Skinbless Cream

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20 gm Cream in 1 Tube
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20 GM CREAM 1 Tube ₹ 426 ₹449 5% OFF Save: ₹23

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    Frequently Bought Together

    Frequently Bought Together

    Ingredients of Skinbless Cream

    Skinbless Cream Benefits

    Skinbless Cream is used to treat the following -

    Main Benefits

    हाइपर पिगमेंटेशन | मुंहासे | विटामिन सी की कमी

    Other Benefits

    Skinbless Cream Side Effects

    No side effects of Skinbless have been reported in the medical literature. However, you should always consult your doctor before using Skinbless.

    How to use Skinbless Cream?

    • Take a small amount of Skinbless Cream on your fingers and gently apply it on the affected area.

    General precautions for Skinbless Cream

    1. Use room temperature water or lukewarm water to rinse infected area.
    2. Gently wipe and cleanse the affected area before applying Skinbless Cream.
    3. Your doctor may tell you the right way to cover the affected area after the application of Skinbless Cream to avoid ruining the clothes. You can also use a cotton gauze to cover the area.
    4. Avoid using excess Skinbless Cream. Follow the amount prescribed by your doctor strictly.
    5. Keep Skinbless Cream in a cool and dry place at below room temperature. Don't refrigerate the Skinbless Cream.
    6. You must talk to your doctor in case of an allergic reaction due to the Skinbless Cream.
    7. In case of pregnancy, the woman must consult her doctor before taking Skinbless Cream.
    8. Nursing women should talk to their doctor before taking Skinbless Cream.
    9. Avoid skipping a dose of Skinbless Cream as it may increase your risk of a further infection.
    10. Avoid using hot water on the affected area while using Skinbless Cream.

    Frequently asked Questions about Skinbless Cream

    Question over 4 years ago

    Does Skinbless treat burn?

    Dr. Roshni Poonja MBBS , General Physician, Internal Medicine

    No, Skinbless does not treat the burn. It is used to treat lightening the dark skin. Burning sensation of skin is one of the side effects of this drug. However, if you experience an excessive burning sensation of skin after using this drug then stop using it and inform your doctor immediately without further delay. 

    Question almost 5 years ago

    What is Skinbless?

    Dr. Sameer Awadhiya MBBS , Pediatrics

    Skinbless is a brand name of hydroquinone. It is a prescription drug that belongs to the class of drug known as melanin synthesis inhibitor. It is a skin-lightening product which is used for the treatment of hyperpigmentation/melasma. It is also used to reduce scars and dark circles.

    Question over 4 years ago

    Can Skinbless treat melasma?

    Dr. Madhur Anand MBBS, MS , General Surgery

    Yes, Skinbless is used to treat melasma. Skinbless blocks the synthesis of melanin pigment in the skin whose excessive concentration causes melasma. Hence, in this way Skinbless treats the melasma.

    Question about 4 years ago

    Can I apply moisturizer over Skinbless?

    Dr. Rahul Poddar MBBS, DNB, MBBS, DNB , General Surgery

    Yes, moisturizer can be applied over the Skinbless. First, apply Skinbless on the affected area then wait for several minutes after that you can use or apply moisturizer over it.

    Question over 4 years ago

    Can I apply Skinbless without consulting a doctor?

    Dr. Kuldeep Meena MBBS, MD , Cardiology, Neurology, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Pulmonology, Nephrology, General Physician, Other, Infectious Disease, Emergency Medicine, Allergy and Immunology, Internal Medicine, Multispeciality

    No, Skinbless is a prescription drug so do not apply it without consulting a doctor. It can be harmful for the patient to use this medicine without a doctor's recommendation because it can cause very unpleasant side effects. Hence, the patient should seek doctors advice before using this medication by himself or herself.

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