The liver is a very essential part of our body that performs many important functions, such as digesting food and removing unnecessary substances from the blood, etc. There is some amount of fat in the liver, but when this fat increases more, then it starts causing many problems and it can also cause liver damage.

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Fatty liver usually causes no symptoms in the beginning, but as the problem progresses, people experience symptoms such as weight loss, abdominal pain, and confusion. Alcohol consumption is considered to be the main cause of fatty liver, but there can be many other reasons for it. There are many options available for its treatment and in some rare cases surgery can also be done, but due to lack of proper treatment at the right time, it can lead to complications, such as liver cancer and inflammation of the veins in the food pipe, etc.

In this article, what should be done if the liver is fatty and when to go to the doctor for this, it has been told -

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  1. What to do in fatty liver?
  2. When to see a doctor for fatty liver
  3. Takeaway

First aid for the fatty liver can be done in the following ways -

  • To cure fatty liver, the most important thing is not to do anything that can harm your liver. For this, it is advised to control sugar as it increases liver fat.
  • Eating too much fried and salty food increases the risk of weight gain, so please avoid it.
  • Exercising daily is good for everyone, but for people who have fatty liver problems, it is more important to exercise to keep their body and liver healthy.
  • People suffering from fatty liver problems are advised not to drink alcohol at all. Alcohol can cause a lot of damage to the liver, so try to quit this habit.
  • It is believed that taking garlic is very beneficial in the problem of fatty liver, so use garlic or garlic powder in your food.
  • Keeping cholesterol under control is important for fatty liver, take proper measures for this.
  • People who have celiac disease and eat a gluten-free diet can get relief from the fatty liver problem as gluten causes many liver problems.
  • Obesity causes fatty liver problems, that's why if you are obese, you are advised to reduce your weight. Obesity causes many other problems that can cause serious damage to your health. To reduce obesity, reduce the number of calories taken daily, or if you want, you can also consult a dietician or doctor for this. Cardio exercise also helps a lot in weight loss.
  • Coffee contains substances that help in controlling cholesterol and high BP. Apart from this, coffee also helps in reducing liver fat. Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning can be beneficial for fatty liver.
  • In the early stages, eliminating or reducing fat intake can go a long way in reducing liver fat, so eat a balanced diet that includes fresh fruitsvegetables, and whole grains.
  • Do not eat such meats, in which the amount of fat is very high. Instead of these take lean meat like chickenfish, etc.

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You usually don't feel any problems or symptoms in fatty liver, that's why it is also not known which symptoms you should go to the doctor if you experience. More often than not, fatty liver is detected during a physical exam or blood test for some other problem.

If you have a problem with fatty liver and your symptoms and problems are not being cured by exercise, diet, and treatment prescribed by the doctor, then you should immediately go to the doctor again.

Apart from this, if you have a problem with abdominal swelling, jaundice, or bruising, then also you should go to the doctor.

Note - Before giving first aid or first aid, you should take its training. If you or someone around you has any type of emergency health problem, contact a doctor or hospital immediately. This article is for information only.

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The liver must remain healthy for the body to run properly, but there are many reasons, why the liver becomes inflamed. This problem is called fatty liver. What should be done if there is a problem with fatty liver, has been explained in detail in this article.

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