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Condoms are available for both men and women, but men mostly use condoms, which are called external condoms. External condoms come in many sizes, materials, and flavors. This is the reason why a person gets confused as to which is the best condom and how much it costs. Talking about the best condoms, it includes SKYN Original Non-Latex Condom, Trojan Bearskin Lubricated Latex Condom, and Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel Condom. Their price starts from around Rs 200.

Today in this article we will know about the name and price of the best condom -

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Condoms come in many qualities, including regular latex external condoms, latex-free condoms, and ribbed condoms. While choosing a condom, material, lubrication, and other features should be kept in mind. Ribbed condoms are for those who want extra pleasure and are also extra sensitive. These are those people who do not like to feel that they are wearing a condom. These condoms also protect from pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

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Condoms are used to prevent pregnancy. Apart from this, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections can be avoided by using condoms. It is recommended to use it during vaginal, oral, and anal sex. SKYN Original Non-Latex Condom, Trojan Bearskin Lubricated Latex Condom, and Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel Condom are good condoms and their price starts from Rs 200. Let us know about the best condom and its name -

SKYN Original Non-Latex condom

This is a latex-free condom, which feels soft due to its thinness. There is no fragrance in it, due to which some people especially like it. It is available with extra lubricant and is made of polyisoprene material, so it is safe for those who suffer from allergies. Due to its thin design, it does not appear that it has been worn. Its pack of 20 condoms costs Rs 620. It is easily available online and in the market.

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Okamoto Crown Condom

This is a condom with water-based lubricant. Its special thing is that it does not smell like rubber. It is made of Sheerlone material, which is the thinnest and strongest shield in the world. It is so thin that the wearer does not even realize that he is wearing a condom. Its pack of 10 condoms costs Rs 200.

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Trojan Bareskin Condom

Due to its thin and soft feel, this condom increases the sensitivity manifold. It is a lubricated condom, designed for ultimate pleasure. Its silky smooth lubricant provides complete comfort. Its pack of 10 condoms costs Rs 4,999. It is available for Rs 1,919 due to the online offer.

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Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel Condom

This is a latex-free condom, due to which even people with allergies can use it. Because of this, it does not irritate anyone. Using it feels like natural skin. Its pack of 3 condoms is priced at Rs 2,399, which can be ordered online at a discount of approximately Rs 1,382.

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Durex Invisible Ultra Thin and Sensitive Condom

These condoms are made of very thin material to increase sensitivity. These are transparent and lubricated natural rubber latex condoms. The best thing is that these condoms also have a very good smell. The price of this pack of 16 ultra-thin condoms is Rs 800.

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There are many quality condoms available in the market, some of which we have mentioned in this article. However, the best condom depends on the choice, size, and need of each person. While choosing a condom, always keep in mind that it must provide 100 percent protection from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

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