Sore throat refers to the feeling to itchiness, pain and dryness in the upper respiratory tract, which consists of the nose, nasal cavity,  throat (pharynx), and larynx (voice box). It is usually caused due to an infection or inflammation in the pharynx (pharyngitis) and tonsils (tonsillitis). Sore throat can also be caused by smoking, pollution, reflux of gastric contents (acid reflux), allergic rhinitis or hay fever.

Fever, headache, tiredness, and swelling of the lymph nodes are the common symptoms accompanying sore throat. Warm water gargles, drinking plenty of fluids, steam inhalation, etc. help in relieving the symptoms of sore throat. In milder form, sore throat resolves in 7-10 days. In case the symptoms don’t subside within a week, antibiotics are prescribed for suppressing the growth of infectious microbes. 

Unlike allopathy, homeopathic medicines improve the innate immune response against pathogenic organisms, which subsequently clears the infection. Selected on the basis of the characteristic symptoms of the person, homeopathic medicines not only treats sore throat but also it prevents recurrence of the condition.

Homeopathic physicians commonly use Aconite, Argentum Nitricum, Belladone, Bryonia, Capsicum, Causticum, Hepar Sulph, Kali Bichromicum, Lachesis, Mercurius Solubilis, Rumex, Nux Vomica, Natrum Muriaticum, and Aesculus Hippocastum, for the treatment of sore throat. 

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Homeopathic medicines work on the law of similars which means, a substance that produces certain symptoms in healthy people can be used to treat the same symptoms when they appear as a manifestation of a disease. The potency and effect of a homeopathic remedy are ascertained by the process of drug proving. This procedure involves the administration of a particular drug to a wide range of individuals who vary in age, sex and geographical locations. Changes produced in these individuals are then noted as the symptoms of the said remedy.

  • Aconitum Napellus
    Common name:
    Symptoms: This medicine is best suited to individuals who are highly anxious and fearful. It is useful in treating sore throat which occurs suddenly, especially after exposure to cold air or wind. The following symptoms respond well to monkshood.
    • Acute onset of severe sore throat with fever and sensitivity to being touched
    • Extreme weakness
    • A burning and prickling sensation along with redness in throat
    • Excessive dryness in throat with an intense desire for water (ravenous thirst for water)
    • A constricted feeling in throat with a frequent need to clear the throat
    • Extreme restlessness with fear of death.
    • Complaints get worse with smoking tobacco, cold and dry wind, and in the evening and night
    • The person feels better after exposure to open air
  • Belladonna
    Common name: Deadly nightshade
    Symptoms: Best suited to children and fearful individuals, who are excited or restless at the onset of the complaints. They also show signs of redness and swelling on the face. Research studies show that belladonna is effective in reducing different types of pain such as dental pain, headache, throat pain, etc. Symptoms that are relieved with this medicine are as follows:
    • Sudden onset of sore throat symptoms which are severe in intensity along with excessive mucus secretion
    • Throat is red, dry and swollen with throbbing pain
    • A tendency to develop swollen tonsils, especially on the right side
    • Sensation as if a foreign body is stuck in the throat due to which there is a continuous desire to gulp or expectorate (spit out mucus)  in order to clear the throat
    • Difficulty swallowing due to a sensation of constriction in the throat Sore throat associated with a great desire for cold water or complete lack of thirst
    • Sore throat, which worsens after swallowing liquids, neck movement, touching the throat from outside, lying down, and cool air
    • Symptoms feel better in a semi-reclined position

Aconite Napellus and Belladonna are useful in treating the sudden onset of upper respiratory tract symptoms like flu, sore throat, fever, etc., especially in children.

  • Arnica Montana
    Common name: Leopard’s Bane
    Symptoms: The following symptoms can be treated by using leopard's bane:
    • Sore throat from acute tonsillitis
    • Hoarseness resulting from overuse of voice
    • Different types of injuries with blunt instruments like from fall, hard blows, after surgery etc.
    • Sore throat due to the use of laryngeal masks. These masks are used to keep the airway open after administration of anaesthesia during different types of surgery. Laryngeal mask sometimes causes injury to the vocal cords and results in bleeding and sore throat, along with hoarseness of voice, and throat pain
    • Complaints increase from touch, cold and damp weather, wine, etc.
    • The person feels better by lying down
  • Bryonia Alba
    Common name: Wild Hops
    Symptoms: This medicine acts well on dark complexioned persons with strong musculature and who like eating meat and heavy/rich food. It is particularly useful for people who experience the following symptoms:
    • Sore throat associated with dryness in throat
    • Sensation of swelling in the throat with a constant desire to swallow
    • Sore throat along with prickling pain and burning in the throat. Throat is sensitive to touch
    • Prickling sensation in the throat triggers cough
    • Cough with secretion of thick mucus, which is difficult to throw out
    • Sore throat frequently associated with hoarseness of voice
    • A desire to drink water in large quantities
    • Pain in the throat, which increases with the movement of head and on swallowing. Coughing increases on entering a warm room, by touch, while eating, and from warm weather
    • Rest, cold food or drinks, and application of gentle pressure on the throat make the person feel better
  • Capsicum annum
    Common name: Cayenne Pepper or red pepper
    Symptoms: This remedy is helpful in the treatment of sore throat caused due to cigarette smoking and alcohol intake. Individuals who benefit from this remedy experience some of the following symptoms:
    • Sore throat with severe burning sensation as if pepper is sprinkled in the throat
    • Throat is red and inflamed. The person reports of pain while swallowing
    • Sore throat with excessive mucus secretion
    • Painful and constant hawking to clear the throat, especially in the morning
    • Stitching sensation in throat that triggers cough
    • Ulcers in the throat that appear like white spots with redness around them
    • Tonsillitis, especially on the right side, which is associated with burning pain
    • Genetically long uvula which triggers cough
  • Causticum
    Common name: Caustic potash
    Symptoms: Causticum is effective in the treatment of sore throat and hoarseness caused due to overuse of vocal cords such as in singers and orators. This remedy is effective in alleviating the following symptoms:
    • Sore throat with burning sensation in the throat
    • Sensation as if throat is being scraped from inside
    • Sensation of a lump in the throat with constant desire to swallow
    • Dry cough with accumulation of mucus in chest that cannot be thrown out even when it rises up, hence, the person has to swallow it
    • Dryness and pain in throat
    • Absence of thirst despite throat dryness
    • Sore throat is relieved with cold water, damp weather, humid environment, and warmth
    • Complaints worsen in clear weather and in cold, dry and windy atmosphere
  • Hepar Sulph
    Common name:
    Impure sulphide of calcium or Hahnemann’s Calcium sulphide
    Symptoms: Persons requiring hepar sulph are usually fair, slow in their actions, and have weak muscles. This remedy is effective in relieving the following symptoms:
    • Sore throat associated with tonsillitis
    • Tendency to develop pus in tonsils
    • Pain in the throat as from fine particles or splinters along with severe burning and sticking sensation which extends up to the ear
    • Difficulty in swallowing due to swelling in the throat and a sensation of a plug in the throat
    • Slightest draft of cold air and touch increases the severity of symptoms
    • Person feels better in warmth, on covering the head, and after eating
  • Kali Bichromicum
    Common name: Bichromate of potash
    Symptoms: This medicine acts well in obese people with fair complexion. A research study shows that Kali Bichromicum significantly reduced the amount of mucus secreted in ICU patients on with endotracheal intubation and people who are on ventilators. This remedy works well in the treatment of the following symptoms:
    • Sore throat along with redness and dryness in the throat
    • Sore throat due to bacterial infection
    • Excessive secretion of thick mucus that comes out like a string while clearing the throat
    • Thick stringy mucus that is difficult to swallow and to cough out
    • Sore throat with a sensation of hair in the throat
    • Sore throat with tonsillitis and ulcer formation in tonsils
    • Swollen uvula, which hangs down on the tongue
    • Throat pain increases with swallowing, cold, and eating. It is worse in the morning
    • Person feels better with heat and warm temperature
  • Nux Vomica
    Common name: Poison nut
    Symptoms: Poison nut works well in individuals who are thin and irritated, who do a lot of office work and application of mind with a great liking for stimulants like alcohol, wine, etc. This medicine is helpful in the treatment of sore throat resulting from hyperacidity and reflux of gastric contents. Symptoms that are relieved by this medicine include:
    • Inflammation and pain in throat that increases on swallowing food or liquids and when cold air enters the throat
    • Burning sensation in throat, which gets aggravated at night
    • Tickling sensation in throat, which increases in the morning
    • Swelling in uvula that causes choking or spasm like pain in throat
    • Sore throat that worsens with consumption of cold food or cold drink and is relieved with warmth
  • Aesculus Hippocastanum
    Common name: Horse Chestnut
    Symptoms: It is used in the treatment of sore throat caused due to chronic smoking. Individuals for whom horse chestnut works well experience the following symptoms:
    • Dryness with a burning sensation in throat
    • Choking sensation in throat
    • Sore throat that worsens on inhaling cold air, and during winter season
    • Symptoms are relieved during summers
  • Mercurius solubilis
    Common name: Quicksilver, Hydrargyrum
    Symptoms: This remedy is helpful in relieving a sore throat associated with the following symptoms:
    • Sore throat with every weather change
    • Metallic taste in the mouth
    • Tonsillitis
    • Tonsils are red and swollen with collection of pus
    • Tendency to develop mouth ulcers (aphthae)
    • Sore throat with excessive mucus secretion
    • Intense pain in the throat while swallowing food or drinks
    • Sensation of burning in the throat as if from hot vapours
    • Difficulty in swallowing due to swollen tonsil, especially liquids which flow backwards and come out through the nose
    • Excessive thirst
    • Complaints increase due to warmth of room or bed, during damp weather, or due to excessive sweating
  • Natrum Muriaticum
    Common name: Common salt
    Symptoms: Persons requiring Natrum Muriaticum have a tendency for constipation and headache from exposure to the sun. The following symptoms are relieved by this remedy:
    • Severe weakness due to anaemia
    • Excessive desire for salt
    • Sore throat which occurs due to chronic cigarette smoking
    • Sticking sensation in the throat as if from coarse particles
    • Sensation of a lump in the throat which increases on empty swallowing as compared to swallowing of food
    • Constant dryness in the throat yet a need to clear the throat continuously
    • Production  of salty and transparent mucus in the throat, which has to be cleared frequently
    • Tonsillitis with secretion of clear and transparent mucus
    • Complaints are aggravated by heat, in lying position, morning and evening; and are better in open air, while sitting, fasting, and after dinner

Various research studies show that apart from constitutional homeopathic medicines, a combination of selective homeopathic medicines are effective in the treatment of sore throat that is caused by viral infections. The medicines used to prepare these combinations have a special affinity for respiratory system and throat.

Combination of belladonna, calcarea phosphoricum, hepar sulphuris, kalium bichromicum, kalium muriaticum, mercurius protoiodid, and mercurius biniodid has been found to be effective, especially in children in the treatment of viral tonsillitis resulting in sore throat. This combination of medicines effectively decreases inflammation and pain resulting from sore throat.

SilAtro -5-90 is a combination of atropinum sulfuricum, hepar sulfuris, kalium bichromicum, silicea, mercurius bijodatus. It is helpful in reducing the frequent episodes of recurrent tonsillitis when used along with standard treatment of this condition.

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Homeopathic medicines are used in very small doses to resolve derangements in the vital force. As a result, the action of these medicines is likely to get disturbed by various factors. Following instructions should be kept in mind to reap maximum benefits from homeopathic remedies:


  • Consume food items or drinks that you have a desire for during the illness, especially in acute condition. Diet preferred by the affected person helps in providing temporary relief from the discomforting symptoms of illness.
  • Opt for comfortable and loose clothing.
  • Take adequate rest and keep your mind calm and peaceful.
  • Caregivers should ensure that the temperature in the room is maintained according to patient’s preference.


  • Do not force any particular diet regimen on the affected person against his/her desires.
  • Avoid instances that will make the make the person excited, stressed or anxious.

According to homeopathy, an illness is either caused by derangement of the vital, life-giving force or a disorder (or imbalance) in the body’s immune system. Sore throat is an expression of an imbalance in immune system. In addition to the common symptoms of sore throat, every individual presents with a few symptoms that are characteristic/typical to his/her body. These characteristic symptoms, in addition to the miasm of the disease (affinity of every human being to suffer from a particular disease), help a homeopathic physician to select a remedy that is specific to the person suffering from sore throat.

In homeopathy, the concept of individualisation is used to select an appropriate remedy, which repairs the disorder in the immune system, as well as, cures the disease arising due to the disorder. Homeopathic treatment prevents disease relapse and avoids complications, such as abscess (pus collection) in tonsils or quinsy, ear infection, sinusitis, and skin infection associated with sore throat.

Various research studies indicate that homeopathy is one of the best options for the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections, especially due to increasing numbers of antibiotic-resistant pathogens.

Homeopathic medicines are completely safe to use and usually do not cause any side effects. However, these medicines produce unpredicted effects (secondary action) when the administered dose exceeds the required dose. A qualified homeopathic physician selects the right dose of medicine that helps in treating the condition effectively without any side-effects.

Homeopathy treats illness by strengthening the innate defence system. Homeopathic physicians prescribe a remedy on the basis of disease symptoms and individual miasms. Taking constitutional homeopathic remedies in the right dosage helps in alleviating symptoms and preventing disease relapse. These medicines are safe and very effective in the treatment of sore throat, especially in children. 

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Dr. Anas Kaladiya

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Dr. Prabhash Kumar Chaudhari

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