet19.0
HeartilHeartil 90 Mg Tablet53.0
IonozemIonozem 30 Mg Tablet23.0
Ionozem CdIonozem Cd 120 Mg Tablet57.0
KaizemKaizem 120 Mg Capsule75.0
Kaizem CdKaizem Cd 120 Mg Capsule150.0
Dilcare (Olcare)Dilcare 30 Mg Tablet20.0
DilgardDilgard 90 Mg Capsule Xl72.0
DiltiactDiltiact 2% Gel85.0
DiltiazemDiltiazem 30 Mg Tablet7.0
TriazemTriazem Tablet56.0
CremagelCremagel 2% W/W Gel119.0
DiltigesicDiltigesic 2% Gel108.0
DilgelDilgel 2% W/W Gel90.0
Diltgesic OrganoDiltgesic Organo 2% Gel92.38
Diltigesic OrganoDiltigesic Organo 2% Gel108.0
ADEL 43Adel 43 Cardinorma Drop215.0
ADEL 6Adel 6 Apo Strum Drop215.0
Neo Card N DropsAdel Neo Card N Gold Drop230.0
Schwabe AngiotonAngioton Drop130.0
ADEL Crataegus DilutionCrataegus Oxyacantha Dilution 1 M155.0
Dr. Reckeweg Crataegus Oxy QCrataegus Oxy Mother Tincture Q200.0
Schwabe Crataegus PentarkanCrataegus Pentarkan Tablet140.0
ADEL Diacard Gold DropsDiacard Gold Madaus Drop410.0
SBL Dibonil DropsDibonil Drop85.0
Schwabe Essentia aureaEssentia Aurea Gold Drop270.0
ADEL Naja T DilutionNaja Tripudians Dilution 1 M155.0
Omeo Diabetes DropsOmeo Diabetes Drop109.0
Omeo Heart Gold DropsOmeo Heart Gold Drop218.0
Dr. Reckeweg R17Reckeweg R17 Tumour Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R22Reckeweg R22 Nervous Disorders Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R2Reckeweg R2 Essentia Aurea Gold Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R3Reckeweg R3 Heart Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R44Reckeweg R44 Disorders Of The Blood Circulation Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R58Reckeweg R58 Drop For Against Hydrops Drop200.0
SBL Drops No. 4Sbl Drops No. 4125.0
SBL Tonicard Gold DropsTonicard Gold Drop130.0
Schwabe Viscum Pentarkan 1Viscum Pentarkan Drop140.0

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