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What is skin discolouration?

Skin discolouration refers to irregular patches of changed skin colour. Skin discolouration is a relatively common problem and can be due to various causes like injury, inflammation or more serious underlying illness. Skin discolouration happens due to variable levels of melanin in the skin.

What are its main signs and symptoms?

Depending on the cause, these patches of skin discolouration can have varying degrees of symptoms, which include:

  • Dark coloured or light coloured or both types of patches on the skin
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Reduced sensation or loss of sensation over the patches
  • Hyperaesthesia (increased sensitivity)

What are the main causes?

Skin discolouration is caused by a wide array of conditions, which range from simple allergies to severe autoimmune diseases. Some of the common causes include:

How is it diagnosed and treated?

A proper medical examination of the skin discolouration along with a medical history usually hints at the diagnosis, but certain investigations are required to confirm the diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment. These investigations include:

  • Blood investigations – Certain investigations to check for allergies and autoimmune diseases. These investigations include complete blood count (CBC), C-reactive protein (CRP), anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA).
  • Wood’s lamp examination – This test helps in identifying bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Skin biopsy – This helps in examining the cells under the microscope.

The treatment criteria purely depend on the cause of the disease. Once the cause is found, it is usually easy to clear the discolouration. Treatment aims at the underlying disease, which will automatically clear the discolouration. However, this may not be possible in many conditions. There are certain medications that help in removing this discolouration, which include:

  • Local applications – Topical application of vitamin A, vitamin E or hydroquinone helps in clearing the dark patches.
  • Chemical peeling – Certain chemicals like glycolic acid or salicylic acid can help in removing the outer layer of the skin (which is usually discoloured).
  • Laser therapy – Laser therapy also helps in lightening the dark patches.
  1. Medicines for Skin Discolouration

Medicines for Skin Discolouration

Medicines listed below are available for Skin Discolouration. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
BriteBrite Cream80.0
Depig (Adventus)Depig Cream104.67
Depig (Intermed)Depig (Intermed) 2% Cream40.0
EukromaEukroma 4% Cream71.94
Eukroma LiteEukroma Lite 2% Cream53.9
HydeHyde 3% Cream62.0
HydripHydrip 2% Cream70.0
Hypig 15Hypig 15 Cream56.0
HypigHypig 4% Cream60.0
LopigLopig Cream70.0
MelaliteMelalite 4% W/W Cream89.0
MelapexMelapex Cream87.0
NuquinNuquin 1 Gm Cream40.0
EsliteEslite 2% Cream45.23
LivaliteLivalite Lotion325.8
LumacipLumacip 2% Cream122.0
MelanormMelanorm 2% Cream30.47
Melanorm LiteMelanorm Lite Ointment275.0
PinkquinPinkquin Cream58.0
PinquinPinquin 2% Ointment38.43
UliteUlite Cream62.4
Zestoquine ForteZestoquine Forte 4.0% Cream55.0
CutihydeCutihyde 3% W/V Cream66.0
Depig F (Intermed)Depig F (Intermed) Ointment40.21
DermofadeDermofade Cream38.0
EpiliteEpilite 5% Lotion119.0
Euskina PlusEuskina Plus Cream190.0
EuskinaEuskina Cream90.0
Melacare PlusMelacare Plus 2% W/W Cream290.0
Quinine DihydrochlorideQuinine Dihydrochloride 300 Mg Injection15.0
TanliteTanlite Cream46.47
Tretcee HQ CreamTretcee Hq Cream89.0
Lomela LiteLomela Lite Cream75.0
NolasmaNolasma Cream90.47
AsmgloAsmglo Cream128.0
ClearwayClearway Cream165.0
Melapik PlusMelapik Plus Cream165.0
CombiliteCombilite Cream171.42
GlomelaGlomela Cream175.0
Lumacip PlusLumacip Plus Cream223.5
LumagloLumaglo Cream218.5
Lumaglo ForteLumaglo Forte Cream185.0
TriglowTriglow Cream257.0
Ub FairUb Fair Fair Cream189.0
CutiliteCutilite Cream152.0
Depig TmDepig Tm Cream95.16
DremzDremz Cream135.0
Etaze HtEtaze Ht Cream141.0
EubitEubit Cream200.0
Eukroma PlusEukroma Plus 2% W/W/0.1% W/W/0.025% W/W Cream136.0
HhliteHhlite Cream159.0
Hydroquinone 2% + Mometasone 0.1% + Tretinoin 0.025 % CreamHydroquinone 2% + Mometasone 0.1% + Tretinoin 0.025 % Cream20.96
JustcleanJustclean Cream123.81
MelasolMelasol Cream111.13
SkinshineSkinshine Cream115.0
Cortina HCortina H Cream122.0
CosmeliteCosmelite Cream151.5
Elosone HtElosone Ht Cream108.0
EnshineEnshine Ointment36.1
FacicareFacicare Cream120.0
FemolinkFemolink Cream119.03
GetliteGetlite Cream153.0
Glowcare ForteGlowcare Forte Cream166.0
Glow LiteGlow Lite 2%/0.1%/0.025% Cream161.9
HtmHtm Cream120.0
Kaylite Anti Marks CreamKaylite Anti Marks Cream150.0
LookbriteLookbrite Cream130.5
Luminosa MLuminosa M Cream119.05
Melacare creamMelacare Cream170.0
Melalite XlMelalite Xl Cream185.0
Melanorm MsMelanorm Ms Cream150.0
MelnorMelnor Cream35.72
MelrioMelrio Cream180.0
Metacortil LiteMetacortil Lite Cream128.0
Momefur HtMomefur Ht Cream88.0
No Scars CreamNo Scars Cream190.0
PigmasonPigmason Cream60.0
SkinBrite CreamSkin Brite Cream135.0
Skinlite CreamSkinlite Cream165.0
Super GlowSuper Glow Cream25.0
TwinkleTwinkle Cream 15 Gm145.0
UltrabriteUltrabrite Cream37.5
GlowtanGlowtan 2%/0.1%/0.025% Cream110.0
KligmelKligmel 2%/0.1%/0.025% Cream478.26
VilclearVilclear 2%W/W/0.1%W/W/0.015%W/W Cream110.0
FraxelFraxel Tablet25.71
TriclinTriclin Cream86.53
Lite UpLite Up Cream63.81
Mela 3Mela 3 Cream158.05
Advan ThfAdvan Thf Cream196.0
Hyclean TfHyclean Tf Cream185.0
LitetoneLitetone Cream162.65
MelafectMelafect Cream99.0
XtraliteXtralite Ointment162.0
MelapikMelapik Cream135.0
O Fair PlusO Fair Plus Cream140.0
PiglowPiglow Cream123.0
Brite OptiBrite Opti Cream120.0
EveglowEveglow Cream135.7
Grazia UpGrazia Up Cream299.0
LomelaLomela Cream130.0
MelabestMelabest Cream109.86
Metasone PlusMetasone Plus Cream118.0
Skin FairSkin Fair Cream25.0
Ultrasone HtUltrasone Ht Ointment98.0
Melapik EverMelapik Ever Cream125.0
Dr. Reckeweg Crotalus Hor DilutionCrotalus Hor Dilution 1 M155.0

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