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Arthritis is a term used to denote the inflammatory condition of one or more joints. However, it is not a single disease but an umbrella term, including more than 100 diseases and conditions related to joints and the tissues surrounding joints. Symptoms of arthritis may either develop suddenly or gradually and they vary depending on the tissue affected and the type of arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. It frequently affects finger joints, hips, and knees and is caused due to the break down of cartilages present between bones. This makes bones to rub against each other and produce symptoms such as pain and stiffness in the joint, with hindered movement and swelling. The exact cause of osteoarthritis is not known, though it may be genetic. Factors such as obesity, injury, progressing age, and daily jobs which require the same movement repeatedly increase the risk of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is diagnosed with the help of Imaging tests. 

Rheumatoid arthritis is the second most common form of arthritis and is characterised by inflammation of joints and the surrounding tissues. This is an autoimmune disease, where the body’s immune system attacks healthy tissues. Just like osteoarthritis, the exact cause of this condition is not known. The primary symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis include joint pain, stiffness, numbness in hands and feet, and general fatigue. Apart from this, joints may also feel warm and stiffness in joints may last for up to an hour at a time. Gradually, over time, joints may become deformed and extremely stiff. There are several diagnostic tests which can be helpful in determining this disease. These include rheumatoid factor test, complete blood count, and joint X-rays. 

Other types of arthritis include juvenile arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and gout.

The homeopathic approach to treating arthritis is extremely effective as evidenced by several studies. Remedies such as Arnica Montana, Belladona, Apis Mellifica, and Caustica are used for reducing arthritis symptoms such as pain and inflammation.

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Doctors for Homeopathic medicine, treatment and remedies for Arthritis
  • Aconitum Napellus
    Common name:
    Symptoms: The following symptoms can be remedied with the help of this medicine:
    • Chest pain
    • Palpitations along with anxiety
    • Tingling sensation in fingers
    • Numbness and stiffness in back muscles
    • Stiffness in the nape of the neck which causes pain
    • Cold sensation in hands and feet
    • Temporary loss of sensation in extremities
    • Shooting pain in hands and legs which gets worse in warm environment
    • Pain in the left arm
    • Inflammation in joints
    • Pain in extremities which gets worse at night
    • Hip joint feels loose
    • Cracking in joints which is not associated with pain
    • Trickling sensation in thighs
    • Swollen skin and tongue
    • Feeling constant pressure in chest
    • Shortness of breath which gets worse at night
    • Sensitivity to noises
    • Persistent anxiousness and a tendency to worry constantly
    • Restlessness
    • Symptoms improve in open areas
  • Arnica montana
    Common name:
    Leopard’s Bane
    Symptoms: This remedy is administered to patients of chronic arthritis. Arnica is well suited for individuals who experience the following symptoms:
    • Nervousness and confusion
    • Oversensitivity in the entire body so the person avoids being touched
    • Preference to stay alone
    • Bitter taste in mouth
    • Soreness in gums
    • Chest pain
    • Pain in the back, arms and legs
    • Feeling that the surface upon which one is lying is too hard
    • Feeling better while lying down with the head kept low
    • Coldness in forearms
    • Weakness in the pelvic area
    • Inflammation in joints starting from legs and extending upwards
    • Sleeplessness even when tired
    • Involuntary stools during sleep
  • Apis Mellifica
    Common name:
    Honey bee venom
    Symptoms: This medicine is administered for the treatment of the following symptoms:
    • Unconsciousness
    • Displaced aggression and violent behaviour
    • Stabbing pain in the head
    • Swelling in face along with pain
    • Scalding in the mouth and throat
    • Swollen gums and lips
    • Decreased thirst
    • Breathing difficulty
    • Swelling and inflammation in knees
    • Leg pain  
    • Rheumatic pain in the back and limbs which gets worse due to heat or application of pressure
    • Pain in joints just after getting up from sleep and in afternoons
    • Pain gets better when lying down on the right side
    • Tiredness and persistent drowsiness
    • Numbness in extremities
    • Itching sensation and tingling in extremities
  • Belladonna
    Common name:
    Deadly Nightshade
    Symptoms: This remedy works well in fickle minded people who tend to get easily distracted. Belladonna is useful for treating the following symptoms:
    • Sudden joint pains with burning sensation and redness in the affected joint
    • Palpitations feeling in the head
    • Headache at night
    • Swelling in the face along with twitching of facial muscles
    • Toothache and redness of tongue
    • Shooting pain in limbs
    • Sensitivity to touch
    • Swelling in joints
    • Appearance of red and radiating streaks on skin
    • Jerking of limbs along with painful spasms
    • Coldness in extremities
    • Loss of appetite along with stomach pain
    • Pain in the spine which gets better upon lying down in a semi-erect position
    • Violent palpitations along with breathing difficulty
    • Stiff neck
    • Pain in the pelvic region and hip joint
    • Restless sleep 
  • Bryonia alba
    Common name:
    Wild Hops
    Symptoms: The following symptoms are treated with the help of Bryonia:
    • Irritability
    • Dryness of the mouth and throat
    • Nausea and fainting sensation when rising up
    • Sensitivity in the stomach
    • Stiffness in neck
    • Rigidity and stiffness in the back. This may get aggravated upon sudden changes in weather such as rise in temperature
    • Stiffness and extreme pain in knees which gets aggravated due to motion or physical exertion
    • Swelling in feet and feet may feel warm to touch
    • Redness in joints due to inflammation. This may get better upon using a cold compress.
    • Tearing pain in extremities
    • Pain in arms and legs upon applying the slightest pressure
    • Constant motion of the left arm and left leg
    • Pale skin 
  • Calcarea phosphorica
    Common name:
    Phosphate of Lime
    Symptoms: Phosphate of Lime is effective in relieving the following symptoms:
    • Depression
    • Dizziness along with a feeling of vague pressure in head
    • Pain in the upper jaw bone travelling from right to left
    • Sensitivity in teeth
    • Swelling and numbness in tongue
    • Tiredness and aching in limbs
    • Stiff neck
    • Neck cramps that travel from right to left
    • Violent pain in the back even upon slightest movement
    • Sharp and shooting backache
    • Pain in shoulders
    • Soreness and paralysis of the left arm
    • Inability to move joints of the hand and those of the fingers
    • Uneasiness in lower limbs
    • Swelling of the veins
    • Itching and burning sensation all over the body
    • Tiredness and weakness in legs
    • Pain in shin bones
    • Night Sweats

This remedy is not advisable for children.

  • Causticum
    Common name: Hahnemann’s Tinctura acris sine Kali
    Symptoms: Causticum is well-suited to individuals who experience the following symptoms:
    • Warts on face
    • Mood swings
    • Paralysis and loss of sensation on the right side of the face (Read more: Facial paralysis treatment)
    • Pain in facial bones
    • Difficulty in moving the jaw
    • Tendency to chew the inside of the cheek
    • Aversion to sweets
    • Stiffness and rigidity between shoulders
    • Pain in the nape of the neck
    • Sciatic pain in the left side of the back
    • Numbness in back muscles
    • Dull and tearing pain in hands and arms which gets better upon application of a heating pad
    • Severe pain in joints
    • Loss of sensation in hands
    • Difficulty in walking due to excessive pain
    • Cracking pain in knees
    • Itching in feet
    • Uneasiness in legs at night
    • Persistent drowsiness or sleeplessness at night
    • Symptoms get worse in cold weather
  • Dulcamara
    Common name:
    Woody Nightshade
    Symptoms: Woody Nightshade helps in the treatment of the following symptoms:
    • General agitation and impatience
    • Nausea in the morning
    • Congestion in head
    • Redness on face
    • Mouth drawn to one side
    • Stiff neck
    • Shooting pain in hands and shoulders
    • Severe pain in the region above the hips
    • Paralysis of arms accompanied by a feeling of cold
    • Sweating of palms
    • Swelling in legs (up to knees) which gets aggravated in cold and damp weather
    • Tingling sensation in feet
    • General weakness and fatigue
    • Paralysis of limbs
    • Drowsiness during daytime
    • Waking up very early
    • Shivering during the evening
    • Feeling the presence of weight on the chest
    • Breathing difficulty
    • Rheumatic pains subside and are followed by diarrhoea. As diarrhoea subsides, the rheumatic pains reappear
    • Rheumatic pains reappear after skin eruptions of acute disease subside
    • Bitter taste in the mouth 
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  • All attempts must be made to maintain personal and environmental hygiene when using homeopathic medicines.
  • While taking these medicines, it is also recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle by engaging in mild exercise. This will ensure that the body remains active.
  • Eat fresh vegetables which have a high nutritional value.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes.


  • Avoid the intake of processed food items.
  • Do not consume drinks and beverages such as tea, coffee, and sodas when taking homeopathic medications.
  • Alcohol and smoking must be avoided at all costs. (Read more: Effects of alcohol on the body)
  • Do not use strong scented and perfumed products such as soaps and perfumes.
  • Avoid wearing tight and uncomfortable clothes.
  • Avoid spicy food with stimulating additives such as garlic or onions.

Homeopathic approach to treating arthritis and providing relief from its symptoms encompasses the entire health history of the affected individual. Homeopathy not only addresses the chief symptoms of a disease but also traces the root of the problem by inquiring about the initial symptoms, the pattern in symptoms, disease progression and factors which trigger or aggravate the symptoms. Homeopathic medication is then suggested on the basis of individual symptoms. Several research studies prove the benefits of homeopathic remedies in the treatment of arthritis. For example, a clinical study including a group of patients of rheumatoid arthritis reported that 82 % of the patients who were prescribed individually chosen homeopathic medicines observed symptomatic relief.

Another study conducted on 16 patients of rheumatoid arthritis concluded that homeopathic consultations effectively help in coping with this condition.

According to a study published in the Journal Rheumatology, topical application of a homeopathic gel is as effective as piroxicam gel, an NSAID medicine used for relieving pain and swelling in osteoarthritis patients.

Homeopathic medicines are quite safe to use since they are administered in very controlled and diluted doses. Since the patient’s health history is well accounted for, the medicines are chosen in a way that they do not produce any side effects and provide effective results. When taken with a proper regime and supervision, homeopathic medicines will not only provide symptomatic relief but also prevent disease relapse.

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Arthritis is a painful and debilitating disease which has a significant impact on the lifestyle of the individual. It can become difficult to carry out daily life activities due to the pain and inflammation in joints. Homeopathy can be a very effective approach for treating the root cause of the disease and improving the overall health of an individual rather than just suppressing the symptoms. 

Dr. Rashmi Singh

Dr. Rashmi Singh

18 Years of Experience

Dr. Monika Bhardwaj

Dr. Monika Bhardwaj

5 Years of Experience

Dr. Shailvi Singh

Dr. Shailvi Singh

4 Years of Experience

Dr Mukesh Nigam

Dr Mukesh Nigam

10 Years of Experience


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