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What is Endometrial Hyperplasia?

The uterus is composed of three layers, i.e., perimetrium, myometrium, and endometrium. The endometrium is the innermost lining, made up of small epithelial cells that grow under the action of hormones released by the ovaries. It is the endometrium that grows and is shed off during each menstrual cycle, resulting in bleeding. Due to certain alterations in oestrogen levels, this endometrium remains thick, and this condition is known as endometrial hyperplasia. It is not cancer, but in certain cases, it may become cancerous eventually.

What are the main signs and symptoms?

Symptoms of endometrial hyperplasia are not just confined to the uterus; it may produce generalised symptoms as well, which include:

  • Abnormal menstrual bleeding (heavy bleeding or more frequent menstruation)
  • Bleeding in between periods
  • Vaginal bleeding despite menopause
  • Anaemia due to excessive blood loss
  • Weakness

What are the main causes?

The endometrium is very sensitive to oestrogen and progesterone levels. Usually, oestrogen is the one that stimulates the endometrial lining to grow in thickness. When oestrogen levels are high and progesterone levels are relatively low, it results in endometrial hyperplasia. It usually occurs in females with

How is it diagnosed and treated?

A medical history with a clinical examination reflects endometrial hyperplasia. Certain investigations mentioned below are required to confirm the diagnosis as well as to rule out cancer:

  • Pelvic Ultrasound – To reveal the thickness of endometrium and look for the cause
  • Transvaginal Ultrasound – To evaluate the changes in the endometrium more accurately
  • Hysteroscopy – To view the endometrium using an endoscope
  • Endometrial Biopsy – Small tissue samples are taken and evaluated under the microscope to confirm the diagnosis and rule out endometrial cancer

A routine pelvic ultrasound is performed every 2-3 years to rule out further chances of cancer.

Treatment modalities for endometrial hyperplasia include

  • Observation – It is the most common technique used because after attaining menopause, in the absence of oestrogen, hyperplasia subsides or symptoms subside.
  • Medical Management – The use of progesterone tablets is the usual form of oral therapy in females with pronounced symptoms or having symptoms of vaginal bleeding even after menopause.
  • Surgical Management – In certain patients who have persistent symptoms despite medical therapy, the endometrium is scraped by a procedure called endometrial ablation or in extreme cases, the entire uterus with ovaries is removed
  1. Medicines for Endometrial Hyperplasia

Medicines for Endometrial Hyperplasia

Medicines listed below are available for Endometrial Hyperplasia. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
EndogestEndogest 100 Mg Capsule131.0
GestafineGestafine 100 Mg Capsule132.0
HaldHald 100 Mg Capsule130.0
HernmpHernmp 200 Mg Capsule187.0
MacgestMacgest 100 Mg Capsule134.0
MicrogestMicrogest 100 Mg Capsule138.0
MiprogenMiprogen 100 Mg Capsule136.0
ProlinProlin 100 Mg Capsule132.0
StroneStrone 100 Mg Capsule130.0
3 Phase3 Phase 50 Mg Tablet71.0
AlpregAlpreg 100 Mg Capsule109.0
AurichAurich 100 Mg Capsule69.0
Bond InjectionBond 250 Mg Injection43.0
CelogeshCelogesh 200 Mg Tablet199.0
ConestConest 200 Mg Capsule192.0
CorgestCorgest 100 Mg Injection72.0
CrichCrich 100 Mg Capsule104.0
Crinone (Serum)Crinone 8% Gel175.0
CygestCygest 100 Mg Capsule125.0
DarvelonDarvelon 50 Mg Tablet58.0
Delton SDelton S 500 Mg Injection40.0
Deugest (Tenet)Deugest 100 Mg Injection56.0
DubagestDubagest 100 Mg Capsule159.0
EgeriaEgeria 100 Mg Tablet98.0
EmprogestEmprogest 100 Mg Capsule142.0
Emprogest EvEmprogest Ev 200 Mg Tablet193.0
EudrimEudrim 100 Mg Tablet104.0
EugestEugest 100 Mg Injection62.0
EvenEven 100 Mg Tablet108.0
Even SgEven Sg 100 Mg Capsule129.0
FerliterFerliter 100 Mg Capsule91.0
FgestFgest 200 Mg Tablet159.0
FulgestFulgest Sr 100 Mg Capsule146.0
GalagestGalagest 100 Mg Capsule67.0
GestaninGestanin 5 Mg Tablet54.0
GestmateGestmate 100 Mg Tablet140.0
GestocGestoc 100 Mg Tablet90.0
GestofitGestofit 100 Mg Capsule150.0
GestofordGestoford 200 Mg Injection129.0
GestoneGestone 100 Mg Capsule104.0
GestowellGestowell 100 Mg Tablet100.0
GestumGestum 100 Mg/2 Ml Injection88.0
Gynomic NpGynomic Np 100 Mg Tablet110.0
GynosisGynosis 500 Mg Tablet Dt87.0
HilgestroneHilgestrone 100 Mg Capsule90.0
HypertoneHypertone 6 Mg Ointment87.0
HypetroneHypetrone 500 Mg Injection105.0
I GestI Gest 200 Mg Tablet260.0
JoprestJoprest 100 Mg Tablet112.0
JubironJubiron 100 Mg Capsule90.0
Lo StrenLo Stren 50 Mg Tablet118.0
LupigestLupigest 100 Mg Capsule122.0
LutacareLutacare 100 Mg Tablet114.0
Luteum(Unc)Luteum 100 Mg Tablet125.0
Luteum(Ucr)Luteum 200 Mg Tablet256.0
LutinLutin 250 Mg Injection60.0
MenocareMenocare 100 Mg Tablet104.0
Metageston DepotMetageston Depot 500 Mg Injection3.0
Michelle AqMichelle Aq Injection435.0
MicproMicpro 100 Mg Capsule118.0
MicroprogestaMicroprogesta 100 Mg Capsule114.0
MinagestMinagest 100 Mg Capsule99.0
My ProgMy Prog 100 Mg Capsule119.0
NaevaNaeva 25 Mg Injection89.0
NanceNance 100 Mg Injection78.0
NatproNatpro 100 Mg Injection73.0
NatronNatron 100 Mg Capsule90.0
NaturogestNaturogest 100 Mg Capsule135.0
NeogestNeogest 100 Mg Capsule359.0
N GestN Gest 100 Mg Capsule112.0
NidagenNidagen 100 Mg Capsule96.0
NovarelNovarel 100 Mg Injection92.0
OgestOgest 100 Mg Capsule93.0
OirgametrilOirgametril 5 Mg Tablet29.0
OptogestOptogest 200 Mg Tablet270.0
OrgagestOrgagest 200 Mg Capsule133.0
PeetonePeetone 250 Mg Injection42.0
PgronPgron 100 Mg Injection70.0
PlacentonePlacentone 100 Mg Tablet137.0
PregcertPregcert 200 Mg Capsule201.0
PregcitilPregcitil 100 Mg Capsule99.0
PreglivePreglive 200 Mg Tablet Sr264.0
PregmainPregmain 250 Mg Injection53.0
PrenonePrenone Sgc 200 Mg Capsule240.0
ProfineProfine 200 Mg Capsule220.0
ProgoProgo 10 Mg Tablet13.0
ProhaleProhale 100 Mg Capsule132.0
ProlutecProlutec 250 Mg Injection94.0
ProlutilProlutil 250 Mg Injection94.0
Pro One (Invision Medi)Pro One 200 Mg Capsule194.0
RegcylRegcyl 100 Mg Tablet110.0
Relutin DepotRelutin Depot 500 Mg Injection122.0
RemensRemens 100 Mg Injection86.0
SafegestSafegest Capsule204.0
Seacure (Akumentis)Seacure 100 Mg Tablet129.0
Seacure AqSeacure Aq Injection95.0
SofiaSofia 100 Mg Capsule154.0
SoftySofty 100 Mg Capsule115.0
Stable (Skymax)Stable 200 Mg Tablet179.0
SugestSugest 100 Mg Capsule137.0
SustenSusten 100 Mg Capsule108.0
Sustina PSustina P 200 Mg Tablet Sr260.0
TekgestTekgest 100 Mg Tablet108.0
TopnidTopnid 250 Mg Injection56.0
Topnid NTopnid N 100 Mg Capsule86.0
TrugestTrugest 100 Mg Tablet147.0
UltigestUltigest 100 Mg Capsule157.0
UteroneUterone 100 Mg Capsule133.0
UtrogestanUtrogestan 200 Mg Tablet205.0
UtrovinUtrovin 100 Mg Injection39.0
VagestonVageston 200 Mg Capsule206.0
VoraninVoranin 100 Mg Capsule105.0
WalagestWalagest 100 Mg Capsule114.0
AprogestAprogest 200 Mg Tablet185.0
AquagestAquagest 22.35 Mg Injection100.0
Depo ProgestinDepo Progestin 150 Mg Injection254.0
Ets EvEts Ev 200 Mg Tablet150.0
FertiFerti 100 Mg Capsule100.0
GemgestGemgest 200 Mg Injection190.0
GenegestGenegest 200 Mg Tablet190.0
GesryGesry 100 Mg Capsule109.0
GestasureGestasure 200 Mg Capsule209.0
Gesterol SrGesterol Sr 200 Mg Tablet202.0
GestonormGestonorm 50 Mg Syrup42.0
GrandgestGrandgest 100 Mg Capsule120.0
GynaroneGynarone 100 Mg Capsule95.0
HormorinHormorin 100 Mg Capsule166.0
KreateKreate 100 Mg Capsule90.0
Lubicon (Sanjivini)Lubicon 200 Mg Capsule214.0
MaaMaa 200 Mg Softgel204.0
Solumiks Maa Lact GranulesSolumiks Maa Lact Granules
Metagesic SsMetagesic Ss 250 Mg Tablet55.0
NaturoneNaturone 100 Mg Capsule100.0
OxyronOxyron 100 Mg Injection77.0
PregrinPregrin 5 Mg Tablet73.0
PregtainPregtain 200 Mg Capsule210.0
PremellePremelle 2.5 Mg Tablet310.0
Pro DtPro Dt Injection123.0
Progestal (Stallion)Progestal 100 Mg Capsule108.0
ProgezProgez 200 Mg Capsule182.0
Prolouton DptProlouton Dpt Injection48.0
ProstagenProstagen 200 Mg Capsule203.0
PuregestPuregest 100 Mg Capsule229.0
RhogestRhogest 200 Mg Tablet296.0
RimgestRimgest 100 Mg Injection70.0
SialSial 100 Mg Tablet99.0
SperogestSperogest 100 Mg Capsule126.0
UnigestUnigest 50 Mg Tablet60.0
Uniprogestin MUniprogestin M 200 Mg Capsule192.0
UtoneUtone 50 Mg Syrup77.0
WisroneWisrone 200 Mg Injection88.0
AlgestAlgest 100 Mg Capsule120.0
CynthogestCynthogest 200 Mg Tablet Sr265.0
FegestFegest 100 Mg Capsule110.0
Fm GestFm Gest 200 Mg Tablet295.0
MichelleMichelle 200 Mg Tablet249.0
ProceiveProceive Sr 200 Mg Tablet285.0
Retain (Overseas)Retain Tablet35.0
RonygestRonygest 200 Mg Capsule199.0
Seacure O TabletSeacure O 200 Mg Tablet249.0
SuregestSuregest 100 Mg Capsule120.0
GesterolGesterol 100 Mg Injection67.0
GregestGregest 200 Mg Capsule250.0
MaxigestMaxigest 200 Mg Capsule250.0
Mogest 200 CapsuleMogest 200 Capsule250.0
NugestNugest 100 Mg Capsule115.0
SrgestSrgest 200 Mg Capsule284.0
AqsustenAqsusten 25 Mg/Ml Injection87.0
Depo Provera InjectionDepo Provera 150 Mg Injection278.0
Deviry TabletDeviry 10 Mg Tablet58.94
MaxogestMaxogest Tablet54.5
MedaninMedanin 10 Mg Tablet54.47
MedrigestMedrigest Tablet48.9
MedronormMedronorm Tablet48.37
MegestMegest 10 Mg Tablet58.47
Meprate TabletMeprate 10 Mg Tablet52.6
ModusModus 10 Mg Tablet55.02
OrgamedOrgamed 10 Mg Tablet55.0
DbDb Tablet49.0
Depokare InjectionDepokare 150 Mg Injection125.0
Dub (Unicure)Dub 10 Mg Tablet29.4
EmpeeaEmpeea 10 Mg Tablet42.98
MedonaMedona 10 Mg Tablet40.0
PropegPropeg 100 Mg Capsule93.45
ProveraProvera 10 Mg Tablet60.53
RegeevaRegeeva 10 Mg Tablet47.3
Busag InjectionBusag 0.5 Mg Injection355.08
BusarlinBusarlin 0.5 Mg Injection412.0
BuselinBuselin 7 Mg Injection2897.65
GynarichGynarich Injection200.0
SupradopinSupradopin 0.5 Mg Injection384.62
ZerelinZerelin 5 Mg Injection2200.0
Art LutonArt Luton Vaginal Spray3300.0
Crinone(Merck)Crinone 8% Aplicap161.83
Pregcert LmfPregcert Lmf 500 Mcg/200 Mg Capsule225.0

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