People suffering from swelling for a long time may have problems like arthritis, pain, and joint problems. Stress, low levels of physical activity, and consumption of inflammatory foods can further increase the risk of inflammation. At the same time, some studies show that chronic inflammation can be reduced by consuming certain foods. Broccoli, avocado and berries, etc. have been included in these foods. At the same time, the consumption of alcohol, excess sugar, gluten, and carbohydrate-rich foods can increase inflammation.

Today in this article, we will know in detail about what to eat and what not to eat in swelling -

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  1. What food can reduce swelling?
  2. What should not be eaten in inflammation?
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In case of inflammation, a diet rich in anti-inflammatory properties should be consumed. These diets include many types of berries, fatty fish and green tea, etc. Consuming this type of diet reduces the problems caused by inflammation and swelling in the body. Let us know in detail about these foods -


Small-sized berries are filled with many nutrients, such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Many types of berries are available in the market, such as strawberriesblueberries, raspberries, and black mulberries. The problem of swelling can be reduced by their use.

An antioxidant called anthocyanin is found in all these berries. These compounds have anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce the risk of diseases caused by swelling. Research shows that the consumption of strawberries by overweight adults can reduce inflammation associated with heart disease.

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Fatty fish

Fatty fish is the main source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. However, all types of fish contain some amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, hilsa, mackerel, etc. can reduce swelling. Such a diet can prevent metabolic syndromeheart diseasediabetes, and kidney-related diseases.

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Broccoli can be consumed to reduce inflammation in the body. It is a vegetable of cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and kale species. Research shows that consuming these vegetables reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer risks. Such vegetables have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming broccoli regularly can remove the problems caused by inflammation and swelling in the body. In such a situation, including it in the diet can be a good option.

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Avocado is rich in potassiummagnesiumfiber, and heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. Apart from this, it also contains carotenoids and tocopherols, which can be effective in reducing the risks of cancer. In addition, compounds in avocados may be effective in reducing inflammation by stimulating new skin cell growth. In many research, people suffering from being overweight have been advised to eat avocados.

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Green tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages, consuming which many problems for the body can be removed. Green tea is especially beneficial in reducing inflammation. Research has found that drinking green tea can reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer'sobesity, and other conditions. Apart from this, a substance called epigallocatechin-3-gallate is found in it, which is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Black pepper

Black pepper is rich in vitamin C and antioxidant properties. Which has powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Black pepper also provides an antioxidant called quercetin, which may reduce inflammation associated with chronic diseases such as diabetes. In addition, black pepper contains sinapic acid and ferulic acid, which can reduce inflammation and may also be effective in reducing the signs of aging.

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Turmeric is used in many ways for cooking. Turmeric is used as a major spice in the Indian kitchen. It contains a compound called curcumin, which is a potent anti-inflammatory compound.

Research shows that arthritis, diabetes, and other serious diseases can be overcome by consuming turmeric. Another research shows that if a person suffering from metabolic syndrome consumes black pepper and turmeric daily, then they can be of great benefit.

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Thousands of varieties of mushrooms exist around the world. However, only a few types of mushrooms are grown for food and commercially. These include truffles, portobello mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms. Calories in mushrooms are very less. Also, it is rich in selenium, copper, and all types of B vitamins. Apart from this, mushrooms also contain phenols and other antioxidants, which are rich in anti-inflammatory properties, that is, the problems of swelling and inflammation in the body can be overcome by the consumption of mushrooms.

Apart from all these foods, there are many other foods, such as grapesolive oil, dark chocolate, cocoa, tomatoes, and many types of cherries, etc., which have anti-inflammatory properties in abundance. Consuming a diet rich in anti-inflammatory properties can reduce inflammation in the body.

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To avoid the problems of inflammation, some foods, such as processed foods, excessive amounts of sugar, unhealthy oils, etc. should be avoided, so that the problems of inflammation can be avoided. Let us know in detail about some such diets -


Some people experience an inflammatory reaction when they consume gluten. In such a situation, the patient needs to avoid consuming gluten-rich food. At the same time, some people do not experience this kind of problem. However, if a person suspects that the symptoms of inflammation are being triggered by the consumption of gluten, then in this case the consumption of a gluten-rich diet should be completely stopped, so that the patient's symptoms can improve.

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Consuming foods belonging to the nightshade family, such as eggplant, peppers, and potatoes, increases inflammatory diseases in some people. Although there is limited evidence to confirm this effect, a nightshade diet should not be consumed immediately if a patient experiences such a condition.

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Diets containing good carbs are considered beneficial for health, but in some people consuming a diet rich in carbs can increase the problem of bloating. However, some carb-rich foods, such as sweet potatoes and whole grains, are excellent sources of antioxidants and other nutrients that benefit health.

There are some food items that all people need to avoid, such as -

  • Processed foods (packaged food, chips, snacks, etc.)
  • Foods with added sugar or salt
  • Unhealthy oil
  • Processed carbs (white bread, white pasta, etc.)
  • Cookies, Candy, and Ice Cream
  • Alcohol and tobacco

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To reduce inflammation, foods like berries, turmeric, grapes, and mushrooms should be consumed. On the other hand, people suffering from inflammation problems should avoid consuming alcohol, processed foods, unhealthy oils, etc. This type of diet triggers the problems of inflammation. On the other hand, if a person has the problem of swelling due to taking any kind of diet, then in this situation the consumption of that diet should be stopped immediately. Keep in mind that the patient is already suffering from some problem, so in this situation, any change in the diet should be made only on the advice of the doctor.

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