Becoming a mother can be one of the most important times in a woman's life and most women also understand that the journey of becoming a mother is not always easy. Only a mother can understand the physical and emotional hardships she may face in those nine months. But, the pain of fulfilling the dream of becoming a parent does not end there.

Nowadays, rising inflation and hospital expenses have made this journey even more difficult. In earlier times, women gave birth to children at home. But now, our lifestyle often necessitates delivering with hospital equipment and doctor's help so as to not endanger the life of the mother and baby. In such difficult and challenging situations, facilities like maternity insurance can be of great help.

Maternity insurance is a special insurance plan that covers the health expenses of the pregnant woman i.e. the mother and her child. This includes both normal and caesarean expenses. Simply put, this insurance covers most of your medical expenses related to becoming a mother. Getting a maternity insurance plan has become very important in today's time. In this article, you can read about what maternity insurance is, its benefits and what is included in it.

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  1. What is maternity insurance
  2. Benefits of a maternity insurance plan
  3. What a maternity insurance plan covers
  4. What a maternity insurance plan does not cover

Maternity insurance is usually taken as an addition to the insurance policy already purchased. Maternity insurance plans cover the expenses incurred in both normal delivery or caesarean delivery procedures. Many insurance companies offer maternity insurance plans as a rider or as an add-on to the insurance policy already taken, so as not to put too much pressure on your finances.

Some corporate companies may also offer the benefits of health insurance as well as maternity insurance plans to the female employees working for them. Apart from this, if the family of male employees is included in their health insurance policy, then maternity cover is given as well. Maternity is not covered in myUpchar Bima Plus policy.

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Maternity insurance is specially designed for women who are pregnant or planning to conceive. If you have taken maternity insurance and face any problems related to the pregnancy, delivery or baby, then your insurance covers your medical expenses. Some of the main benefits offered by maternity insurance plans are mentioned below:

  • Medical expenses before and after admission: If you have purchased a maternity insurance plan, then all the medical expenses up to 30 days prior to the hospitalization are covered by your insurance plan. Apart from this, when you get discharged from the hospital, the expenses up to 60 days after that are also covered by your insurance plan.
  • No need for cash: The immune system and overall health can suffer during pregnancy and even the slightest problem may become a bother at this time. If you have to be hospitalized suddenly due to a health problem, it’s possible for you to not have cash on your at the time. But if you have purchased maternity insurance, you can start your treatment by visiting any of the hospitals that are included in the insurance company's network without worrying about cash. All you have to do is inform your insurer while going to the hospital and you can leave the rest up to your plan.
  • Ambulance cost: A pregnant woman may have to be hospitalized suddenly due to labour pains, other health problem or pregnancy complications. If you are the holder of maternity insurance, your insurance company covers the cost of the ambulance for going to the hospital and coming back home from the hospital.
  • Newborn baby coverage: As maternity insurance is designed for maternity care, it covers the medical expenses of the mother as well as the newborn, including all the vaccines and medicines required by the baby. Apart from this, if the child is found to have a disease after birth, then the medical expenses of his treatment are also covered by the maternity insurance plan. However, some insurance companies may exclude certain diseases from the list, so one should read all the documents once before making a decision.
  • Claim-free bonus: If the insured woman does not make a claim within a stipulated period, she can be given a special discount on the next year's premium. However, it is also possible that some insurance companies may not offer this.
  • Fast registration: You do not need to struggle too much to buy maternity insurance. It’s even possible for you to apply for this plan online while sitting at home.
  • Saving on tax: If you are the holder of maternity insurance, then you can get a special exemption under Section 80D of Income Tax.
  • Waiting period: While in some plans, you can claim medical expenses after 9 months of purchasing a maternity insurance plan, many other insurance plans have a waiting period of at least 24 months.
  • Exemption of selection of sum assured: While buying a maternity insurance plan, individuals can choose the sum assured as per their choice, so that they can use the amount as and when required.

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Before buying any insurance plan, it is important to know what is covered in that policy so you can ensure that the insurance plan is suitable for you. Given below are some expenses that are commonly included in maternity insurance plans: 

  • Delivery-related expenses: The medical expenses incurred in both normal or C-section (caesarean) deliveries are covered under a maternity insurance plan
  • Pre and post delivery expenses: From the time the woman is admitted to the hospital before the time of delivery to the time she is discharged after delivery, all the medical expenses are covered under the maternity insurance plan. Even if there is a complication during the delivery (like the need for emergency surgery, etc.), the cost is covered by this type of insurance plan.
  • Medical expenses of a newborn baby: Along with the health of the mother, it also covers the expenses on the health of the newborn. For example, the cost of vaccines and other medication needed by the child after birth is covered in the insurance plan itself.
  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses: If you have faced any problems related to pregnancy, delivery or any other related issue, your insurance company covers the medical expenses up to 30 days before hospitalization and 60 days after.
  • Medical equipment expenses: When you get admitted to the hospital, all the medical equipment expenses are also covered by the maternity insurance plans, for example, the ICU, room rent and any other medical machine expenses like dialysis, etc.

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If you are thinking of buying maternity insurance, then it is also important to know what is not included in such kinds of plans. Each insurance company has its own criteria, according to which some expenses can be excluded from the list and others can be included, but some common exclusions are:

  • Vitamins and other supplements given to the mother or child after pregnancy or delivery
  • Doctor's cost and doctor's fee for re-calling
  • Postpartum medical tests

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