‘If your practice is aligned with your goal (samadhi), the obstacles along your spiritual path (klesha) will disappear and ultimately you will reach your goal.’- Yoga Sutra 2.2.

This asana focuses on maintaining the alignment of the body while improving balance and stability.

Eka padasana is also known as the one-foot pose. This yoga pose strengthens the legs and stretches the entire body. This asana can help in burning calories, thus helping you lose weight. This asana also claims to reduce mental imbalances and anxiety.

  1. Steps: the correct way to do eka padasana
  2. Benefits of eka padasana
  3. Precautions to take while doing eka padasana

Following are the correct steps to do the eka padasana :

  • Stand upright with legs slightly apart. 
  • Now raise your arms right above your head with your palms together and fingers interlocked.
  • Once the hands are locked, slowly bend forward from the hips (only the upper half), keeping the upper body (the trunk), head and arms in a straight line. The upper body should be perpendicular to the legs. 
  • Now transfer the entire body weight on to the right leg and try to raise the left leg backwards slowly. Raise it as high as it goes, keeping it in a straight line with the trunk. 
  • The final position would be when the left leg, trunk, head and arms would all be in one straight, horizontal line whereas the right leg would be straight and perpendicular to the rest of the body.
  • Breathe normally and hold this position for as long as you feel comfortable. To concentrate better, focus your gaze on your hands.
  • After a few seconds, lower the left leg back to the floor and return to the upright position.
  • Now lower your arms slowly and return to the initial position. Relax for a minute before starting again.
  • Repeat the asana with the other leg. 
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The benefits of practising eka padasana:

  • This asana helps in improving balance and strength of the ankles, leg muscles, hips, back, arms and wrists.
  • This asana also helps in improving blood circulation throughout the body. 
  • Since the body is held straight in the pose on a single leg along with synchronized breath, it results in improving the nervous coordination of the body. 

There are certain things which should be kept in mind while doing eka padasana: 

  • People with lower back pain, arthritis or any ankle injuries should not practise this asana.
  • High blood pressure patients should not practise this asana.
  • This asana is not recommended for people with heart problems.
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