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A heart attack is one of the most commonly witnessed medical emergencies, which can be fatal if not immediately attended to. It is a sudden event mainly caused by the obstruction of blood vessels supplying blood to the muscles of the heart. One of the most common reasons of heart attack is the fatty deposits called plaque in the walls of the arteries. A combination of smoking, unhealthy diet, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, alcohol, and a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of heart attacks. An electrocardiogram (ECG) along with cardiac markers can help in the diagnosis of an acute heart attack. In the case of a massive heart attack, coronary angioplasty is also advised along with medications, and a bypass procedure is performed in occasional cases.

  1. What is a Heart attack
  2. Heart attack symptoms
  3. Heart attack causes and risk factors
  4. Prevention of Heart attack
  5. Diagnosis of Heart attack
  6. Heart attack treatment
  7. Heart attack prognosis & complications
  8. Medicines for Heart Attack

What is a Heart attack

A heart attack, also known as acute myocardial infarction, results from a blockage of the arteries that supply blood to the heart. This sudden cut-off of the blood supply devoids the heart muscle of oxygen and nutrients necessary to function leading to chest pain, also known as angina. 

Heart diseases are a growing epidemic in the world today. Cardiovascular diseases are the topmost cause of deaths globally. They have led to over 17.9 million deaths in 2016 alone, with three-fourths of the deaths occurring in the middle income and developing countries. Lifestyle changes and urbanization have led to the rise in heart problems. India records 0.5 million deaths each year, and 20% of these deaths are due to heart diseases.

Heart attack symptoms

The type and intensity of symptoms vary among individuals. Some people may not have any complaints, while others may complain of severe chest pain. Many people experience warning symptoms a few days or weeks before a heart attack, which includes recurrent chest pain, fatigue, and shortness of breath.

Often, the first symptom is a pain in the left side of the chest radiating to the left arm, jaw, shoulders, or all these areas. Pain is long lasting and may be accompanied by:

  • Shortness of breath.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting: several people assume that the vomiting is due to indigestion and may be relieved by belching or after taking antacids.
  • Discomfort.
  • Pale skin.
  • Weak pulse.
  • Fluctuating blood pressure.
  • Restlessness.
  • A feeling of doom and anxiety.

Heart attack causes and risk factors

A heart attack occurs when the blood supply to a part or whole of the heart is blocked suddenly. The main reason for an obstruction is coronary heart disease (CHD).

Coronary Heart Disease

In CHD, there is deposition of cholesterol-rich plaque in the walls of the arteries. The plaque may either rupture or harden over a period of time. As the plaque hardens and builds up further, it causes narrowing of the arteries, which blocks the oxygen supply. This is one of the chief causes of a heart attack. The causes of CHD are:

Risk Factors

There are three most important risk factors that may lead to the development of heart diseases: smoking, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Risk factors can be classified into non-modifiable (which cannot be changed) and modifiable (which can be changed) factors, which can contribute towards the formation of fat deposits in the heart vessels.

Non-modifiable Risk Factors

  • Age
    Men above 45 years and women above 55 years of age have a higher risk of developing heart disease.
  • Family History
    The risk of developing heart disease increases if there is a strong family history of the disease and is even greater if the father or brother was diagnosed before the age of 55 years or if the mother or sister has heart illnesses before 65 years of age.
  • Preeclampsia
    It is a condition that may occur during pregnancy. High blood pressure and high amounts of protein excretion in the urine are the two main features of preeclampsia. A woman diagnosed with preeclampsia has a lifelong risk of developing high blood pressure, heart diseases, and heart attack as well as heart failure.

Modifiable Risk Factors

  • Smoking
    Smoking, in general, is harmful to every organ of the body. It affects the heart, lungs, mouth, eyes, bones, bladder, reproductive and digestive organs. Exposure to any amount of smoke can cause damage to the structure and function of the heart muscle and blood vessels. Exposure to passive smoke (inhaling smoke when someone else is smoking) causes equal damage as active smokers (people who smoke). This can raise the chances of developing atherosclerosis, which is the formation of plaques that narrow the arteries. With time, the oxygen supply to the parts of the organs gets restricted. Smoking may also lead to plaque formation in the arteries that supply blood to the head, brain, limbs, and other organs. Such people are at a higher risk of getting heart attacks, heart diseases, and stroke. Smoking along with other risk factors, such as obesity, high blood pressure, and high levels of cholesterol in the blood can further raise the risk of developing a heart disease.
  • High blood pressure
    High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a condition in which the flowing blood exerts pressure on the vessel walls that is higher than normal. Excessive salt in the diet; stress; medications, such as birth control pills and medicines for a common cold; a sedentary lifestyle; and unhealthy eating habits increase the risk of developing hypertension and thereby CHD. Failure to control high blood pressure can lead to complications including heart diseases, heart attacks, stroke, and kidney failure.
  • High blood cholesterol
    In this condition, the level of lipids or bad fats is very high in the blood. This occurs due to a poor lifestyle along with genetic traits. Certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, hypothyroidism (a decreased production of the thyroid hormone), polycystic ovary disease (development of fluid-filled sacs in the ovaries), kidney diseases, and HIV, can also lead to high levels of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Obesity
    Obesity is linked to an increased risk of developing high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and diabetes. All these factors influence the risk of developing heart diseases in the future.
  • Sedentary lifestyle
    Lack of adequate physical activity and leading a sedentary daily routine poses a person at a higher risk of developing high blood pressure and cholesterol and causes weight gain. Daily exercise helps maintain a steady weight and reduce the risk for several lifestyle-related illnesses. It also helps strengthen the heart muscle and increases oxygen supply to the lungs and body. Due to increases physical activities, the metabolism of cholesterol and the excretion of bad cholesterol are increased, thus reducing plaque formation.
  • Improper diet
    A diet rich in fats, salts, and cholesterol increases the risk of lifestyle-related diseases, which could lead to the development of a heart disease.
  • Diabetes and insulin resistance
    In diabetes, the blood has high glucose levels. Sustained elevated levels of blood glucose can lead to complications, such as heart disease, damage to the nerves, eyes, and kidneys. The insulin hormone secreted by the pancreas after every meal helps to break down blood glucose present in the muscle, liver, and fat cells. This helps in keeping the blood glucose level within the normal range. During insulin resistance, the muscle cells, fat cells, and liver are not able to respond to insulin. As a result, the pancreas release more insulin to digest glucose.

Prevention of Heart attack

The World Health Organization suggests the following strategies to prevent heart attacks:

  • Following a regular diet and exercising at least five days a week for 30 minutes a day.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet full of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.
  • Quit smoking and limit alcohol consumption.
  • Ensuring regular health check-ups every year if you are healthy and every six months if you already have a disease.
  • Take medications for your medical condition on time to avoid its worsening and to prevent complications.

Diagnosis of Heart attack

A heart attack can be diagnosed with the help of the following investigatory tests:


An ECG is the first investigation conducted within 10 minutes of the onset of symptoms. The doctor should be able to read an ECG carefully as the changes may be very subtle and can often be missed. If the symptoms are very characteristic of a heart attack, the ECG will have a specificity of up to 90%.

Cardiac Markers

During a heart attack, there are certain enzymes of the heart (troponin, myoglobin), which are elevated and released into the bloodstream. These enzymes are released at different intervals after a heart attack and hence these tests are very specific and sensitive in nature for detecting a heart attack rapidly.

Coronary Angiography

Coronary angiography is performed immediately in patients with a severe heart attack. Patients with a mild heart attack also undergo an angiography within 48 hours of hospitalisation. The angiography involves the injection of a dye within the heart’s blood vessels that will reveal the sites of blockage.

Other Investigations

Other investigations, such as chest X-ray, can reveal the size of the heart or determine the presence of fluid in the lung cavity; two-dimensional echocardiography, cardiac magnetic resonance imaging, or computerised tomography scan may also be advised to evaluate the extent of the blockage of the blood vessels.

Heart attack treatment

A heart attack can be treated only in a hospital setup. The following treatment modalities are used in the case of a heart attack:


Medications include anti-platelet drugs drugs that prevent the accumulation of platelets on the blood vessel walls), blood thinners, anticoagulants (clot-busting medications), oxygen therapy, and painkillers for relieving the symptoms of heart attack. Medications to reduce blood pressure and control cholesterol are also administered, which help in reducing cardiac load and meet the oxygen demand.


Along with medications, one of the below-mentioned procedures may also be performed:

  • Coronary angioplasty
    Along with coronary angiography, angioplasty may also be performed during which a stent is inserted in the blocked vessel. The stent will open the blocked artery, which restores blood flow.
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery
    During a bypass surgery, doctors will surgically create new blood supply around the blocked artery by sewing arteries or veins in place from other healthy parts of the body, which ensures that blood will bypass the blocked section.

Lifestyle management

Lifestyle modification is the best way to improve heart health. The following steps can aid in reducing the risk of developing heart disease in future:

  • Perform daily exercise activities, such as running, jogging, swimming, and yoga, to provide good amounts of oxygen to the body and lower blood pressure. Check with the doctor before starting any activity.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Quit smoking. Avoid passive smoke.
  • Limit alcohol to not more than 14 units in a week.
  • Maintain a diet low in sodium and fats. Including more fruits, vegetables, and fibre keeps the heart healthy.
  • Go for regular health check-ups and periodic blood pressure monitoring.
  • Manage stress at the workplace and at home.

Heart attack prognosis & complications


Heart attacks are a medical emergency with almost 25% to 30% of the persons dying before they reach the hospital. The duration of recovery from a heart attack can be long. During the recovery period, it is important to get support from a range of professionals, such as nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists, and counsellors to ensure proper care.


Complications of a heart attack include:

  • Arrhythmias
    Arrhythmia refers to an irregular heartbeat due to injury to the heart muscles.
  • Heart blocks
    Electrical signals cannot travel from one area of the heart to the other, leading to defective pumping.
  • Heart failure 
    Caused after a heart attack, wherein the heart muscle cannot pump blood.
  • Cardiogenic shock 
    The heart muscle is severely damaged, and it cannot pump enough blood for regular functioning.
  • Heart rupture
    Heart muscles, valves, or walls split or rupture. In this case, the outcome is poor, with almost 50 % of deaths occurring within five days of the rupture.

Medicines for Heart Attack

Medicines listed below are available for Heart Attack. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
LomoparinLomoparin 3500 Iu Injection185.0
CeruvinCeruvin 75 Mg Tablet141.0
ClavixClavix 150 Mg Tablet97.0
ClodrelClodrel 75 Mg Tablet43.0
ClopigrelClopigrel 300 Mg Tablet29.0
ClopitabClopitab 150 Mg Tablet74.0
ClopivasClopivas 150 Mg Tablet73.0
DeplattDeplatt 150 Mg Tablet126.0
PlagerinePlagerine 75 Mg Tablet64.0
PlavixPlavix 75 Mg Tablet94.0
PrevaPreva 75 Mg Tablet42.0
AclotilAclotil 75 Mg Tablet40.0
AdgrilAdgril 75 Mg Tablet68.0
AntibanAntiban 75 Mg Tablet37.0
AntiplarAntiplar 75 Mg Tablet34.0
CarpigrelCarpigrel 75 Mg Tablet57.0
C GrelC Grel 75 Mg Tablet64.0
CidogrelCidogrel 75 Mg Tablet26.0
AtenexAtenex 25 Mg Tablet33.0
AtenAten 100 Mg Tablet47.0
AtparkAtpark 10 Mg Tablet35.0
BetacardBetacard 100 Mg Tablet58.0
HibesorHibesor 25 Mg Tablet10.0
TenololTenolol 100 Tablet59.0
TenomacTenomac 25 Mg Tablet26.0
TenorminTenormin 100 Mg Tablet58.0
UtlUtl 25 Mg Tablet7.0
ZiblokZiblok 12.5 Mg Tablet5.0
AdbetaAdbeta 12.5 Mg Tablet45.0
AnolAnol 100 Mg Tablet36.0
At BetaAt Beta Tablet27.0
AtecardAtecard 25 Mg Tablet27.0
AtekindAtekind 50 Mg Tablet18.0
AtelolAtelol 100 Mg Tablet38.0
AtenijAtenij 100 Mg Tablet30.0
AtenovaAtenova 25 Mg Tablet29.0
AtidayAtiday 100 Mg Tablet17.0
AtnolAtnol 25 Mg Tablet16.0
AtolAtol 25 Mg Tablet22.0
AtpureAtpure 12.5 Mg Tablet22.0
AtAt Tablet8.0
BenolBenol 50 Mg Tablet21.0
Beta (Stadmed)Beta 100 Mg Tablet36.0
BetanolBetanol Tr 40 Mg Capsule40.0
BetenBeten 12.5 Mg Tablet10.0
CadpresCadpres 100 Mg Tablet56.0
CardenolCardenol 50 Mg Tablet11.0
CatenolCatenol 100 Mg Tablet51.0
HipresHipres 100 Mg Tablet14.0
HytenHyten 50 Mg Tablet18.0
LonolLonol 100 Mg Tablet44.0
ManotenManoten 100 Mg Tablet27.0
ObetaObeta 100 Mg Tablet21.0
OdinolOdinol 100 Mg Tablet26.0
OlateOlate 25 Mg Tablet15.0
OzotenOzoten 25 Mg Tablet11.0
PertenolPertenol 25 Mg Tablet9.0
TeminTemin 25 Mg Tablet14.0
TenoTeno 25 Mg Tablet24.0
TenorexTenorex 25 Mg Tablet10.0
TensicardTensicard 100 Mg Tablet53.0
TensiminTensimin 50 Mg Tablet34.0
TheocardTheocard 50 Mg Tablet20.0
AlotenAloten 50 Mg Tablet14.0
AngitolAngitol 25 Mg Tablet72.0
AtcomAtcom 50 Mg Tablet18.0
Atenolol 50 Mg TabletAtenolol 50 Mg Tablet5.0
AtenopressAtenopress 25 Mg Tablet3.0
AtepresAtepres 50 Mg Tablet24.0
AteseAtese 50 Mg Tablet18.0
AtmostAtmost 25 Mg Tablet20.0
AtorminAtormin 50 Mg Tablet0.0
AtwinAtwin 50 Mg Tablet12.0
Beta LBeta L 1500 Mg Injection119.0
BetaBeta Ointment10.0
B.P.NormB.P.Norm 25 Mg Tablet4.0
CartenCarten 50 Mg Tablet12.0
DilcareDilcare 50 Mg Tablet5.0
DilpresDilpres 25 Mg Tablet22.0
EtopressEtopress 50 Mg Tablet47.0
IntalolIntalol 50 Mg Tablet4.0
LatenolLatenol 25 Mg Tablet4.0
NutinNutin 100 Mg Tablet77.0
PertenPerten 50 Mg Tablet37.0
QuinotenQuinoten 50 Mg Tablet17.0
StanolStanol 25 Mg Tablet15.0
TenosynTenosyn 25 Mg Tablet18.0
SofarinSofarin 5 Mg Tablet20.0
UniwarfinUniwarfin 1 Mg Tablet25.0
WarfWarf 1 Mg Tablet23.0
BenaceBenace 10 Mg Tablet142.0
ClexaneClexane 20 Mg Injection358.0
CutenoxCutenox 20 Mg Injection201.0
EnclexEnclex 40 Mg Prefilled Syringe440.0
ExhepExhep 20 Mg Injection285.0
LmwxLmwx 20 Mg Injection295.0
LomohLomoh 20 Mg Injection479.0
LonopinLonopin 20 Mg Injection341.0
LupenoxLupenox 20 Mg Prefilled Syringe262.0
Troynoxa(Aura)Troynoxa 40 Mg Injection508.0
WomenoxWomenox 40 Mg Injection278.0
DynalixDynalix 40 Mg Prefilled Syringe490.0
EnoxarinEnoxarin 20 Mg Injection309.0
EnoxatroyEnoxatroy 20 Mg Injection281.0
EnoxelEnoxel 40 Mg Prefilled Syringe491.0
EnoxionEnoxion 20 Mg Injection325.0
EnoxsaveEnoxsave 20 Mg Injection214.0
FacilocFaciloc 20 Mg Injection179.0
FidenoxFidenox 40 Mg Injection547.0
FlothinFlothin 20 Mg Injection204.0
GrefacGrefac 20 Mg Prefilled Syringe199.0
Lomorin NxLomorin Nx 20 Mg Prefilled Syringe239.0
LoparinLoparin 20 Mg Prefilled Syringe230.0
MaxiparineMaxiparine 40 Mg Injection395.0
MegaparinMegaparin 40 Mg Injection445.0
NoxaparinNoxaparin 40 Mg Injection385.0
OxprinOxprin 40 Mg Injection509.0
RenoxaRenoxa 40 Mg Injection336.0
StenerStener 40 Mg Injection395.0
ThrombifloThrombiflo 40 Mg Injection446.0
ThrombostatThrombostat 30 Mg Injection47.0
AngionoxAngionox 40 Mg Injection431.0
AntixaAntixa 300 Mg Injection2610.0
CorparinCorparin 40 Mg Injection490.0
EnoxacareEnoxacare 40 Mg Injection433.0
LifenoxLifenox 400 Mg Injection483.0
LowcapLowcap 40 Mg Injection206.0
MacparinMacparin 40 Mg Injection409.0
MarkparinMarkparin 40 Mg Injection321.0
NoxprinNoxprin 40 Mg Injection385.0
SurparinSurparin 40 Mg Injection399.0
ThromboThrombo 5000 Iu Gel31.0
ZeroklotZeroklot 40 Mg Injection206.0
EptibindEptibind 20 Mg Injection2380.0
EptideEptide 0.75 Mg Infusion8148.0
EptifabEptifab 75 Mg Infusion9618.0
EptifloEptiflo 0.75 Mg Infusion8371.0
EptigrilinEptigrilin 20 Mg Injection2657.0
Fleta BolusFleta Bolus 20 Mg Injection2500.0
FletaFleta 75 Mg Infusion8500.0
IntegrilinIntegrilin 0.75 Mg/1 Ml Infusion10296.0
InteriglinInteriglin 0.75 Mg Infusion10861.0
IntifloIntiflo 0.75 Mg Infusion7949.0
AxcerAxcer 90 Mg Tablet700.0
BrilintaBrilinta 90 Mg Tablet700.0
AldetelAldetel 40 Mg Tablet70.0
ArbitelArbitel 20 Mg Tablet35.0
CortelCortel 20 Mg Tablet22.0
CresarCresar 20 Mg Tablet35.0
DigitelDigitel 40 Mg Tablet57.0
EcotelEcotel 20 Mg Tablet35.0
EritelEritel 20 Mg Tablet53.0
EtelaEtela 40 Mg Tablet33.0
GloritelGloritel 40 Mg Tablet64.0
HhtelmHhtelm 40 Mg Tablet64.0
HytelHytel 20 Mg Tablet35.0
InditelInditel 20 Tablet32.0
MacsartMacsart 20 Mg Tablet35.0
MesarMesar 40 Mg Tablet49.0
MicartelMicartel 20 Mg Tablet30.0
MisartMisart 40 Mg Tablet52.0
MissileMissile 20 Mg Tablet31.0
NewtelNewtel 20 Mg Tablet20.0
NgsartNgsart 20 Mg Tablet50.0
OzotelOzotel 40 Mg Tablet20.0
PrevtelPrevtel 40 Mg Tablet90.0
SafetelmiSafetelmi 20 Mg Tablet35.0
SartelSartel 20 Mg Tablet53.0
SlewSlew 20 Mg Tablet27.0
StaliaStalia 20 Mg Tablet33.0
SupertelSupertel Tablet65.0
TazlocTazloc 20 Mg Tablet35.0
TelcrosTelcros 40 Mg Tablet70.0
TeldayTelday 20 Mg Tablet35.0
TeldilTeldil 40 Mg Tablet99.0
TeleactTeleact 20 Mg Tablet35.0
TelemarTelemar 20 Mg Tablet36.0
Telfirst (Zyphar)Telfirst 20 Mg Tablet38.0
TelimedTelimed 40 Mg Tablet65.0
TelistaTelista 20 Mg Tablet53.0
TellzyTellzy 20 Mg Tablet53.0
Telma TabletTelma 20 Mg Tablet53.0
TelmedipTelmedip 20 Mg Tablet38.0
TelmeronTelmeron 80 Mg Tablet97.0
TelmiTelmi 40 Mg Tablet57.0
Telmi 4 UTelmi 4 U 20 Mg Tablet24.0
TelmiconTelmicon 40 Mg Tablet75.0
TelmidayTelmiday 20 Mg Tablet43.0
TelmigrafTelmigraf 40 Mg Tablet65.0
TelmikaaTelmikaa 20 Mg Tablet44.0
TelmikindTelmikind 20 Mg Tablet56.0
TelmipackTelmipack 40 Mg Tablet193.0
TelmipharmTelmipharm 20 Mg Tablet35.0
TelmiprimeTelmiprime 20 Mg Tablet35.0
TelmipulseTelmipulse 40 Mg Tablet61.0
TelmirideTelmiride 20 Mg Tablet12.0
TelmisafeTelmisafe 20 Mg Tablet45.0
Telmisartan TabletTelmisartan 40 Mg Tablet12.0
TelmisatTelmisat 20 Tablet35.0
TelmisurgeTelmisurge 40 Mg Tablet46.0
TelmitimeTelmitime 40 Mg Tablet56.0
TelmiyugTelmiyug 10 Mg Tablet88.0
TelmizTelmiz 40 Mg Tablet54.0
TelongTelong 20 Mg Tablet32.0
TelsarTelsar 20 Mg Tablet53.0
TelsartanTelsartan 20 Tablet53.0
TelsiteTelsite 20 Mg Tablet53.0
TeltopTeltop 20 Mg Tablet42.0
TelvasTelvas 20 Mg Tablet27.0
TelzaTelza 20 Mg Tablet31.0
TelzenTelzen 20 Mg Tablet43.0
TemsanTemsan 20 Tablet23.0
TemsiTemsi 20 Mg Tablet45.0
ThtTht 20 Mg Tablet32.0
TletTlet 20 Mg Tablet63.0
Tmt (Sunij)Tmt 20 Mg Tablet25.0
TretanTretan 20 Mg Tablet31.0
VenpresVenpres 40 Mg Tablet25.0
WelartanWelartan 20 Mg Tablet45.0
WeltelmiWeltelmi 20 Mg Tablet35.0
XstanXstan 20 Mg Tablet18.0
AngitelAngitel 40 Mg Tablet69.0
AntelAntel 20 Mg Tablet1.0
AquatelAquatel 20 Mg Tablet35.0
Bp TelBp Tel 20 Mg Tablet35.0
CersarCersar 20 Mg Tablet30.0
EldotelEldotel 20 Mg Tablet41.0
E TelE Tel 40 Mg Tablet32.0
InmsarInmsar 40 Mg Tablet75.0
RelmisartRelmisart 40 Mg Tablet60.0
TargitTargit 20 Mg Tablet53.0
TelastTelast 20 Mg Tablet24.0
TelatTelat 40 Mg Tablet38.0
TelblokTelblok 20 Mg Tablet47.0
TelcureTelcure 20 Mg Tablet33.0
TelexiaTelexia 40 Mg Tablet60.0
TelgardTelgard 40 Mg Tablet15.0
TeliTeli 20 Mg Tablet47.0
TelkomTelkom 20 Mg Tablet45.0
TelkonolTelkonol 20 Mg Tablet45.0
TellyTelly 40 Mg Tablet50.0
TelmedTelmed 20 Mg Tablet35.0
TelmichekTelmichek 40 Mg Tablet81.0
TelmijubTelmijub 20 Mg Tablet33.0
TelminormTelminorm 20 Tablet35.0
TelmitenTelmiten 20 Mg Tablet37.0
TelmitopTelmitop 20 Mg Tablet34.0
TelmitrustTelmitrust 20 Mg Tablet55.0
TelmoreTelmore 40 Mg Tablet67.0
TelpicTelpic 40 Mg Tablet58.0
TelpilTelpil 40 Mg Tablet55.0
TelpresTelpres 20 Mg Tablet35.0
TelrideTelride 20 Mg Tablet42.0
TelstatTelstat 40 Mg Tablet59.0
TeltabTeltab 40 Mg Tablet62.0
TeltelTeltel 40 Mg Tablet45.0
TeltinTeltin 40 Mg Tablet65.0
TemaxTemax 20 Mg Tablet44.0
TemisarTemisar 40 Mg Tablet47.0
TemmyTemmy 40 Mg Tablet57.0
TetanTetan 20 Tablet53.0
TlmTlm 20 Mg Tablet43.0
TsartTsart 20 Mg Tablet35.0
TytanTytan 40 Mg Tablet60.0
VintelVintel 40 Mg Tablet61.0
ZensartanZensartan 40 Mg Tablet24.0
ZitelmiZitelmi 20 Mg Tablet32.0
ZytelZytel 40 Mg Tablet64.0
Arbitel AmArbitel Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet121.0
Hhtelm HHhtelm H 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet88.0
Hytel AmHytel Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet81.0
Inditel AmInditel Am 40 Tablet141.0
Misart AMisart A 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet61.0
Newtel AmNewtel Am Tablet45.0
Ngsart AmNgsart Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet70.0
Ozotel AmOzotel Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet20.0
Tazloc AmTazloc Am 40 Tablet94.0
Teldil ATeldil A 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet68.0
Telfirst AmTelfirst Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet86.0
Telista AmTelista Am 40 Mg Tablet163.0
Telma AmTelma 80 Am Tablet265.0
Telmeron AmTelmeron Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet80.0
Telmicon AmTelmicon Am Tablet47.0
Telmikind AmTelmikind Am 40 Mg Tablet43.0
Telmiprime AmTelmiprime Am 40 Mg Tablet70.0
Telmiride AmTelmiride Am 40 Mg Tablet27.0
Telmisafe AmTelmisafe Am 40 Mg Tablet73.0
Telmisurge AmTelmisurge Am Tablet46.0
Telmitime ATelmitime A Tablet75.0
Telmiyug AmTelmiyug Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet106.0
Telpres AmTelpres Am 40 Mg Tablet109.0
Telsite AmTelsite Am 40 Mg Tablet102.0
Telvas AmTelvas Am 40 Mg Tablet59.0
Telza AmTelza Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet66.0
Telzen AmTelzen Am Tablet68.0
Temax AmTemax Am 40 Mg Tablet87.0
Temsan AmTemsan Am 2.5 Mg Tablet86.0
Temsi AmTemsi Am 20 Mg Tablet44.0
Tlet AmTlet Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet110.0
Venpress AmVenpress Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet74.0
Aldo TlAldo Tl 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet72.0
Amdepin TAmdepin T 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet69.0
Amlodac TAmlodac T 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet128.0
Amlogard TmAmlogard Tm 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet80.0
Amlopin TlAmlopin Tl 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet89.0
Amlopres TlAmlopres Tl 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet46.0
Amlosafe TmAmlosafe Tm 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet59.0
Amloz TsAmloz Ts 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet101.0
Amodep TmAmodep Tm 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet42.0
Amvio TsAmvio Ts Tablet62.0
Aquatel AAquatel A 40 Mg Tablet73.0
Asomex TmAsomex Tm 40 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet149.0
Bp Tel AmBp Tel Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet73.0
Calchek TCalchek T 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet98.0
Cortel ACortel A 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet39.0
Cresar AmCresar Am Tablet46.0
Ecotel AEcotel A 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet89.0
Eldotel AmEldotel Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet66.0
Eritel AmEritel Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet133.0
Espin TmEspin Tm 40 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet70.0
Hitarget AmHitarget Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet69.0
Macsart AmMacsart Am Tablet83.0
Numlo TmNumlo Tm 40 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet90.0
Relmisart ARelmisart A 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet100.0
Rptel AmRptel Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet73.0
Sartel AmSartel Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet146.0
Stamlo TStamlo T Tablet107.0
Targit AmTargit Am 40 Mg Tablet158.0
Telar AmTelar Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet76.0
Telcros AmTelcros Am Tablet75.0
Telday AmTelday Am 40 Mg Tablet106.0
Teleact AmTeleact Am 40 Mg Tablet99.0
Telexia AmTelexia Am Tablet99.0
Telhim AmTelhim Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet75.0
Teli AmTeli Am 80 Mg Tablet108.0
Telizy AmTelizy Am 80 Mg/5 Mg Tablet142.0
Telkom AmTelkom Am Tablet73.0
Telly PlusTelly Plus 40 Mg Tablet57.0
Tellzy AmTellzy 40 Am Tablet164.0
Telmichek ATelmichek A Tablet84.0
Telmijub AmTelmijub Am 40 Mg Tablet73.0
Telmikaa AmTelmikaa Am 40 Mg Tablet96.0
Telminorm AmTelminorm Am 40 Mg Tablet98.0
Telmisat AmTelmisat Am 40 Mg Tablet92.0
Telmivas AmTelmivas Am 40 Mg Tablet66.0
Telmore AmTelmore Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet66.0
Telride AmTelride Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet79.0
Telsar ATelsar A 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet148.0
Telsartan AmTelsartan Am 40 Tablet120.0
Teltor AmTeltor Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet75.0
Temmy PlusTemmy Plus 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet63.0
Tsart AmTsart Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet100.0
Tytan AmTytan Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet66.0
Weltelmi AmWeltelmi Am 40 Mg Tablet79.0
Xstan AmXstan Am 40 Mg/5 Mg Tablet32.0
Zytel AmZytel Am Tablet77.0
Angiosart HAngiosart H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet89.0
Angitel HAngitel H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet78.0
Axeten HAxeten H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet89.0
Cortel HCortel H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet34.0
Cresar HCresar H 40 Tablet100.0
Ecotel HEcotel H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet67.0
Eritel HEritel H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet145.0
Etela HEtela H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet36.0
Hitarget HHitarget H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet70.0
Hytel HHytel H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet69.0
Macsart HMacsart H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet82.0
Mesar HMesar H Tablet63.0
Misart HMisart H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet60.0
Missile HMissile H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet71.0
Ngsart ChNgsart Ch 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet95.0
Ngsart HNgsart H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet95.0
Omen TrioOmen Trio 20 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet110.0
Ozotel HOzotel H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet20.0
Relmisart HRelmisart H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet107.0
Slew HSlew H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet60.0
Tazloc HTazloc H 40 Mg Tablet108.0
Telday HTelday H 40 Mg Tablet108.0
Teldil HTeldil H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet76.0
Telemar HTelemar H 40 Mg Tablet60.0
Telfirst HTelfirst H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet86.0
Telma HTelma 80 H Tablet294.5
Telma Ct ForteTelma Ct Forte 40 Tablet156.0
Telmeron HTelmeron H Tablet 40 Mg/12.5 Mg80.0
Telmicon HTelmicon H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet74.0
Telmiday HTelmiday H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet90.0
Telmidil HTelmidil H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet95.0
Telmi HTelmi H 40 Mg Tablet60.0
Telmikind HTelmikind H 40 Mg Tablet141.0
Telmipharm AmTelmipharm Am 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet69.0
Telmipharm HTelmipharm H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet69.0
Telmiprime HTelmiprime H 40 Mg Tablet69.0
Telmipulse HTelmipulse H Tablet66.0
Telmiride HTelmiride H 40 Mg Tablet26.0
Telmisafe HTelmisafe H 40 Mg Tablet78.0
Telmiten HTelmiten H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet59.0
Telmiyug HTelmiyug H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet75.0
Telmore HTelmore H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet75.0
Telong HTelong H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet65.0
Telpic HTelpic H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet65.0
Telride HTelride H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet85.0
Telsartan HTelsartan H 40 Mg Tablet162.0
Teltop HTeltop H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet61.0
Teltor HTeltor H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet77.0
Telvas HTelvas H 40 Mg Tablet55.0
Telzen HTelzen H 40 Mg Tablet90.0
Temmy HTemmy H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet59.0
Temsan HTemsan H 40 Mg Tablet36.0
Temsi HTemsi H 40 Mg Tablet90.0
Tht DTht D 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet67.0
Tlet HTlet H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet118.0
Tlm HTlm H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet81.0
Tmt HtTmt Ht Tablet38.0
Tretan HTretan H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet63.0
Venpres HVenpres H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet78.0
Xstan HXstan H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet31.0
Bp Tel HBp Tel H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet69.0
Eldotel HEldotel H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet78.0
E Tel HE Tel H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet36.0
Inditel HInditel H 40 Tablet129.0
Newtel HNewtel H 40 Mg Tablet40.0
Safetelmi HSafetelmi H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet82.0
Targit HTargit H 40 Mg Tablet128.0
Telblok HTelblok H Tablet104.0
Telcros HTelcros H Tablet75.0
Telcure HTelcure H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet80.0
Teleact DTeleact D 40 Mg Tablet107.0
Telexia HTelexia H 40 Mg Tablet66.0
Telhim HTelhim H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet75.0
Teli HTeli H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet101.0
Telism HTelism H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet76.0
Telkom HTelkom H 40 Mg Tablet78.0
Telly HTelly H Tablet59.0
Tellzy HTellzy H 40 Mg Tablet163.0
Telmasurge HTelmasurge H Tablet52.0
Telmichek HTelmichek H 40 Mg Tablet87.0
Telmikaa HTelmikaa H 40 Mg Tablet100.0
Telminorm HTelminorm H 40 Tablet83.0
Telmitime HTelmitime H Tablet80.0
Telmitop HcTelmitop Hc 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet71.0
Telmitrust HTelmitrust H 40 Mg Tablet149.0
Telmivas HTelmivas H 40 Mg Tablet85.0
Telpil HTelpil H 40 Mg Tablet54.0
Telpres HTelpres H 40 Mg Tablet115.0
Telsite HTelsite H 40 Mg Tablet116.0
Telstat HTelstat H 40 Mg Tablet74.0
Teltel HTeltel H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet50.0
Teltin HTeltin H 40 Mg Tablet79.0
Telza HTelza H Tablet71.0
Temax HTemax H 40 Mg Tablet106.0
Temisar HTemisar H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet62.0
Tetan HTetan H 40 Mg Tablet109.0
Tsart HTsart H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet104.0
Tytan HTytan H Tablet66.0
Vintel HVintel H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet94.0
Zensartan HZensartan H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet32.0
Zitelmi HZitelmi H 40 Mg/12.5 Mg Tablet42.0
ClofirstClofirst 75 Mg Tablet62.0
ClofreClofre 75 Mg Tablet67.0
ClopiClopi 150 Mg Tablet74.0
ClopidClopid 75 Mg Tablet31.0
ClopikindClopikind 75 Mg Tablet26.0
ClopiletClopilet 150 Mg Tablet142.0
CogrelCogrel 75 Mg Tablet30.0
CpgCpg 150 Mg Tablet37.0
DelgrelDelgrel 150 Mg Tablet71.0
FreletFrelet 75 Mg Tablet68.0
KlotfreeKlotfree 150 Mg Tablet67.0
MedigrelMedigrel 75 Mg Tablet53.0
PlagrilPlagril 75 Mg Tablet52.0
Plagril GoldPlagril Gold 300 Mg Tablet103.0
ProgrelProgrel 75 Mg Tablet26.0
RedgrelRedgrel 150 Mg Tablet119.0
TorpidoTorpido 75 Mg Tablet38.0
AdplattAdplatt 75 Mg Tablet46.0
AntiplattAntiplatt 75 Mg Tablet40.0
CaplorCaplor 75 Mg Tablet24.0
CargrelCargrel 75 Mg Tablet57.0
ClassClass 75 Mg Tablet57.0
ClodayCloday 75 Mg Tablet74.0
CloflowCloflow 75 Mg Tablet33.0
ClolyseClolyse 75 Mg Tablet36.0
ClopactClopact 75 Mg Tablet55.0
ClopicardClopicard 75 Mg Tablet57.0
ClopicareClopicare 75 Mg Tablet50.0
ClopigardClopigard 75 Mg Tablet16.0
ClopijoyClopijoy 75 Mg Tablet39.0
ClopiradClopirad 75 Mg Tablet44.0
CloprezCloprez 75 Mg Tablet39.0
ClotsafeClotsafe 75 Mg Tablet35.0
GloryGlory Ointment15.0
HyclopHyclop 75 Mg Tablet70.0
InstaclopInstaclop 75 Mg Tablet14.0
KogrelKogrel 75 Mg Tablet75.0
NoklotNoklot 75 Mg Tablet91.0
NoplaqNoplaq 75 Mg Tablet33.0
NugrelNugrel 75 Mg Tablet55.0
PidletPidlet 75 Mg Tablet33.0
PilogrelPilogrel 75 Mg Tablet107.0
PlatfreePlatfree 75 Mg Tablet30.0
PlatlocPlatloc 75 Mg Tablet37.0
PlavicPlavic 75 Mg Tablet29.0
PlaxiaPlaxia 75 Mg Tablet38.0
StromixStromix 75 Mg Tablet111.0
SuperclopSuperclop 75 Mg Tablet48.0
ThemigrelThemigrel 75 Mg Tablet47.0
TorplattTorplatt 75 Mg Tablet27.0
BpaceBpace 10 Mg Tablet102.0
CardaceCardace 1.25 Mg Tablet38.0
CardioprilCardiopril 1.25 Mg Capsule28.0
Dot AceDot Ace 2.5 Mg Tablet56.0
EldaprilEldapril 10 Mg Tablet84.0
EtorilEtoril 2.5 Mg Tablet6.0
HeartaceHeartace 10 Mg Tablet120.0
HopaceHopace 1.25 Mg Capsule43.0
HopecardHopecard 1.25 Mg Capsule21.0
HoprilHopril 1.25 Mg Tablet20.0
KaprilKapril 2.5 Mg Tablet33.0
KaprylKapryl 5 Mg Tablet23.0
MacprilMacpril 1.25 Mg Tablet27.0
OdiprilOdipril 2.5 Mg Capsule25.0
PreventoprilPreventopril 5 Mg Tablet72.0
ProaceProace 10 Mg Capsule67.0
Race (Alkem)Race 1.5 Mg Tablet15.0
RamaceRamace 10 Mg Capsule214.0
RamcorRamcor 1.25 Mg Capsule36.0
RamfirstRamfirst 10 Mg Tablet122.0
RamicRamic 2.5 Mg Tablet49.0
RamicardRamicard 1.25 Mg Tablet25.0
RamichekRamichek 1.25 Mg Tablet19.0
RamidayRamiday 1.25 Mg Tablet44.0
RamifastRamifast 2.5 Mg Tablet31.0
RamifidRamifid 10 Mg Tablet70.0
RamihartRamihart 2.5 Mg Capsule25.0
RamilRamil 1.25 Mg Capsule18.0
RamilaceRamilace 1.25 Mg Tablet28.0
RaminormRaminorm Tablet62.0
RamipenRamipen 2.5 Mg Tablet18.0
RamiproRamipro 1.25 Mg Capsule20.0
RamisaveRamisave 10 Mg Tablet86.0
RamistarRamistar 1.25 Mg Tablet38.0
RamitimeRamitime 2.5 Mg Capsule50.0
RamitopRamitop 2.5 Mg Tablet46.0
RamlozRamloz 1.25 Mg Capsule22.0
RamodRamod 2.5 Mg Tablet44.0
RampRamp 2.5 Mg Tablet13.0
RamprilRampril 2.5 Mg Capsule34.0
RamvedaRamveda 2.5 Mg Tablet29.0
RcordRcord 5 Mg Capsule77.0
RebeatRebeat 10 Mg Tablet100.0
RilRil 10 Mg Tablet113.0
RlRl 1.25 Mg Tablet16.0
RplRpl 2.5 Mg Tablet19.0
RpmRpm 2.5 Mg Tablet40.0
R Pril(Mano)R Pril 1.25 Mg Tablet31.0
RugenRugen 2.5 Mg Capsule45.0
SafaceSaface 2.5 Mg Tablet45.0
ServaceServace 1.25 Mg Capsule23.0
VariaceVariace 1.25 Mg Capsule17.0
ZiramZiram 2.5 Mg Tablet24.0
ZoremZorem 1.25 Mg Capsule33.0
ArtecureArtecure 5 Mg Tablet162.0
AthprilAthpril 5 Mg Tablet75.0
CadprilCadpril 5 Mg Tablet8.0
CardikaCardika 2.5 Mg Capsule14.0
CardiopilCardiopil 10 Mg Capsule93.0
CordimilCordimil 2.5 Mg Tablet40.0
DexaceDexace 2.5 Mg Tablet52.0
EcatorEcator 10 Mg Tablet116.0
KemoramKemoram 5 Mg Tablet8.0
NamiprilNamipril 2.5 Mg Tablet35.0
PolyprilPolypril 5 Mg Tablet83.0
PrefacePreface 2.5 Mg Tablet33.0
RameyRamey 5 Mg Capsule82.0
RamgeeRamgee 2.5 Mg Tablet11.0
RamicureRamicure 2.5 Mg Tablet43.0
RamimataRamimata 10 Mg Tablet148.0
RamimercRamimerc 5 Mg Tablet84.0
RamipirilRamipiril 2.5 Mg Tablet36.0
RamipresRamipres 1.25 Mg Tablet35.0
RamiricaRamirica 10 Mg Tablet96.0
RamirilRamiril 1.25 Mg Capsule24.0
RamshoRamsho 2.5 Mg Tablet33.0
R Pril (Biochem)R Pril 2.5 Mg Capsule59.0
ScleraceSclerace 2.5 Mg Capsule36.0
ToprilTopril 5 Mg Capsule70.0
X PrilX Pril 5 Mg Tablet63.0
ZigprilZigpril 5 Mg Capsule78.0
Arbitel MtArbitel Mt 40 Mg/25 Mg Tablet Er76.0
Embeta TmEmbeta Tm 40 Mg/25 Mg Tablet106.0
Metcy TMetcy T Tablet110.0
MetosartanMetosartan 40 Mg/25 Mg Tablet120.0
Ngsart MtNgsart Mt 40 Mg/25 Mg Tablet99.0
Tazloc BetaTazloc Beta 25 Mg Tablet107.0
Teli MtTeli Mt 50 Mg Tablet90.0
TelmaxxTelmaxx 25 Mg Tablet128.0
Telmigraf MtTelmigraf Mt 40 Mg/25 Mg Tablet69.0
Telmiride MtTelmiride Mt 40 Mg/25 Mg Tablet35.0
Telpax MTelpax M 40 Mg/25 Mg Tablet85.0
Telsar BetaTelsar Beta 25 Mg Tablet107.0
Welartan MWelartan M 40 Mg/25 Mg Tablet99.0
Cortel MCortel M 40 Mg/25 Mg Tablet Er51.0
Ecotel BetaEcotel Beta 40 Mg/50 Mg Tablet105.0
Inditel MxInditel Mx 40 Mg/25 Mg Tablet108.0
Macsart BetaMacsart Beta 40 Mg/25 Mg Tablet103.0
Metpure TelMetpure Tel 20 Mg/25 Mg Tablet79.0
Metxl TMetxl T Tablet101.0
Met Xl TMet Xl T 40 Mg/25 Mg Tablet93.0
Protol TlProtol Tl 40 Mg/25 Mg Tablet105.0
Starcad TStarcad T 25 Mg Tablet110.0
Telcure BetaTelcure Beta 40 Mg/25 Mg Tablet99.0
Telcure ChTelcure Ch 40 Mg/25 Mg Tablet80.0
Telday MTelday M 50 Mg Tablet102.0
Teleact BetaTeleact Beta 25 Mg Tablet100.0
Telelak MtTelelak Mt 40 Mg/25 Mg Tablet105.0
Telexia MTelexia M 25 Mg Tablet85.0
Telkom MTelkom M 25 Mg Tablet85.0
Tellzy MtTellzy Mt 25 Mg Tablet128.0
Telmed BetaTelmed Beta 25 Mg Tablet90.0
Telmichek MTelmichek M 25 Mg Tablet96.0
Telmikaa MtTelmikaa Mt 25 Mg Tablet60.0
Telminorm BxlTelminorm Bxl 25 Mg Tablet98.0
Telmivas MTelmivas M 25 Mg Tablet93.0
Telpres MtTelpres Mt 25 Mg Tablet129.0
Tel RevelolTel Revelol 25 Mg Tablet98.0
Telvas BetaTelvas Beta 25 Mg Tablet75.0
Temmy MTemmy M 40 Mg/50 Mg Tablet85.0
Tetan BetaTetan Beta 25 Mg Tablet115.0
Tsart MTsart M 40 Mg/25 Mg Tablet100.0
Vinicor TVinicor T 40 Mg/25 Mg Tablet90.0
Weltelmi MtWeltelmi Mt 25 Mg Tablet99.0
AkutimAkutim 0.5% Eye Drops45.0
AppatimAppatim Eye Drop36.0
Glauc AidGlauc Aid Eye Drops45.0
Gluc Aid Eye DropsGluc Aid Eye Drops47.0
GluchekGluchek Eye Drops50.0
GlucomolGlucomol 0.5% W/V Eye Drop58.0
GlucotimGlucotim 0.25% Eye Drop10.0
Glucotim LaGlucotim La 0.50%W/V Eye Drop52.0
GlunilGlunil Eye Drops50.0
NyololNyolol 0.5% Eye Drop43.0
OcupressOcupress 0.5% Eye Drops30.0
TimanolTimanol 0.25% Eye Drop39.0
Timlol PfTimlol Pf Drop90.0
Timo 5Timo 5 Eye Drop59.0
TimogoldTimogold Eye Drop50.0
Timol (Jawa)Timol 0.5% Eye Drops50.0
TimolTimol 0.5% Eye Drops60.0
TimolenTimolen 0.25% Eye Drop51.0
TimoloTimolo 0.5% Eye Drops48.0
Timolol Maeleate 0.5% Eye DropTimolol Maeleate 0.5% Eye Drop14.0
TimolongTimolong 0.5% Eye Drop76.0
TimonaTimona 0.25% Eye Drops46.0
TimopressTimopress 0.5% Eye Drops32.0
TimoriteTimorite 0.5% Eye Drops54.0
TimostarTimostar 0.5% Eye Drops57.0
TimowaTimowa 0.5% Eye Drops28.0
TimozenTimozen 0.5%W/V Ear Drops50.0
GlucamolGlucamol Eye Drops44.0
LowtimolLowtimol 0.5% Eye Drops40.0
MopMop Eye Drops70.0
SiotimSiotim Eye Drop50.0
TeemolTeemol 0.5% Drops90.0
TimcolTimcol Eye Drops29.0
TimonixTimonix Eye Drop52.0
AbpressAbpress Eye Drop186.0
Akudin TAkudin T 0.15%/0.5% Eye Drops199.0
Albrim LstAlbrim Lst 5 Mg/2 Mg Eye Drop239.0
Alfaprest TAlfaprest T Eye Drops165.0
BetabrimBetabrim 0.5% W/V/0.2% W/V Eye Drop260.0
Bidin TBidin T 0.5% W/V/0.2% W/V Eye Drop113.0
Brimochek TBrimochek T 0.5%/0.15% Eye Drops258.0
BrimocomBrimocom 0.5% W/V/0.2% W/V Eye Drop219.0
BrimofinetBrimofinet 5 Mg/1.5 Mg Eye Drop150.0
BrimololBrimolol 5 Mg/1.5 Mg Eye Drop295.0
BrimotimBrimotim 0.5%/0.2% Eye Drop176.0
BrioptBriopt 0.5%/0.2% Eye Drop259.0
BritibluBritiblu 0.5% W/V/0.2% W/V Eye Drop119.0
CombiganCombigan 0.5%/0.2% Eye Drop351.0
GlubrimGlubrim Eye Drops146.0
Iotim BIotim B 0.5% W/V/0.2% W/V Eye Drop290.0
Apbidin TmApbidin Tm Eye Drops155.0
BrimotusBrimotus Eye Drops161.0
Cibrim TCibrim T Eye Drop95.0
AsaAsa 50 Mg Tablet3.0
AspentAspent 60 Mg Tablet9.0
AspicotAspicot 80 Mg Tablet8.0
AspirinAspirin 50 Mg Tablet Dr3.0
Astrazenica AsprinAsprin Tablet Dt159.0
Colsprin(Reckitt)Colsprin 100 Mg Tablet2.0
Delay Release AsprinDelay Release Asprin 50 Mg Tablet3.0
DelisprinDelisprin 75 Mg Tablet3.0
EcosprinEcosprin 150 Mg Tablet7.0
LoprinLoprin 75 Mg Tablet4.0
Acetyl Salicylic AcidAcetyl Salicylic Acid 50 Mg Tablet3.0
AscadAscad 150 Mg Tablet6.0
AspeedayAspeeday 75 Mg Tablet3.0
AsproAspro Tablet2.0
Cv SprinCv Sprin 150 Mg Tablet54.0
E PrinE Prin 150 Mg Tablet6.0
GraGra 82 Mg Tablet20.0
SprinSprin 150 Mg Tablet3.0
SprintasSprintas 75 Mg Tablet5.0
AspinAspin 300 Mg Tablet Dt22.0
Atchol AspAtchol Asp Kit 10 Mg/75 Mg Tablet23.0
Atorec AspAtorec Asp 10 Mg/150 Mg Capsule21.0
Atorva AspAtorva Asp 150 Capsule25.0
Aztor AspAztor Asp 150 Tablet24.0
Ctor AspCtor Asp 10 Mg/150 Mg Tablet82.0
Durastat AspDurastat Asp 10 Mg/75 Mg Tablet20.0
Ecosprin Av CapsuleEcosprin Av 150/10 Capsule38.0
Mactor AspMactor Asp 10 Mg/75 Mg Tablet25.0
AspivasAspivas 10 Mg/75 Mg Capsule18.0
DuocadDuocad 10 Mg/75 Mg Capsule90.0
Lipicure AsLipicure As 150 Capsule18.0
Lipikind AsLipikind As Capsule19.0
Liponorm AspLiponorm Asp Capsule21.0
Stator AspStator Asp 150 Mg Tablet25.0
BetacapBetacap 10 Mg Tablet11.0
Ciplar LaCiplar La 20 Mg Tablet23.0
CiplarCiplar 10 Mg Tablet16.0
CiplaCipla Inhaler87.0
InderalInderal 10 Mg Tablet11.0
KipnolKipnol 10 Mg Tablet12.0
MibetaMibeta 10 Mg Tablet10.0
MigrabetaMigrabeta 10 Mg Tablet12.0
NortenNorten 10 Mg Tablet11.0
ProvanolProvanol 10 Mg Tablet11.0
ArkapropArkaprop 40 Mg Tablet18.0
ArminolArminol 20 Mg Tablet18.0
Becabloc TabBecabloc Tab49.0
BelocBeloc 20 Mg Tablet11.0
BetakonBetakon 40 Mg Tablet Sr33.0
BetapaxBetapax 0.25 Mg Tablet15.0
Betapro (Consem)Betapro 40 Mg Capsule Sr24.0
BpstatBpstat 20 Mg Tablet71.0
CardiplanCardiplan 10 Mg Tablet12.0
CerlolCerlol 10 Mg Tablet21.0
Electrolyte PElectrolyte P 40 Mg Infusion28.0
HdHd 40 Mg Tablet Sr30.0
LolLol 40 Mg Capsule Sr29.0
ManoprololManoprolol 10 Mg Tablet11.0
MovalolMovalol 20 Mg Tablet33.0
NigrainNigrain 20 Mg Tablet15.0
PeelarPeelar 10 Mg Tablet5.0
PilolPilol 10 Mg Tablet12.0
PonolPonol 10 Mg Tablet12.0
ProbetaProbeta 10 Mg Tablet16.0
PrograinPrograin 20 Mg Tablet14.0
PrololProlol 10 Mg Tablet12.0
Promotil TrPromotil Tr 40 Mg Capsule27.0
PropProp 10 Mg Tablet6.0
Prop (Rkg)Prop 20 Mg Tablet24.0
PropalPropal 10 Mg Tablet9.0
ProperolProperol 1 Mg Injection122.0
SignololSignolol 10 Mg Tablet11.0
Tenpose NfTenpose Nf 10 Mg Tablet10.0
TenposeTenpose 10 Mg Tablet30.0
TheolarTheolar 10 Mg Tablet11.0
TrilolTrilol 20 Mg Tablet24.0
CarbnolCarbnol 10 Mg Tablet9.0
Inderal LaInderal La 20 Mg Tablet23.0
MighopMighop Sr 40 Mg Tablet29.0
MigralesMigrales 20 Mg Tablet22.0
Prolol PlusProlol Plus Tablet11.0
ProzolamProzolam 0.25 Mg Tablet20.0
Relax BbRelax Bb Tablet65.0
Relax MbRelax Mb Tablet60.0
CardirilCardiril 2.5 Mg Tablet12.0
ConvertenConverten 10 Mg Tablet23.68
ElEl 10 Mg Tablet31.69
EnalEnal 2.5 Mg Tablet19.85
EnalapEnalap 10 Mg Tablet23.37
EnamEnam 10 Mg Tablet92.5
EncardilEncardil 10 Mg Tablet32.7
EnvasEnvas 10 Mg Tablet97.05
MiniprilMinipril 10 Mg Tablet29.68
MyoaceMyoace 2.5 Mg Tablet12.35
NormaceNormace 10 Mg Tablet37.75
NurilNuril 10 Mg Tablet57.96
TenamTenam 10 Mg Tablet28.63
VasonormVasonorm 10 Mg Tablet26.25
BqlBql 10 Mg Tablet30.7
CanaprilCanapril 2.5 Mg Tablet462.0
CanvasCanvas 5 Mg Tablet4.22
DilvasDilvas 10 Mg Tablet8.38
EnaceEnace 10 Mg Tablet54.9
EnaprilEnapril 10 Mg Tablet53.5
EnaEna 5 Mg Tablet18.75
EnvapenEnvapen 5 Mg Tablet19.0
FribitFribit 5 Mg Tablet14.87
HytrolHytrol 10 Mg Tablet46.82
InvorilInvoril 10 Mg Tablet33.35
LupinaceLupinace Tablet4.5
OrenOren 5 Mg Tablet17.96
VasoprilVasopril 2.5 Mg Tablet8.95
HiprilHipril 10 Mg Tablet114.0
LiprilLipril 10 Mg Tablet183.5
LisorilLisoril 10 Mg Tablet108.5
ListrilListril 10 Mg Tablet203.0
L.P.L.L.P.L. 10 Mg Tablet53.21
NormoprilNormopril 10 Mg Tablet60.57
ZestrilZestril 10 Mg Tablet285.43
AceminAcemin Tablet17.56
AcinoprilAcinopril 2.5 Mg Tablet20.1
CiprilCipril 5 Mg Tablet53.41
DilaceDilace 5 Mg Tablet30.0
FastrilFastril Tablet8.7
HypernilHypernil 10 Mg Tablet142.86
LaprilLapril 10 Mg Tablet168.27
LinvasLinvas 10 Mg Tablet433.33
LisinaceLisinace 2.5 Mg Tablet22.5
LisitecLisitec 5 Mg Tablet20.62
LisotecLisotec 2.5 Mg Tablet53.12
ListenListen 10 Mg Tablet55.0
OdaceOdace 10 Mg Tablet81.27
SoprilSopril 2.5 Mg Tablet17.06
BeparineBeparine 25000 Iu Injection226.71
CaprinCaprin 25000 Iu Injection233.0
CathflushCathflush 10 Iu Injection11.0
CelparinCelparin 25000 Iu Injection296.15
HeplockHeplock 10 Iu Injection30.25
LofhLofh 25000 Iu Injection237.3
NeporinNeporin 25000 Iu Injection213.2
NuparinNuparin 25000 Iu Injection211.0
ThinlaThinla 25000 Iu Injection210.87
TroyhepTroyhep 25000 Iu Injection227.55
HeparenHeparen 5000 Iu Injection31.5
HeparinHeparin 25000 Iu Injection187.0
KeparinKeparin 25000 Iu Injection45.0
PrevaclotPrevaclot 1000 Iu Injection23.47
AggramedAggramed 5 Mg Infusion4072.97
AggriblocAggribloc 5 Mg Infusion5748.1
AggritorAggritor 5 Mg Infusion4600.0
AgrabanAgraban 5 Mg Infusion5442.5
TerofibTerofib 5 Mg Infusion3838.79
TirocipTirocip 50 Mcg Infusion4300.0
TirofuseTirofuse 5 Mg Infusion3700.0
TirozestTirozest 5 Mg Infusion4200.0
XtrabanXtraban 5 Mg Infusion4310.77
AcrovinAcrovin 100 Mg Injection15.19
FibrobanFibroban 5 Mg Infusion4008.13
TirobanTiroban 5 Mg Infusion3950.0
AggrifibAggrifib Injection4948.0
Aggrilek(Aus)Aggrilek Infusion3832.86
MincovitMincovit Syrup62.98
DalpinDalpin 2500 Iu Injection230.0
DaltehepDaltehep 10000 Iu Injection4400.0
DaltepinDaltepin 10000 Iu Injection517.66
FragminFragmin 10000 Iu Injection5486.8
GlutimGlutim 0.5% Eye Drop52.0
IotimIotim 0.5% W/V Eye Drop51.45
TimobluTimoblu 0.5% Eye Drop45.5
TimolastTimolast 0.5% Eye Drop67.3
LopresLopres Eye Drop66.2
TimoletTimolet 0.25% Eye Drop67.25
Timolet PTimolet P Eye Drop122.0
ValzaarValzaar 160 Mg Tablet225.0
DiovanDiovan 160 Mg Tablet440.0
StarvalStarval 160 Mg Capsule130.0
ValentValent 160 Mg Tablet159.5
ValfectValfect 80 Mg Tablet113.4
BiokinaseBiokinase 1500000 Iu Injection3400.0
GlaniknaseGlaniknase Injection2136.06
IcikinaseIcikinase 1.5 Miu Injection2357.91
LupifloLupiflo 1500000 Iu Injection2135.5
MyokinaseMyokinase 1500000 Iu Injection2034.0
RthromboRthrombo 15 Lac Injection2135.0
StpaseStpase 1500000 Iu Injection2270.72
StreptaseStreptase 1500000 Iu Injection3120.0
StukinaseStukinase Injection1547.62
ThrombofluxThromboflux 1500000 Iu Injection2049.66
EcokinaseEcokinase Injection2351.43
EskinaseEskinase 1.5 Miu Injection3400.0
FibrokinaseFibrokinase 1500000 Iu Injection2586.48
HaemokinaseHaemokinase 1500000 Iu Injection2622.23
KlotbusterKlotbuster 1500000 Iu Injection828.27
StreplifeStreplife 1500000 Iu Injection3238.09
Streptokinase 15,00000 Iu InjectionStreptokinase 15,00000 Iu Injection1344.5
ThrombosolvThrombosolv 1500000 Iu Injection2437.0
Col (Gufic)Col 200 Mg Injection857.17
ColCol 400 Mg Injection1428.62
TiclobestTiclobest 250 Mg Tablet86.26
TiclogardTiclogard 250 Mg Tablet95.0
TiclopTiclop 250 Mg Tablet132.6
TiclopidTiclopid 250 Mg Tablet95.0
TiclovasTiclovas 250 Mg Tablet97.45
TiclovilTiclovil 250 Mg Tablet140.95
TikleenTikleen 100 Mg Tablet80.0
TyklidTyklid 250 Mg Tablet112.15
BivacsBivacs 250 Mg Injection9198.23
BivafloBivaflo 250 Mg Injection6290.0
BivamaxBivamax 250 Mg Injection5428.9
BivasaveBivasave 250 Mg Injection9060.95
BivastatBivastat 250 Mg Injection6930.0
FlopaceFlopace 250 Mg Injection7581.65
GennomaxGennomax 250 Mg Injection5860.0
NubimaxNubimax 250 Mg Injection9000.0
ElaximElaxim 30 Mg Injection30074.0
MetalyseMetalyse 40 Mg Injection43889.0
VelixVelix 30 Mg Injection27365.0
HepgelHepgel 250 Iu Ointment47.38
Philebotroy QpsPhilebotroy Qps Solution 1000 Iu115.0
LiotonLioton Gel66.0
ThrombomarkThrombomark Ointment69.3
Thrombotroy QpsThrombotroy Qps Solution115.0
FluxiumFluxium Injection363.9
FluxumFluxum 3200 Iu Injection399.05
MirelMirel 18 Mg Kit19500.0
RetefuseRetefuse 18 Gm Kit29750.0
RetelexRetelex Kit 18 Mg Injection32700.0
VasciumVascium 18 Mg Injection28333.3
AdrenorAdrenor Injection189.95
NoradNorad 2 Mg Injection186.4
NoralinNoralin 2 Mg Injection129.0
AutohalerAutohaler Inhaler762.62
IsolinIsolin 2 Mg Injection40.0
IsoprinIsoprin 10 Mg Tablet8.5
PacemakPacemak 2 Mg Injection40.0
HiborHibor 2500 Iu Injection281.0
AcetenAceten 12.5 Mg Tablet26.0
AngioprilAngiopril 25 Mg Tablet25.98
PaparinPaparin 2 Ml Injection14.52
ApresolApresol 25 Mg Tablet55.6
OrokinaseOrokinase 2000 Iu Tablet86.0
TerifinTerifin 25 Mg Tablet18.0
UnilocUniloc 500 Mg Tablet60.0
ReoproReopro 10 Mg Injection21552.0
Acord AAcord A Tablet49.0
Adp AtAdp At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet43.95
Am AtAm At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet19.05
Amfirst AtAmfirst At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet37.0
AmlobidAmlobid 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet31.2
Amlochem AtAmlochem At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet39.0
Amlogold AtAmlogold At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet35.0
Amlokath AAmlokath A 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet35.51
AmlonovaAmlonova Tablet30.0
Amlopres AtAmlopres At 25 Tablet69.0
Amlotus AtAmlotus At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet35.0
AmnolAmnol 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet49.08
Amodep AtAmodep At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet23.0
Ampace AtAmpace At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tabcap42.86
Ampine AtAmpine At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet21.59
Amrap AtAmrap At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet233.43
Amset XtAmset Xt 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet32.5
AmstenAmsten 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet42.2
AmsurgeatAmsurgeat Tablet13.5
Amtas AtAmtas At 25 Tablet51.5
AmtisAmtis 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet34.5
Aridipine AtAridipine At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet32.0
AtakareAtakare 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet45.71
Atam (Kenn Pharma)Atam 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet18.75
Aten AmAten Am 5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet86.5
Atnol AmAtnol Am Tablet37.82
Avacard AtAvacard At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet10.0
Benol AmBenol Am 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet27.0
Card AtCard At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet400.0
Diavasc AtDiavasc At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet32.15
DipinolDipinol 25 Mg/5 Mg Tablet26.01
LodolLodol 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet57.11
Malodip AtMalodip At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet32.37
NoldepinNoldepin 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet21.8
Olate AOlate A 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet31.03
Samloday ASamloday A 50 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet30.77
Stamlo BetaStamlo Beta M Tablet42.0
Systonorm AtSystonorm At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet19.18
Tenorex PlusTenorex Plus Capsule23.96
Theocard AmTheocard Am Tablet22.0
Udp AtUdp At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet15.68
A2A2 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet19.56
Aamin AAamin A 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet44.15
Adblock AtAdblock At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet24.76
Aginal AtAginal At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet66.5
Aldo AtAldo At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet33.0
Amaday AtAmaday At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet30.26
Amca AtAmca At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet89.0
Amcard AtAmcard At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet28.5
Amchek AtAmchek At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet49.6
Amdepin AtAmdepin At Tablet65.0
Amfast AtAmfast At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet47.0
Amlibon AtAmlibon At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet11.25
Amlip AtAmlip At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet55.0
Amlo AtAmlo At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet54.25
AmlobetAmlobet 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet85.0
Amlocom AtAmlocam At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet26.12
Amlodac AtAmlodac At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet80.0
Amloday AtAmloday At Tablet33.5
Amlodus AtAmlodus At 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet36.0
Amloedge AtAmloedge At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet21.0
Amlokem AtAmlokem At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet9.48
Amlokind AtAmlokind At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet17.49
Amlomed AtAmlomed At 2.5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet6.87
Amlong AAmlong A 5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet43.45
AmlonolAmlonol 50 Mg/5 Mg Tablet17.72
Amlopen AtAmlopen At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet75.0
Amlopin AtAmlopin At 5 Mg/50 Mg Tablet59.0
Amlosafe AtAmlosafe At 2.5 Mg/25 Mg Tablet45.0
Amlostar AAmlostar A Tablet28.61

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