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Globally, breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women. The commonest symptom of breast cancer is the formation of a lump in the breast. However, not all women with breast cancer develop (present with) a lump in their breast. Other symptoms of breast cancer include peeling off of the skin on the breasts, oozing out of fluid from the nipples, and the presence of lumps in the neck and armpit. With the advances in medicine and technology, many novel diagnostic tools are now available, which facilitate early detection of breast cancer. Breast cancer progresses through four different stages, therefore, early detection of the disease enables prompt treatment, thus increasing the survival rate. The diagnostic tools include the screening of the breasts using mammography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI scan), and screening of the fluids and tissues present in the breasts. Breakthroughs in biotechnology have enabled diagnosis of faulty genes responsible for breast cancer. Studies on protein markers have made it easy to determine a proper treatment regimen for breast cancer.

Treatment of the disease ranges from conventional chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hormonal therapy to novel nanotechnology-based formulations. Breast cancer can be prevented to some extent by regular exercise, controlling body weight, and breastfeeding the child for at least six months after delivery. However, a strong family history of breast cancer highly increases the risk of the disease in the next generations. Hence, in such cases, routine health check-ups can be helpful to screen for breast cancer. Complications arise when the cancerous tissue invades the body’s normal tissues e.g., pressure on adjacent tissues causing pain, blockage of adjacent blood vessels or nerves, and more. However, most complications arise due to adverse effects of breast cancer treatment e.g., hair loss, vomiting, lowered white blood cell count and others. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment are key to improve survival rates in this dreaded disease. Radiation, chemotherapy using drugs and surgery remain the three most common methods of treatment, based on the severity and extent of spread of cancer. 

  1. What is Breast cancer
  2. Types of Breast cancer
  3. Stages of Breast cancer
  4. Breast cancer symptoms
  5. Breast cancer causes and risk factors
  6. Prevention of Breast cancer
  7. Diagnosis of Breast cancer
  8. Breast cancer treatment
  9. Breast cancer prognosis & complications
  10. Homeopathic medicine, treatment and remedies for Breast Cancer
  11. Medicines for Breast Cancer
  12. Doctors for Breast Cancer

What is Breast cancer

Abnormal (uncontrolled) growth of cells originating from the breast tissue is termed as breast cancer. The abnormal growth in the breast can be felt as a lump. Most of the cancerous tumours (malignant tumours) develop in the ducts and the lobules of the breast, whereas, a few others develop in the breast tissue (stroma). Malignant tumours are those that spread to other body parts beyond the site of origin while benign tumours are those abnormal growths that are not life-threatening and do not spread. Malignant cells can invade the tissues, which surround the breasts. Sometimes, the cancerous cells can even travel away from the breast to distant organs. An extremely small percentage of men may also develop breast cancer.  In India, breast cancer ranks first amongst all cancer types with an incidence rate of 25.8 per 100,000 women. In India, breast cancer-related mortality or deaths is also high.

Types of Breast cancer

Breast cancer can be broadly classified based on the histologic, molecular, and functional aspects of the disease. Each of the three categories further has several subtypes. 

Histological subtypes

This classification is based on the site of development of the cancer cells in the breast. Carcinoma in-situ is a group of cancerous cells that remain at the site of origin, are non-invasive in nature and do not invade the surrounding or distant tissues. The other subtype is invasive in nature. These cells break through (invade) the walls of the ducts and the lobules entering the surrounding tissues and proliferating there.

  • Carcinoma in-situ 
    • Ductal (in the milk ducts)
    • Lobular (in the lobules)
  • Invasive carcinoma 
    • Tubular (tube-shaped cancerous growth in the milk ducts)
    • Ductal
    • Lobular
    • Invasive ductal (that invades tissues surrounding the ducts)
    • Infiltrating lobular (that pushes through the surrounding breast tissue)
    • Mucinous (cancer cells invade beyond the tissues beyond the milk ducts and are found to be surrounded with a slimy fluid called mucin)
    • Medullary (ductal cancer that is soft and fleshy, resembling the medulla in the brain)
    • Infiltrating lobular

Molecular subtypes

These subtypes are based on the molecular analysis of the tumours. These subtypes are related to the expression of a particular gene in people. This classification is helpful to design treatment strategies for people with breast cancer.

  • Claudin-low
  • Basal-like
  • HER- 2 enriched
  • Normal- like
  • Luminal A
  • Luminal B

Functional subtypes

This classification is based on the type of cells that cancer develops from.  

Stem cells in the breast. Stem cells are mother cells from which all other cells are formed. They help in regeneration of tissues and can lead to tumours too when they grow uncontrollably. These can be:

  • Mammary stem cells
  • Cancer stem cells

Apart from these, there are also some rare forms of breast cancer such as inflammatory breast cancer, Paget’s disease of the nipple, and Phylloides tumour.

Stages of Breast cancer

Breast cancer can be divided into four stages from stage 0 to stage IV. Stage 0 indicates the presence of localized cancer, while stage IV suggests an advanced form of cancer that has spread to other parts of the body. 

  • Stage 0 
    Tumour is confined to the milk-producing tube (duct) or gland and has not invaded any other tissue.
  • Stage I 
    Tumour is limited to the breast tissue and measures around 0.75 inches.
  • Stage II A 
    Tumour has spread to the lymph nodes near the breastbone and measures larger than 0.75 inches but less than 2 inches or it is less than 0.75 inches but has spread to one of the three lymph nodes in the armpit.
  • Stage II B 
    Tumour has spread to the lymph nodes in the armpit but measures more than 0.75 inches and less than 2 inches or measures more than 2 inches but has not spread to the armpit.
  • Stage III A 
    Tumour is smaller than 2 inches and has spread to 4 to 9 lymph nodes in the armpit and has enlarged in at least one of it or it is more than 2 inches and has spread till the 9th lymph node in the armpit and near the breastbone.
  • Stage III B 
    Tumour has affected the chest wall causing inflammation (Inflammatory breast cancer).
  • Stage III C 
    Tumour has affected the armpit, chest wall, and the breast and collar bones.
  • Stage IV 
    Tumour has spread to organs distant from the breast like lungs, bones (metastatic cancer).

Breast cancer symptoms

The earliest sign of breast cancer is typically a lump felt in the breast, however, there can be other symptoms too, which may indicate the development of breast cancer. The symptoms can be classified as breast lump symptoms, non-lump symptoms, and non-breast symptoms. 

Breast Lump Symptoms

  • Hard growth with prominent edges.
  • Soft and round growth.
  • Small sized lumps detected as abnormal growths.

Non-Lump Symptoms

  • Swelling in the entire or a part of the breast.
  • Nipples turning inwards.
  • Secretions from the nipple other than milk and without a recent history of pregnancy.
  • Redness, scaling or peeling on the breast.

Non-Breast Symptoms

Breast cancer causes and risk factors


Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in Indian women. Let us have a look at the causative agents of breast cancer. The exact causes of breast cancer are not known, however, there are certain factors, which have been found to be associated with breast cancer. These include:

  • A history of breast cancer
    A woman who already has suffered from breast cancer has higher chances of its recurrence.
  • Presence of abnormal genes
    Women with abnormal genes inherited from family members can develop breast cancer at a young age. The common genes, which have been identified in relation to breast cancer are BRCA1 and BRCA 2.

Risk Factors

Following conditions can put a woman at a greater risk of developing breast cancer:

  • Family history
    A strong family history of breast cancer is the most common cause.
  • Age
    The most common factor is age. Women aged above 50 are more prone to developing breast cancer than women of other age groups Those who are in the post-menopausal phase are even more susceptible to develop breast cancer.
  • Hormonal factors
    Women who have been on hormonal pills for menstrual problems or contraception are at risk of developing breast cancer.
  • High intake of fat and alcohol
    Obesity, sedentary life, and regular consumption of alcohol can be a reason for developing breast cancer in some women.
  • Exposure to harmful radiations
    Women involved in contact with low-doses of radiations are prone to developing breast cancer.
  • Exposure to chemicals
    Chemicals like Bisphenol A, a component in manufacturing plastic also increases the risk of breast cancer in women working in the plastics industry. 

Prevention of Breast cancer

Breast cancer risk can be reduced by taking some preventive measures. In the case of inherited factors, though prevention is not an option.

  • Changes in lifestyle
    Some lifestyle changes, such as weight management, drinking less alcohol, and daily exercise could prove beneficial in reducing the risk of acquiring breast cancer.
  • Breastfeeding
    Breastfeeding up to one year can help prevent the chances of developing breast cancer at a later age. Some studies have shown that it is possible to reduce the risks of recurrence of breast cancer if a woman breastfeeds the baby. 
  • Chemoprevention
    Most of the breast cancers are oestrogen receptor (ER receptor) positive cancers and hence, two major classes of drugs ER modulators (SERMs) and aromatase inhibitors (AIs) are commonly used in women who are prone to breast cancer. Studies have shown that in ER + ve breast cancer, these medicines can be used as a preventive measure.
  • Biological Prevention
    Treatment with monoclonal antibodies can prove helpful in ER –ve women. After the first incidence of breast cancer, the recurrence of the disease can be prevented by this treatment.

Diagnosis of Breast cancer


Self-examination of breasts can detect a breast cancer in the early stages. It is important to examine your breasts every month to know how they feel. This helps in recognizing any abnormal changes in the breasts. Along with the breasts, the examination of armpits should also be done. The examination should be done in sitting or standing and lying down position by raising one arm above the head and examining the breast on the same side by the opposite hand. Small circular motions should be used to examine the breasts.

Diagnostic tests

There are many tests and methods available to clinically diagnose breast cancer. These are:

  • Diagnostic mammography
    Digital X-ray screening of the breasts is recommended for women over the age of 45 to check for breast cancer.
  • MRI
    Screening of the breasts by an injected contrast dye in the bloodstream and scanning the breast area with an MRI machine is one of the best ways to diagnose breast cancer.
  • Molecular Breast Imaging
    This is a procedure in which the breast tissue is examined by injecting a radioactive molecule tracer and scanning the breast area.
  • Breast biopsy
    Testing of a sample tissue collected from the involved breast is the gold-standard to confirm breast cancer and its type.
  • Needle biopsy
    Examination of the liquid that is aspirated from the site of cancer using a fine needle.
  • Immunohistochemistry Assay
    Use of antibodies to detect the expression of specific proteins related to breast cancer.
  • Blood-based assay
    Use of biomarkers to detect proteins in metastasized (invasive) tumours. 

Breast cancer treatment

Breast cancer is treatable and with early diagnosis and proper regimen, complications can be drastically reduced. The death-incidence ratio is very high in rural India as compared to urban Indian cities, hence, better health awareness and early diagnosis can help to reduce mortality or death rates. 

Conventional treatment

Conventional treatment for breast cancer includes breast conservation surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and hormonal therapy.

  • Breast conservation surgery
    It involves the removal of only a part of the breast affected by cancer to avoid further spread of the cancer cells. It is done in the case of a localized tumour, which hasn’t spread to the surrounding tissues. Thus, surgical removal of the involved area of the breast is the best alternative to avoid further spread of cancer growth. In this type of surgery, the healthy breast tissue is not removed and the breast is conserved. In cases with extensive spread of cancer, complete removal of the breast may be necessary. In such cases, a second surgery called breast reconstructive surgery may be performed using a breast implant to restore the physical appearance.
  • Radiation therapy
    After the surgery, the area is treated with radiations from that help destroy the cancerous cells. However, it is associated with certain side-effects and can leave the site sensitive, red, moist, and weepy.
  • Chemotherapy
    It involves systemic administration of various anticancer drugs either orally or through injections. The duration of treatment depends upon the severity and stage of breast cancer.

Adjuvant therapy

It involves endocrinal treatment that balances or blocks hormones, which might be aggravating the growth of cancer.

Novel strategies in breast cancer treatment

  • Nanotechnology has proven to be a successful method that involves the use of nano-sized delivery of the suitable drug, thereby, targeting the cancer cells with immense precision.
  • Nucleic acid technologies is another method in which the expression of the cancer-causing genes can be silenced using specific drugs.


This approach involves the use of cytokines (chemicals released by the immune system) to enhance immunity against cancer cells.

Use of natural medicines

Certain phytoconstituents (naturally occurring substances found in plants) like curcumin, gallates, lycopene, obtained from certain vegetables have proven to be beneficial in the treatment of breast cancer. 

Lifestyle management

Almost 45% of the cases in India are reported at the metastatic stage of breast cancer. Certain changes in lifestyle can prove useful in the management of breast cancer. These include:

  • Weight management.
  • Avoiding eating fatty food items.
  • Regular exercise.
  • Avoiding alcohol intake.
  • Breastfeeding the child until one year after delivery.
  • Regular breast examination.
  • Eating a healthy and balanced diet rich in antioxidants.

Breast cancer prognosis & complications


The outcomes of breast cancer depend upon the way the disease might progress. Several factors like the stage of breast cancer, type and size of a breast tumour, type of genes expressed, the presence of specific proteins in samples, and menopausal status of the woman affect the outcomes. If detected early at stage 0, there is 100% chance of survival. If not detected early, then the breast cancer can progress to advanced stages and invade the surrounding tissues. In metastasised stage, the treatment can be challenging. There are chances of recurrence in women who have already suffered from breast cancer.


Complications of breast cancer generally arise when cancer is in its advanced stage. The complications can be roughly classified as those due to the advancement of the disease and due to treatment. 

  • Complications due to the advancement of the disease include: 
    • Metastasis to bone causing destruction.
    • Swelling of the lymph nodes.
    • Impairment in the lungs due to an invasion of the pulmonary tissue.
  • Complications due to treatment:
  • Complications after reconstructive breast surgery:
    • Inability to move the arm.
    • Infection in the implant and surrounding tissue.
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Dr. Arabinda Roy


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Dr. Sanket Shah


Medicines for Breast Cancer

Medicines listed below are available for Breast Cancer. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
ConjugaseConjugase Tablet242.0
EspauzEspauz 0.625 Mg Tablet487.0
PremarinPremarin 0.30 Mg Tablet549.0
AlrubicinAlrubicin 100 Mg Injection4085.0
BiorubinBiorubin 10 Mg Injection333.0
EpichlorEpichlor 10 Mg Injection386.0
EpirubitecEpirubitec 10 Mg Injection445.0
EpitazEpitaz 100 Mg Injection3663.0
EpithraEpithra 100 Mg Injection2380.0
EpixtraEpixtra 10 Mg Injection552.0
FarmorubicinFarmorubicin 10 Mg Injection552.0
RubilonRubilon 100 Mg Injection3315.0
ZuvicinZuvicin 100 Mg Injection3746.0
AnthracinAnthracin 10 Mg Injection15.0
CadrubinCadrubin 10 Mg Injection654.0
CiprubicinCiprubicin 10 Mg Injection426.0
Epicin RdEpicin Rd 10 Mg Injection2371.0
EpicureEpicure 100 Mg Injection3409.0
EpidoxEpidox 10 Mg Injection523.0
EpiglanEpiglan 50 Mg Injection2360.0
EpineonEpineon 10 Mg Injection177.0
ErubinErubin 10 Mg Injection500.0
ErucinErucin 100 Mg Injection4700.0
EpricinEpricin 10 Mg Injection416.0
RubizenRubizen 10 Mg Injection458.0
TorrenceTorrence 10 Mg Tablet360.0
EmgraEmgra 2 Mg Tablet280.0
EndofertEndofert 2 Mg Tablet251.0
EndothikEndothik 2 Mg Tablet256.0
EnrifolEnrifol 2 Mg Tablet252.0
EstrobuildEstrobuild 2 Mg Tablet299.0
EvadiolEvadiol 2 Mg Tablet251.0
EvEv 2 Mg Tablet99.0
MyestraMyestra 1 Tablet90.0
Progynova TabletProgynova 1 Mg Tablet212.0
ValestValest 2 Mg Tablet332.0
CarriedCarried Tablet79.0
EdvalEdval 2 Mg Tablet306.0
EstaEsta 0.375 Mg Spray1774.0
EstogenEstogen 0.2 Mg Injection45.0
EstovaEstova 1 Mg Tablet120.0
EstrabetEstrabet 1 Mg Tablet185.0
EsuranceEsurance 2 Mg Tablet252.0
EvalueEvalue 2 Mg Tablet252.0
EvatoneEvatone 2 Mg Tablet88.0
EvyaEvya 2 Mg Tablet233.0
EstrogynovaEstrogynova Tablet250.0
FemidiolFemidiol 2 Mg Tablet94.0
ProgynonProgynon 10 Mg Injection375.0
Deca Durabolin Injection.Deca Durabolin 50 Mg Injection256.0
Deca Durabolin InjectionDeca Durabolin 100 Mg Injection408.0
DecaneurabolDecaneurabol 25 Mg Injection108.0
DecaneurophenDecaneurophen 25 Mg Injection112.0
Durabolin (Organon)Durabolin 25 Mg Injection78.0
MetabolMetabol 25 Mg Injection86.0
Metadec (Jagsonpal)Metadec 100 Mg Injection337.0
NeurophenNeurophen 25 Mg Injection69.0
ProtabolProtabol 25 Mg Injection71.0
ZestabolinZestabolin 50 Mg Injection135.0
AminodecAminodec 50 Mg Injection120.0
AndecaAndeca 25 Mg Injection62.0
AumentoAumento 100 Mg Injection250.0
AurobolinAurobolin 25 Mg Injection76.0
BetadecabolinBetadecabolin 25 Mg Injection57.0
BevodecBevodec 25 Mg Injection68.0
CenpowerCenpower 25 Mg Injection73.0
Deca AnabolinDeca Anabolin 25 Mg Injection136.0
Decabolin (Medinova)Decabolin 25 Mg Injection75.0
DecadurakopDecadurakop 25 Mg Injection97.0
Deca EvabolinDeca Evabolin 25 Mg Injection39.0
DecakabDecakab 25 Mg Injection64.0
DecamaxDecamax 25 Mg Injection88.0
DecameribolDecameribol 50 Mg Injection69.0
DecamidDecamid 25 Injection86.0
DecaminDecamin 25 Mg Injection65.0
DecatrolinDecatrolin 25 Mg Injection96.0
DecdolDecdol 25 Mg Injection71.0
De ConbolDe Conbol 25 Mg Injection100.0
DocabolinDocabolin 50 Mg Injection40.0
EffibolEffibol 25 Mg Injection52.0
EffilinEffilin 25 Mg Injection63.0
InstadecInstadec 25 Mg Injection85.0
LeodecLeodec 25 Mg Injection84.0
MartidecaMartideca 25 Mg Injection108.0
MartiloneMartilone 25 Mg Injection54.0
MetabolinMetabolin 25 Mg Injection93.0
Met Up(Obsurge)Met Up 25 Mg Injection78.0
NadrosolNadrosol 25 Mg Injection110.0
Nandrolone DecanoateNandrolone Decanoate 25 Mg Injection12.0
Nd GoldNd Gold 25 Mg Injection92.0
NovodecNovodec 50 Mg Injection108.0
OctobolinOctobolin 25 Mg Injection39.0
OctodecOctodec 25 Mg Injection85.0
ProtadecProtadec 25 Mg Injection119.0
ProtomarkProtomark 25 Mg Injection114.0
ProtophenProtophen 25 Mg Injection52.0
RapticRaptic 25 Mg Injection80.0
RefastRefast 50 Mg Injection94.0
RevidecRevidec 25 Mg Injection85.0
SensinormSensinorm 25 Mg Injection66.0
SynodecSynodec 50 Mg Injection100.0
VoltaVolta 25 Mg Injection67.0
ZebolZebol 25 Mg Injection78.0
ZendecZendec 25 Mg Injection80.0
ZotabolinZotabolin 25 Mg Injection32.0
AldroneAldrone 25 Mg Injection20.0
Alkem NandroloneAlkem Nandrolone 25 Mg Injection12.0
AmdecAmdec Drops131.0
AnaballAnaball 25 Mg Injection33.0
AnamidAnamid 25 Mg Injection39.0
AvillinAvillin 25 Mg Injection31.0
BetabolinBetabolin 25 Mg Injection48.0
BiodebolBiodebol 25 Mg Injection21.0
CadabolicCadabolic 25 Mg Injection17.0
Celon (Clyde)Celon 25 Mg Injection81.0
CheribolCheribol 25 Mg Injection64.0
Decabolin (Nicholas)Decabolin 50 Mg Injection19.0
DecadexDecadex 25 Mg Injection25.0
Deca Evabolin (Woc)Deca Evabolin 25 Mg Injection16.0
Decamore BolinDecamore Bolin 25 Mg Injection16.0
DecanandrobolDecanandrobol 25 Mg Injection19.0
Deca NdrDeca Ndr 25 Mg Injection89.0
DecanevolDecanevol 50 Mg Injection140.0
DecapicDecapic 25 Mg Injection17.0
Deca RanbisoloneDeca Ranbisolone 25 Mg Injection21.0
DecavillinDecavillin 25 Mg Injection68.0
DetaduraDetadura 25 Mg Injection114.0
EldecEldec 25 Mg Injection63.0
Embolin DecEmbolin Dec 50 Mg Injection113.0
HidecHidec 25 Mg Injection80.0
IntabolinIntabolin 50 Mg Injection18.0
KindacKindac 25 Mg Injection80.0
LincodecLincodec 25 Mg Injection75.0
MetupMetup 25 Mg Tablet98.0
MyobolinMyobolin 25 Mg Injection55.0
NandroNandro 50 Mg Injection53.0
NandrobolNandrobol 25 Mg Injection35.0
NandrodecNandrodec 25 Mg Injection66.0
NandrolinNandrolin 25 Mg Injection18.0
NandyNandy 50 Mg Injection100.0
NdcNdc 25 Mg Injection81.0
NdrNdr 25 Mg Injection47.0
NeodecNeodec 25 Mg Injection75.0
NeurofolNeurofol 25 Mg Injection79.0
Nicobolin (Nicholas)Nicobolin 25 Mg Injection12.0
NoldyNoldy 25 Mg Injection74.0
N ZoleN Zole 25 Mg Injection62.0
SanbolSanbol 25 Mg Injection39.0
SolidecSolidec 50 Injection120.0
VelbolVelbol 25 Mg Injection59.0
WodroneWodrone 25 Mg Injection50.0
ZanetaZaneta 25 Mg Injection72.0
ZendroneZendrone 25 Mg Injection17.0
TykerbTykerb 250 Mg Tablet13350.0
FemaraFemara 2.5 Mg Tablet1986.0
FemproFempro 2.5 Mg Tablet60.0
LetronatLetronat Tablet208.0
Letroz TabletLetroz 2.5 Tablet172.0
MamazolMamazol 2.5 Mg Tablet86.0
OncoletOncolet 2.5 Mg Tablet60.0
OretaOreta 2.5 Mg Tablet378.0
Ovashield DsOvashield Ds Tablet600.0
StimufolStimufol 2.5 Mg Tablet144.0
TrozetTrozet 2.5 Mg Tablet298.0
AnoletAnolet 2.5 Mg Tablet0.0
AnzenAnzen 2.5 Mg Tablet0.0
AromatinAromatin 2.5 Mg Tablet0.0
CaditrazCaditraz 2.5 Mg Tablet0.0
CelofemCelofem 2.5 Mg Tablet0.0
ChemletChemlet 2.5 Mg Tablet0.0
Clomset LClomset L Tablet0.0
FertletFertlet 2.5 Mg Tablet0.0
HerletHerlet 2.5 Mg Tablet167.0
LeteroLetero 2.5 Mg Tablet0.0
LetocorLetocor 2.5 Mg Tablet0.0
LetovalLetoval Tablet0.0
LetrometLetromet 2.5 Mg Tablet0.0
LetrylLetryl 2.5 Mg Tablet0.0
LetsLets 2.5 Mg Tablet0.0
LetzolLetzol 2.5 Mg Tablet0.0
NewovaNewova 2.5 Mg Tablet0.0
OvuletOvulet 2.5 Mg Tablet0.0
StimuletStimulet 2.5 Mg Tablet0.0
Arolet (Estragen)Arolet Tablet230.0
FoliripeFoliripe 2.5 Mg Tablet169.0
HerhopeHerhope 2.5 Mg Tablet152.0
LetallLetall 2.5 Mg Tablet133.0
Letov TabletLetov Tablet165.0
LetproLetpro 2.5 Mg Tablet141.0
LetromacLetromac 2.5 Mg Tablet169.0
Letro PlusLetro Plus 2.5 Mg Tablet135.0
LutrozoleLutrozole 2.50 Mg Tablet160.0
Lytrol (Ranbaxy)Lytrol 2.5 Mg Tablet152.0
AbraxaneAbraxane 100 Mg Injection16640.0
CytaxCytax 100 Mg Injection3910.0
GrosGros 100 Mg Injection3446.0
IntaxelIntaxel 260 Mg Injection11172.0
MitotaxMitotax 100 Mg Injection4076.0
NanoxelNanoxel 100 Mg Injection5857.0
PaclitrustPaclitrust 100 Mg Injection3446.0
PetaxelPetaxel 100 Mg Injection4127.0
TaxolTaxol 100 Mg Injection6325.0
TaxonabTaxonab Injection11640.0
AltaxelAltaxel 100 Mg Injection3571.0
Altaxel NovaAltaxel Nova 100 Mg Injection4999.0
CansureCansure 260 Mg Injection10000.0
CeltaxCeltax 100 Mg Injection3628.0
ClixelClixel 100 Mg Injection3720.0
Genexol PmGenexol Pm 100 Mg Injection15093.0
Glantax PGlantax P 100 Mg Injection854.0
NeotaxlNeotaxl 100 Mg Injection4952.0
OncotaxelOncotaxel 100 Mg Injection2142.0
PacliallPacliall 100 Mg Injection8653.0
PaclicadPaclicad 100 Mg Injection2976.0
PacliparPaclipar 100 Mg Injection5172.0
PaclistarPaclistar 100 Mg Injection1716.0
PaclitaxPaclitax 260 Mg Injection10850.0
PaclitecPaclitec 100 Mg Injection4166.0
PaclitolPaclitol 100 Mg Injection1359.0
PaclizenPaclizen 260 Mg Injection8928.0
PaxytolPaxytol 260 Mg Injection4940.0
Petaxel NPetaxel N 100 Mg Injection10557.0
RelipacRelipac 100 Mg Injection1330.0
TaxeleonTaxeleon 100 Mg Injection517.0
TortaxelTortaxel 100 Mg Injection4295.0
ZpacZpac 100 Mg Injection2267.0
ZupaxelZupaxel 100 Mg Injection2267.0
BevetexBevetex 100 Mg Injection11453.0
DutaxelDutaxel 100 Mg Injection4085.0
MaclitaxelMaclitaxel 260 Mg Injection3678.0
PaxtalPaxtal 100 Mg Injection3997.0
PaxubaPaxuba 100 Mg Injection4250.0
DaxotelDaxotel 120 Mg Injection14666.0
DoceaqualipDoceaqualip 20 Mg Injection4571.0
DocelDocel 120 Mg Injection14500.0
DocetereDocetere 120 Mg Injection14800.0
DocetrustDocetrust 120 Mg Injection12722.0
DocezapDocezap 120 Mg Injection13761.0
DoxazDoxaz 120 Mg Injection6309.0
TaxocareTaxocare 120 Mg Injection10000.0
TaxotereTaxotere 20 Mg Injection5265.0
ZytaxZytax 20 Mg Injection2890.0
CeltereCeltere 120 Mg Injection7004.0
ChemodocChemodoc 120 Mg Injection5011.0
Dc FillDc Fill 120 Mg Injection15000.0
DocaxDocax 120 Mg Injection2325.0
DocecadDocecad 120 Mg Injection16354.0
DocefrezDocefrez 20 Mg Injection2916.0
DocenatDocenat 120 Mg Injection15000.0
DoceparDocepar 120 Mg Injection15000.0
DocetaxDocetax 120 Mg Injection3622.0
DocetecDocetec 120 Mg Injection15290.0
D TailD Tail 20 Mg Injection3000.0
DtaxaneDtaxane 120 Mg Injection17245.0
Glantax DGlantax D 120 Mg Injection14835.0
TaxedolTaxedol 120 Mg Injection19750.0
TaxubaTaxuba 120 Mg Injection13333.0
TubitereTubitere 120 Mg Injection10625.0
Tubitere NovoTubitere Novo 120 Mg Injection11687.0
ZenotereZenotere 120 Mg Injection11838.0
BenzoxelBenzoxel 120 Mg Tablet16500.0
DocitinDocitin 120 Mg Injection14500.0
DoxelDoxel 20 Mg Injection2339.0
Solvent For DocetaxelSolvent For Docetaxel 120 Mg Injection31.0
Solvent For Docetaxel ConcentrateSolvent For Docetaxel Concentrate 120 Mg Injection29.0
Bluray MBluray M Tablet280.0
FerteezFerteez Tablet348.0
Paternia XtPaternia Xt Tablet373.0
Hope MHope M Tablet250.0
Maxoza LMaxoza L Sachet40.0
CernosCernos 1% W/W Gel70.0
FolitraxFolitrax 10 Mg Tablet158.0
ImutrexImutrex 10 Mg Tablet64.0
MeditrexMeditrex 10 Mg Tablet161.0
MerexMerex 1000 Mg Injection750.0
MethocelMethocel 1000 Mg Injection904.0
Mexate TabletMexate 10 Mg Tablet64.0
Mext TabletMext 10 Mg Tablet161.0
NeotrexateNeotrexate 2.5 Mg Tablet51.0
OncotrexOncotrex 10 Mg Tablet157.0
RemtrexRemtrex 15 Mg Injection65.0
HitrexHitrex 15 Mg Injection51.0
MethMeth 2.5 Mg Tablet50.0
MethocipMethocip 50 Mg Injection48.0
MethofastMethofast 15 Mg Injection52.0
Mexate Combipack 25 Mg InjectionMexate Combipack 25 Mg Injection55.0
RhutraxRhutrax 15 Mg Tablet249.0
RhutrexRhutrex 10 Mg Tablet156.0
TrexTrex 2.5 Mg Tablet36.0
TrexoparTrexopar 15 Mg Injection55.0
UnitrexateUnitrexate 15 Mg Injection48.0
VibziVibzi 5 Mg Tablet67.0
AtsureAtsure 1.4 Gm Injection5625.0
CelgemCelgem 1000 Mg Injection6345.22
CitafineCitafine 1400 Mg Injection7142.5
CytogemCytogem 1000 Mg Injection6650.87
GembinGembin 1 Gm Injection2660.12
GemciteGemcite 1 Gm Injection6200.0
GemitrateGemitrate 1400 Mg Injection5625.0
GempowerGempower 1 Gm Injection5000.0
GemtazGemtaz 1 Gm Injection4526.77
GemtrustGemtrust 1000 Mg Injection5714.3
CelzarCelzar 1000 Mg Injection3250.0
CitabolCitabol 1400 Mg Injection9100.0
EmcitabenEmcitaben 1 Gm Injection6000.0
GemactaGemacta 1000 Mg Injection3700.0
Gemce FilGemce Fil 1000 Mg Injection1900.0
GemchemGemchem 1000 Mg Injection5422.5
GemciglanGemciglan 1 Gm Injection5999.0
GemcitaparGemcitapar 1000 Mg Injection6825.0
GemibineGemibine 1000 Mg Injection6144.39
GemitaGemita 1000 Mg/62.5 Mg Injection6131.0
GemizanGemizan 1 Gm Injection6344.28
GemkerbGemkerb 1000 Mg Injection6200.0
GemteroGemtero 1 Gm Injection5572.12
OncogemOncogem 1.4 Gm Injection10461.5
TabicadTabicad 1000 Mg Injection3250.0
WinogemWinogem 1.4 Gm Injection7691.35
XtrozXtroz 1 Gm Injection5900.12
ZygemZygem 1 Gm Injection6700.0
ShancyteShancyte 1 Gm Infusion6100.0
CyclocelCyclocel 1000 Mg Injection113.38
CycloxanCycloxan 1000 Mg Injection144.0
CycramCycram 1 Gm Injection104.76
CydoxanCydoxan 500 Mg Injection68.4
EndoxanEndoxan 1 Gm Injection174.41
OncomideOncomide 1 Gm Injection99.77
OncophosOncophos 1 Gm Infusion106.0
OncoxanOncoxan 500 Mg Injection57.14
PhosmidPhosmid 1000 Mg Injection79.0
CyphosCyphos 500 Mg Injection40.18
UniphosUniphos 1000 Mg Injection107.3
AlimtaAlimta 100 Mg Injection17683.0
PemcurePemcure 100 Mg Injection1500.0
PemexPemex 500 Mg Injection25400.0
PemgemPemgem 100 Mg Injection4882.47
PemmetPemmet 100 Mg Injection1389.26
PemnatPemnat 100 Mg Injection4900.0
PemotidePemotide 100 Mg Injection2362.5
PexetrustPexetrust 100 Mg Injection1812.5
PexitazPexitaz 100 Mg Injection2422.17
PleumetPleumet 100 Mg Injection4663.47
PamiglanPamiglan 500 Mg Infusion156451.0
PemecadPemecad 100 Mg Injection6040.2
PemeetronPemeetron 100 Mg Injection5142.86
PemexarPemexar 100 Mg Injection5000.0
PemproPempro 100 Mg Injection8500.0
PexotraPexotra 100 Mg Injection2350.0
TemeranTemeran 100 Mg Injection1980.0
ZupemedZupemed 100 Mg Injection4333.33
CacitCacit 500 Mg Tablet1668.86
CapeciteCapecite 500 Mg Tablet1037.25
CapegardCapegard 500 Mg Tablet600.0
CapetaCapeta 500 Mg Tablet1530.0
CapezamCapezam 500 Mg Tablet1419.05
CapiibineCapiibine 500 Mg Tablet2859.05
CapsyCapsy 500 Mg Tablet1447.62
CaxetaCaxeta 500 Mg Tablet582.0
XelodaXeloda 500 Mg Tablet2002.0
ZocitabZocitab 500 Mg Tablet1542.4
AtubriAtubri 500 Mg Tablet1730.77
CapcelCapcel 500 Mg Tablet1409.52
CapehopeCapehope 500 Mg Tablet937.5
CapeteroCapetero 500 Mg Tablet1220.0
CapnatCapnat 500 Mg Tablet1800.0
CaptabinCaptabin 500 Mg Tablet1562.5
GlancapGlancap 500 Mg Tablet1299.0
Naprocap 500 Mg TabletNaprocap 500 Mg Tablet1500.0
XabineXabine 500 Mg Tablet1609.5
XelocelXelocel 500 Mg Tablet1480.0
XortibXortib 150 Mg Tablet780.0
ZenociteZenocite 500 Mg Tablet1047.22
CapcitaCapcita 500 Mg Tablet81.25
CapecadCapecad 500 Mg Tablet952.37
CapecitaperCapecitaper 500 Mg Tablet1714.38
CapostatCapostat 500 Mg Tablet875.0
CapxcelCapxcel 500 Mg Tablet1536.0
Citabin504 Gateway Time Out Citabin 500 Mg Tablet1695.0
DistamineDistamine 500 Mg Tablet593.75
XecapXecap 500 Mg Tablet1250.0
XphilXphil 300 Mcg Injection2142.8
AdriamycinAdriamycin 10 Mg Injection221.61
AdriblastinaAdriblastina Injection1309.52
Adronex RdAdronex Rd 10 Mg Injection185.71
AdrosalAdrosal 10 Mg Injection196.43
CadriaCadria 10 Mg Injection166.66
CardiaroneCardiarone 100 Mg Tablet65.47
DoxilydDoxilyd 10 Mg Injection119.04
DoxohopeDoxohope 20 Mg Injection8163.26
DoxorexDoxorex 10 Mg Injection321.75
Doxorubicin (Dr. Reddys)Doxorubicin 10 Mg Injection116.66
DoxorubicinDoxorubicin 10 Mg Injection200.0
DoxorubinDoxorubin 10 Mg Injection130.95
DoxotarDoxotar 10 Mg Injection285.0
DoxoteroDoxotero 10 Mg Injection165.0
DoxulipDoxulip 20 Mg Injection7890.0
DoxutecDoxutec 10 Mg Injection170.0
DuxocinDuxocin 10 Mg Injection190.94
LyphidoxLyphidox 10 Mg Injection198.91
MetodoxMetodox 10 Mg Injection63.09
OncodriaOncodria 10 Mg Injection199.64
PiglitPiglit 2 Mg Injection6184.52
ZodoxZodox 10 Mg Injection196.19
ZubidoxZubidox 10 Mg Injection200.0
CaditamCaditam 10 Mg Tablet17.47
EntaxEntax 10 Mg Tablet15.75
MamofenMamofen 10 Mg Tablet29.7
MoxifenMoxifen 10 Mg Tablet18.95
NolvadexNolvadex 10 Mg Tablet48.6
OncotarOncotar 1 Gm Injection895.0
TamodexTamodex 10 Mg Tablet24.8
TamoxilonTamoxilon 10 Mg Tablet20.0
TamteroTamtero 10 Mg Tablet40.0
TomifenTomifen 10 Mg Tablet19.8
ValodexValodex 10 Mg Tablet14.38
CytotamCytotam 10 Mg Tablet16.1
FineovaFineova 40 Mg Capsule299.0
OncomoxOncomox 10 Mg Tablet20.47
Tamoxifen 20 Mg TabletTamoxifen 20 Mg Tablet15.41
AndriolAndriol 40 Mg Capsule119.33
AndrogelAndrogel 50 Mg Gel2700.0
AndrosureAndrosure 1% Gel464.82
AquavironAquaviron 25 Mg Injection110.0
MenolonMenolon Injection189.0
Sustanon (Organon)Sustanon 100 Mg Injection131.0
TestofilTestofil Depot 1000 Mg Injection612.0
TestokiTestoki 100 Mg Injection78.6
Testoviron InjectionTestoviron Depot 100 Mg Injection130.0
AndrofilAndrofil 40 Mg Capsule167.38
ArnoldArnold 250 Mg Injection60.0
NuvirNuvir 40 Mg Capsule337.0
TestoretardTestoretard 100 Mg Injection99.92
Testosterone UndecanoateTestosterone Undecanoate 40 Mg Capsule450.42
SustainSustain 40 Mg Injection82.86
TestosprayTestospray 12.5 Mg Spray1723.38
AdovaAdova 1 Mg Tablet225.0
AltrazAltraz 1 Mg Tablet810.0
AnacanAnacan 1 Mg Tablet398.88
AnadayAnaday 1 Mg Tablet577.08
ArimidexArimidex 1 Mg Tablet6870.0
ArmotrazArmotraz 1 Mg Tablet495.0
AromitaAromita 1 Mg Tablet250.0
FemistraFemistra 1 Mg Tablet366.81
FemitrazFemitraz 1 Mg Tablet507.0
StazonexStazonex 1 Mg Tablet533.55
AnarzoleAnarzole 1 Mg Tablet294.11
AnastraAnastra 1 Mg Tablet672.12
AnastronatAnastronat 1 Mg Tablet1200.0
AnosamAnosam 1 Mg Tablet253.33
ArmilonArmilon 1 Mg Tablet318.75
ElinalElinal 1 Mg Tablet444.45
TrazocadTrazocad 1 Mg Tablet519.75
WomazolWomazol 1 Mg Tablet242.9
AnateroAnatero 1 Mg Tablet470.0
RedestRedest 1 Mg Tablet492.61
AdvacanAdvacan 0.25 Mg Tablet571.42
AfinitorAfinitor 10 Mg Tablet85923.8
BoletraazBoletraaz 10 Mg Tablet20000.0
CerticanCertican 0.25 Mg Tablet920.0
EvelimusEvelimus 10 Mg Tablet29400.0
EvergrafEvergraf 0.25 Mg Tablet628.57
EvermilEvermil 10 Mg Tablet30136.2
EvertorEvertor 10 Mg Tablet29666.7
VolantisVolantis 10 Mg Tablet19066.66
5 Flucel5 Flucel 250 Mg Injection12.0
ChemofluraChemoflura 250 Mg Injection10.4
FivocilFivocil 250 Mg Injection11.7
FivofluFivoflu 250 Mg Injection15.0
FlocilFlocil 250 Mg Injection29.03
FloracFlorac 250 Mg Injection11.07
FluoncoFluonco 250 Mg Injection69.0
FluracilFluracil 250 Mg Injection12.04
KucilKucil 250 Mg Injection12.5
OncoflourOncoflour 250 Mg Injection13.5
BonebayBonebay 60 Mg Tablet95.47
EssermEsserm 60 Mg Tablet99.6
EstroactEstroact 60 Mg Tablet90.0
OsralOsral 60 Mg Tablet69.0
PosmoPosmo 60 Mg Tablet100.0
RalistaRalista 60 Mg Tablet111.34
RalofenRalofen 60 Mg Tablet99.0
RalostoRalosto 60 Mg Tablet99.9
RalotabRalotab 60 Mg Tablet69.48
RonalRonal 60 Mg Tablet68.81
CeostCeost 60 Mg Tablet63.0
EvomateEvomate 60 Mg Tablet73.08
FemoralFemoral 60 Mg Tablet141.96
CanmabCanmab 150 Mg Injection19500.0
HertrazHertraz 150 Mg Injection17687.07
BiceltisBiceltis 440 Mg Injection75000.0
VivitraVivitra 150 Mg Injection20263.65
FaslodexFaslodex 250 Mg Injection42200.0
FulvenatFulvenat 120 Mg Injection18000.0
FulvetrazFulvetraz 50 Mg Injection24000.0
FulviglenFulviglen 250 Mg Prefilled Syringe19714.28
StrantasStrantas 250 Mg Prefilled Syringe20000.0
DivigelDivigel 0.1% Gel615.0
OestrogelOestrogel 0.06% Gel600.0
E 2E 2 0.06% Gel10.27
EvolonEvolon Cream289.0
EndaceEndace 160 Mg Tablet995.0
MegahenzMegahenz Tablet230.0
MegeetronMegeetron 160 Mg Tablet771.42
NeobenNeoben 10 Mg Injection1161.25
VinelbineVinelbine 10 Mg Injection2741.0
NavelbineNavelbine 10 Mg Injection3348.57
AromasinAromasin 25 Mg Tablet4804.0
ExetrazExetraz 25 Mg Tablet771.42
ExmasinExmasin 25 Mg Tablet220.0
XcelXcel 25 Mg Tablet320.0
XtaneXtane 25 Mg Tablet1290.0
Kristina VKristina V 1 Mg Injection49.6
UniblastinUniblastin 10 Mg Injection239.0
CytoblastinCytoblastin 10 Mg Injection276.93
MitozanMitozan 20 Mg Injection343.57
OncotronOncotron 2 Mg Injection467.0
ScleroxilScleroxil Injection461.06
FlonidaFlonida 1% W/W Cream78.0
FluoFluo Cream120.21
IxempraIxempra 15 Mg Injection29290.9
GoselinGoselin 3.6 Mg Injection8571.42
ZoladexZoladex La 10.8 Mg Injection28890.0
AdrimAdrim 10 Mg Injection214.28
DoxiglanDoxiglan 50 Mg Injection999.0
Alivher EsAlivher Es 1 Mg/25 Mg Tablet0.0
Endothik EsEndothik Es 1 Mg/25 Mg Capsule0.0
PrimiwalPrimiwal 2 Mg/25 Mg Tablet0.0
Prostium EsProstium Es 2 Mg/25 Mg Capsule Dr0.0
EndonormEndonorm Tablet218.25
FemostonFemoston 1 Mg/5 Mg Tablet625.0
FrewilFrewil 2 Mg/0.035 Mg Tablet175.0
CysteliaCystelia 35 Tablet250.0
Mext FMext F 7.5 Mg/1 Mg Tablet45.35
TruxofolTruxofol 7.5 Mg/1 Mg Tablet50.0
CornilCornil Tablet67.0

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