Hair loss is considered a common problem. Lack of nutrients, not being able to take care of hair or due to any medical condition can cause hair loss. Hair loss is normal only till 50-100 hairs fall per day. If there is more hair loss than this, then the condition is considered serious. In this situation, the person may even have to face baldness. Everyone knows about the common causes of hair loss, but do you know that some infections can also cause hair loss? Certain infections can contribute to hair loss.

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Today in this article you will know in detail about those infections which cause hair loss -

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Although there can be many reasons for hair loss, some infections can also cause hair loss. When an infection attacks the hair or scalp, then, in that case, hair can fall. In some cases, people may even have to face baldness. Some of the infections that cause hair loss are as follows -


Ringworm can become a reason for hair loss. Ringworm is a fungal infection. This infection can happen on any part of the body. If ringworm infection develops on the scalp, hair loss may start in this condition.

When the fungus of ringworm gets mixed in the fibers of the hair, then the hair starts to harden and breaks easily. Due to this, baldness can appear on the skin of the scalp. In this condition, scaly patches may appear on the scalp. Itching, redness, and swelling may occur on these patches.

A fungus called Microsporum audouinii can be the cause of ringworm. Apart from this, Trichophyton tonsillitis can also cause ringworm. Ringworm is contagious. It can easily spread from one person to another. This can happen through skin-to-skin contact or by using the comb, towel, etc. of an infected person.

Some types of ringworm infections get better on their own. No treatment is required for this. In some cases, an anti-fungal called griseofulvin is used.

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Hair loss can also start due to folliculitis infection and can reach baldness. In folliculitis, there is inflammation in the hair follicles. In this condition, a rash may appear on the scalp. When the early stage of folliculitis occurs, hair fibers may be present. Whereas, as the folliculitis infection becomes severe, damage to the hair fiber starts. Because of this, hair falls and large patches start appearing on the head. The problem of folliculitis is caused by bacterial infection.

Antibiotics such as bacitracin, mycitracin, or neomycin can be used to treat common folliculitis.

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Piedra can also cause hair loss. This infection occurs when the hair fibers get infected with a fungus. As the infection becomes severe, the hair follicles begin to weaken. Because of this, the hair starts breaking easily. In this situation, patches can be seen on the scalp.

Let us tell you that there are two types of piedra - black piedra and white piedra. Black piedra is caused by the fungus Piedraia hortae. Whereas, white piedra is caused by Trichosporon beigelii. Both types of piedra infection can affect the hair of the scalp, body, and genital areas.

As a treatment, usually, the hair of the affected area is completely shaved. In addition, antifungals such as ketoconazole or terbinafine can be used.

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Seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis can also become a reason for hair loss. It is a condition of the skin, which gets affected due to infection. When this infection affects the skin of the scalp, the scalp becomes inflamed. Burning and itching may be felt on the scalp and hair. In this case, hair loss can start. When the problem becomes severe, it can lead to baldness.

There are many treatments for seborrheic dermatitis. The easiest treatment is a medicated anti-dandruff shampoo. Shampoos for seborrheic dermatitis may contain sulfur, selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithione, tar, or salicylic acid.

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Although there are many reasons for hair loss, due to the above-mentioned infections, hair can also fall. When an infection affects the scalp or the hair follicles or strands, it can lead to the weakening of the hair and hair loss. In this situation, the person may even have to face baldness.

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