The condition of hair loss due to stress is called Telogen Effluvium. Its victims can be not only men but also women. In its symptoms, hair starts falling rapidly and pain starts to be felt by touching the scalp. Telogen effluvium is considered to be the second most common form of hair fall. The main reasons behind this are excessive stress, poor diet, and sudden weight loss. The treatment of telogen effluvium includes proper diet, hair care, and managing stress.

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Today in this article, you will learn about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of Telogen Effluvium -

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Doctors for Telogen Effluvium- Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

If a person is seeing only hair on his pillow, clothes, and comb, then it can be a symptom of telogen effluvium. Come, let us know in detail about the symptoms of Telogen Effluvium -

Scalp pain or sensation

Another symptom of telogen effluvium is feeling pain on the scalp as soon as it is touched. This is due to a condition called trichodynia. The sensation may be felt on the scalp or itching may also occur.

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Excessive hair fall

In the condition of telogen effluvium, hair starts falling more and faster. The person who is going through this condition sees only hair around him. If more than 100 hairs are falling daily, then it is a symptom of telogen effluvium.

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There can be many reasons for telogen effluvium, in which taking too much stress comes as number one. Apart from this, consumption of a poor diet, sudden weight loss, and pregnancy are also among the major causes of telogen effluvium. Come, let us know in detail about the causes of Telogen Effluvium -

Treatment or medication

Some antidepressant medicines can cause hair fall. If this is a possible cause of telogen effluvium, then the doctor can be talked about it. Certain surgeries or vaccinations can shock a person's system, causing the hair follicles to go into a resting state. However, hair may start growing back after a few months.

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Toxic chemical

There is also a possibility of Telogen effluvium due to exposure to heavy metals.

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Even during menopause, there are hormonal changes in the body of a woman, due to which hair fall can start.

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Hormone levels change during pregnancy and childbirth, which can cause telogen effluvium. This is called post partum telogen effluvium.

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Sudden weight loss

In an attempt to lose weight, if there is a sudden loss of weight or if one has to suffer from a condition like anorexia, then this can also lead to hair fall.

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Bad diet

Hair needs protein, iron, vitamin B, and zinc so that it can grow properly. If there is a lack of these in the diet, then it can negatively affect the hair. Also, due to crash dieting, there can be a problem with telogen effluvium.

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Prolonged exposure to stress can result in telogen effluvium. Hair loss continues for about 3 months after the stressful event.

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Telogen effluvium is treated according to its cause. Once the trigger of telogen effluvium is found, it becomes easier to treat. Telogen effluvium can be treated with improved diet, hair care, and hormone replacement therapy. Come, let us know in detail about the treatment of Telogen Effluvium -

Hormone replacement therapy

Women who are facing telogen effluvium due to menopause may be able to stop hair fall with the help of hormone replacement therapy.

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Relieve stress

If the cause of telogen effluvium is the increased level of stress, then measures should be found to remove it. Yoga, meditation, and exercise help in relaxation.

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Use of certain drugs

Consumption of certain types of medicines helps in hair growth. For this, medicines like minoxidil, finasteride, and corticosteroids are helpful, but they should not be consumed without the advice of a doctor. Minoxidil helps in hair growth. Finasteride blocks the hormone responsible for hair fall. Corticosteroids work to reduce inflammation.

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Hair care

Hair care is essential when there is telogen effluvium. In this situation, it is advised not to do things like blow dry, straightening, and curling at all. Nor is it said to color or highlight the hair. All these can further damage the hair and put an end to hair growth.

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Right diet

The dietician prepares a diet chart to fulfill the deficiency of vitamins and nutrients in the body. Telogen effluvium can be cured by consuming food according to this diet chart containing vitamins, zinc, and iron.

Protein provides the building blocks for hair growth, which can be found in beans, grains, lentils, nutsmeat, and eggs. It is advised to eat green leafy vegetables and red meat for iron, but keep in mind that without a doctor's advice, do not make a diet chart yourself.

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Telogen effluvium is a condition of hair loss, mainly associated with stress or shock. Its symptoms include excessive hair fall and pain or sensation in the scalp. Reasons for this can range from excessive stress to poor diet, sudden weight loss, pregnancy, and menopause. The treatment of telogen effluvium includes proper diet, hair care, stress management, hormone replacement therapy, and certain medications.

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