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What is bleeding?

Blood loss from the body is termed bleeding. Bleeding that occurs inside the body is called internal bleeding while bleeding outside is termed external bleeding. In your body, the blood flows in closed blood vessels; any breach or opening in blood vessels causes the blood to flow out of the vessels, resulting in blood loss. Bleeding can be a symptom of an underlying disease condition or an injury. Menstrual bleeding and bleeding after childbirth are normal conditions.

What are its main signs and symptoms?

Bleeding becomes a matter of concern when its cause is a medical condition or an injury. Your body has a natural clotting mechanism and even if bleeding occurs through an injury, it naturally coagulates, unless you have a clotting disorder. Let’s look at some common signs of bleeding.

  • Loss of blood from external orifices like the mouth, nose, ear, anus and urethral opening or the surface of the skin
  • Fever
  • Lowered haemoglobin
  • Shock (if blood loss is not stopped) characterized by cool, pale limbs, low pulse

What are the main causes?

Injury to the body, trauma due to accident or a blow can result in bleeding. Following are some common traumatic causes:

  • Injury, bruise or lesions on the skin causing capillaries to rupture
  • Trauma to the nose or nose picking causes nasal bleeding
  • Intracranial bleeding due to head injury
  • Gunshot injury

When blood loss occurs as a result of some medical condition, the causes are referred to as medical causes. Some of these causes are:

Some blood-thinning medications can also lead to bleeding.

How is it diagnosed and treated?

In case of injury or trauma, different scans of the injured organ can be helpful. Many times, internal bleeding goes undetected unless blood tests are performed. Some common diagnostic tools and methods are listed below:

  • Blood test showing haemoglobin and haematocrit value
  • Platelet count
  • Stool examination
  • X-ray imaging
  • CT scans
  • Ultrasound

Your treatment will be primarily aimed at arresting bleeding and once the underlying cause is diagnosed, the treatment module will be accordingly decided. Management of bleeding can be done in the following ways:

  • Hormonal treatment for excessive menstrual bleeding.
  • Tourniquet application to control blood loss when injured.
  • Surgical intervention to stop traumatic bleeding.
  • Tissue oxygenation and intravenous fluids to control hypotension due to blood loss.
  • Surgical dressings: Collagen-based, fibrin-based and gelatine-based dressings that contain haemostatic agents to arrest the bleeding.
  • Vasoconstrictors: Use of agents which stop the bleeding by constricting blood vessels, as in bladder or rectal bleeding associated with cancer. Here, endoscopic delivery at the site of bleeding can also be given.
  • Radiotherapy: In blood losses due to cancers of lung, bladder and gastrointestinal tract.
  • Vitamin K therapy and fibrinogens in clotting disorders.
  • Antifibrinolytics to enhance coagulation.
  • Transfusion of platelet concentrates, frozen plasma or blood.

Heavy loss of blood, whether internal or external, can be fatal. In case of heavy bleeding, blood transfusion can be done to make up for the loss.

A word of caution—any kind of blood loss needs immediate attention. So, consult your physician. Timely diagnosis and treatment can save your life.

  1. Medicines for Bleeding

Medicines for Bleeding

Medicines listed below are available for Bleeding. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
KlogKlog 40 Mg Injection93.0
SigmachromeSigmachrome 5 Mg Injection33.0
StepzaStepza 1 Mg Tablet61.0
ClotClot 5 Mg Injection35.0
CosklotCosklot 250 Mg Injection33.0
DicyneneDicynene 125 Mg Injection37.0
EklotEklot 125 Mg Injection19.0
EthasylEthasyl 250 Mg Injection43.0
HemsylHemsyl 125 Mg Injection34.0
K StatK Stat 125 Mg Injection35.0
Revici ERevici E 250 Mg Tablet89.0
SylateSylate 125 Mg Injection48.0
SylSyl 250 Mg Injection21.0
AcmesylateAcmesylate Injection23.0
AlstatAlstat 250 Mg Injection41.0
BotrostatBotrostat 250 Mg Tablet109.0
CapstatCapstat 250 Mg Tablet42.0
ClotawinClotawin 250 Mg Injection22.0
EisiEisi 250 Mg Tablet25.0
Emsylate InjectionEmsylate 125 Mg Injection8.0
Emsylate TabletEmsylate 250 Mg Tablet46.0
E SylateE Sylate 125 Mg Injection44.0
EtamEtam 250 Mg Tablet52.0
EtexEtex 500 Mg Tablet58.0
EthacidEthacid 125 Mg Injection25.0
EthafyEthafy 250 Mg Injection29.0
EthaklotEthaklot 250 Mg Tablet50.0
EthamcipEthamcip 250 Mg Tablet69.0
EthamoreEthamore Injection4.0
EthamswiftEthamswift 125 Mg Injection13.0
EthawkEthawk 125 Mg Injection6.0
EthylateEthylate 250 Mg Tablet71.0
EustalEustal 125 Mg Injection21.0
FlobanFloban 250 Mg Tablet57.0
HemchekHemchek 125 Mg Injection20.0
HemodilHemodil 250 Mg Tablet40.0
HemostatHemostat 125 Mg Injection25.0
Hemostat InjectionHemostat 2 Ml Injection19.0
HimolanHimolan 125 Mg Injection13.0
H StatH Stat 250 Mg Injection27.0
KapsylatKapsylat 250 Mg Tablet51.0
KlotKlot Injection30.0
MesyMesy 125 Mg Injection18.0
M StatM Stat 250 Mg Tablet39.0
Rc NovaRc Nova 250 Mg Tablet52.0
StatzyStatzy 250 Mg Tablet55.0
Stersyl.Stersyl 250 Mg Injection21.0
StersylStersyl 250 Mg Tablet70.0
Styce TabletStyce 500 Mg Tablet62.0
Styptochrome EStyptochrome E 125 Mg Injection15.0
SylexSylex 500 Mg Tablet115.0
SylronSylron 250 Mg Injection23.0
SylstepSylstep 500 Mg Tablet77.0
2 Pin2 Pin 250 Mg Tablet72.0
CethamCetham 500 Mg Tablet81.0
EcolateEcolate 500 Mg Tablet80.0
Emsyl TabletEmsyl 500 Mg Tablet96.0
EmsylEmsyl 250 Mg Tablet56.0
EthamnolEthamnol 500 Mg Tablet98.0
EthamoEthamo 125 Mg Injection19.0
Ethamstat TabletEthamstat 500 Mg Tablet25.0
Ethamsylate 500 Mg TabletEthamsylate 500 Mg Tablet10.0
EthanexEthanex 250 Mg Tablet53.0
EtharenEtharen 500 Mg Tablet115.0
EtholateEtholate 250 Mg Tablet56.0
FixoheamFixoheam 250 Mg Tablet52.0
HaemtrolHaemtrol 250 Mg Tablet35.0
HemosticHemostic 500 Mg Injection6.0
HemozenHemozen 250 Mg Tablet50.0
HemstatHemstat 250 Mg Tablet74.0
MedostatMedostat Tablet14.0
PosexPosex Forte Capsule75.0
SerostatSerostat 250 Mg Tablet50.0
TamstateTamstate 250 Mg Tablet18.0
ThamsThams 250 Mg Tablet53.0
ClipClip 500 Mg Injection39.0
CyklokapronCyklokapron 500 Mg Injection191.0
PausePause 1000 Mg Tablet239.0
TexakindTexakind 500 Mg Injection35.0
TranesmaTranesma 250 Mg Tablet199.0
TranostatTranostat 500 Mg Injection69.0
TrapicTrapic 100 Mg Injection68.0
Trenaxa TabletTrenaxa 1000 Mg Tablet128.0
XamicXamic 500 Mg Injection69.0
AtsyteAtsyte 500 Mg Injection80.0
CeltranzCeltranz 500 Mg Injection54.0
Clotawin TClotawin T 100 Mg Injection34.0
Clot PlusClot Plus Tablet140.0
Clot XlClot Xl 500 Mg Injection41.0
CoastatCoastat 100 Mg Injection45.0
Cosklot TCosklot T 500 Mg Injection60.0
ExtamExtam 500 Mg Tablet49.0
GlantraxGlantrax 500 Mg Injection69.0
Inmela (Veritaz)Inmela 250 Mg Tablet189.0
KlotinKlotin 100 Mg Injection63.0
MenogiaMenogia 500 Mg Injection70.0
NexamicNexamic 500 Mg Tablet116.0
Nexna TxNexna Tx Tablet140.0
NolossNoloss 500 Mg Tablet123.0
ProklotProklot 500 Mg Tablet11.0
StopbleedStopbleed 500 Mg Injection85.0
SynostatSynostat 500 Mg Injection45.0
TenacidTenacid 500 Mg/5 Ml Injection23.0
TexidTexid 500 Mg Injection62.0
TraclotTraclot 500 Mg Tablet114.0
TraklotTraklot 500 Mg Injection30.0
TramixTramix 500 Mg Injection66.0
TranceTrance 500 Mg Injection43.0
TranecidTranecid 500 Mg Injection58.0
TranemicTranemic 500 Mg Injection39.0
Tranesma PlusTranesma Plus Tablet229.0
TranlokTranlok 500 Mg Injection50.0
TranomacTranomac 500 Mg Tablet101.0
TraxageTraxage 250 Mg Tablet140.0
TrexanetTrexanet 500 Mg Tablet130.0
BleenaBleena Injection48.0
CutiCuti 500 Mg Injection30.0
CyminCymin 250 Mg Capsule72.0
Derma RadiaDerma Radia Tablet265.0
DesqualDesqual M Tablet179.0
DubatranDubatran 10 Mg Tablet100.0
FudartFudart 500 Mg Tablet130.0
Gynae PilGynae Pil 500 Mg Tablet25.0
HexamicHexamic Injection39.0
KomelaKomela 250 Mg Tablet120.0
NexiNexi Injection39.0
NobleedNobleed 500 Mg Tablet160.0
PauseraPausera 500 Mg Tablet157.0
TanmicTanmic 500 Mg Tablet53.0
TenexaTenexa 500 Mg Injection46.0
TraneeTranee 500 Mg Injection28.0
TranemolTranemol 500 Mg Injection49.0
TransolTransol 500 Mg Tablet105.0
TranxiTranxi 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet110.0
WistranWistran 500 Mg Injection27.0
ErlisoErliso 100 Mcg Injection2047.62
TerlibaxTerlibax 1 Mg Injection1370.03
TerlieonTerlieon Injection1411.87
Terli ForceTerli Force 0.1 Mg Injection1708.2
TerlistatTerlistat 1 Mg Injection1465.73
TerlocTerloc 0.1 Mg Injection1647.1
TerlyzTerlyz 1 Mg Injection1560.0
ThinwesThinwes 1 Mg Injection2000.0
TriprezTriprez 1 Mg Injection1319.37
VaripresVaripres Injection1394.22
RemestypRemestyp 1 Mg Injection2136.0
TerlirelTerlirel 10 Ml Injection1795.0
TerpresTerpres 1 Mg Injection1800.0
TresilTresil 1 Mg Injection625.0
Antisnake Venom PolyvalentAntisnake Venom Polyvalent Injection434.62
Anti SnakeAnti Snake Injection950.0
Asvs PolyvalentAsvs Polyvalent Injection618.1
BotroclotBotroclot 0.2 Cu Injection85.76
BotropaseBotropase 1 Christensenunits Injection92.25
ClotaseClotase 0.2 Cu Injection92.25
ReptilaseReptilase 1 Iu Injection87.6
SticStic Injection52.0
StadrenStadren 5 Mg Injection27.0
StyptochromeStyptochrome 0.75 Mg Injection15.0
StyptocidStyptocid 1 Mg Injection10.75
AprogenAprogen 14 Mg Infusion1045.46
AproninApronin 500000 Iu Injection1395.0
AprotinAprotin 500000 Ku Infusion1365.0
HaemaprotHaemaprot 1.4 Mg Infusion1353.81
XoinXoin 0.15 Ml Injection140.95
Xoin GastroXoin Gastro Kit2177.13
EndocrylEndocryl 0.5 Ml Injection564.76
Agretax MfAgretax Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet61.54
Biostat MfBiostat Mf Tablet130.0
ChromostatChromostat Injection8.5
Clot Xl MClot Xl M 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet218.0
Cosklot MfCosklot Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet195.0
Din TmDin Tm 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet96.25
Emsyl TmEmsyl Tm 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet160.0
Etosys MfEtosys Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet96.0
EvastatEvastat 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet82.0
FemidolFemidol 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet31.83
Fibrinil MfFibrinil Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet144.32
Kenex MfKenex Mf 500 Mg/500 Mg Tablet149.0
MefatranMefatran Tablet160.0
Mefcid TaMefcid Ta 250 Mg/500 Mg Tablet129.0
MeftranMeftran 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet142.86
Nexi MNexi M 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet125.0
Noloss MfNoloss Mf Tablet139.55
OrsikOrsik Tablet40.0
Orsik TmOrsik Tm Tablet119.05
RapicogRapicog 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet199.0
Rapicog DsrRapicog Dsr Capsule99.1
Rapicog LsRapicog Ls Capsule127.0
Sofia TmSofia Tm 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet275.0
Synostat MfSynostat Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet136.71
Taxi MfTaxi Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet220.01
Texid MfTexid Mf Tablet201.0
TmTm 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet188.57
Traclot MfTraclot Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet80.0
Traklot MfTraklot Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet109.71
Tramed PTramed P 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet28.0
Trance MfTrance Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet140.0
Tranecid MfTranecid Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet161.91
Trapic MfTrapic Mf Tablet252.0
Traxage MfTraxage Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet140.0
Traxel MfTraxel Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet109.0
Trenaxa MfTrenaxa Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet165.0
Trexanet MfTrexanet Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet150.0
Tx MfTx Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet86.53
Xamic MfXamic Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet204.0
Bleena MfBleena Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet105.6
Clip MfClip Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet108.0
ClostopClostop Sr 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet250.0
Clotawin MfClotawin Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet200.0
ConrageConrage 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet94.92
Cuti MCuti M 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet144.37
Cyclosym Tx TabletCyclosym Tx Tablet14.02
Cymin MfCymin Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet98.2
DubaceDubace Tablet230.0
Dubatran MfDubatran Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet60.91
Evetra MfEvetra Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet82.32
ExamicExamic 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet177.0
Gynae Pil ForteGynae Pil Forte 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet149.75
Mck M PlusMck M Plus 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet117.05
Mefalth TMefalth T 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet85.57
MefnoxMefnox Tablet99.95
Meftal TxMeftal Tx Tablet96.0
MeftarisMeftaris Tablet187.0
Menospan MfMenospan Mf 250 Mg/500 Mg Tablet89.0
Nestran MfNestran Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet126.0
Nobleed TmNobleed Tm 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet212.5
Pausera MPausera M 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet190.0
Plug MfPlug Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet100.0
Rheonex MfRheonex Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet72.0
Stopbleed TmStopbleed Tm Tablet183.5
Tandem MTandem M 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet136.6
Tenacid MfTenacid Mf Tablet175.0
Texanam MfTexanam Mf Tablet69.37
Texawock MfTexawock Mf Tablet85.0
TmfTmf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet115.37
Tmt (Bestochem)Tmt Tablet119.9
Trafix MfTrafix Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet190.0
TrafnicTrafnic Tablet156.2
Tragen MfTragen Mf Tablet160.76
Tranarest MfTranarest Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet133.37
TrandacTrandac 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet133.18
Tranemol MfTranemol Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet150.0
Tranex MTranex M Tablet139.0
Tranfib MfTranfib Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet70.95
Tranlok MTranlok M 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet161.75
Tranofast MfTranofast Mf Tablet235.0
Transol MfTransol Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet84.0
Trantas MfTrantas Mf Tablet162.0
Tranxi MTranxi M Tablet145.0
TrapauzTrapauz 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet132.4
Traxz MTraxz M Tablet67.35
Tugyna MfTugyna Mf 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet160.0
ZaxidZaxid Tablet132.37
Coastat PlusCoastat Plus 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet100.57
Cosklot PlusCosklot Plus 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet143.3
Etex TEtex T 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet155.0
EthatolEthatol 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet120.0
EtosysEtosys 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet138.0
Fibran PlusFibran Plus 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet150.0
HemoclotHemoclot 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet18.7
HemocratHemocrat 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet148.0
KlotranKlotran 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet152.0
K Stat EtK Stat Et 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet114.6
Noloss EtNoloss Et Tablet158.8
NosylateNosylate 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet225.0
RhaginylRhaginyl Tablet125.0
Sylstep TxSylstep Tx 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet112.5
TheolateTheolate 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet44.75
Trance EtTrance Et 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet115.0
TraxylateTraxylate 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet230.0
Cetham TxCetham Tx 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet132.0
CoglanCoglan 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet100.0
E Sylate ME Sylate M 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet85.56
E Sylate TE Sylate T 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet209.0
Ethasyl TEthasyl T 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet152.0
Ethetran PlusEthetran Plus 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet140.0
HemclotHemclot Tablet161.9
KlatKlat 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet134.98
ManoguardManoguard 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet138.08
MenoguardMenoguard 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet159.5
MenolateMenolate Tablet18.97
Sylate TSylate T 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet235.4
Syl PlusSyl Plus Tablet150.0
Sylron TxSylron Tx 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet152.0
Tranlok ETranlok E 500 Mg/250 Mg Tablet164.0
Trapic ETrapic E 250 Mg/250 Mg Tablet177.0
Gse+TxGse+Tx Tablet155.0
TyrodinTyrodin 75 Mg/250 Mg Tablet90.0
Melano TxMelano Tx Cream297.0
PraxamicPraxamic 75 Mg/250 Mg Tablet160.0
ADEL 15Adel 15 Fluofin Drop215.0
ADEL 22Adel 22 Renelix Drop215.0
ADEL 23Adel 23 Ricura Drop215.0
ADEL 24Adel 24 Septonsil Drop215.0
ADEL 2Adel 2 Apo Ham Drop215.0
ADEL 32Adel 32 Opsonat Drop215.0
ADEL 38Adel 38 Apo Spast Drop215.0
ADEL 43Adel 43 Cardinorma Drop215.0
ADEL 44Adel 44 Venorbis Drop215.0
ADEL 54Adel 54 Cangust Drop215.0
ADEL 5Adel 5 Apo Stom Drop215.0
ADEL 61Adel 61 Supren Drop215.0
ADEL 69Adel 69 Clauparest Drop215.0
ADEL 78Adel 78 Dercut Ointment360.0
ADEL 87Adel 87 Apo Infekt Drop215.0
ADEL 8Adel 8 Co Hypert Drop215.0
SBL Aesculus OintmentAesculus Ointment55.0
Schwabe Alpha-HAAlpha Ha Drop90.0
Schwabe Alpha-WDAlpha Wd Drop90.0
Mama Natura AnekindAnekind Globules180.0
SBL Cicaderma OintmentCicaderma Ointment55.0
Dr. Reckeweg Crotalus Hor DilutionCrotalus Hor Dilution 1 M155.0
SBL Curoplus OintmentCuroplus Gel80.0
Mama Natura EnukindEnukind Globules180.0
ADEL Erigeron C. DilutionErigeron Can Mother Tincture Q265.0
Dr. Reckeweg Erigeron can DilutionErigeron Can Dilution 1 M155.0
SBL FP OintmentF.P. 200 Tablet125.0
SBL Hamamelis OintmentHamamelis Ointment55.0
Dr. Reckeweg Hamamelis virg DilutionHamamelis Virg Dilution 1 M155.0
ADEL Hamamelis Virg DilutionHamamelis Virginiana Dilution 1 M155.0
Schwabe KlimaktolanKlimaktolan Tablet220.0
ADEL Kreosotum DilutionKreosotum Dilution 1 M155.0
Dr. Reckeweg Lachesis DilutionLachesis Dilution 1 M155.0
ADEL Lachesis DilutionLachesis Mutus Dilution 1 M155.0
ADEL Melilotus Off DilutionMelilotus Officinalis Dilution 1 M155.0
Dr. Reckeweg Melilotus off DilutionMelilotus Officinalis Dilution 1 M155.0
ADEL Millefolium DilutionMillefolium Dilution 1 M155.0
Dr. Reckeweg Millefolium DilutionMillefolium Dilution 1 M155.0
Omeo PilesOmeo Piles Tablet109.0
Omeo Uterus SyrupOmeo Uterus Syrup98.0
Dr. Reckeweg R10Reckeweg R10 Climacteric Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R13Reckeweg R13 Hemorrhoidal Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R1Reckeweg R1 Inflammation Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R22Reckeweg R22 Nervous Disorders Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R28Reckeweg R28 Exhaustion Due To Loss Of Blood Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R30Reckeweg R30 Universal Ointment510.0
Dr. Reckeweg R32Reckeweg R32 Excessive Perspiration Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R37Reckeweg R37 Intestinal Colic Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R39Reckeweg R39 Affections Of The Abdomen Left Side Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R40Reckeweg R40 Diabetes Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R42Reckeweg R42 Varicose Veins Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R47Reckeweg R47 Hysteric Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R55Reckeweg R55 Injuries, Healing Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R63Reckeweg R63 Impaired Circulation Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R78Reckeweg R78 Eye Care Drops For Drinking200.0
Dr. Reckeweg Secale Cor QSecala Cor Dilution 1 M155.0
ADEL Secale Cor Mother Tincture QSecale Cornutum Dilution 1 M155.0
ADEL Terebinthinae Oleum DilutionTerebinthiniae Oleum Dilution 1 M155.0
Dr. Reckeweg Terebinthinae Oleum DilutionTerebinthiniae Oleum Dilution 1 M155.0
Dr. Reckeweg Thalaspi B P DilutionThlaspi Bursa Pastoris Dilution 1 M155.0
Schwabe Topi Heal CreamTopi Heal Cream180.0
Schwabe Viscum Pentarkan 1Viscum Pentarkan Drop140.0

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