The problem of stones has become very common these days. Every day patients suffering from stones have started reaching the doctor for treatment. Although there are many medicines and other treatments for the treatment of stones, do you know that by consuming just one pulse, you can remove the stones present in any part of your body?

Consumption of Kulthi Dal is considered effective in stones. In this article, we will learn about the consumption of Kulthi Dal in case of stones and its benefits.

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  3. Benefits Of Horse Gram Dal In Kidney Stone
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Doctors for Health Benefits of Kulthi Dal for Kidney Stone Sufferers

It is not easy to bear the pain caused by stones. Once it starts, the condition keeps getting worse. There is a possibility of stone pain increasing due to some special food.

But there are some things in our kitchen, whose consumption does not increase the pain of stones and the problem of stones. One such thing is horse gram dal, whose consumption can relieve you from the pain of stones. Let us know in detail what horse gram dal, the benefits of horse gram dal and how to consume it.

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Kulthi dal is known for its dry, rough texture and different aroma. Its seeds are sprouted, boiled or roasted and added to many types of recipes. Its most common dish is the dal made in the normal way, in which onion and tomato are tempered. It is customary to eat it with rice. People across the country consume it a lot. Apart from this, it is also eaten in Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

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There are many benefits of consuming horse gram dal, which is rich in nutrients and along with its consumption, one can easily get relief from stones. Let us know about some more benefits of this.

Makes Stones Smaller - Consumption of horse gram dal has the ability to make the big stones present in the body smaller. Due to this, small pieces of stone are expelled through urine without any problem.

Full of Nutrients - Horse gram dal contains protein and fiber in very high quantities. It contains low lipid, carbohydrate as well as other essential nutrients and minerals like iron, phosphorus and vitamin C.

Supports Blood Sugar Level - Phytic Acid, Flavonoid, Saponin and fiber present in horse gram dal together support healthy blood sugar level.

Controls Hunger - Such compounds are found in horse gram dal, which control hunger and this is the reason that your weight starts getting controlled.

Beneficial for Heart Health - Along with reducing the problem of stones, the consumption of horse gram dal has the ability to reduce the levels of total cholesterol, LDL (bad) cholesterol, and triglycerides, which are associated with the risk of heart diseases.

Effect Can be Seen in 4-5 Months - It may take 4 to 5 months for the effect of horse gram dal to be visible. But for this you should consume it regularly so that you can get rid of stones forever.

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If you want your stones to be removed without any surgery, then for this you should consume horse gram dal regularly. Usually people consume it as a normal recipe of lentils. In this process, the lentils are boiled and cooked after soaking. It is eaten with rice. You can also consume horse gram dal in this way. But to remove stones, you should consume horse gram dal in a different way.

  • After washing the horse gram dal, you have to soak it in water overnight.
  • Keep in mind that the water should not be too much but just enough to soak the lentils well.
  • Filter this lentil and drink the remaining water.
  • If you want, you can also chew and eat horse gram dal. This is also beneficial.

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If there is stone in any part of the body, horse gram dal is very useful for it. It is rich in nutrients, which include carbohydrates, low lipids, phytic acid, phenolic acid, flavonoids, saponin protein and fiber. Apart from being helpful in removing stones, horse gram dal is also beneficial in weight loss and heart health.

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