Arthritis is a condition in which joints become swollen. Besides, pain also occurs due to stiffness in joints. It becomes difficult for some people to even walk in this condition. Although this disease can be seen at any age, mostly people of old age or above 60 years of age become its victims. Do you know that by including gram pulses, lentils, fruits, and vegetables in your diet, you can get relief from the symptoms of arthritis?

Today in this article we will know which pulses should be eaten in arthritis.

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  2. Which pulses should be eaten in arthritis?
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Doctors for Which dal is good for arthritis?

This disease of arthritis attacks the joints. Due to this, there may be pain and swelling at that place. Arthritis may be a problem in the feet, hands, hips, knees, and lower back.

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According to research, if you consume beans, peas, or pulses, you can get plenty of proteiniron, folate, potassium, and magnesium. At the same time, lentils and gram lentils are considered most beneficial in arthritis. Let us know in detail how these pulses are beneficial in arthritis -

Masur lentils

  • Lentils contain fiber, protein, sodium, calcium, iron, potassium and folate. The protein present in it is the basis of strengthening our bones.
  • The recipe made from this does not keep you hungry for a long time. Which can also help you in losing weight.
  • If your weight remains balanced, there will not be much pressure on your joints and this will also reduce your pain.
  • This lentil reduces cholesterol and can protect against diabetes and stomach cancer.
  • The fiber present in it removes waste from your digestive system and reduces constipation.
  • Like other pulses, it can also be prepared without soaking it in water. Just wash the lentils thoroughly before cooking.

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Gram lentil

  • Gram dal is beneficial in arthritis. It contains many nutrients, such as protein and fiber, which reduce blood sugar levels.
  • It also contains Vitamin C and phosphorus. Phosphorus is an essential compound for the health of bones in the body. Therefore, its consumption is considered beneficial for arthritis.
  • This is a beneficial anti-inflammatory diet. Its consumption reduces swelling.
  • Before consuming this dal, soak it in water for some time.
  • Consuming it makes one feel full for a long time. Therefore, it is also helpful in reducing weight.

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In arthritis, both these pulses are rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, phosphorus, folate, and potassium. Therefore, these pulses are beneficial for the health of your bones. Also, keep one thing in mind before making any change in the diet, definitely consult a doctor once.

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