Coriander, also known as cilantro, is a common ingredient in an Indian kitchen. Coriander is a member of the parsley family. All the parts of this plant such as leaves, flowers, seeds and fruit, are used for various purposes. Coriander possesses various medicinal properties and is rich in antioxidants, has anti-diabetic, anti-microbial, anticonvulsant and anthelmintic (antiparasitic) properties as well.

Coriander oil is used in different forms, such as:

  • A flavouring agent
  • A preservative
  • A pain killer
  • A deodorant
  • For aromatherapy

Coriander oil can be added in food and consumed orally. It can also be mixed with a carrier oil like olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil etc. and applied directly on the skin. Here are some of the benefits and side effects of coriander oil.

  1. Benefits of coriander oil
  2. Side-effects of coriander oil

There are various benefits of coriander oil, some of the most important ones are:

Coriander oil for weight loss

Coriander oil has the ability to reduce body weight by cutting down excess fat. Coriander oil has lipolytic properties which help in the faster breakdown of fats and cholesterol in the body. Coriander oil also accelerates the digestive process, thus improving the metabolism. Also, the antioxidant property of coriander oil helps in removing all the free radicals in the body which, otherwise, can result in bloating.

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Coriander oil for relieving muscle spasms and fatigue

All of us get muscle spasms after an intense workout or a strenuous trek, leading to delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS. Massaging the body with coriander oil helps relieve muscle spasms as it has anti-spasmodic properties. The researchers studying the medicinal behaviour of essential oils stated that coriander oil has the ability to relieve fatigue in people.

Coriander oil for managing diabetes

Studies have proven that coriander can help in controlling diabetes. A study was done to find out the effect of coriander seed extracts on the beta cells of the pancreas in a person with diabetes. The study concluded that coriander seed extracts have the ability to reduce the levels of glucose from the blood. Coriander also increased the release of natural insulin from the beta cells of the pancreas.

Coriander oil for relieving pain

Coriander oil contains two analgesic components like terpinolene and terpineol which help in decreasing the pain of the body. Coriander desensitizes the affected area and thus reduces pain. Researchers have also found that oral consumption of coriander oil has the ability to relieve the pain and inflammation seen in case of ulcerative colitis.

Coriander oil for boosting sex drive (libido)

Due to its sedative and hypnotic properties, coriander oil has always been used for aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a therapy where essential oils like coriander oil are used to provide physical and mental relaxation. Aromatherapy is a potent treatment for boosting sex drive in people with low libido. Aromatherapy is also used to treat anxiety in patients suffering from various types of cancer.

Coriander oil for gout patients

Gout is a condition marked with inflammation and pain in the joints between the bones. Coriander is known to have anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing the inflammation, swelling and pain seen in the case of gout. Massaging the joints with coriander oil, mixed with any carrier oil, helps in relieving the symptoms of gout.

Coriander oil for improving digestion

Coriander oil has the ability to treat gastric issues like indigestion, flatulence and bloating. Coriander oil acts as an excellent appetizer as it aids the proper release of digestive enzymes and juices in the stomach. These enzymes and juices help in proper digestion and peristaltic motion of the entire gut. Peristaltic motion is the continuous movement of the gut necessary for the food to go down the digestive tract. Due to its diuretic property, it prevents constipation and high blood pressure.

Coriander oil for treating foul body odour

Coriander has a refreshing smell, which is why it is often used to make deodorants. Studies have concluded that coriander oil has the ability to treat problems related to body odour as it prevents the growth of odour causing bacteria.

Coriander oil for treating pimples

The antimicrobial properties of coriander make it a potent cure for acne. Studies have depicted that coriander oil soaks up all the excess oil from the skin and stops the growth of the acne-causing bacteria, Propionibacterium acnes. Direct application of coriander oil mixed with a mild carrier oil can help in removing acne as well as acne scars.

Coriander oil for the management of infections

The Coriander essential oil and extracts possess antibacterial, antifungal and anti-oxidative activities which help in treating and preventing various bacterial and fungal infections like candidiasis. Coriander oil has the ability to treat skin infections caused by the bacteria E. coli and pus causing bacteria S. aureus. 

While there are several benefits of coriander oil, some people may experience side effects too. Some of these side effects are:

Avoid coriander oil during pregnancy

Due to the overpowering smell of coriander oil, pregnant women are asked to stay away from it as it can induce nausea. Also, coriander oil can induce uterine contractions during pregnancy which can result in pre-term delivery.

Allergies due to coriander oil

Some people can be allergic to coriander, which is commonly known as cilantro allergy. Cilantro allergy can cause hives, swollen lips, itching all over the body, and diarrhoea. Rarely, cilantro allergy can lead to an anaphylactic shock which can be life-threatening.  It is always advised to test the oil first on a patch of skin and then apply to the rest of the body.

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