Excessive or unusual hair fall can be a matter of concern for you. Hair fall is common in everyone, it is not necessarily a sign of any serious disease, it can be a symptom of stress, pregnancy, illness or any medicine, which can change the pattern of hair growth and fall. We will talk about what are the types of hair loss in women and what are the reasons behind them.

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  1. Types Of Hair Loss In Women
  2. Androgenetic Alopecia
  3. Telogen Effluvium
  4. Anagen Effluvium
  5. Alopecia Areata
  6. Traction Alopecia
  7. Summary
Doctors for Medical Conditions and Hair Loss in Women: Identifying Underlying Causes

The first two types of hair loss in women are linked to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a part of the male hormone, testosterone. Let us look at some types of hair fall in women -

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It is also called androgenic alopecia, most of the women suffering from this experience thinning of hair on the entire head. In some women there is a combination of the two types of patterns. Androgenic alopecia in women is caused by a disorder. It is usually present only in small amounts in women. There can be many reasons behind androgenetic alopecia, such as ovarian cysts, high androgen index, birth control pills, pregnancy and menopause.

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When your body goes through a situation like childbirth, malnutrition, serious infection, major surgery or excessive stress, it can lead to a condition called telogen effluvium. In this condition hair falls rapidly. In case of stress, the problem of telogen effluvium may start after about 6 weeks to 3 months. Telogen effluvium can put you at risk of losing a handful of hairs at a time. Therefore, it is important to avoid severe stress.

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Anagen effluvium causes hair loss when the hair follicles are damaged. Any factor that impairs the metabolism or cellular-level mitotic activity of the hair follicle causes anagen effluvium. In this, hair loss is usually associated with chemotherapy. Since chemotherapy targets rapidly dividing cancer cells, other rapidly dividing cells in your body - such as hair follicles - are also greatly affected. Approximately 90% or more of anagen phase hair may fall out soon after chemotherapy begins.

In alopecia areata, the person's own immune system starts damaging the roots of the hair follicles. Symptoms include irregular hair loss, which can sometimes develop suddenly. About 70% of patients' hair grows back on its own within two years, whether they receive treatment or not.

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This condition can arise due to the stress on the hair follicles due to tight hairstyle, which causes the hair to be pulled from the roots. If the condition is detected early, hair can regrow. Braiding, tight ponytails and extensions are the most common styling causes of traction alopecia.

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So these were some types and causes of hair fall in women. Hope you have understood well the pattern of hair growth and then hair fall in women. If you are struggling with the problem of excessive hair fall, consult a doctor immediately, so that the problem of hair fall can be controlled in time. Take special care of your food and drink and stay away from stress as much as possible.

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