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Amla is a well-known household name and one of the oldest ayurvedic remedies in India. There will not be a person in this country who is not familiar with these shiny green berries that also go by the name of Indian gooseberry and are used globally.

If you are a follower of herbalism or a lover of home remedies you might have already been benefited from at least one of its beneficial attributes such as healing. It’s hard to avoid such antibiotic and nutritive goodness when it's available so handy at hand. Ayurvedic doctors claim that it is the richest source of antioxidants and nutrition. In fact, the name Amalaki means “mother” and “to sustain” which refers to its healing and nurturing properties.

Two of the most important ayurvedic texts  Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita named it as a rejuvenating herb. Not only this, this fruit has a special place in Indian mythology wherein it is called as Lord Vishnu's tears and holds equal importance in Vaishnavite traditions as the rudraksha in Shaivite traditions. Amla tree and fruit is thus worshipped in India. For many older traditions and reasons are superstitions but looking at the benefits and good qualities of amla I am compelled to think again.

Some basic facts about amla:

  • Botanical name: Phyllanthus emblica or Emblica officinalis
  • Family: Phyllanthaceae; Euphorbiaceae
  • Common name: Indian gooseberry, Amla
  • Sanskrit name: Dhatri, amalaka, amalaki
  • Parts used: Fruit (both fresh and dried), seeds, bark, leaves, flowers.
  • Native region and geographical distribution: Amla is a native to India but it is also grown in China and Malaysia.
  • Energetics: Amla is believed to balance all three doshas in the body namely kapha, pitta and vata. But, ayurvedic doctors claim that it has a definite cooling action, a feeling of lightness in the stomach when consumed and dry effect on the body.
  1. Nutritional qualities of Amla
  2. Health benefits of Amla (Indian Gooseberry)
  3. How to use Amla
  4. Amla dosage
  5. Amla side effects
  • Amla is a very good source of vitamin C, in fact, it is one of the highest natural sources of this vitamin and the best part is, that the tannins (a kind of natural compound) in amla keep all its vitamin C stable even after cooking or processing the fruit.
  • The amla fruit is a rich source of minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and Iron which help in maintaining healthy bones and teeth.
  • The carotene and vitamin A present in amla is extremely beneficial for eyesight and hair growth.
  • It also contains vitamin E which has anti-aging and antioxidant qualities and vitamin B complex which is essential in various functions of the body.
  • The high fiber content of amla makes it very an excellent agent for the proper functioning and well being of our gastrointestinal tract.

Amla is known as one of the best plant sources of antioxidants and its detoxifying properties make it a perfect liver tonic. Regular consumption of amla in any form doesn’t only remove all the toxins from the body but its rejuvenating and nutritive properties helps strengthen a lot of body organs, including the formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin by spleen, strengthening of the heart and the immune system. But that is not all. There are a lot of minerals and vitamins present in amla which makes it very potent for the overall healthy functioning of the body. Let's explore some of the health benefits of amla.

  • Rich source of vitamin C: Amla is one of the richest sources of vitamin C. Since our body can't make this vitamin, it is important to obtain it from an outside source. Adequate vitamin C protects the body from deficiency diseases such as scurvy which causes darkened and bleeding gums.
  • Improves eyesight: Amla contains vitamin A and beta carotenoids, both these nutrients are responsible for maintaining eye health and preserving vision. Vitamin C present in amla also assists in strengthening eye muscles and keeping age-related eye disorders at bay.
  • Promotes weight loss: Amla can be an excellent weight loss promoter. It improves digestion and elimination of toxic waste from your body, assuring a better metabolism. Amla fruit fibre keeps you from overeating and increases cholesterol elimination, melting fat stores in your body.
  • Regularises bowel movements: Amla has a good amount of fibre which bulks up food in intestines and helps regularise bowel movements. Also, its cooling effect on body alleviates the occasional burning sensation in stomach for people with warm body constituencies.
  • Boosts immunity: Did you know amla can improve your immunity? It contains ample amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants, which has been scientifically proven to be useful in stimulating various immune system cells. 
  • Purifies blood: Amla is a proven detoxifying agent. It removes impurities and excess free radicals from your blood while at the same time providing nourishment to your blood cells. Together, these properties increase the oxygen carrying capacity of blood cells, leading to improved health.
  • Lowers cholesterol levels: Studies indicate that amla consumption reduces cholesterol accumulation in body and improves liver function, thereby preventing fatty liver disease. Also, it contains the mineral chromium which inhibits plaque deposition in arteries and reduces heart attack risk.
  • Defies ageing: Amla contains an arsenal of antioxidants to fight free radical damage, one of the primary causes of premature ageing. Regular consumption of amla juice is claimed to slow down ageing process and keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay.
  • Provides longer and shinier hair: Ayurvedic doctors suggest that amla and coconut oil mask nourishes your hair and prevent hair loss and amla antioxidants prevent premature hair greying. It has also been evidenced that 5 alpha reductase present in amla prevents hair fall and baldness in men.
  • Preserves bones and teeth: Amla has dual benefits for your bones. Research studies suggest that it provides calcium to your bones, which is essential for maintaining bone structure while at the same time preventing bone loss by inhibiting osteoclast function.
  • Soothes sore throat: Amla, when taken with ginger is traditionally used as a remedy for sore throat. It is believed that this is due to the immunostimulating and nourishing properties of this fruit, which helps fight infection and strengthen throat muscles. facilitating the expulsion of pathogen and quick recovery.
  1. Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C
  2. Amla improves eyesight
  3. Amla for weight loss
  4. Amla for regulating bowel movement
  5. Amla for immunity
  6. Amla for blood purification
  7. Amla reduces cholesterol
  8. Amla for diabetes
  9. Amla for anti-aging
  10. Amla for hair
  11. Amla for bones and teeth
  12. Amla for sore throat

Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C

Amla is one of the best natural sources of Vitamin C, In fact, it is said to contain 20-30 times more Vitamin C than oranges. Given that the human body does not produce its own Vitamin C, a dietary supplement is essential to replenish the need of this vitamin in the body. Scurvy, a condition associated with the deficiency of vitamin C in the body and characterized by dark and bleeding gums can thus be alleviated by a regular consumption of amla.

Amla improves eyesight

Are you tired of your blurry vision and heavy reading glasses? Are your friends recommending you contact lenses and lasers scare you a bit? Amla is known to be a good source of carotenoids and Vitamin A which are two of the very important factors responsible for a good eyesight. Additionally, the vitamin C in amla has a stimulatory effect on the retinal cells present in our eyes. Therefore, it would not come as a surprise that amla is one of the top remedies suggested by ayurvedic doctors for treating bad eyesight and avoiding eye problems. Drinking amla juice twice a day is known to have a beneficial effect in improving the eyesight.

Amla for weight loss

One of the most common reasons for weight gain is the improper functioning of the digestive system. Whether it’s the inability to expel the extra food or not being able to absorb enough nutrients, anything can lead to accumulation of unnecessary weight in the body. There are a lot of ways in which amla can help you in losing this extra weight and feeling lighter and uncongested. First, it is a diuretic that means it helps you eliminate excess water and salts from the body which comprises a big part of the extra weight. Then, amla is a rich source of fiber which makes you feel full and eat less. Thereby, reducing the amount of overall food intake and increasing the time between meals. Finally, it helps your stomach to digest food easily and transfer of more nutrients to the blood, hence providing more nutrition to your body for its day to day functions. So, what are you waiting for? Add this fruit to your diet and get rid of all the extra weight without much fuss.

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Amla for regulating bowel movement

The fiber content in amla gives bulk to the food. When taken with enough amount of water it helps make the stools soft and regulate the bowel movement. Furthermore, amla has an inherent cooling property, so it gives you relief from the occasional burning sensation in the stomach. This is especially good for people with an otherwise warm body constituency.

Amla for immunity

The antioxidant properties of amla make it a very good immunomodulator (improving immune system functions). Regular consumption of amla increases the number of white blood cells in the body (responsible for killing the bacteria that enter the body) and leads to a faster and more effective immune response.

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Amla for blood purification

Blood is the basic medium for transferring and circulating anything in the body. It is responsible to provide oxygen and nutrition to the body organs and helping in the elimination of the toxins from the body. Factors like lifestyle, medications, and food habits have a strong effect on maintaining the purity of our blood and a lot of junk food, stress or diseases like diabetes might have a detrimental effect of blood purity. All of these problems would slow down the inherent cleaning process of the blood, leaving it full of toxins and creating conditions like acne, skin blemishes or premature aging. Large amount of toxins in blood can also interfere with the normal functions of all the organs of the body, thus making you more prone to infections. Amla is an excellent detoxifier which means that it is a very good agent for cleaning away the impurities present in the blood. As a diuretic, it helps clean away all the extra salts from the body and keep the blood cleaner. Additionally, its nourishing effects lead to an increase in the amount of the oxygen-carrying red blood cells and hemoglobin levels which is good for a better circulation of oxygen throughout the body. As you may already know, a good amount of oxygen in blood equals lesser impurities in the body.

Amla reduces cholesterol

Studies have shown that intake of raw amla or amla powder has a strong inhibitory effect on the cholesterol levels of the body. In another related study, it was claimed that a reduced cholesterol level in the body would lead to lower stress on the liver and less chances of fatty liver disease in nonalcoholics. The chromium present in amla also helps in removing plaque (fat deposits) in the arteries, thus avoiding the risk of heart attack due to arterial blockage.

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Amla for diabetes

Regular consumption of amla juice is said to stimulate the insulin-producing cells in the body to produce more of insulin. This hormone, in turn, takes up the glucose from the blood and stores it in the liver, leading to an overall reduction in the blood sugar levels. A recent research to study the effects of daily consumption of amla powder found out that it was as good as reducing the blood sugar levels in diabetes patients and it is as one of the most common anti-diabetic medicine.

Amla for anti-aging

In this world, who does not want to age gracefully. Looking young forever is probably in everybody’s bucket list. Wouldn’t it be convenient if a younger looking skin was as easy to achieve as it is to dream about? Free radical damage is the biggest reason of most of the aging processes that occur in our body and unfortunately, it can’t be stopped because it happens as a result of the common metabolic functions of the body. The day to day stress and modern lifestyle not only adds to this problem but worsens it to a level that is almost impossible to deal with. The only way to combat the free radicals is a good dose of antioxidants and the good news is that it’s right at hand. Amla, as a nutritive and antioxidant fruit not only reduce the antioxidant damage but it also rejuvenates the skin and nourishes it with the vitamins and nutrients present in it, thereby, making it look more healthy and young.

Amla for hair

Amla has been in use amongst the people of India for longer than anyone can remember. The benefits of amla in getting more pigmented and shinier hair isn’t hidden from the majority of masses. Ayurvedic doctors suggest a mixture of amla and coconut oil for hair fall.

Regular consumption of amla or a topical use of amla oil is known to nourish the hair follicles thereby promoting the growth of healthier and shinier hairs while its antioxidant properties help in removing the signs of hair damage and stop hair fall. Amla oil is a proven remedy for baldness in men. A recent study claims that amla oil is a potent inhibitor of 5 alpha reductase which is one of the major reasons for hair fall in men.

Amla for bones and teeth

Amla is known to have an inhibitory effect of osteoclasts, they are the cells responsible for degrading the bones in our body. Consumption of amla juice or powder is believed to slow down the action of these cells. Thus, the bones remain stronger for a long period of time. Additionally, amla increases the calcium absorption in body and calcium is the mineral which provides more density and strength to both our bones and teeth. So, including amla in your diet would not only stop the age-related break down of the bones but it also helps strengthen them.

Amla for sore throat

Amla is a sour herb but amazingly ayurvedic doctors suggest consumption of amla juice in combination with ginger to treat sore throats. The Vitamin C present in amla is a very good antioxidant which improves the body’s ability to kill most of the germs responsible for a sore throat. While its nourishing qualities help strengthen the muscles of throat.

Amla tree bears fruits in the autumn. The unripe berries are greenish yellow which on ripening turn to a distinct brownish-gold. The fruit can be consumed raw but the berries are sour in taste and not to the liking of everybody’s taste buds. Fortunately, a variety of amla products are commercially available in the market, but you are highly recommended to check for the quality of any product that you buy as some of them have a high amount of added sugars and flavors which might do more harm than good. The most common forms that you can buy amla include fresh and dry fruit, amla murabba, candies, powder, tablets and capsules, amla juice, chutney, jam, and oils. It is also one of the major components in Triphala and Chyawanprash (two of the very common ayurvedic preparations). However, if you have a knack for cooking and love natural home remedies, you can cook up some recipes from scratch at home. Isn't that perfect!

Let us look into three easy and beneficial ways to use amla :

  • Amla juice - 
    To make amla juice, separate the seeds from some gooseberries and grind them in a mixer to obtain a fine paste. Add some water (as per your taste and thickness required) to the mixer and grind again. Strain and put it in a jug. You can also add black pepper, ginger or cilantro for taste. Chefs suggest that fresh amla juice stays in the fridge for about a week without any added preservatives. But you are recommended to check for flavor or any slimy growth to confirm freshness. Sodium lactate a known preservative can be safely used to preserve the juice up to one month.
  • Amla chutney -
    Making amla chutney is very similar to making amla juice. After you remove seeds from the berries, put them into the grinder and add ginger, salt to taste and cilantro in it. Grind it to form a paste and put it into a jar. Cover it with some oil to keep it preserved and keep it in the fridge. Amla chutney lasts for about a month in the fridge.
  • Amla oil -
    Amla oil can be easily made at home by putting the whole amla in a container/jar full of coconut oil and then letting it sit in the sun for about a week. Put enough amla so it almost fills the jar while the oil fills it to the brim. Shake the jar after 4-5 days and check for any slimy or fungus growth. Wash and dry the jar before putting the oil in it. Similarly, the amla should be properly washed and dried to remove any dust or bacteria present on its surface. Both amla powder and dried amla can be used for making oil. After the desired time, you can strain the oil to separate amla or keep using the oil from the top. As long as the fruit is releasing its nutrients and oils the oil will keep strengthening.

Alternatively, you can mix amla juice in coconut oil and heat it at low for a few minutes to let the two liquids mix. Take it off the heat after a minute or so and apply it directly on the skin or scalp.

While amla fruit can be consumed raw, amla powder is the most common and easiest ways of taking amla. Generally, a dosage of one tbsp per day is suggested on an empty stomach. Some ayurvedic doctor recommend taking amla after every meal instead. It is said that taking amla after meals help digest the food better. Amla can be mixed in honey or taken with ginger to soothe a sore throat. Amla oil is very good for hair growth and to stop premature greying of hairs. Amla oil can be mixed in shikakai or almond oil to make it more beneficial for hairs.

However, the right dosage of amla varies depending on the age, sex and health conditions of the individual. The environmental factors also play a role in the dosage and consumption of this fruit. So, its preferable to consult an ayurveda doctor before taking amla as a remedy.

  • Consuming amla in high amounts can increase constipation in spite of helping with it and not consuming enough water would have even more adverse effects on the stomach health because a lack of water would make the fiber in amla to harden and choke the intestines.
  • It is not advisable to take amla if you already have a sensitivity to vitamin C rich foods.
  • If you normally have low blood glucose levels or are on prescribed medicine for diabetes it is better to check with your doctor before consuming amla in any form as it is a natural hypoglycemic (reduces blood sugar level) and can interfere with the action of the medicine.
  • Regular consumption of amla with less than normal water intake can affect your health adversely as amla is a natural diuretic which means it makes your body lose water rapidly. So, if you are adding amla in your diet it is preferable to keep your body well hydrated.
  • There is no evidence of the effects of amla on pregnant women so far. Thus, if you are pregnant, it is suggested to take doctors advice before taking amla in your daily routine.
  • The natural cooling effect of amla makes it unsuitable for consumption for people suffering from common cold.
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Aimil Amycordial SyrupAimil Amycordial Syrup156.75
Dhootapapeshwar Sinhanad GuggulDhootapapeshwar Sinhanad Guggul112.1
Dhootapapeshwar SwamalaDhootapapeshwar Swamala593.75
Dhootapapeshwar Tapyadi LohaDhootapapeshwar Tapyadi Loha459.0
Dhootapapeshwar Triphala ChoornaDhootapapeshwar Triphala Choorna69.3
Dhootapapeshwar Triphala GuggulDhootapapeshwar Triphala Guggul1204.2
Dhootapapeshwar Yogaraj GuggulDhootapapeshwar Yogaraj Guggul1127.7
Baidyanath Sarivadi VatiBaidyanath Sarivadi Vati65.7
Baidyanath Mahasudarshan Ghan BatiBaidyanath Mahasudarshan Churna150.1
Baidyanath Ekang Veer RasBaidyanath Ekang Veer Ras101.65
Baidyanath Chandraprabha VatiBaidyanath Chandraprabha Vati 189.98
Baidyanath Amlapittantak LauhBaidyanath Amlapittantak Lauh118.75
Baidyanath Chyawan Vit SugarfreeBaidyanath Chyawan Vit Sugarfree180.0
Baidyanath Amalaki RasayanaBaidyanath Amalki Rasyan119.7
Baidyanath Amla ChurnaBaidyanath Amla Churna58.5
Baidyanath Kasis BhasmaBaidyanath Kasis Bhasma81.7
Baidyanath Mahasudarshan ChurnaBaidyanath Mahasudarshana Churna175.75
Baidyanath Chitrak HaritakiBaidyanath Chitrak Haritaki95.0
Dhootapapeshwar Avipattikar ChoornaDhootapapeshwar Avipattikar Choorna184.5
Dhootapapeshwar Bhaskar Lavana ChoornaDhootapapeshwar Bhaskar Lavana Choorna126.0
Baidyanath Avipattikar ChurnaBaidyanath Avipattikar Churna174.6
Baidyanath Chandanadi VatiBaidyanath Chandanadi Vati159.6
Dhootapapeshwar LohasavDhootapapeshwar Lohasav146.7
Baidyanath Chyawanprash SpecialBaidyanath Chyawanprash Special481.5
Baidyanath Gandhak RasayanBaidyanath Gandhak Rasyan95.95
Baidyanath Gokshuradi GugguluBaidyanath Gokshuradi Guggulu158.63
Baidyanath Haridra Khand (Br)Baidyanath Haridra Khand (Br)81.0
Baidyanath Hridayarnava RasBaidyanath Hridayarnava Ras216.6
Baidyanath Kaishore GugguluBaidyanath Kaishore Guggulu114.0
Baidyanath Madhumehari GranulesBaidyanath Madhumehari Granules261.0
Baidyanath Medohar vidangadi LohaBaidyanath Medohar vidangadi Loha95.95
Baidyanath VidangasavaBaidyanath Vidangasava113.4
Baidyanath Pirrhoids TabletsBaidyanath Pirrhoids Tablets175.5
Dhootapapeshwar Asthiposhak TabletDhootapapeshwar Asthiposhak Tablet201.6
Dhootapapeshwar Chyavanprash (Ashtavarg)Dhootapapeshwar Chyavanprash (Ashtavarg)254.0
Dhootapapeshwar Kanchanar GuggulDhootapapeshwar Kanchanar Guggul133.0
Dhootapapeshwar Chandraprabha GutikaDhootapapeshwar Chandraprabha Gutika257.45
Dhootapapeshwar Punarnava MandooraDhootapapeshwar Punarnava Mandoora1938.95
Dhootapapeshwar Bruhat Kastoori BhairavDhootapapeshwar Bruhat Kastoori Bhairav Standard Quality Suvarnakalpa Tablet1187.1
Baidyanath Sanjivani BatiBaidyanath Sanjivani Bati81.0
Baidyanath Shringarabhra RasBaidyanath Shringarabhra Ras76.5
Baidyanath Triphala GugguluBaidyanath Triphala Guggulu105.45
Baidyanath Dhatri LauhBaidyanath Dhatri Lauh78.3
Baidyanath Punarnavadi MandoorBaidyanath Punarnavadi Mandoor93.1
Baidyanath Erand PakBaidyanath Erand Pak130.15
Baidyanath Kesari Kalp Royal ChyawanprashBaidyanath Kesari Kalp Royal Chyawanprash374.3
Baidyanath Khadiradi BatiBaidyanath Khadiradi Bati68.4
Baidyanath Phalkalyan GhritaBaidyanath Phalkalyan Ghrita207.0
Baidyanath Saptamrit LauhBaidyanath Saptamrit Lauh75.05
Dhootapapeshwar Agnitundi VatiDhootapapeshwar Agnitundi Vati1384.2
Dhootapapeshwar Arogyavardhini BatiDhootapapeshwar Arogyavardhini Bati1989.0
Dhootapapeshwar Bruhat Kastoori BhairavDhootapapeshwar Bruhat Kastoori Bhairav Premium Quality Suvarnakalpa1961.1
Dhootapapeshwar Ekangaveer RasaDhootapapeshwar Ekangveer Rasa873.9
Dhootapapeshwar Kantaloha BhasmaDhootapapeshwar Kantaloha Bhasma275.4
Dhootapapeshwar Loha BhasmaDhootapapeshwar Loha Bhasma1466.1
Dhootapapeshwar Madhumeha Kusumakar RasaDhootapapeshwar Madhumeha Kusumakar Rasa750.0
Dhootapapeshwar Shirahshooladri Vajra RasaDhootapapeshwar Shirshooladri Vajra Rasa1172.7
Aimil Amlycure DS CapsuleAimil Amlycure DS Capsule71.24
Paurush Jeevan CapsulesPaurush Jiwan Capsule 10's35.15
Kudos Aloe Vera Gold JuiceKudos Aloe Vera Gold Juice (Litchi Flavour)261.0
Kudos Aloevera Gold Juice With Litchi ExtractKudos Aloe Vera Gold Juice Litchi Flavor261.0
Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair OilKesh King Scalp and Hair Medicine Oil313.5
Zandu Kesari JivanZandu Kesari Jivan Chyawanprash660.25
Az Cal Amla Tablets And Chia Seeds KitCalcium Combo Of Az Cal, Amla Tabs And Chia Seeds672.3
Nirogam Kaisora GugguluKaisora Guggulu For Gout And High Uric Acid168.3
Nirogam Amla CapsuleNirogam Amla Capsule450.0
Nirogam Chandraprabha VatiNirogram Chandraprabha Vati472.5
Curegarden Natural Gluco Balance CapsuleCuregarden Natural Gluco Balance Vegeterian Capsules850.5
Medohar For Cholesterol & Weight Loss 60 CapsuleNirogram Medohar Capsules405.0
Nirogam Triphala Rasayana PowderNirogram Triphala Rasayana Powder 270.0
Nirogam Triphala PowderNirogram Triphala Powder 175.5
Avn Pathyakshadhatryadi Kashayam TabletAvn Pathyakshadhatryadi Kashayam Tablet58.5
Avn Drakshadi Kashayam TabletAvn Drakshadi Kashayam Tablet405.0
Avn Hrudyam TabletAvn Hrudyam Tablet310.5
AVN Diuraven TabletAvn Diuraven Tablet270.0
Avn Diuraven DS TabletAvn Diuraven Ds Tablets405.0
Avn Setebid TabletAvn Setebid Tablet414.0
Dabur ChyawanprashDabur Chocolate Chyawanprash162.0
Dabur Nature Care Isabgol PowderDabur Nature Care Isabgol (Double Action) Powder104.5
Dabur Laxirid TabletDabur Laxirid Tablet145.8
Dabur Laxirid SyrupDabur Laxirid Syrup126.0
Dabur Sat IsabgolDabur Sat Isabgol Powder185.25
Dabur Nature Care RegularDabur Nature Care Regular Powder225.0
Dabur Triphala ChurnaDabur Triphala Churna155.8
Dabur Trifgol PowderDABUR TRIFGOL POWDER 100GM PACK OF 2225.0
Dabur DashmularishtaDabur Dashmularishta Syrup129.2
Dabur AshokarishtaDabur Ashokarishta Syrup106.4
Dabur Supari PakDabur Supari Pak114.0
Dabur LauhasavaDabur Lauhasava128.25
Kudos Amla RasKudos Amla Ras171.0
Kudos Amla CapsuleKudos Amla Capsule270.0
Kudos Triphala CapsuleKudos Triphala Capsule/D.S.270.0
Kudos Amla Ras Super No.1Kudos Amla Ras Super No.1143.1
Kudos Aloe Vera Gold Juice With Orange FlavourKudos Aloe Vera Gold Juice With Orange Flavour412.2
Kudos Noni Gold JuiceKudos Noni Gold Juice585.0
Charak Moha Herbal ShampooCharak Moha Herbal Shampoo234.0
Sri Sri Tattva Bhringamlakadi Taila Hair OilSri Sri Tattva Bhringamlakadi Taila Hair Oil90.0
Sri Sri Tattva Amlapittari Vati TabletSri Sri Tattva Amlapittari Vati117.0
Sri Sri Tattva Shakti DropSri Sri Tattva Shakti Drops Immunity Booster99.0
Sri Sri Tattva Avipattikara ChurnaSri Sri Tattva Avipattikara Churna94.99
Sri Sri Tattva Nishamalaki TabletSri Sri Tattva Nishamlaki Tablet108.0
Sri Sri Tattva Triphala ChurnaSri Sri Tattva Triphala Churna56.99
Sri Sri Tattva Immugen TabletSri Sri Tattva Immugen Tablet126.0
Sri Sri Tattva Madhukari Herbal TeaSri Sri Tattva Madhukari Herbal Tea67.5
Sri Sri Tattva Ancholean TabletSri Sri Tattva Ancholean202.5
Nagarjuna GulguluthikthakamadhusnuhiNagarjuna Gulguluthikthakamadhusnuhi225.0
Nagarjuna Thriphala Gulgulu TabletNagarjuna Thriphala Gulgulu Tablet279.0
Nagarjuna Calciplus TabletNagarjuna Calciplus Tablet 315.0
Nagarjuna Brahmi ThailamNagarjuna Brahmi Thailam126.0
Nagarjuna Kayyunyaadi Velichenna Nagarjuna Kayyunyaadi Velichenna306.0
Nagarjuna Vilwaadi Gulika Nagarjuna Vilwaadi Gulika277.2
Nagarjuna Dhanwantharam KuzhambuNagarjuna Dhanwantharam Kuzhambu 119.7
Nagarjuna Draakshaadi KashayamNagarjuna Draakshaadi Kashayam Tablet324.0
Nagarjuna Musaleekhadiraadi KashayamNagarjuna Musaleekhadiraadi Kashayam85.5
Nagarjuna Haematone Nagarjuna Haematone99.0
Nagarjuna Dandruff Oil Nagarjuna Dandruff Oil94.5
Nagarjuna Balaahadaadi ThailamNagarjuna Balaahadaadi Thailam117.0
Nagarjuna FemitoneNagarjuna Femitone 130.5
Nagarjuna Nisaakathakaadi KashayamNagarjuna Nisaakathakaadi Kashayam270.0
Nagarjuna DhaathryarishtamNagarjuna Dhaathryarishtam 94.5
Nagarjuna SaaribaadyasavamNagarjuna Saaribaadyasavam77.4
Nagarjuna Duraalabharishtam Nagarjuna Duraalabharishtam85.5
Nagarjuna Aragwadharishtam Nagarjuna Aragwadharishtam79.2
Nagarjuna PunarnnavasavamNagarjuna Punarnnavasavam71.1
Nagarjuna Kachoradi ChoornamNagarjuna Kachoradi Choornam 54.0
Kerala Ayurveda Mahathikthakam Kwath TabletKerala Ayurveda Mahathikthakam Kwath 30 Tablets148.5
Kerala Ayurveda BalaKalpamKerala Ayurveda BalaKalpam108.0
Kerala Ayurveda Iogen SyrupKerala Ayurveda Iogen130.5
Kerala Ayurveda Kesini OilKerala Ayurveda Kesini252.0
Kerala Ayurveda Renogest TabletKerala Ayurveda Renogest360.0
Himalaya Himcocid-SFHimalaya Himcocid Suspension63.0
Himalaya ChyavanaprashaHimalaya Chyavanaprasha180.0
Himalaya Triphala TabletHimalaya Triphala Tablet142.5
Patanjali Shilajit CapsulePatanjali Shilajeet Capsule76.5
Patanjali Kesh Kanti Anti Dandruff Hair CleanserPatanjali Kesh Kanti Anti Dandruff Hair Shampoo99.0
Patanjali ChyawanprashPatanjali Chyawanprash171.0
Patanjali Amla Chatpata CandyPatanjali Amla Chatpata Candy130.5
Patanjali Karela Amla JuicePatanjali Karela Amla Juice67.5
Patanjali Amrit Rasayan Patanjali Amrit Rasayan81.0
Patanjali DashmularisthaPatanjali Dashmularistha94.5
Patanjali Amla CandyPatanjali Amla Candy126.0
Patanjali Pachak Hing GoliPatanjali Pachak Hing Goli49.5
Kudos Diabachek CapsuleKudos Diabachek Capsules243.0
Divya Liv D 38 SyrupDivya Liv D 38 Syrup67.5
Divya Saptvisanti GuggulDivya Saptvisanti Guggul45.0
Divya ArvindasavaDivya Arvindasava54.9
Divya AshokarishtaDivya Ashokarishta63.0
Divya DashmularishtaDivya Dashmularishta94.5
Divya Madhunashini VatiDivya Madhunashini Vati189.0
Divya Triphala GuggulDivya Triphala Guggul63.0
Divya Mahasudarshan VatiPatanjali Divya Mahasudarshan Ghan Vati72.0
Divya VidangasavaDivya Vidangasava54.0
Patanjali Divya Arogyavardhini VatiDivya Arogyavardhini Vati80.1
Divya Sanjivani VatiDivya Sanjivani Vati36.0
Divya Triphaladi TailaDivya Triphaladi Taila130.5
Divya Chandraprabha VatiDivya Chandraprabha Vati33.3
Divya KhadirarishtaDivya Khadirarishta67.5
Divya Singhnad GuggulDivya Singhnad Guggul54.0
Divya Kaishore GuggulDivya Kaishore Guggul54.0
Divya Gokshuradi GuggulDivya Gokshuradi Guggul63.0
Swadeshi Arogya RasayanSwadeshi Aarogya Rasayan189.0
Swadeshi Amla SweetSwadeshi Amla Sweet180.5
Swadeshi Amla Aloevera RasSwadeshi Amla Aloevera Ras209.0
Swadeshi Karela Jamun RasSwadeshi Karela Jamun Ras171.0
Swadeshi Amla ChatpataSwadeshi Amla Chatpata135.0
Swadeshi Ayushman Yog SyrupSwadeshi Ayushman Yog Syrup162.0
Swadeshi Chandraprabha VatiSwadeshi Chandraprabha Vati117.0
Swadeshi Amla MurabbaSwadeshi Amla Murabba153.0
Female Radson Utrine TonicFemale Radson Utrine Tonic118.8
Mahabringraj OilMAHABRINGARAJ OIL 100ML155.55
Cycloset SyrupCycloset Syrup240.12
IMC Aloe Amla Candy IMC Aloe Amla Candy94.5
Baidyanath Amlapittantak SyrupBaidyanath Amlapittantak Syrup118.75
Baidyanath Chandrakala RasBaidyanath Chandrakala Ras Tablet108.0
Baidyanath Chyawan-Vit ChyawanprashBaidyanath Chyawan Vit Chyawanprash356.25
Baidyanath Isabbael ChurnaBaidyanath Isabbael Churna137.75
Baidyanath LiverexBaidyanath Liverex Syrup118.75
Baidyanath Liverol SyrupBaidyanath Liverol Syrup72.0
Baidyanath LodhrasavaBaidyanath Lodhrasava160.55
Baidyanath LohasavaBaidyanath Lohasava133.0
Baidyanath Medohar GugguluBaidyanath Medohar Guggulu185.25
Baidyanath PirrhoidsBaidyanath Pirrhoids Tablet157.5
Vasu Caspa SyrupVasu Caspa Syrup54.0
IMC Chayawan Gold PasteIMC Chayawan Gold Paste 265.5
Cypon H PlusCypon H Plus Syrup84.5
Dabur ChyawanprakashDabur Sugarfree Chyawanprakash 189.0
Kairali Dhanwanthram ThailamKairali Dhanwanthram Thailam324.0
Planet Ayurveda Digestion Support CapsulesPlanet Ayurveda Digestion Support Capsule1215.0
Divya Amalki RasayanDivya Amalki Rasayan58.5
Kairali Drakshadi KashayamKairali Drakshadi Kashayam 126.0
Planet Ayurveda Green EssentialsPlanet Ayurveda Green Essentials1215.0
Planet Ayurveda Hair Growth Formula Capsules Planet Ayurveda Hair Growth Formula Capsule1215.0
Himalaya Amalaki TabletHIMALAYA AMALAKI CAPSULE 60Nos148.5
Himalaya Anti Hair Fall CreamHIMALAYA ANTI HAIR FALL CREAM 100ML144.0
Himalaya Baby Hair OilHimalaya Baby Massage Oil340.0
Himalaya Dryness Defense Protein ShampooHimalaya Dryness Defense Protein Shampoo207.0
Himalaya Protein Hair CreamHimalaya Protein Hair Cream75.0
Himalaya Himcocid SF SuspensionHimalaya Himcocid Sugar Free Suspension Mint90.25
Jiva Aloe Vera JuiceJiva Aloe Vera Juice198.0
Jiva Amla TabletsJiva Amla Tablet81.0
Jiva Ayur Shakti TabletsJiva Ayur Shakti88.2
Jiva Diatrin TabletsJiva Diatrin Tablet54.0
Jiva Henna ShampooJiva Henna Shampoo135.0
Jiva Saaf Saaf TabletsJiva Saaf Saaf Tablet69.3
Jiva SrivadyasavaJiva Srivadyasava99.0
Jiva Thyme and Rosemary TonicJiva Thyme & Rosemary Hair Tonic130.5
Jiva Triphala TabletsJiva Triphala Churna47.7
Kairali Herbal Amla ShikakaiKairali Herbal Amla Shikakai Shampoo270.0
Kairali Kairkare Body Massage OilKairali Kairkare Body Massage Oil877.5
Kairali Kairkare Body Massage OilKairali Kairkare Body Massage Oil1125.0
Kairali Kair oilKairoil Kairali Hair Oil846.0
Kairali Kairwash Kairali Kairwash1233.0
Kairali Kaisora GulguluKairali Kaisora Gulgulu306.0
Kairali kayyunadi thailamKairali kayyunadi thailam130.5
Kairali Kayyanyadi Kera ThailamKairali Kayyanyadi Kera Thailam130.5
Emami Kesh King ShampooEmami Kesh King Scalp and Hair Medicine Anti Hairfall Aloe and 21 Herbs Shampoo180.0
Khadi Henna Tulsi Extra ShampooKhadi Henna Tulsi Extra Shampoo130.5
Khadi Amla Bhringraj ShampooKhadi Amla Bhringraj Shampoo126.0
Khadi Natural Shikakai ShampooKhadi Natural Shikakai Shampoo101.7
Kairali Maharajaprasarani Thailam Kairali Maharajaprasarani Thailam81.0
Vasu Maxcal C TabletVasu Maxcal C Tablet89.1
Kairali Nalpamaradi Kera ThailamKairali Nalpamaradi Kera Thailam144.0
Zandu Nityam ChurnaZANDU NITYAM CHURNA 100GM80.75
Patanjali Arjun Amla JuicePatanjali Arjun Amla Juice72.0
Patanjali Giloy Amla JuicePatanjali Giloy Amala Juice81.0
Patanjali Lauki Amla JuicePatanjali Lauki Amla Juice81.0
Patanjali Sheetal OilPatanjali Sheetal Oil49.5
Divya Stri Rasayan VatiPatanjali Chakravadi Vati45.0
Planet Ayurveda Amalaki RasayanPlanet Ayurveda Amalaki Rasayan1215.0
Planet Ayurveda Chandanadi VatiPlanet Ayurveda Chandanadi Vati414.0
Planet Ayurveda Triphala CapsulesPlanet Ayurveda Triphala Capsule1215.0
Vasu Ranger TabletVasu Ranger Tablet216.0
Divisa Herbal Sachi SaheliDivisa Herbal Sachi Saheli Capsule132.3
M.U Amrelia Shabab E HayatM.U Amrelia Shabab E Hayat Tel80.75
Vasu Shyamla ShampooVasu Shyamla Shampoo223.25
Kairali spacol capsuleKairali Spacol Capsule297.0
Kairali Spaliv CapsuleKairali Spaliv Capsule97.2
Sri Sri Tattva Amla TabletSri Sri Tattva Amla Candy Mango144.0
Sri Sri Tattva Brahma RasayanaSri Sri Tattva Brahma Rasayana123.5
Sri Sri Tattva Oorja TabletSri Sri Tattva Oorja Tablet135.0
Sri Sri Tattva Pradarashamaka SyrupSri Sri Tattva Pradarashamaka Syrup121.5
Sri Sri Tattva Sudarshan Vati TabletSri Sri Tattva Sudarshan Vati90.0
Swadeshi Amla SharbatSwadeshi Amla Chatpata135.0
Swadeshi Shudh Amla RasSwadeshi Shudh Amla Ras95.0
Kairali Thriphaladi ChoornamKairali Thriphaladi Choornam46.8
Kairali Thriphaladi Kera ThailamKairali Thriphaladi Kera Thailam140.4
Vasu Trichup CapsuleVasu Trichup Capsule112.5
Vasu Ural BPH CapsuleVasu Ural BPH Capsule342.0
Kairali yograj gulguluKairali Yograj Gulgulu Tablet270.0
Zandu Chitrak Haritaki AvalehaZandu Chitrak Haritaki Avaleha Powder97.2
Zandu Avipatikar ChurnaZandu Avipatikar Churna Powder56.26
Zandu Sona Chandi Chyavanprash PlusZANDU SONA CHANDI CHYAVANPRASH 450GM171.0
Zandu Vigorex SFZandu Vigorex Sf Capsule157.5
Vasu Zeal Herbal GranulesVasu Zeal Herbal Granules112.5
Vasu Zeal Plus LozengesVasu Zeal Plus Lozenges72.0
Zoazest Nutra TabletCharak Zoazest Nutra Tablet366.3
Zandu Triphala Churna Zandu Triphala Churna68.4
Zandu Snez CureZandu Snez-Cure 2700.0
Zandu Diabrishta 21Zandu Diabrishta 2185.5
Zandu Joint Therapy KitZandu Joint Therapy Kit261.0
Dabur Triphala TabletsDabur Triphala Tablet70.3
Dabur Avipattikar ChurnaDabur Avipattikar Churna108.3
Dabur Sanjivani Vati Dabur Sanjivani Vati43.2
Dabur Triphala GugguluDabur Triphala Guggulu43.2
Dabur Yograj GugguluDabur Yograj Guggulu131.1
Dabur Kanchnar GugguluDabur Kanchnar Guggulu55.1
Dabur Punarnava Mandoor Dabur Punarnava Mandoor102.6
Dabur Saptamrit Lauh Dabur Saptamrit Lauh28.8
Dabur Agnitundi VatiDabur Agnitundi Vati71.1
Dabur Amar Sundari GutikaDabur Amarsundari Gutika37.8
Dabur Arogyavardhini GutikaDabur Arogyavardhini Gutika66.6
Dabur Chandraprabha VatiDabur Chandraprabha Vati110.2
Dabur Vridhivadhika VatiDabur Vridhi Vadhika Vati82.8
Dabur Mehamudgar VatiDabur Mehamudgar Vati58.5
Dabur Shoolvajrini VatiDabur Shoolvajrini Vati88.2
Patanjali Amla Hair Oil Patanjali Kesh Kanti Amla Hair Oil36.0
Baidyanath PipalyasavaBaidyanath Pipalyasava155.7
Baidyanath Haritaki KhandBaidyanath Haritaki Khand74.7
Kapiva Amla JuiceKapiva Amla Juice198.0
Kapiva Stone Go JuiceKapiva Stone Go Juice396.0
Kapiva Dia Free JuiceKapiva Dia Free Juice378.0
Kapiva Spirulina Plus CapsuleKapiva Spirulina Plus Capsules315.0
Kapiva Amla Plus Digest CapsuleKapiva Amla Plus Digest Capsules405.0
Kapiva Aloe Vera Plus Amla JuiceKapiva Aloe Vera Plus Amla Juice450.0
Kapiva Spirulina Plus Nutrition CapsuleKapiva Spirulina Plus Nutrition Capsule405.0
Kapiva Amla Capsule Kapiva Amla Capsule144.0
Kapiva Neem Glow Capsule Kapiva Neem Glow Capsule157.5
Kapiva Dia Free Capsule Kapiva Dia Free Capsule252.0
Patanjali Divya Kayakalp VatiPatanjali Divya Kayakalp Vati72.0
Patanjali Divya Punarnavadi MandoorPatanjali Divya Punarnavadi Mandoor81.0
Patanjali Divya Kesh TailPatanjali Divya Kesh Tail76.5
Patanjali Divya Kayakalp TailaPatanjali Divya Kayakalp Taila63.0
Patanjali Divya Shuddhi ChurnaPatanjali Divya Shuddhi Churna76.5
Jiva Amla Hair Oil Jiva Amla Hair Oil121.5
Jiva Amla JuiceJiva Amla Juice90.0
Jiva Triphala ChurnaJiva Triphala Churna36.0
Jiva Diabetes TeaJiva Diabetes Tea180.0
Jiva Hair LepJiva Hair Lep108.0
Jiva Sattva Pregnancy Health Care PackJiva Sattva Pregnancy Health Care Pack990.0
Planet Ayurveda Ajmodadi ChurnaPlanet Ayurveda Ajmodadi Churna216.0
Planet Ayurveda Amla PowderPlanet Ayurveda Amla Powder288.0
Planet Ayurveda Amla SaarPlanet Ayurveda Amla Saar234.0
Planet Ayurveda Arjun SaarPlanet Ayurveda Arjun Saar297.0
Planet Ayurveda Avipattikar ChurnaPlanet Ayurveda Avipattikar Churna297.0
Planet Ayurveda Go Richh Hair OilPlanet Ayurveda Go Richh Hair Oil 355.5
Planet Ayurveda Go Richh Hair ConditionerPlanet Ayurveda Go Richh Hair Conditioner495.0
Planet Ayurveda Immune BoosterPlanet Ayurveda Immune Booster1215.0
Planet Ayurveda Karela SaarPlanet Ayurveda Karela Saar220.5
Patanjali Lauki-Amla JuicePatanjali Lauki-Amla Juice90.0
Patanjali Amla Aloe Vera with Wheat Grass Juice Patanjali Amla Aloe Vera with Wheat Grass Juice90.0
Patanjali Divya Medohar VatiPatanjali Divya Medohar Vati72.0
Patanjali Divya Triphala ChurnaPatanjali Divya Triphala Churna20.7
Patanjali Divya Avipattikar ChurnaPatanjali Divya Avipattikar Churna90.0
Patanjali Divya Amla ChurnaPatanjali Divya Amla Churna27.0
Patanjali Divya Mahatriphaladi GhritPatanjali Divya Mahatriphaladi Ghrit342.0
Patanjali Divya AshokaristhPatanjali Divya Ashokaristh67.5
Patanjali Divya Udramrit VatiPatanjali Divya Udramrit Vati27.0
Patanjali Divya Amla RasayanPatanjali Divya Amla Rasayan58.5
Patanjali Divya Kayakalp KwathPatanjali Divya Kayakalp Kwath36.0
Patanjali Divya Triphaladi TailaPatanjali Divya Triphaladi Taila117.0
Patanjali Divya Sanjeevani VatiPatanjali Divya Sanjeevani Vati33.3
Patanjali Divya Saptamrit LauhPatanjali Divya Saptamrit Lauh18.0
Patanjali Divya Mandura BhasmaPatanjali Divya Mandura Bhasma13.5
Emami Kesh King Hair OilEmami Kesh King Ayurvedic Scalp and Hair Medicine Oil264.0
Emami Amla Plus Hair Oil Emami Amla Plus Hair Oil227.7
Jain Gokshuradi Guggulu TabletJain Gokshuradi Guggulu99.0
Jain Triphala Guggulu TabletJain Triphala Guggulu900.0
Jain Madhumardan TabletJain Madhumardan216.0
Jain Madhumardan PowderJain Madhumardan Powder837.0
Jain Kanchanara Guggulu TabletJain Kanchanara Guggulu99.0
Jain Amla PowderJain Amla Powder315.0
Jain Amlaki CapsuleJain Amlaki Capsules 121.5
Jain Femitab CapsuleJain Femitab Capsule162.0
Jain Haemocal SyrupJain Haemocal Syrup252.0
Jain Avipattikar ChurnaJain Avipattikar Churna643.5
Jain Herbal Coconut Hair OilJain Herbal Coconut Hair Oil88.2
Jain Herbal ShampooJain Herbal Shampoo162.0
Charak Richelth Nutra TabletCharak Richelth Nutra Tablet287.1
Kerala Ayurveda Nisakathakadi Kwath TabletKerala Ayurveda Nisakathakadi Kwath 500 Tablets1485.0
Herbal Hills Aramhills PowderHerbal Hills Aramhills Powder180.0
Herbal Hills Dia Care ChurnaHerbal Hills Dia Care Churna675.0
Herbal Hills Diabohills LiquidHerbal Hills Diabohills Liquid 130.5
Herbal Hills Digeshills Shots Herbal Hills Digeshills Shots130.5
Herbal Hills Imunohills ShotsHerbal Hills Imunohills Shots220.5
Herbal Hills Trimohills ShotsHerbal Hills Trimohills Shots220.5
Herbal Hills Keshohills TabletHerbal Hills Keshohills Tablet265.5
Herbal Hills Amla CapsuleHerbal Hills Amla Capsule175.5
Herbal Hills Amla JuiceHerbal Hills Amla Juice405.0
Herbal Hills Keshohills Herbal PowderHerbal Hills Keshohills Herbal Powder135.0
Herbal Hills Keshohills Hair WashHerbal Hills Keshohills Hair Wash175.5
Herbal Hills Keshohills OilHerbal Hills Keshohills Oil225.0
Kudos Amla Reetha Shikakai ShampooKudos Amla Reetha Shikakai Shampoo157.5
Kudos Triphala RasKudos Triphala Ras 143.1
Aimil Neeri KFT SyrupAimil Neeri KFT Syrup 494.0
Aimil Amlycure SyrupAimil Amlycure Syrup 133.2
Aimil Amlycure TabletAimil AmlycureTablet123.5
Aimil Jufex forte SyrupAimil Jufex Forte Syrup142.5
Swadeshi Agnitundi VatiSwadeshi Agnitundi Vati 39.6
Swadeshi Amalaki RasayanSwadeshi Amalaki Rasayan81.9
Swadeshi Amla ChurnaSwadeshi Amla Churna144.0
Swadeshi ArvindasavaSwadeshi Arvindasava93.6
Swadeshi ChayawanprashSwadeshi Chayawanprash Sugar Free279.0
Swadeshi Kabjgul VatiSwadeshi Kabjgul Vati 110.7
Swadeshi Kesari Amla RasSwadeshi Kesari Amla Ras198.0
Khadi Herbal Amla And Bhringraj Hair CleanserKhadi Herbal Amla And Bhringraj Cleanser130.5
Swadeshi LohasavaSwadeshi Lohasava89.1
Khadi Herbal Satritha CleanserKhadi Herbal Satritha Cleanser121.5
Khadi Herbal Cleanser With Honey And LemonKhadi Herbal Cleanser With Honey And Lemon104.4
Swadeshi Medohar Guggul VatiSwadeshi Medohar Guggul Vati 103.5
Khadi Henna Thyme Hair TonicKhadi Henna Thyme Hair Tonic279.0
Khadi Pure Amla OilKhadi Pure Amla Oil315.0
Khadi Bhringraj Hair OilKhadi Bhringraj Hair Oil139.5
Khadi Shikakai Hair OilKhadi Shikakai Hair Oil139.5
Khadi Triphala OilKhadi Triphala Oil135.0
Khadi Amla And Brahmi Hair OilKhadi Amla And Brahmi Hair Oil117.0
Swadeshi Punarnavadi GuggulSwadeshi Punarnavadi Guggul 100.8
Swadeshi RaktShodhak SyrupSwadeshi RaktShodhak Syrup90.0
Swadeshi Sanjivani VatiSwadeshi Sanjivani Vati91.8
Swadeshi Suprabhatam churnaSwadeshi Suprabhatam churna 86.4
Swadeshi Vyoshadi GuggulSwadeshi Vyoshadi Guggul86.4
Dhootapapeshwar Amlapitta Mishran SuspensionDhootapapeshwar Amlapitta Mishran Suspension55.0
EvakindEvakind Syrup112.5
Himalaya Oro T Oral RinseHimalaya Oro T Oral Rinse148.5
Dabur Mahasudarshan ChurnaDabur Mahasudarshan Churna110.2
Swadeshi Shudh Swadeshi Shudh Amla Ras146.7
Patanjali Ayurveda Kesh Kanti Herbal MehandiPatanjali Ayurveda Kesh Kanti Herbal Mehandi31.5
Vasu Trichup Healthy, Long & Strong OilVasu Trichup Healthy, Long & Strong Oil207.0
Emami Navratna OilEmami Navratna Oil74.1
Vasu Trichup Hair Fall Control Shampoo RegularVasu Trichup Hair Fall Control Shampoo152.0
Zandu Chyawanprash AvalehaZANDU CHYAWANPRASH 450GM148.5
Sri Sri Tattva Dhatri Lauha TabletSri Sri Tattva Dhatri Lauha Tablet63.0
Dabur Amla ChurnaDabur Amla Churna76.0
Nirogam Picoshunya TabletNirogam Picoshunya Tablet1799.1
Sri Sri Tattva Vitilwel TabletSri Sri Tattva Vitilwel Tablet405.0
Sri Sri Tattva Vitilwel OintmentSri Sri Tattva Vitilwel Ointment199.5
Baidyanath Bilwa TelBaidyanath Bilwa Tel106.4
Aldoredin CapsuleAldoredin Capsule114.0
Wisdom Natural Khadi Herbal Amla Bhringraj ShampooWisdom Natural Khadi Herbal Amla Bhringraj Shampoo198.0
Biogetica Pranavita Green PowderPranavita Green Powder949.05
Biogetica Hairgrow CapsuleHairgrow Capsule949.05
Biogetica Spectrum TabletBiogetica Spectrum Tablet664.05
Biogetica Neuralease TabletBiogetica Neuralease Tablet1899.05
Misters Immunity Booster for Men CapsuleMisters Immunity Booster for Men Capsule699.0
Vasu Cutisora LotionVasu Cutisora Lotion135.79
Vasu Ranger SyrupVasu Ranger Syrup112.5
Vasu Shyamla OilVasu Shyamla Oil117.0
Vasu Trichup TabletVasu Trichup Tablet90.0
Vasu Trichup Hair Fall Control Herbal Hair PowderVasu Trichup Hair Fall Control Herbal Hair Powder108.0
Bold Care Forever CapsuleBold Care Forever Capsule849.0
Bold Care Progeny CapsuleBold Care Progeny Capsule1259.0
Bold Care Spark - Increase ImmunityBold Care Spark - Increase Immunity799.0
Lama Amlaki ChurnLama Amlaki Churn65.0
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