Name Durva
Meaning A medicinal herb, Sacred grass
Gender Girl
Religion Hindu
Numerology 3
Length 2.5
Zodiac Sign Pisces
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Durva Meaning

Durva The meaning of the name is A medicinal herb, Sacred grass. If you know the meaning of Durva before naming your baby, it can make your baby's life better. By naming your child Durva, you can give a new direction to his/her life. If you name your child Durva then it will be associated with the meaning of this name for the rest of her life. Because of the meaning of the name, people named Durva are very much liked in society. It is believed that a person with the name Durva can have a glimpse of A medicinal herb, Sacred grass in his nature. Read further to know the zodiac sign of the name Durva, what is its lucky number, and A medicinal herb, Sacred grass of the name Durva in detail.

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Durva's Lucky Number

The ruling planet of the zodiac sign of girls named Durva is Jupiter and the lucky number is 3. Girls named Durva associated with this number easily become the center of attraction for others, hence they also get a lot of popularity. Girls named Durva with the lucky number 3 know how to handle their responsibilities very well. Women named Durva live their lives by following rules, principles, and discipline. Girls named Durva, whose lucky number is 3, are often stubborn about something, which is why they have fewer friends and more enemies. If your name is Durva then you need to be cautious about your health. You remain at risk of diabetes.

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Durva Personality

The zodiac sign of the girl named Durva is Pisces. Girls with name Durva mostly believe in spiritualism. Women named Durva keep trying to provide themselves peace. Women named Durva do not like much hustle and bustle, because they like to live peacefully. Girls named Durva stay away from fights. Girls named Durva want their ideas should be given importance.

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Durva's zodiac Pisces Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Charuhasa Goddess Durga, Whose smile is charming Hindu
Charukesh With beautiful hairs Hindu
Charukeshi Name of a Raga Hindu
Charul Beautiful Hindu
Charula Beautiful Hindu
Charulata Beautiful creeper Hindu
Charulatha Beautiful creeper Hindu
Charulekha Beautiful picture Hindu
Charumathi Beautiful mind Hindu
Charumati Beautiful mind Hindu
Charun One with beautiful eyes Hindu
Charunetra One with beautiful eyes Hindu
Charuprabha Beautiful Hindu
Charuroopa Goddess Durga, Whose form is exquisite Hindu
Charusheel Of good character Hindu
Charusheela The beautiful woman, Beautiful jewel Hindu
Charushila The beautiful woman, Beautiful jewel Hindu
Charusila The beautiful woman, Beautiful jewel Hindu
Charusmita One having beautiful smile Hindu
Charusmitha One having beautiful smile Hindu
Charuta Beautiful girl, Loveliness Hindu
Charutha Beautiful girl, Loveliness Hindu
Charuvardhana One who enhances beauty Hindu
Charuvardhani Name of a Raga Hindu
Charuvindha Striving for beauty Hindu
Charuvrat Of good character Hindu
Charvaka Atheist philosopher of ancient india Hindu
Charvi Beautiful girl, Beautiful woman Hindu
Charvik Intelligent Hindu
Charvikesh Hindu
Charvk Hindu
Chashmum My eyes Hindu
Chasmitha Hindu
Chathura Wise, Clever Hindu
Chathveek Hindu
Chathvik Hindu
Chatima Beautiful Hindu
Chatresh Lord Shiva Hindu
Chatriya It is the month of april chaitram Hindu
Chatur Clever Hindu
Chatura Wise, Clever Hindu
Chaturaanan With four faces Hindu
Chaturanan With four faces Hindu
Chaturbahave Four-armed Hindu
Chaturbahu Four armed Hindu
Chaturbhuj One who has four arms, Lord Ganesh Hindu
Chaturbhuja Strong Hindu
Chaturvedi The one who knows 4 Vedas Hindu
Chaturvi Hindu
Chaturya Wise, Clever Hindu