In a liver biopsy test, the doctor removes a small piece of the liver for examination. Liver biopsy test is done in many ways, out of which percutaneous liver biopsy, transjugular liver biopsy, and laparoscopy liver biopsy are the three main ones. Through this test, it is ascertained whether there is any disease or damage in the liver. The cost of a liver biopsy test depends on the type of biopsy being performed.

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Today in this article, you will know what is liver biopsy test, as well as its procedure, result, and cost -

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Doctors for Liver biopsy test - Procedure, Result, and Cost

A liver biopsy test is a procedure in which a small piece of the liver is removed. The doctor advises this only when blood tests or imaging studies reveal any kind of disease in the liver. The severity of the liver disease is also known through liver biopsy tests. Doctors can also advise for liver biopsy test in the following situations -

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A liver biopsy test is done in the hospital. Before the biopsy, an IV line is usually placed in a vein in the arm, so that medicine can be given if needed. A sedative is also given for relaxation during the procedure. Liver biopsy test is done in many ways, which percutaneous liver biopsy, transjugular liver biopsy, and laparoscopy liver biopsy are the main ones -

Percutaneous liver biopsy test

In this process, the doctor locates the liver by patting the abdomen or by using an ultrasound image. In some cases, during the biopsy, help ultrasound is taken to insert a needle into the liver.

Before the liver biopsy test, the place where the needle is prepared to be inserted is numbed. After this, the doctor makes a small incision under the rib and inserts the biopsy needle from there. This biopsy only takes a few seconds. The needle very quickly goes inside the liver and then comes out. At this time the person is asked to stop breathing.

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Transjugular Liver Biopsy Test

In this process, one has to lie on the back of the X-ray table. The doctor applies numbing medicine to one side of the neck, and after making a small incision, a flexible plastic tube is inserted into the jugular vein. This tube goes into the jugular vein and goes into the great vein of the liver (hepatic vein).

At this point, the doctor injects a contrast dye into the tube and takes several X-ray images. This dye is visible in the image so that the doctor can see the hepatic vein. A biopsy needle is inserted into the tube and the liver sample is taken. Its catheter is removed and a bandage is applied to the incision on the neck.

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Laparoscopy biopsy test

General anesthesia is given during laparoscopy biopsy. After lying on the back of the operating table, the doctor can make one or more small incisions in the abdomen. Special tools are inserted through the incision, including a tiny camera. With its help, images are seen on the monitor in the operating room. With the help of video images, the doctor guides the tool to the liver. After this, the tools are removed and the incision is stitched.

After the biopsy, the patient is taken to the recovery room, where attention is paid to blood pressure, pulse, and breathing. It is said to rest for two to four hours. If there is a transjugular liver biopsy test, then a longer period of rest may also be asked. It is forbidden to lift weights above 4 kg for a week. A normal routine can be adopted after a week.

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After the liver biopsy test, the liver tissue is sent to a laboratory for testing, which is then examined by a pathologist. A pathologist examines liver damage. The liver biopsy test report comes from the pathology lab in a few days. After this, there is a follow-up and the doctor explains the result in detail. There may be a disease related to the liver or the stage of liver disease that has already occurred. Based on this, doctors also talk about the treatment.

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There is a lot of difference in the cost of liver biopsy tests. On average, the cost of a liver biopsy test starts from around Rs. 5,000. This price can vary according to the state, hospital, and test center.

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Through the liver biopsy test, the tissue sample is taken by inserting a needle in the liver so that any kind of damage or disease can be detected in the liver. Under this procedure, a small piece of the liver is removed by the doctor. The procedure for a liver biopsy test varies depending on the type of biopsy being performed. After the liver biopsy test, the tissue sample of the liver is sent to the laboratory for examination, which takes a few days to get the results. Doctors start treatment only after the report comes.

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