ICU or Intensive Care Unit is a special part or ward of a hospital that has different types of machines and experienced doctors. The patients in critical health conditions are admitted to the ICU. Here, patients are continuously monitored by machines and the doctors keep a check on any change in their conditions and treat them accordingly.

All the doctors, nurses and other medical staff working in the Intensive Care Unit are given special training. The health of patients admitted to this ward is seriously affected and requires constant monitoring, so a nurse takes care of only one or two patients at a time.

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  1. What is an ICU
  2. Importance of health insurance in ICU situations
  3. Coverage available for ICU in health insurance
  4. Why health insurance is necessary in ICU cases
  5. What is ICU Insurance

When a person's body becomes severely affected, then they are admitted to the ICU. For example, a person may be admitted to the ICU in case of serious burns or injury in a road accident. There are also some diseases to deal with which the patient has to be admitted to the ICU, such as heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure or difficulty in breathing due to a disease. Apart from this, in case of major surgery, patients are kept in the ICU until they are fully conscious after it.

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You would never want someone in your family or you to ever need to be admitted to the ICU, but the truth is that anyone can need to be admitted there at any time. The ICU has a team of experienced doctors and nurses, all of whom work hard to save the life of every patient who comes through their doors. Given the dedicated care and complicated machines used, the ICU bill can be hefty. In view of today's inflation, if someone has to be admitted to the ICU, then it can be difficult for them to bear the expenses themselves. That's why health insurance is necessary.

Buying a proper health insurance plan is essential for everyone. If you are insured and unfortunately have to be admitted to the ICU, then you need not worry about the cost of being there. If someone in your family has a serious illness (like heart disease) or you work in a place where the risk of injury is high, then you should not delay buying a health insurance plan.

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According to each insurance company and insurance policy, its premium and coverage may vary. Insurers can increase or decrease the coverage amount keeping in mind the age and health of the insured. If your policy does not have any capping of room rent and ICU charges, then you can rest assured to get your entire treatment covered under it, as the total amount of the bill (up to the sum-insured amount) will be paid by your insurance company.

If your health insurance policy has a cap on room rent and ICU charges, there may be some things to consider. Most health insurance companies in the market offer 2% of the total sum insured as daily coverage on admission to ICU. Whereas, on admission to an ordinary hospital room, 1% of the total sum insured is available as room rent per day.

For example, let us assume that the total sum insured of your health insurance plan is Rs 5 lakhs. In this case, if you have to be admitted to the ICU, then you will be given 2% of the total sum insured (Rs 10,000) per day as the coverage for it. Similarly, 1% of the total sum insured i.e. Rs 5,000 per day will be given as your hospital room rent.

If the ICU cost is more than the amount given by the insurer, then you have to pay the remaining amount out of your own pocket. Therefore, if you are admitted to the ICU of an expensive hospital or you have chosen a room with good facilities, then you have to bear the additional expenses from your own pocket.

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Nowadays, the stress of work is increasing for almost every person, which makes it difficult for them to take out time to take care of their body. Due to this lifestyle, serious diseases can arise and, in some cases, admission to the ICU becomes necessary. In the rising inflation, where it is difficult to meet the daily expenses, trying to pay the ICU bill can leave you indebted for a long time. That is why health insurance is necessary.

If you have purchased a proper health insurance plan, then you do not have to worry about paying hospital bills as much. You can fight your ailments with confidence and try to recover as soon as possible, as it is the job of your insurance company to pay the hospital bills. If you have not bought a health insurance plan yet, then you should do so without any delay.

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People who are at high risk of getting serious diseases or serious injuries can also buy ICU insurance for themselves. This insurance policy covers your ICU expenses. The cost of ICU admission can be exorbitant, so buying this type of insurance plan can be quite useful.

ICU insurance may not reduce the health danger post your ICU admission, but you do not have to worry about money during this time.

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