Hair reflects age. As age increases, hair starts turning gray. The natural color of hair varies according to geographical conditions, but the process of graying of hair continues with increasing age. At the same time, some people's hair starts turning gray at an early age, this is due to changes in hormones and lack of melanin. Pollution and deteriorating lifestyle also have a bad effect on our hair, due to which they start turning gray. To prevent hair from turning gray, a regular diet and vitamins, minerals and some changes in your lifestyle should be made. In this article we will learn how we can prevent premature graying of hair-

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  1. How To Stop Hair Graying Naturally
  2. Tips For Healthy Hair
  3. Home Remedies For Stop Grey Hair
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Doctors for How to Stop Hair from Turning White: Expert Tips and Tricks

If you are worried about your gray hair, you can bring it back to its original color by consuming vitamins and minerals. Also, their natural color can be maintained for a long time. Come, let us know in detail how to stop graying of hair-

Benefits Of Vitamin For Hair

Research has found that vitamins help a lot in maintaining the hair in its original state. You can maintain the shine of your hair by using vitamin supplements in your diet. Biotin or Vitamin B12 is essential for hair, which strengthens your hair. Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin E are also very important nutrients for hair. To supply these vitamins, you can include eggs in your diet.

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Benefits Of Minerals For The Hair

If you want to keep the roots of your hair strong and prevent premature graying of hair, then you should also consume minerals in your diet. Along with taking the right diet, if you consume minerals like iron, zinc, copper and selenium in your food, then the roots of your hair will remain strong and the hair will remain black for a long time. If you use things like spinach, raisins and walnuts in your diet, then the deficiency of these essential minerals can be compensated.

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Protect Hair From Pollution

To maintain the natural color of hair, it is important to change your lifestyle. Especially if you smoke, your hair is more likely to turn gray prematurely. The smoke released while smoking reaches your scalp and damages the hair, causing shrinkage in the roots. Pollution spread in the environment also harms our hair. To avoid this, you should take special care of your hair. For this you should use a cap or scarf to cover your hair.

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Here we have told about some main points, following which can prevent premature graying of hair-

  • Avoid coloring your hair.
  • Use a brush instead of a wide-toothed comb on your hair. 
  • Use a hair dryer or curling iron less.
  • Avoid washing hair frequently.
  • Avoid using too hard soap or shampoo.

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There are many things at home which contain beneficial ingredients. If these are used regularly, one can get rid of white hair. As-

Amla Benefits For Hair - Beneficial elements are found in Amla for hair. If you consume Amla juice daily and massage your hair with Amla oil once a week, you can get relief from graying hair. 

Coconut Oil Benefits For Hair - To nourish your hair as well as your scalp, you can massage your scalp and hair with coconut oil every other day before sleeping. After this, hair should be washed the next morning.

Black Sesame Seeds Benefits For Hair- The elements found inside black sesame help a lot in maintaining the beauty of hair. You can consume black sesame two to three times a week. For this, you will have to consume one spoon black sesame seeds after roasting them on low flame.

Onion Benefits For Hair- The essential elements found in onion provide a new life to our dry and lifeless hair. You can use onion juice for the growth and natural color of your hair. Massage your scalp with onion juice twice a week, leave it for about 30 minutes and then shampoo.

Ashwagandha Benefits For Hair- The essential elements found in Ashwagandha are essential for hair. After consuming Ashwagandha supplements, it can be consumed with milk.

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With increasing age, the age of the follicles present inside the body also increases, due to which there is a deficiency of melanin and essential elements in the hair, due to which the hair starts turning white. Although you can get the desired color by coloring your hair, it has a bad effect on the hair as well as the scalp. In such a situation, you can give natural color to your hair by using household items like Amla, coconut oil, onion and food supplements like minerals and vitamins. You should consult your doctor before trying home remedies.

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