Vitamin-B12 is an essential nutrient, which is soluble in water. This vitamin forms red blood cells. It is also necessary for neurological function and making DNA. The body cannot make it on its own. Therefore, it is important to take a healthy diet for vitamin-B12. When there is a deficiency of vitamin-B12 in the body, many health problems including anemia can arise. Vitamin-B12 deficiency can cause symptoms of neurological and mental disease. Therefore, every person must consume foods rich in vitamin-B12 to stay healthy.In this article you will learn in detail about foods rich in vitamin-B12 -

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Doctors for Vitamin B12-Rich Foods: Key Foods to Include in Your Meals

Vitamin-B12 can be obtained from both animals and plants, but non-veg is considered a good source of vitamin-B12. Foods rich in vitamin B12 are as follows -

Animal Liver And Kidney

Animal liver and kidney are rich in nutrients. 100 grams of liver can largely meet the daily requirement of vitamin B12. Along with vitamin B12, it also contains copper, selenium and vitamin A.

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Sardine is a fish. It is considered to be an excellent source of vitamin B12. It contains many nutrients. 150 grams of sardine can provide 554 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin B12. Along with this, omega 3 fatty acids are also found in high quantities in sardines. It can reduce inflammation of the body. It can also improve heart health.

Tuna Fish

Tuna fish is mostly consumed. Tuna fish is a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals. It contains high amounts of vitamin B12. The dark muscles of tuna fish especially contain more vitamin B12. Tuna fish is also a good source of phosphorus, selenium, vitamin A and vitamin B3.

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Milk And Dairy Products

Dairy products are beneficial for overall health. Vitamin B12 is also found in high quantities in them. To fulfill the requirement of vitamin B12, you can make milk, curd and cheese a part of your diet. By consuming them regularly, the daily requirement of vitamin B12 can be fulfilled to a great extent. Many studies have shown that the body absorbs vitamin B12 present in milk and dairy products properly as compared to fish or eggs.

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Egg is an excellent source of protein. Along with this, vitamin B12 and vitamin B2 are also found in eggs. Every person can get 46 percent of his daily requirement of vitamin B12 from 2 eggs. Research has shown that egg yolk has high levels of vitamin B12. The body easily absorbs the vitamin B12 present in the egg yolk. Therefore, it is advisable to eat the white part of the egg in case of vitamin B12 deficiency.

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Non-dairy Milk

If you are allergic to milk or dairy products, you can also take non-dairy milk. For non-dairy milk, you can drink soy and almond milk etc. This milk is not directly available from nature, but it is fortified. Therefore, it is also called fortified milk. Vitamin B12 is found in high quantities in soy and almond milk.

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Salmon And Trout

Salmon fish is known for its good amount of omega 3 fatty acids. It contains high amounts of vitamin B12. This fish can easily fulfill the daily requirement of vitamin B12. Along with this, trout fish can also fulfill the deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body. Trout fish is considered a good source of manganese, phosphorus and selenium. Salmon and trout fish can be included in the diet for vitamin B12.

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  • 1-3 years 0.9 mcg
  • 4-8 years 1.2 mcg
  • 9-13 years 1.8 mcg
  • More than 14 years 2.4 mcg
  • Pregnant woman 2.6 mcg
  • Breastfeeding woman 2.8 mcg

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Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient for the body. To stay healthy, it is necessary to have an adequate amount of vitamin B12 in the body. For this, you can make sardines, salmon, dairy products, eggs and fortified milk a part of your diet. If there is a severe deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body, then in this situation the doctor can advise taking vitamin B12 supplements.

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