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August 30, 2023

August 30, 2023


Aspermia is a rare condition in which semen is completely absent during ejaculation in men. This condition has a profound effect on the fertility and sexual health of men. If a person has a proper understanding of the symptoms, causes, and available treatments for aspermia, then this condition can be overcome.

In this article, we will learn in detail about aspermia to get the correct information about the absence of sperm and semen -

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Aspermia Symptoms

The main symptom of aspermia is the absence of semen during ejaculation. Apart from this, some other symptoms are as follows -

  • A man feels dry during orgasm. This can be a matter of concern for people affected by aspermia.
  • Men with aspermia may experience a loss of normal pleasure during ejaculation, which can lead to mental and emotional problems.
  • Due to aspermia, a person may feel a lack of satisfaction in sexual relations.

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Aspermia Causes

Aspermia can arise due to many traditional reasons, some of these reasons are of low risk while some require medical help. According to the International Archives of Urology and Complications, the causes of aspermia can be -

  • Congenital Aspermia - Some individuals are born with an absence of sperm and semen and the underlying cause is problems with the development of the genitals.
  • Neurogenic aspermia - Loss of neuro function, such as a lumbar injury or diseases affecting the nerves involved in ejaculation can cause aspermia.
  • Medical aspermia - Medical treatment or surgery such as prostate surgery or certain cancer treatments can cause medical aspermia.
  • Psychological aspermia - Psychological factors, such as performance anxiety or stress, can temporarily cause aspermia.

Apart from these reasons, certain genetic factors, hormonal imbalances, and chronic diseases can pose a risk of aspermia. It is important for individuals experiencing aspermia to consult a physician so that the root cause can be determined and appropriate treatment can be suggested.

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Aspermia Treatment

The treatment of aspermia depends on its cause. Here are some possible treatment options that can be adapted accordingly -

  • Medical help - If the cause of aspermia is related to hormonal imbalance, then medicines or hormone therapy can be given by the doctor.
  • Surgical intervention - Specialists can adopt surgical procedures in case of aspermia due to minor abnormalities found in the reproductive system.
  • Neurological solutions - If aspermia is due to nerve damage, the use of certain neurological devices can help in achieving ejaculation.
  • Psychological therapy - If mental problems are causing the aspermia, then mental therapy or counseling can help resolve these problems.
  • Fertility Treatment Options - In cases of aspermia that cannot be treated directly, assisted reproductive technology such as IVF can be used to achieve pregnancy for the partner. Please consult a doctor as to which treatment may be suitable for you.

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Aspermia is curable, individuals facing this condition should feel free to consult a doctor. As we said there are very rare cases of this condition that cannot be resolved by treatment, so only by having correct information about this condition and adopting the right treatment, a person can live a quality life.

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