Lack of physical activity and stress have given rise to many diseases. Diabetes has become a common health problem in recent years, affecting millions of people worldwide. Sugar (Diabetes) is a lifelong disease and taking its medicines for the whole life can have many side effects and serious health effects. In such a situation, Ayurveda and home remedies are the best way to control diabetes. Many natural ingredients can help regulate glucose and control blood sugar levels.

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Today in this article, you will know how effective home remedies for diabetes are.

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  1. Home Remedies to Reduce Diabetes
  2. Bitter gourd
  3. Triphala
  4. Vijaysar
  5. Turmeric Powder
  6. Jamun
  7. Gudmar
  8. Shilajit
  9. Neem
  10. Bel Patra
  11. Fenugreek
  12. Takeaway

There are many such ingredients in our kitchen, which can be used as medicine. These ingredients can help control diabetes by acting like ayurvedic medicine. Come, let us know in detail about these home remedies for diabetes -

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Drinking bitter gourd juice every morning on an empty stomach helps in lowering the sugar level and provides relief from frequent urination. It contains an active component called charantin which helps in reducing the level of sugar in the blood. Take out its seeds and make powder from it and consume it daily.

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Triphala is one of the most widely present herbs in ayurveda to treat diseases. As its name suggests, Triphala is a combination of three fruits. All these three fruits are powerful herbs and Triphala combines the valuable medicinal properties of all three. It helps in the functions of the pancreas and promotes the secretion of insulin. You can consume 1 teaspoon of the powder with warm water or you would be better off consulting an expert or doctor before consuming it, to avoid major changes in blood sugar levels.

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The bark of the vijaysar tree is no less than a boon for diabetic patients. It not only helps in controlling the level of sugar in the blood but is also effective in promoting the secretion of insulin and flushing out excess fat from the body. It maintains healthy lipid levels in the blood and prevents various complications associated with diabetes. Ayurvedic texts describe vijaysar as an excellent herb for diabetes. You can consume its bark powder or powder with water.

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Turmeric is known for its powerful healing powers and has a special place in everyone's kitchen. It lowers the blood sugar level and also helps in solving the root causes of diabetes. For effective and quick results, you can take turmeric along with amla. Just include 2-3 grams of turmeric in your diet and enjoy its benefits.

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Jamun contains glycosides that help to keep a check on blood sugar levels. It acts as a powerful herb for diabetes and reverses the effects of diabetes by converting sugar into energy. So quickly head to your kitchen and grind the seeds of Jamun to make a fine powder and take 3 grams of the powder twice a day with buttermilk.

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Gudmar means 'sugar destroyer' and has been traditionally used in ayurveda to treat diabetes. It increases insulin in the body and helps in reducing the level of sugar in the blood. It slows down the process of absorption of fat and conversion of sugar. It also helps in the metabolic activities of the body, helps in maintaining the balance of weight, and also maintains the right level of cholesterol in the blood. Chew a few leaves of gudmar daily or drink tea made from 400 mg gudmar churna.

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Shilajit blocks glucose in the bloodstream and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. This is the reason why it is also called "the killer of diabetes". It stimulates the functioning of the pancreas and encourages insulin secretion and helps reduce dependence on external insulin intake. It also helps in relieving fatigue due to diabetes. You can consume 100 mg of shilajit powder daily.

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Neem leaves are full of medicinal properties and they are also easily available. Neem balances Kapha dosha and reduces insulin dependency. According to Vedic and traditional health texts, it is very effective in improving diabetes. It not only lowers the sugar level in the body but also helps in normalizing blood flow. You can chew 4-5 neem leaves or consume neem juice to prevent atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. It can also help you reduce your dependence on insulin intake.

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If you are worried about your high blood sugar level, then quickly take some bel leaves, grind them and extract the juice and add a pinch of black pepper and salt to about 20 ml juice, and your high blood sugar level will be reduced.

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Fenugreek seeds contain threonine and alkaloids that help lower blood sugar levels. They also slow down the process of digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. Make the powder by grinding fenugreek seeds and consume one spoonful of powder daily in the morning. You can also drink tea made from it. Avoid using it if you are a pregnant woman or you have given birth to a child or you are trying to conceive. It is safe for others to use but they should not take it for more than 6 months.

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Home remedies have been considered safe and effective in treating diabetes or any other disease. Of course, with these home remedies, the disease cannot be eradicated from the root, but health can be improved. Therefore, using household items like bitter gourd, Triphala, shilajit, fenugreek, etc. as home remedies for diabetes. Although all these ingredients are safe, the patient of sugar must consult a doctor once before using them.

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