When drinking alcohol causes liver damage, there is a risk of developing alcoholic liver disease. Continuous consumption of alcohol causes inflammation in the liver. There are 4 types of alcoholic liver disease. Nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, and jaundice are the symptoms of alcoholic liver disease. Continuing to consume alcohol, someone in the family already having alcoholic liver disease, etc. are risk factors. As a treatment for alcoholic liver disease, doctors may recommend abstinence from alcohol, cognitive behavioral therapy, and medication.

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Today in this article you will know what are the types, symptoms, risks, and treatment of alcoholic liver disease -

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  1. What is alcoholic liver disease?
  2. Types of Alcoholic Liver Disease
  3. Alcoholic Liver Disease Symptoms
  4. Risk of Alcoholic Liver Disease
  5. Alcoholic Liver Disease Treatment
  6. Takeaway
Doctors for Alcoholic Liver Disease - Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

The liver's job is to remove toxins from the body, conserve energy, manufacture hormones and proteins, and regulate cholesterol and blood sugar. In such a situation, when a person consumes alcohol in excess, then there is a possibility of alcoholic liver disease. Due to this, there is swelling in the liver and fat starts forming.

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All 4 types of alcoholic liver disease are explained below -

Alcoholic fatty liver disease

Due to excessive consumption of alcohol, fatty acids start accumulating in the liver. This may take a few days or in some cases even years. It does not have any symptoms, but if the distance is made from alcohol, then this disease can be cured.

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Alcoholic hepatitis

It is a severe form of alcoholic liver disease. Hepatitis causes inflammation of the liver. This happens due to years of heavy drinking. Symptoms include jaundiceenlargement of the liver (hepatomegaly), and body temperature of fewer than 96.8 degrees Fahrenheit or more than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition, a heart rate greater than 90 beats per minute, a respiratory rate greater than 20 breaths per minute, and a white blood cell count greater than 12,000 per microliter or less than 4,000 are symptoms of alcoholic hepatitis. If a person does not stop consuming alcohol despite coming to this stage, then he is at risk of liver cirrhosis.

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When there is a build-up of certain types of proteins in the liver, including collagen, the condition is called fibrosis. Mild fibrosis can be cured.

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When inflammation persists in the liver over a long period, leading to scarring and loss of liver function, the condition is called liver cirrhosis. It is a serious disease, in which there is a danger of death. Cirrhosis damage cannot be cured, but the further risk can be avoided by avoiding alcohol.

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In the case of alcoholic liver disease, some people do not have any symptoms until the disease becomes serious. Well, its symptoms are as follows -

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In some situations, the risk of alcoholic liver disease increases greatly -

  • Someone in the family has alcoholic liver disease.
  • Continuous consumption of alcohol by the person.
  • Weight gain with alcohol consumption.
  • Pre-existing hepatitis C.
  • Drinking alcohol all day long.
  • Distance from nutritious food.

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The first step in the treatment of alcoholic liver disease is abstinence from alcohol. After this, along with cognitive behavioral therapy and taking medicines, doctors also recommend lifestyle changes. Come, let us know in detail about the treatment of alcoholic liver disease -

Say no to alcohol

By keeping a distance from alcohol, this disease can be cured in the initial stage of alcoholic liver disease. In the case of fatty liver disease, the condition can be cured within two to six weeks. Doctors refuse to consume alcohol as soon as this disease is detected. Those who consume alcohol more than the daily limit, should not stop drinking without medical support, it can be dangerous for life.

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Cognitive behavioral therapy

For the treatment of alcoholic liver disease, a person is kept in a rehabilitation center, so that he can be closely monitored.

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Prescription drugs

The withdrawal symptoms of a person dependent on alcohol can be controlled by the use of drugs like benzodiazepines. Acamprosate, Vivitrol, Topamax, BaclofenDisulfiram can also help.

In addition, a medication called corticosteroids may help reduce inflammation in people with acute alcoholic hepatitis. The doctor may also recommend taking a daily multivitamin.

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Lifestyle changes

Medical advice such as reducing weight and quitting smoking also helps in the treatment of alcoholic liver disease, as both being overweight and smoking can worsen the condition of alcoholic liver disease.

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Liver transplant

liver transplant is the only option left for those who have the problem of liver failure. For this availability of donors is necessary, who can donate a liver. Those people are selected for transplant and are away from alcohol for at least six months.

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In alcoholic liver disease, excessive consumption of alcohol causes swelling and inflammation in the liver. However, in this situation, stopping drinking immediately helps. There are four types of alcoholic liver disease - alcoholic fatty liver disease, alcoholic hepatitis, fibrosis, and cirrhosis. Its symptoms include jaundice, nausea, loss of appetite, confusion, and bleeding gums. If someone in the family already has alcoholic liver disease or the person already has hepatitis C, then the risk of alcoholic liver disease increases further.

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