It has been rightly said, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper”.

Breakfast is genuinely a meal meant to “break the fast” from the hours of slumber. A hearty breakfast sets us up for a successful day and skipping it can cause a plethora of bad chain reactions throughout our body, giving way to health conditions and imbalances in body functions. Many people skip breakfast in order to cut calories, some people just don’t feel hungry or skip it due to lack of time. However, research suggests that breakfast is a mandatory part of a healthy lifestyle. According to some sources, about one out of four Indians skip their breakfast. This can lead to a host of problems, some have been given below.

  • Increased risk of cardiac diseases
    According to a study published in the journal ‘Circulation’, people who skip breakfast are at a much higher risk of sustaining a heart disease as compared to the ones who have it. It can result in hypertension and increased cholesterol levels, leading to clogging of arteries and stroke. However, following a healthy breakfast regimen can keep you away from the risks.

  • Vulnerability to diabetes
    Clinical studies indicate that avoiding breakfast can lead to impaired glucose tolerance that is linked with prediabetes and diabetes. It results in irregular blood spikes and when we eat a lot in subsequent meals it puts a strain on the body, contributing to insulin resistance.

  • Weight gain
    When you skip your breakfast, your body is running on empty; on account of which, you will crave for sugary and fatty stuff. The higher your hunger level, the more will be your food intake. Several cross-sectional studies support this link between skipping breakfast and adiposity, which is independent of lifestyle and other dietary factors.

  • Reduced metabolic rate
    Evidence suggests that your body tends to burn more calories in the morning as compared to the rest of the day. Though the exact reason for this is not yet understood, it certainly is an indicator that breakfast can provide you with maximum energy for the day.
    The International Journal Of Obesity suggests that when you fast for too long, your body starts storing more and more calories and as a result, your metabolic rate declines gradually. It takes away the glucose stored in your muscles as a backup fuel consequently wasting away your muscles. Quite a hefty price for missing a single meal. (Read more: How to boost metabolism)

  • Reduced brain function
    Avoiding your breakfast can severely affect your brain health. It has been scientifically proven that hearty breakfast, with ample amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients, is essential for cognitive focus and memory. Skipping this meal would deprive your brain of these much-needed nutrients after an overnight fast.
    People who take breakfast have also been found to have an improved mood throughout the day. So take some time out of your morning hour rush and binge on some healthy food.

  • Irregular menstruation
    It has been demonstrated in clinical studies that women who constantly skip breakfast face various menstrual problems including cramps and irregular menstrual bleeds. Though the exact cause cannot be pointed out so far, if you want to ward off your menstrual pain and irregularities in periods, you ought to take a healthy morning meal.
  • Bad breath issues
    Bad breath is already a humongous morning problem, which most people face. But did you know your halitosis may get worse if you skip your morning meal? This is because this first meal of the day helps clean your palate and wash off harmful bacteria from your oral cavity and when you don’t eat anything in the morning, there is nothing to neutralize that morning odour, ultimately worsening your bad breath problem. Make sure you eat a bowl of cereal or salad in the morning to keep your breath fresh throughout the day.

  • Risk of Hypoglycemia
    Folks nowadays miss breakfast in order to get slim. But this can do more harm than good. Most of the food we eat is converted into glucose by our body, which is used to fuel various metabolic functions. Skipping meals can result in hypoglycemia or lack of glucose, making you feel low and tired all through the day. It may also lead to anxiety and confusion, thereby reducing productivity. Surely not something you thought of while skipping the morning meal. To avoid the chances of hypoglycemia, it is important to have at least three meals a day with breakfast as the imperative one.

It’s hard to imagine that a single meal can have such a major effect on your day but as the saying goes “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.”

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