Some changes in the heart and blood vessels are observed with increasing age. Many other changes are also seen with increasing age due to an unbalanced diet. If it is not treated on time, it can lead to heart disease. Therefore, people who have crossed the age of 50 should know some important things about their hearts.

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Today in this article you will know in detail how aging affects the heart -

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  1. The heart hardens
  2. Heart size increases
  3. Heart rate becomes irregular
  4. Loss of estrogen due to menopause
  5. Your increasing weight affects the heart
  6. Takeaway

According to experts, at the age of 50, the muscles of the heart begin to harden, which makes it difficult for it to pump blood throughout the body. This condition is called diastolic dysfunction in medical language. Because of this, your heart does not rest after each beat. Hormonal changes in women cause estrogen levels to drop, which worsens the condition. Contact a doctor immediately if you experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigueswollen feet, ankles, and toes, rapid heartbeat, and coughing up pink or foamy sputum.

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In old age, not only does obesity or weight increase, but the muscles of the heart also start increasing. According to researchers, the heart muscles of men grow more with age than women. While there is no such problem with women. Their heart remains the same size or it shrinks.

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Irregularity of the heart rate is a common problem. This problem can occur after drinking too much coffee, taking medicines for a cold and flu, or being startled by someone. Experts believe that irregular heartbeat can also occur due to changes in estrogen levels. If you have this problem continues or if it occurs at intervals of some time, then it is better to get yourself examined by a doctor, especially if you have difficulty in breathingfaintingchest pain, and dizziness. Along with this, take care of your health and do not ignore the risks related to heart health.

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Estrogen protects the heart, but this may not happen after menopause because estrogen levels drop. Once a woman reaches menopause, she loses the benefits of estrogen-like men. Although heart problem in women was not considered serious for a time, now it has become the leading cause of their death. You will be surprised to know that the death rate of women is higher due to heart disease than breast cancer.

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As you age, your metabolic rate tends to decline. Along with this, there is also a decrease in muscle mass and activity with increasing age, which means excess weight gain despite not eating more calories. This extra weight increases the risk of high cholesterol, inflammation, and obesity. All these risks promote heart disease.

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The heart is the engine of the body. It needs to work well. Therefore, you should not do any such work, which will increase the risk of heart disease. Therefore, do yoga, meditation, and exercise daily. Also, lead a balanced life and take a nutritious diet.

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