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Condoms are different for both men and women. While men put the condom on the penis, women put the condom on the vagina. Apart from this, the condom used during oral sex is called a dental dam. All these 3 condoms are available in the market in different forms. Using condoms can prevent unwanted pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases. This is one of the best birth control options. Condoms keep semen and other body fluids out of the vagina, anus, or mouth.

Today in this article you will know about the types of condoms and how they are used -

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Condoms are usually made from latex, which is a type of rubber. People with latex allergies use condoms made of polyurethane, nitrile, or lambskin. There are generally 3 types of condoms. Regular condom or external condom, internal condom, and dental dam. Let us know in detail about the types of condoms -

Regular (male) condom

A regular condom is worn on the penis before sex. It is also called an external condom. During sex, sperm and other fluids get accumulated in the condom and prevent sperm from going into the vagina. There are many types of regular condoms, such as -

  • Latex condom
  • Condoms made from a plastic called polyurethane or polyisoprene
  • Lambskin condoms
  • Lubrication or lube condoms
  • Spermicide coated condom
  • Textured condom
  • Flavored condoms
  • Glow-in-the-dark condom
  • Novelty condom

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Internal (female) condom

An internal condom is placed inside the vagina to prevent sperm from entering the uterus. It is used by women, and hence it is also called a female condom. A soft, flexible ring protrudes above it for easy removal of the internal condom. Internal condoms are made of a synthetic, non-latex material called nitrile. These are pre-lubricated.

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Dental Dam

A dental dam is used during oral sex. It is a thin latex or polyurethane sheet that forms a barrier between a person's mouth and the partner's genitals during oral sex. Dental dams reduce the risk of STDs such as the human papillomavirus.

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While buying a condom, keep in mind from which materials it is made. It is usually written on the packet of condoms. Also, make sure that you or your partner is not allergic to any material used in condoms. Apart from this, do check the expiry date of the condom. Keep in mind that at the same time use one of the regular condoms and an internal condom.

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