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The number of deaths due to heart disease is increasing every year, so keeping the heart healthy has become the need of the day.

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Yogasanas and Ayurvedic treatments play a very important role in keeping the heart healthy. Yogasanas keep the whole body healthy as well as balance blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol level. Due to this heart diseases also stay away. Badhakonasan, Kapalbhati, and Gomukhasan are such asanas that can help in curing heart diseases.

Today in this article you will know how yoga is beneficial for heart disease -

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  1. Yoga Poses to Prevent Heart Disease
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Doctors for Yoga for Heart Patients

Our today's busy lifestyle has increased many diseases, especially Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). But through yoga, problems such as increased levels of blood lipids, blood pressure, psychological stress, etc. can be reduced, which are the causes of heart diseases. Setubandhasana, meditation, and related can cure heart-related diseases. Let us know in detail which yogas are beneficial for heart disease -

Baddha Konasana for Heart Disease

Baddha Konasana improves blood circulation. Due to this blood clots are not formed. Due to good circulation, the arteries also work well. Conditions like blood pressure/hypertension can also be improved by this yoga. This sitting asana helps in stretching the hip, abdominal muscles, and thighs and keeps the heart healthy.

How to do -

  • To do this, sit on the mat and open the legs forward.
  • Now join the feet together and make such a pose that a diamond shape can be formed between the feet.
  • Try to bring your ankles closer to the pelvis.
  • Try to rise upwards while inhaling and come back to the ground while exhaling. During this, keep the spine straight.

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Bridge Pose for Heart Disease

Bridge Pose or Setubandhasana can also help remove the problem of high BP. Which is a risk factor for heart disease. If there is a high BP level then do not do it with more intensity.

How to do -

  • Lie on your back on a mat.
  • Try to hold the ankles with the hands, if the heel is not being held, then leave it as far as the hand is going.
  • Now keeping the feet on the ground, raise the hips.
  • Along with the hips, the chest and abdomen will also be up. Stay in this state for some time.
  • Then come back down.

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Kapalbhati for Heart Disease

Kapalbhati is a breathing technique and it is a type of Pranayama. Pranayama like Anulom-Vilom, Kapalbhati etc. can be very beneficial for the heart.

How to do -

  • To do Kapalbhati, first sit on a mat.
  • Keep your spine straight so that this exercise can be done properly.
  • Bend your knees and place one foot on top of the other.
  • Take a long and deep breath.
  • Now exhale quickly so that the effect can be felt in the stomach.
  • During this, focus more on exhaling only.

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Gomukhasana for Heart Disease

Gomukhasana is also beneficial for the heart. With this asana, the muscles are relaxed and you get to rest. Also, the endorphins hormone is released. Due to this, the mind become stress-free. Along with this, the cardiovascular is strengthened, flexibility increases and muscles become strong.

How to do -

  • To do this, first, sit down after being relaxed.
  • Keep the waist straight and keep the legs on top of each other in crisscross form.
  • Now take one hand above the head and the other hand behind the waist.
  • Turn the first hand backward as well and try to hold both hands together.
  • During this, a lot of stretches will be felt.
  • But keep the spine straight.

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Meditation for Heart Disease

Meditation gives relief from stress, the mind feels quite calm. Many mental problems can be solved by doing meditation. Due to this, your heart rate also remains regular and heartbeat too. It is most beneficial to do meditation early in the morning.

How to do -

  • Sit in a quiet place for some time and do not think about anything in your mind.
  • Spend some time alone with yourself in peace.
  • Due to this the body and mind connect.

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Heart rate is affected by physical and mental state. If the body remains healthy as well as the mind remains healthy, then the risk of heart disease can be greatly reduced. Doing yoga is not only good for the body but also for the mind. Along with keeping the body free from toxins, yoga such as Gomukhasana, meditation, and Kapalbhati can be beneficial in strengthening the immune system and protecting it from heart diseases.

Continuous practice of yoga also prevents diseases like depression, hyperglycemia, etc. Because of this heart diseases also stay away. But before doing yoga, do take the advice of an expert once. If you are doing yoga for the first time, then do it under the supervision of an expert.

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