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Sometimes it is normal to have a low or fast heartbeat. On the other hand, if the heartbeat continues to be high again and again, then this condition can be an ectopic heartbeat. An ectopic heartbeat is an extra heartbeat that occurs just before the regular heartbeat. It is considered a type of arrhythmia. Although having an ectopic heartbeat is common and is not a cause for concern, serious symptoms can be seen in some people.

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Today in this article, you will know in detail about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of ectopic heartbeat -

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  1. What is an ectopic heartbeat?
  2. Ectopic Heartbeat Symptoms
  3. Ectopic Heartbeat Causes
  4. Ectopic Heartbeat Treatment
  5. Takeaway
Doctors for Ectopic Heartbeat - Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

The problem of ectopic heartbeat occurs when the heart beats quickly. In this situation, it is felt as if the heart is beating fast or running. Generally, the problem of ectopic heartbeat is not worrying, because it does not have any serious symptoms. Also, in an ectopic heartbeat, the heart works normally. There are two types of an ectopic heartbeat -

  • Premature atrial contraction (PAC), occurs in the upper chamber of the heart.
  • Premature ventricular contraction (PVC), occurs in the lower chamber of the heart.

Let us tell you that ectopic heartbeat is a common problem in adults, but its cases are rarely seen in children. Even if there is an ectopic heartbeat in children, it is PAC. This condition is harmless, but as children grow older, the risk of developing PVCs increases.

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Symptoms of ectopic heartbeat are rarely seen. Although the symptoms of ectopic are common, which people ignore as normal, in some cases, an ectopic heartbeat can cause symptoms. The symptoms of ectopic heartbeat are as follows -

  • Feel chest pain
  • Feeling fainting
  • Feeling of heart stop for a moment
  • Racing heartbeat
  • A fluttering sensation in the chest

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Many common or serious reasons can prove to be responsible for an ectopic heartbeat. Certain risk factors can increase the chances of an ectopic heartbeat. Possible causes of an ectopic heartbeat include -

Unhealthy diet

People who take a good diet, rarely have to face heart disease. On the other hand, people who consume excessive intake of caffeinated beverages or fat may have the problem of an ectopic heartbeat. Apart from this, sugar and high-carb foods can also sometimes cause irregular heartbeat. Smoking or drinking alcohol is also harmful to the heart. Therefore, avoiding these things is necessary.

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Anxiety or Stress

Being under stress or anxiety can badly affect the heart. Being under stress for a long time can make you feel the symptoms of an ectopic heartbeat. In such a situation, it is very important to remain stress-free to avoid this.

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Consume some drugs

Certain types of medicines can cause an ectopic heartbeat. Allergies, colds, and taking drugs can cause symptoms of an ectopic heartbeat. Apart from this, asthma medicines can also lead to Actopit heartbeat.

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Excessive exercise

Irregular heartbeats can also be felt by doing more exercise or yoga. Therefore, excessive exercise should also be avoided. If you sweat a lot in the gym, you may be more likely to have an ectopic heartbeat.

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Decreased potassium levels

Potassium is necessary for the heart. When potassium is deficient in the body, many types of heart diseases can be born. This also includes ectopic heartbeat.

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Even when there is a lack of water in the body, the heartbeat can become irregular. In addition, being overweight or obese can also increase the risk of abnormal heart rhythms or heart diseases. (Check More - Weight Loss Treatment)

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes during menopause or pregnancy can make the heartbeat irregular. But it is harmless.

Apart from this, some underlying conditions can also be a risk factor for an ectopic heartbeat, such as -

  • Family history of ectopic heartbeat
  • Heart attack before
  • Have a heart condition

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In most cases, ectopic heartbeats go away on their own without treatment, but in some cases, they may require treatment -

Treating underlying conditions

The risk of ectopic heartbeat is reduced by treating the underlying condition. Many times ectopic heartbeat starts due to an underlying condition or disease. In this case, by treating the underlying condition, ectopic heartbeats can be prevented and treated.

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Lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes can also help prevent ectopic heartbeats -

  • Try to reduce stress or anxiety.
  • If you smoke or drink alcohol, then avoid them completely.
  • Caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee should be avoided.
  • Exercise regularly, but avoid excessive exercise.

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When a person has a problem with an ectopic heartbeat, he does not feel it. Therefore, ectopic heartbeat is not considered a cause for concern. Still, it cannot be ignored. Therefore, if the heartbeat is fast, then in this situation you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Also, if this problem is due to some disease, then its treatment is necessary.

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