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There is a risk of many types of problems in diabetes. These problems also include pain and cramps in the legs. This problem occurs due to nerve damage. The condition of nerve damage is called diabetic neuropathy. When diabetes is not treated on time, it can be difficult to control blood sugar in the body. In such a situation, there is a risk of nerve damage. Some measures can be taken to reduce foot pain in diabetes.

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Today in this article, you will learn about the causes of foot pain in diabetes and its home remedies -

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Doctors for Diabetic foot pain - Causes, and Home Remedies

Feet can be affected due to diabetic peripheral neuropathy, due to which there can be a problem of pain in the feet. The nerves in the affected areas of diabetic neuropathy stop functioning or do not function properly. Due to this, along with pain in the affected area, numbness and tingling can also be felt.

Experiencing diabetic neuropathy can lead to serious problems further down the line. Because of this, injuries and wounds in the feet do not heal quickly. The nerves can also be completely damaged.

Diabetic neuropathy needs immediate treatment so that its severity can be reduced. In such a situation, on seeing the symptoms of pain, burning, and cramps in the feet, the patient should immediately consult a doctor, so that the severity of diabetic neuropathy can be reduced.

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If foot pain in diabetes is not treated on time, it can take a serious form. There can be many problems due to the condition of neuropathy in the feet, such as -

  • Organ damage
  • Organ infections
  • Loss of body balance

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There are several options to reduce the pain and cramps in the feet due to diabetic neuropathy. Lifestyle changes are needed to prevent the progression of leg pain and cramps. Also, by taking care of some things, you can reduce the pain in the feet. Come, let's know the home remedies to reduce the pain in the feet due to sugar -

Take healthy diet

Include a balanced diet in the diet. This can reduce the pain caused by diabetic neuropathy. Always include such things in the diet, so that blood sugar can be controlled. This can reduce the risk of nerve damage. Always include lean protein, good fat (olive oildry fruitsfish), non-starchy vegetablesfruits, and whole grains. With this, pain in the feet and other problems caused by diabetes can also be reduced.

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Vitamin-B12 Supplements

Metformin is given to control diabetes. Due to this medicine, there is a risk of deficiency of Vitamin B12 in the body. Vitamin B12 and folic acid are required to keep the nerves healthy. To meet the deficiency of Vitamin B12, get yourself tested regularly and take Vitamin B12 supplements.

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Exercise is important

Exercise regularly to reduce the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. Exercise can improve blood circulation in the body. Due to this, blood circulates properly in the feet as well, due to which the feet get enough oxygen and other nutrients.

In such a situation, the possibility of pain in the feet and its complications can be reduced. Just keep in mind that avoid doing heavy exercise in diabetic neuropathy. Does light exercise regularly?

Always choose feet-friendly activity when there is a condition of pain in the feet. For this, you can walk for some time or you can do swimming. Apart from this, other activities can also be chosen on the advice of the doctor.

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Regular foot checkup

A patient suffering from diabetes should get his feet checked regularly so that by seeing any kind of change in the feet, it can be treated on time.

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Dry wet feet

When the feet are wet, there is a danger of many problems. In this case, whenever the feet are wet, dry them with the help of a towel. During this, make sure that there is no moisture in the seeds of the toes. Also, wash your feet thoroughly every day.

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Comfortable footwear

Always wear such footwear to go inside the house and go out, so give rest to the feet. Never wear hard footwear. Also, change socks daily.

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Don't use heat bags

Do not use heat bags when you have pain in your feet, because there is a risk of nerve numbness in this condition. Along with this, there is a danger of burning the feet from the heat bag.

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Stay away from alcohol and smoking

Individuals affected by the condition of diabetic neuropathy should avoid consumption of smoking. If smoking or alcohol is consumed during this time, it can increase the severity of neuropathy. To reduce the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy, keep your distance from alcohol and smoking.

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The reason for pain in the feet in diabetes can be damage to the nerves of the feet. In this situation, the patient should take special care of his feet, so that the severity of it can be reduced. Always keep your feet clean, wear comfortable footwear, and exercise on the doctor's advice. Due to this, the nerves of the feet can be prevented from getting damaged and pain in the feet. Also, try to control blood sugar in diabetes, so that diabetic neuropathy can be avoided.

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