Psoriasis is a condition mediated by the immune system that affects the skin, nails and joints. In individuals with psoriasis, the new cells in the body are produced in days rather than in weeks. This causes a piling up of cells leading to red, thick, scaly patches on the skin surface. These non-contagious scaly patches may vary in size and tend to be itchy. They may lead to stinging and burning sensation and pain if left untreated.

Although it can affect different areas of the body, psoriasis is commonly observed on the skin of knees, elbows, lower back and scalp. The exact underlying cause of this condition is hidden, but it is known to be mediated by the immune system. The outbreak of psoriasis may occur due to skin injury, infection, emotional stress and as a side effect of certain medications. It is also associated with serious diseases such as diabetes, depression and heart disease.

Homeopathic remedies are valuable in the management of skin diseases like psoriasis. Unlike conventional medicines, these remedies are prepared from natural substances and hence do not produce side effects. Some common homeopathic remedies that are used for the management of psoriasis include chrysarobinum, kalium arsenicosum, sepia officinalis, graphites, lycopodium clavatum, carbolicum acidum, sulphur, arsenicum album, kalium bromatum, arsenicum iodatum and thyroidinum.

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Doctors for Homeopathic medicine, treatment and remedies for Psoriasis
  • Chrysarobinum
    Common name: Goa powder
    Symptoms: Chrysarobinum is primarily used in individuals with skin diseases like psoriasis and ringworm. Other symptoms treated with this remedy are:
    • Dry crust on the skin with pus underneath
    • Dry and scaly eruptions on skin
    • Severe itching in areas like thighs, ears and legs
    • Vesicular lesions with foul-smelling discharge
  • Kalium Arsenicosum
    Common name: Fowler's solution
    Symptoms: It is one of the best remedies for nervous and restless individuals or those suffering from chronic skin diseases. Kalium arsenicosum can also be used to treat anaemia. Common symptoms for which this medicine can be used are:
    • Dry and scaly skin causing unbearable itching that worsens in hot weather
    • Numerous small nodules under the skin that worsen with a change in weather
    • Small blisters containing pus that worsen during menses
  • Sepia officinalis
    Common name: Inky juice of cuttlefish
    Symptoms: Sepia officinalis is especially useful in individuals with a yellow complexion who suffer from weakness and pain. This remedy helps relieve the following symptoms:
    • Itching in the affected region that is not relieved by scratching
    • Itching that is worse in the bends of joints, e.g., elbows and knees
    • Excessive sweating of feet and toes and excessive body sweat along with body odour
    • Scaly and thick skin with an offensive odour
    • Brownish erupted patches on nose, lips and mouth

Individuals on this therapy feel worse in the mornings and evenings. They feel better when using warm beds, hot applications and by exercising, cold bathing and sleeping.

  • Graphites
    Common name: Black lead
    Symptoms: This remedy is mainly used for treating skin rashes caused due to infections. It is also useful in treating anaemia with redness of the face and swollen genitals. Other symptoms that can be treated with this remedy are:
    • Persistently dry, hard and rough skin
    • Eruptions on skin with oozing sticky exudate
    • Unhealthy skin causing suppuration of all the injuries
    • Ulceration of skin with thin, fluid and sticky discharge
    • Rashes on the face with burning and stinging pain

Symptoms worsen in warm climates, at night, and during and after menses and they improve in the dark.

  • Lycopodium Clavatum
    Common name: Club moss
    Symptoms: Lycopodium Clavatum is best suited for malnourished and weak individuals and individuals with poor digestion. It is useful for individuals with chronic inflammatory conditions. Other symptoms that are relieved using lycopodium clavatum are:
    • Ulceration of skin or abscess beneath the skin
    • Hives and violent itching on the scaly eruptions
    • Dry and shrunken skin on the affected area
    • Thick and hard skin
    • Sticky and offensive sweating

Individuals taking this medicine feel better after eating or drinking anything warm, and their condition worsens with indigestion, between 4 pm and 8 pm, and due to the pressure of clothes on the body.

A case study involving a 29-year-old woman with symptoms including yellowish nail discolouration, destruction and thickening of the fingernails and toenails reported the effects of arsenicum album in the treatment of psoriasis. The participant had a history of psoriasis treated with topical steroids. The current symptoms of the woman were substantially improved after using arsenicum album for 6 weeks. She was able to resume her daily chores, and subsequent treatment and visits indicated further relief. Even though the symptoms were relieved to a great extent, the woman was dissatisfied with the treatment, and the medicine was changed. She was further treated with lycopodium, and it was found that all the nail lesions were gone in 9 months except for one nail. This lesion was also in an almost-healed condition.

  • Carbolicum Acidum
    Common name: Phenol
    Symptoms: This remedy is best suited for individuals with severe pain, abscess due to physical exertion, discharge with offensive odour, spasmodic cough or arthritis. It is also useful in symptoms such as:
    • Itching vesicles and burning pain
    • Burns that lead to ulcerations of skin
  • Sulphur
    Common name: Sublimated sulphur
    Symptoms: Sulphur is one of the most useful remedies in the management of burning sensation of the skin. It can also be used for treating the following symptoms:
    • Dry, scaly and unhealthy skin
    • Pus in any injury
    • Itching and burning sensation on the skin that is aggravated by scratching and washing
    • Pustules, pimple-like eruptions and hang-nails
    • Scraped or abraded skin, especially in joints
    • Skin problems due to application of a local medication

In an individual on this remedy, the symptoms may worsen on washing the affected region, bathing, resting, standing, consumption of alcoholic stimulant, warmth in bed, at night and 11 a.m. Improvement in the condition is experienced in dry and warm weather, on lying on the right side, and from drawing up the affected limb.

A case study involving a 66-year-old man with generalised eruptions on the skin for 3 months indicated the effectiveness of sulphur as a homeopathic medicine in psoriasis. He experienced lesions with occasional itching and had a history of mild high blood pressure, for which no therapy was received. Physical examination of the participant indicated the presence of erythematous plaques with a generalised distribution involving the scalp region. Sulphur was used weekly in the treatment of the symptoms. Sulphur-based cosmetic creams were also used in the management of itching. Follow-up at months 1 and 2 indicated a significant improvement in the clinical condition, and follow-up at month 4 suggested that the symptoms were almost completely relieved. The patient did not experience any lesions except for some in the elbow region even after 2 years of cessation of therapy.

  • Arsenicum Album
    Common name: Arsenious acid
    Symptoms: This medicine acts on all the organs and tissues. It is the best-suited treatment for individuals with burning pain, severe exhaustion after slight physical activity, restlessness and health complaints arising due to the vicinity to the sea. Other symptoms that can be treated using arsenicum album are:
    • Itching, burning sensations and swelling on skin
    • Dry, rough and scaly skin with eruptions and papules; these symptoms worsen in cold weather
    • Ulcers with offensive discharge
    • Abnormal and excessive growth of the tissue causing piling of tissues and eruptions on the skin

The condition of the individual may worsen during monsoon, after midnight and with consumption of cold drinks and foods. Their condition may improve in warm weather and by the ingestion of warm drinks.

  • Kalium Bromatum
    Common name: Bromide of potash
    Symptoms: Kalium Bromatum is one of the best remedies for psoriasis and acute nodular gout. It can be used in the management of the following symptoms:
    • Facial acne or blisters with pus
    • Itching, especially on shoulder, chest and face
    • Red and scaly skin with itching

The individual feels better when he is occupied mentally or physically with some work.

  • Arsenicum Iodatum
    Common name: Iodide of arsenic
    Symptoms: Arsenicum Iodatum is suitable for individuals with persistently irritating and corrosive discharge from various regions of the body. The discharge causes irritation of various membranes that come in contact with it. This medicine is also helpful in symptoms like red and swollen mucous membranes with itches and burns. Other symptoms that can be managed using arsenicum iodatum are:
    • Severe exfoliation of  skin on a large scale that leads to exposure of raw oozing surface underneath it
    • Dry, hard and scaly skin with itchingWaking with night sweats
    • Eczema on the beard area causing watering, oozing and itching of  skin; the condition worsens on washing the affected skin
    • Blisters or acne that contain pus
  • Thyroidinum
    Common name: Dried thyroid gland of the sheep
    Symptoms: This medicine acts best in individuals with weakness, sweating, tingling sensations and fibroid tumours. Following are some other symptoms that can be managed using thyroidinum:
    • Dry and scaly skin with redness and itching
    • Cold hands and feet
    • Brownish coloured swelling on skin
    • Thickened skin and inflammation due to autoimmune conditions
    • Itching without eruption that worsens at night
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Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, advised certain lifestyle changes to prevent everyday habits from interfering with the action of the remedies. These are listed as below


  • Include suitable nutritious foods in your diet that possess no medicinal properties
  • Stay in hygienic conditions
  • Live a physically active life and involve activities like walking in your routine


  • Do not drink beverages like coffee, liquors made with medicinal spices, or drinks with a strong odour
  • Do not eat spicy food and also avoid roots and stems of plants with medicinal properties
  • Avoid extreme feelings such as anger or grief or any feelings that may lead to physical or mental exertion

Although conventional medicine includes numerous effective treatments for psoriasis like ultraviolet light, the side effects caused by these treatments cannot be neglected. Also, the treatment is temporary, and a relapse of the condition is common even after treatment. Homeopathy deals with psoriasis differently and aims to strengthen the individual's general health rather than suppressing symptoms.

Psoriasis is a chronic disease that needs to be assessed by an experienced and skilled homeopathic physician. All chronic skin disorders including psoriasis need patience and time for a complete cure.

A study to assess the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies in the management of numerous skin disorders including psoriasis indicated the safety and efficiency of  homeopathic treatment. During the course of this study, children and adults with complaints of various skin problems in the outpatient clinic were prescribed individualised homeopathic treatment for at least 3 months. Out of the 49 participants, 59% showed a significant improvement in their symptoms, 37% did not complete therapy, and 4% did not show any improvement. No side effects were reported by any patient. This suggests that individualised homeopathic remedies can be an effective therapy for the management of dermatologic symptoms and can be helpful in the treatment of psoriasis.

Homeopathic medicines are known to be safe and effective as they contain minute quantities of minerals, herbs or animal products. They are totally free of any adverse effects and are especially useful in individuals who cannot use conventional medicine due to their side effects. Homeopathic medicines can be used safely in treating conditions in infants, children and pregnant women. Unlike conventional medicines such as antibiotics, homeopathic medicines do not affect the digestive or immune systems either. They are free of toxicity, addictive properties, withdrawal symptoms and dependency, thus being a beneficial alternative in the treatment of psoriasis.

Although these remedies are safe and effective, it is necessary to consult a homeopathic physician before initiating any therapy to avoid side effects. A doctor will suggest the best-suited therapy based on your clinical symptoms. He will also recommend dietary and lifestyle changes that need to be included in your daily routine for an effective and safe treatment. For e.g., chrysarobinum should be used with caution as it is an irritant and may lead to inflammation; and carbolicum acidum should not be taken with vegetable oils and glycerine due to compatibility issues.

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Psoriasis is a skin condition that leads to the formation of dry scaly patches on the skin. Conventional medicines are the fastest treatment for psoriasis, but the possibility of side effects and relapse are also high with these medicines. Homeopathy involves the treatment of the underlying of the condition using natural substances in an extensively diluted form. It not only cures the symptoms but also prevents relapse. When taken in the right dosage under the guidance of an experienced doctor homeopathic remedies do not show any side effects and help improve the overall quality of life.

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