Many promises are made to detox the liver, to which some companies have a significant contribution, including supplements. They say that toxins and impurities can be removed through liver detox, but all this is controversial because no solid research has been found in this regard so far. It is definitely that by keeping a distance from alcohol and trying measures like avoiding over-the-counter medicines, help can be taken to keep the liver healthy.

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Today in this article you will know whether you can detox the liver or not -

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  1. What is liver detox?
  2. Liver detox: fact or myth
  3. Ways to Improve Liver Health Instead of Liver Detox
  4. Takeaway
Doctors for Can You Detox Liver?

The liver is the natural detoxifier of the body, which supports healthy digestion by removing toxins from the body. When the liver becomes sick, the body is unable to remove toxins effectively. As a result of this, problems like itching in the skin, yellowing of the skin, swelling in the skin, problems of blood cells, fatiguenausea, and diarrhea start. In most cases, the following work is done in liver detox -

  • Taking supplements to remove toxins from the liver
  • Liver-friendly diet
  • Avoiding certain foods
  • Filling up on juice
  • Colon and gut cleansing through enema

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The truth is that if the liver is healthy, it keeps getting cleaned on its own and if the liver is not healthy, it will not be cured even by liver detox. If a person has liver disease, then he needs the right medical treatment and lifestyle changes. There is a risk of many health-related problems due to liver detox, let's know about it -

  • Liver detox diets do not help with all the nutrients that a person's body needs. Over time, due to this, nutrients are deficient. Especially children, pregnant women, and people with medical conditions.
  • Similarly, if the enema used for liver detox is not applied properly, it can be harmful to the intestines.
  • When a person does liver detox instead of medical treatment, it does not cure serious diseases.

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Instead of liver detox, it is better to try other ways to improve liver health. Liver health can be improved with the help of not consuming alcohol, avoiding useless over-the-counter medicines, and vaccination. Come, let us know in detail about the ways to improve liver health instead of liver detox -

Quit alcohol

Alcohol consumption can be risky for liver disease. If someone is addicted to drinking alcohol, then he should think about its treatment. Also, the consumption of alcohol should be stopped immediately.

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Avoiding over-the-counter medications

Medicines should be consumed in the same quantity as advised. Especially a drug like acetaminophen can be dangerous for the liver. Similarly, alcohol and over-the-counter medicines should never be mixed.

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Vaccination is necessary

Every person is advised to get Hepatitis A and B vaccination. This vaccination is necessary, especially before traveling abroad.

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Safe sex

Sex lowers the risk of transmitting conditions that can affect the liver. Regular tests should also be done for sexually transmitted infections.

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Proper diet

It is better to consume pesticide-free vegetables and fruits. Along with this, it is equally important to drink a lot of water.

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Regular exercise

Regular exercise is also very important for a healthy liver. Along with this, neither low weight is right nor increasing weight, the help of exercise can be taken in a healthy weight.

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Many things are said about liver detox, but no research has been able to prove it so far. If the liver is not healthy, no matter how many measures are taken, it will not be cured even by liver detox. Yes, it is definitely that the liver can be kept healthy with the help of limited consumption of alcohol and vaccination. It would be better to heed the doctor's advice for a healthy liver.

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