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The spread of infectious agents and their toxins from their original site into the bloodstream is known as a blood infection. It is a complication of a microbial infection. Blood infection is a critical condition that can be life-threatening, therefore, it needs urgent intensive treatment. Symptoms of blood infection include rise or fall in the body temperature, increase in heart rate and respiratory rate (breathing). A complete physical examination including measuring blood pressure and body temperature, along with, investigative tests such as urine culture and complete blood count (CBC) are important for establishing the diagnosis. The blood tests usually will show a significant rise in white blood cell count. Treatment of blood infection depends on the severity of the condition and the clinical manifestations (signs and symptoms). Treatment may include admission to the intensive care unit (ICU) with fluid and antibiotic administration along with blood pressure control with the help of medicines. The outcome of blood infection is poor because, by the time a treatment is initiated, one or more organ systems may stop functioning properly. The outcome is also poor as it is often difficult to detect the exact source of the blood infection.

  1. What is sepsis?
  2. Blood infection (sepsis) symptoms
  3. Blood infection (sepsis) causes
  4. Prevention of blood infection (sepsis)
  5. Diagnosis of blood infection (sepsis)
  6. Blood infection (sepsis) treatment
  7. Blood infection (sepsis) prognosis & complications
  8. Medicines for Blood Infection (Sepsis)

What is sepsis?

Infection means an invasion of microorganisms in the body’s normal tissue. The invading microorganisms can be any type of bacteria, fungi, virus or parasite. If the infection spreads into the bloodstream with signs and symptoms, it is called blood infection. Sepsis is a hyper-response or unusual response of the body’s immune system to the spreading infection. Blood infection causes inflammation in the organs to which it spreads. The inflammatory response of the organs does not allow them to function properly. This leads to the development of signs and symptoms such as a low or high body temperature, an increase in heart rate and breathing rate, and increased white blood cell count. Earlier, blood infection was called septicemia, but now, it has been replaced by the word ‘sepsis’, which means infection with signs and symptoms. Sepsis is a preventable complication of a neglected infection. Awareness about sepsis is important as 20% of the hospitalized patients lose their lives due to sepsis. This mortality rate is approximately equal to the that of people dying due to a heart attack.

What is blood infection or sepsis?

Blood infection or sepsis is a complication of an infection in which the body's immune system has an unusual response to microorganisms and their toxins. These microorganisms may be bacteria, virus, fungi, or parasite, or their toxins that spread into the bloodstream. Blood infection can adversely affect every organ system leading to their dysfunction, which may be life-threatening.

Blood infection (sepsis) symptoms

Sepsis is related to many signs and symptoms which can make the diagnosis difficult.  However, three most important symptoms are considered diagnostic with or without confirmation of the presence of an infectious source. These symptoms are:

  • A high or low body temperature
    There may be an increase or decrease in the body temperature due to sepsis. Temperature can rise above 38°C causing fever or may go below 36°C causing shivering.
  • Increase in heart rate
    Normal heart rate is calculated by the number of times the heart beats in one minute. The normal heart rate ranges from 60-100 beats per minute. Greater than 100 beats per minute is considered as an increase in heart rate, which is also known as tachycardia in medical terms.
  • Increase in breathing rate
    Breathing rate, also known as respiratory rate, is the number of breaths taken by a person in one minute. Normal breathing rate is 16-20 breaths per minute. In sepsis, the breathing rate increases to more than 20 breaths per minute.

Blood infection (sepsis) causes


Blood infection is caused by a hyper-response of the immune system to microorganisms that enter the body. This means any type of bacteria, virus, fungus, or parasite can cause sepsis, but the most common cause is infection by bacteria, which accounts for around 70 - 80 % of cases of a blood infection.

Blood infection can be due to severe infections of the lungs and abdomen, which can easily reach the bloodstream through circulation.

Risk Factors

There is an increased risk of spread of infection in:

  • Intravenous drug users
    People who require intravenous drugs or those who are drug abusers and addicts, frequently get pricked which increases the chances of infection to directly enter the bloodstream.
  • People who have had a splenectomy
    If a person has undergone surgical spleen removal due to a medical condition, he/she has an increased risk of developing a blood infection.
  • People with low immunity
    As immunity plays an important role in fighting infections, people with low immunity, such as those with HIV infection (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), cancer, children (as they develop immunity late), and elderly people (as their immunity weakens with age) are at an increased risk of blood infection.
  • Poor hygiene and sanitation
    Living in areas with poor sanitation and hygiene, eating food without washing hands, wearing dirty clothes can increase the risk of blood infection.

Prevention of blood infection (sepsis)

There are many ways by which you can reduce the risk of a serious infection. These include:

  • Treating the wounds
    Any wound, small or big in size, should not be neglected. You should always take care of it and if required, visit your doctor for proper treatment.
  • Treating infections
    Even a common cold or a cough that lasts for more than a week can lead to sepsis. Hence, every infection should be treated with the help of a doctor’s advice by taking proper antibiotics and self-care.
  • Regular dental checkup
    Dental caries is most of the time neglected by people. This can lead to the development of infection and its spread into the bloodstream. Hence, regular dental check-ups and treatment can save you from the spread of infection.
  • Infection prevention
    To prevent an infection, wash hands before having meals and after using the toilet. Keep your house clean by using a disinfectant, bathe regularly, use clean beddings and linen, and go for routine health check-ups at six months interval to prevent infection.
  • Oral antiseptics for mouth care
    Oral hygiene is very important as infection can directly spread from the mouth to the stomach and from the stomach to the bloodstream. This type of infection can be prevented by daily brushing of teeth and gargles.
  • Antibiotic prophylaxis
    If there is a high risk of infection, such as in people who are admitted in the hospital over a long period of time or in case of surgery, it is always better to start prophylactic antibiotics to prevent the risk of infection.

Diagnosis of blood infection (sepsis)

The first step to a successful treatment of blood infection is an early diagnosis. Diagnosis is established by assessing the person’s symptoms and signs, physical examination, and diagnostic laboratory tests. Following tests are performed to establish the correct  diagnosis:

  • Physical examination findings such as an increase in the respiratory rate, a decrease in the blood pressure, a low or high body temperature, a decrease in the urine output may be present in a person with sepsis.
  • Complete blood count showing abnormal white blood cell count and decreased platelet count suggests the presence of some sort of infection.
  • Renal (kidney) or Liver function test showing a reduced albumin level (a type of protein) can also suggest an infection.
  • Other tests like abnormal blood sugar levels (either increase or decrease), low calcium levels, increased lactic acid levels can also give some clue to the diagnosis.
  • The source of the infection can be found by observing the person for new symptoms or signs related to any part of the body. This may indicate the presence of infection in that body part. The suspected source of infection can be confirmed by the use of radiological imaging techniques such as an X-ray, CT scan, or ultrasound among others.

Blood infection (sepsis) treatment

Treatment should be started as soon as the person is hospitalised as the primary aim is to normalise the heart rate, breathing, and respiration of the person. Treatment includes:

  • Fluids
    For initial stabilization before a diagnosis is established, fluids in the form of normal saline can be administered to the person by injecting it in veins in a controlled manner with the help of an intracatheter. This will allow the maintenance of normal blood pressure. The fluid load is monitored by observing the urine output, blood pressure, and lactate levels in the person’s body.
  • Temperature control
    Raised temperature can be controlled by using physical methods of cooling like cold water sponging, cooling blankets along with the use of antipyretic drugs (medicines for fever) such as paracetamol.
  • Antibiotics
    Initial antibiotic therapy is started by using antibiotics which can cover all the likely microbes that could have caused the infection. The antibiotics are continued until the exact diagnosis is established. As soon as the blood culture or the urine culture reports suggest the causative microorganism, prompt antibiotic therapy specific to the diagnosed microbe is started within one hour of diagnosis. Antibiotics can be continued until signs of complete recovery from the infection are seen.
  • Source identification and control
    Detecting the source of blood infection means finding out the local infection which has spread in the bloodstream and is responsible for all the resulting signs and symptoms. It is very crucial to find the source of infection to avoid further spread of infection and to control the current infection. The earlier the source is found, and the antibiotic treatment started, the more are the chances of preventing further damage to other organs.
  • Drugs to maintain blood pressure
    Some drugs can be used for maintaining blood pressure along with fluid therapy if fluids alone are not adequate. Whole blood transfusion can be performed in cases where the haemoglobin concentration of blood goes below 7gm/dL. (Read more - High blood pressure treatment)
  • Stress ulcer prevention
    Stress ulcers that appear in the stomach due to the physiologic stress that the body is undergoing (due to chronic illness) should be prevented to avoid bleeding, which can lead to further decrease in the blood pressure. This can be done by prescribing drugs like H2 blockers prophylactically. (Read more - Stomach ulcers causes and treatment)
  • Lung protective ventilation
    For the protection of the lungs, oxygen supply can be provided continuously and if needed, using machines called ventilators.
  • Surgery
    An abscess is a pus-filled cavity which needs to be removed to cure the source of infection in sepsis. An abscess present anywhere on the body can be drained completely by a small cut, but if it is present inside the body, then surgical removal is required.

Lifestyle management

Lifestyle modifications can help to prevent infections, and thus, sepsis. These include:

  • Healthy balanced diet
    A healthy diet that includes all necessary minerals, vitamins, a balanced proportion of carbohydrate (up to 60%), proteins (up to 30%), and fats (5 -10 %) helps to keep your immunity strong.
  • Acquiring healthy habits
    Healthy habits such as washing hands before eating food or after using the toilet, wearing clean clothes, using clean linen, and keeping the house and surrounding environment clean can help prevent infections.

Blood infection (sepsis) prognosis & complications


The outcome of blood infection and sepsis is very poor as it is difficult to detect the source of infection. Also, it progresses fast allowing less time to decide the correct line of treatment and involves progressive dysfunction of the organs.


Complications of sepsis are life-threatening, so early diagnosis and treatment are necessary to save the life of the person. Some important complications are:

  • Severe sepsis
    Sepsis with one or more organ dysfunction is called severe sepsis. It is a serious condition in which the infection through the bloodstream reaches other vital organs and affects them. Due to the spread of sepsis, the organs stop functioning properly.
  • Septic shock
    Due to sepsis, the blood pressure decreases, known as hypotension to such an extent that the patient can land into a series of complications causing shock. In hypotension, the systolic blood pressure drops below 90 mm of Hg and the diastolic blood pressure below 60 mm Hg when measured by a Sphygmomanometer (blood pressure measuring instrument). The septic shock induces more organs to stop working properly due to a reduced blood supply.

Medicines for Blood Infection (Sepsis)

Medicines listed below are available for Blood Infection (Sepsis). Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
AceclaveAceclave 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet107.0
AlcizonAlcizon 1 Gm Injection21.0
Ancef XpAncef Xp 1.125 Gm Injection147.0
CefadinCefadin 125 Mg Injection20.0
ReflinReflin 1 Gm Injection23.0
CefocefCefocef 1000 Mg Injection63.0
FormicFormic 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection114.19
GramocefGramocef 1000 Mg Injection58.0
ZylocefZylocef 1000 Mg Injection61.0
Auract InjectionAuract 1 G Injection28.0
Cefantral InjectionCefantral 1000 Mg Injection33.0
C Tax InjectionC Tax 1 Gm Injection33.0
EvacefEvacef 1 Gm Injection24.0
GencefGencef 1 Gm Injection58.0
OminaxOminax 125 Mg Injection13.0
OmnataxOmnatax 1000 Mg Injection33.0
OmnicefOmnicef 1 Gm Injection36.0
Taxim InjectionTaxim 1000 Mg Injection33.0
Antax InjectionAntax 125 Mg Injection14.0
BestaxBestax 125 Mg Injection11.0
Biocef InjectionBiocef 1 Gm Injection85.0
BiotaxBiotax 1 Gm Injection33.0
Cefatal InjectionCefatal 1 Gm Injection25.0
Cefaxil InjectionCefaxil 1 Gm Injection37.0
CefentralCefentral 125 Mg Injection13.0
Ceflin InjectionCeflin 1000 Mg Injection27.0
CefnimaxCefnimax 1 Gm Injection30.0
CefomarcCefomarc 200 Mg Tablet146.0
CefotaxCefotax 1000 Mg Injection22.0
Cefotaxim InjectionCefotaxim 1000 Mg Injection31.0
CifaCifa 1 Gm Injection28.0
DesataxDesatax 1 Gm Injection27.0
EdicefEdicef 1000 Mg Injection26.0
EfotaxEfotax 1000 Mg Injection89.0
Haltax InjectionHaltax 250 Mg Injection14.0
Haltax S InjectionHaltax S 1.5 Gm Injection35.0
LupitaxLupitax 1 Gm Injection142.0
MutaxMutax 1 Gm Injection31.0
NepotaxNepotax 1 Gm Injection77.0
NilstatNilstat 500 Mg Injection47.0
NovataxNovatax 1 Gm Injection33.0
NutaxinNutaxin 125 Mg Injection10.0
OritaximOritaxim 1000 Mg Injection26.0
ProcefProcef 100 Mg Dry Syrup51.0
Q TaxQ Tax 1000 Mg Injection29.0
SifotaximSifotaxim 1 Gm Injection28.0
TaxiconTaxicon 1000 Mg Injection40.0
TaxiromTaxirom 500 Mg Injection23.0
TaxopenTaxopen 1 Gm Injection36.0
Tox InjectionTox 1 Gm Injection27.0
Troycef InjectionTroycef 1000 Mg Injection27.0
ZecefZecef 250 Mg Injection28.0
Zetaxim InjectionZetaxim 1 Gm Injection26.0
Cefatax InjectionCefatax 1 Gm Injection31.0
CefotimCefotim 1 Gm Injection40.0
CeftalCeftal 250 Mg Tablet189.0
Ct LCt L 5 Mg Tablet29.0
C ToxC Tox 1 Gm Injection21.0
ErataxEratax 1 Gm Injection43.0
Flamotax InjectionFlamotax 1 Gm Injection28.0
FotimeFotime 1 Gm Injection34.0
Gramotaz InjectionGramotaz 1 Gm Injection368.0
NirtaxNirtax 1 Gm Injection21.0
Novatax ONovatax O 100 Mg Tablet140.0
Taxifa STaxifa S 1500 Mg Injection146.0
Tox DcpTox Dcp Syrup29.0
UnitaxUnitax 1 Gm Injection59.0
ZoftaxZoftax 1 Gm Injection27.0
BaciromBacirom 1 G Injection460.0
CeforCefor 1 G Injection399.0
CepiromCepirom 1 G Injection478.0
C RomeC Rome 1 Gm Injection360.0
ForgenForgen 1 Gm Injection349.0
GenpiromeGenpirome 1 G Injection351.0
RefzilRefzil 500 Mg Injection311.0
TafromTafrom 1 G Injection350.0
ZyfromZyfrom 1 G Injection519.0
CeforthCeforth 1 Gm Injection243.0
IvcefIvcef 1 Gm Injection349.0
IviromeIvirome 1 Gm Injection410.0
OmniromOmnirom 1 Gm Injection350.0
PirotumPirotum 1.5 Gm Injection395.0
XopXop 100 Mg Tablet Dt66.0
CefazidCefazid 1000 Mg Injection183.0
FortacefFortacef 1 Gm Injection265.0
Fortum EsFortum Es 2 Gm Injection451.0
FortumFortum 1 Gm Injection258.0
ForzidForzid 2 Gm Injection505.0
MegazidMegazid 125 Mg Injection44.0
SpectrazidSpectrazid 1 Gm Injection265.0
TazidTazid 125 Mg Injection50.0
ZidimeZidime 200 Mg Tablet119.0
ActazActaz 1000 Mg Injection300.0
BetazBetaz 1 Gm Injection344.0
CefatumCefatum 1 Gm Injection130.0
CefdinCefdin 1 Gm Injection250.0
CefnepCefnep 1 Gm Injection200.0
Cefom (Modi Mundi)Cefom Injection72.0
CeftaCefta 1 Gm Injection263.0
CeftastarCeftastar 1 Gm Injection171.0
CeftazCeftaz 1 Gm Injection265.0
CefzidCefzid 1000 Mg Injection276.0
CefzidimeCefzidime 1 Gm Injection100.0
CefzidomeCefzidome 1 Gm Injection312.0
CefzyCefzy 1 Gm Injection220.0
CepitazCepitaz 1 Gm Injection135.0
EcozidEcozid 1 Gm Injection94.0
EutumEutum 1 Gm Injection231.0
FotaranFotaran 1 Gm Injection240.0
FotazomFotazom 1125 Mg Injection289.0
GrazidGrazid 1000 Mg Injection205.0
Kaicef SKaicef S 1 Gm Injection125.0
KeftaglanKeftaglan 1000 Mg Injection280.0
KrizidKrizid 1000 Mg Injection209.0
MeezatMeezat 1 Gm Injection240.0
NeceftNeceft 1 Gm Injection302.0
NosodimeNosodime 1000 Mg Injection240.0
OrzidOrzid 250 Mg Injection55.0
OtaxOtax 250 Mg Injection16.0
OzidOzid 250 Mg Injection50.0
Ozid (Pacific)Ozid 500 Mg Tablet54.0
PseudocefPseudocef 1 Gm Injection312.0
RoczidRoczid 1 Gm Injection300.0
SitrozidSitrozid 1 Gm Injection292.0
StefStef 1 Gm Injection276.0
TaczidTaczid 1 Gm Injection191.0
TazimideTazimide 1.125 Gm Injection485.0
TizimeTizime 1000 Mg Injection308.0
BectozidBectozid 1 Gm Injection62.0
Ceflor (Ranbaxy)Ceflor 250 Mg Injection60.0
CeflorCeflor 1 Gm Injection134.0
CeftalinCeftalin 250 Mg Tablet79.0
CeftalupCeftalup 1 Gm Injection355.0
CeftozidCeftozid 1 Gm Injection112.0
ProzidomProzidom Capsule49.0
SoftazidSoftazid 1 Gm Injection311.0
TrizedimeTrizedime 1000 Injection247.0
Cefaxone InjectionCefaxone 1000 Mg Injection32.0
C TriC Tri 1000 Mg Injection63.0
GentraxGentrax 1000 Mg Injection64.0
MaczoneMaczone 1000 Mg Injection64.0
Monocef InjectionMonocef 1000 Mg Injection50.0
Monotax InjectionMonotax 1000 Mg Injection61.0
OdicefOdicef 1000 Mg Injection64.0
OframaxOframax 1 Gm Injection62.0
TraxolTraxol 1000 Mg Injection64.0
Xone InjectionXone 1000 Mg Injection61.0
AccuzonAccuzon 250 Mg Injection28.0
AceftAceft 1000 Mg Injection74.0
AncefAncef 1000 Mg Injection62.0
Axiron (Bsp)Axiron 1 Gm Injection133.0
CafzoneCafzone 1000 Mg Injection31.0
CalicefCalicef 1000 Mg Injection64.0
CbzoneCbzone 1 Gm Injection86.0
Cebay TrxCebay Trx 1000 Mg Injection61.0
Cedon ICedon I 1000 Mg Injection56.0
Ceemi CxCeemi Cx 1000 Mg Injection57.0
CefadayCefaday 1 Gm Injection78.0
CefalCefal 1 Gm Injection69.0
CefbactCefbact 250 Mg Injection25.0
Cefde OCefde O 1000 Mg Injection57.0
CefdonCefdon 1000 Mg Injection58.0
CefkabCefkab 1 Gm Injection76.0
CefnidCefnid 1000 Mg Injection107.0
CefnosisCefnosis 1 Gm Injection72.0
CefogramCefogram 1000 Mg Injection64.0
CefonCefon 250 Mg Injection121.0
CefonenCefonen 1 Gm Injection29.0
CefprotecCefprotec 1 Gm Injection24.0
CefronyCefrony 1000 Mg Injection67.0
CeftocidCeftocid 1000 Mg Injection58.0
CeftraxCeftrax 1000 Mg Injection27.0
CeftrianCeftrian 1 Gm Injection56.0
CeftricaCeftrica 1.5 Gm Injection184.0
CeftrilCeftril 1 Gm Injection79.0
CeftrisoneCeftrisone 1000 Mg Injection21.0
CefxiCefxi 125 Mg Injection22.0
CefxoCefxo 1000 Mg Injection98.0
Cefzone (Acme)Cefzone 1 Gm Injection96.0
CefzoneCefzone 1000 Mg Injection92.0
CesafeCesafe 1000 Mg Injection64.0
CetriaxCetriax 1000 Mg Injection64.0
CezoneCezone 1 Gm Injection95.0
Cezone PlusCezone Plus 1.5 Gm Injection121.0
C FaxC Fax 1.5 Gm Injection140.0
C LetC Let 1000 Mg Injection58.0
ComtrixComtrix 1000 Mg Injection60.0
ControxControx 1000 Mg Injection25.0
C Zone (Marc)C Zone 1 Gm Injection69.0
D CefD Cef 1 Gm Injection48.0
EfectalEfectal 1000 Mg Injection96.0
EfoceftEfoceft 1000 Mg Injection57.0
EldocefEldocef 1000 Mg Injection23.0
EtriEtri 1000 Mg Injection86.0
GracefGracef 1000 Mg Injection54.0
GrosafeGrosafe 1 Gm Injection60.0
HaxoneHaxone 250 Mg Injection28.0
HicefHicef 1000 Mg Injection52.0
IcfIcf 1000 Mg Injection58.0
ImunocefImunocef 1000 Mg Injection82.0
I TaxI Tax 1000 Mg Injection54.0
IvixoneIvixone 1000 Mg Injection90.0
JacefJacef 1000 Mg Injection60.0
KefotaxKefotax 1000 Mg Injection61.0
KeftraKeftra 1000 Mg Injection59.0
KexoneKexone 1000 Mg Injection59.0
KocefKocef 1000 Mg Injection25.0
Kocef (Kopranltd)Kocef 500 Mg Injection18.0
LorisolLorisol 1000 Mg Injection62.0
LucetumLucetum 1000 Mg Injection72.0
LyceftLyceft 1000 Mg Injection38.0
MarcefMarcef 1 Gm Injection56.0
MedocidMedocid 1000 Mg Injection65.0
MedoxoneMedoxone 1 Gm Injection60.0
MultixoneMultixone 1 Gm Injection44.0
NotaxNotax 1 Gm Injection68.0
NovaceftNovaceft 1000 Mg Injection75.0
Nu AxiomNu Axiom 1000 Mg Injection72.0
OcizoxOcizox 1 Gm Injection83.0
OmaxeOmaxe 1000 Mg Injection81.0
Onecef (Unimark)Onecef 1 Gm Injection70.0
OnetrixOnetrix 1000 Mg Injection64.0
Oxy (Dr.Johns Lab)Oxy 1000 Mg Injection94.0
PacicefPacicef 1000 Mg Injection64.0
PancefPancef 1000 Mg Injection62.0
PilcefPilcef 1000 Mg Injection25.0
PowercefPowercef 1 Gm Injection64.0
Radicef (Signova)Radicef 500 Mg Injection45.0
RamcefRamcef 1000 Mg Injection64.0
RecefRecef 125 Mg Injection22.0
RetelRetel 1000 Mg Injection58.0
Roxon (Rhombus)Roxon 1 Gm Injection75.0
SayotexSayotex 1 Gm Injection75.0
Sefozon (Exotic Lab)Sefozon 1 Gm Injection80.0
SefximSefxim 1000 Mg Injection72.0
SeptikenSeptiken 1 Gm Injection69.0
SicefSicef 1000 Mg Injection58.0
SitrotaxSitrotax 1 Gm Injection70.0
StercefStercef 1000 Mg Injection58.0
SupercefSupercef 1 Gm Injection61.0
SupravaSuprava 1000 Mg Injection58.0
SurecefSurecef 1000 Mg Injection55.0
TaxoneTaxone 125 Mg Injection21.0
TecxoneTecxone 1 Gm Injection37.0
TelcefTelcef 1000 Mg Injection54.0
Tg CefTg Cef 1000 Mg Injection83.0
TraxtonTraxton 1 Gm Injection79.0
TriglanTriglan 1000 Mg Injection55.0
TrixonTrixon 1000 Mg Injection64.0
TroxoneTroxone 1000 Mg Injection20.0
TroyaxoneTroyaxone 1000 Mg Injection58.0
TrustenTrusten 1000 Mg Injection128.0
UnitraxUnitrax 2000 Mg Injection120.0
WavocefWavocef 250 Mg Injection23.0
XfitXfit 1000 Mg Injection37.0
XolycefXolycef 1000 Mg Injection58.0
ZetriZetri 1 Gm Injection63.0
Zylocef (Alde Medi Impex)Zylocef 250 Mg Injection27.0
Aacef 1000 Mg InjectionAacef 1000 Mg Injection96.0
ActicefActicef 1000 Mg Injection72.0
AgizoneAgizone 1 Gm Injection18.0
AxoneAxone 1000 Mg Injection30.0
BecefBecef 125 Mg Injection20.0
CadiceftCadiceft 1000 Mg Injection22.0
CeflectCeflect 1000 Mg Injection55.0
Cefone (Makers)Cefone 1000 Mg Injection21.0
CefrinCefrin 500 Mg Injection49.0
CefritzCefritz 250 Mg Injection25.0
CeftisureCeftisure 1000 Mg Injection58.0
CetrexCetrex 1 Gm Injection67.0
CetzoneCetzone 500 Mg Injection43.0
CewarCewar 200 Mg Tablet117.0
Cezone (Cadila)Cezone 1000 Mg Injection58.0
CifamedCifamed 250 Mg Injection32.0
CiplacefCiplacef 250 Mg Injection24.0
C OneC One 1000 Mg Injection25.0
CorcefCorcef Syrup130.0
C TrikC Trik 250 Mg Injection28.0
CurecefCurecef 1000 Mg Injection95.0
CuxoneCuxone 1000 Mg Injection77.0
EdizoneEdizone 1000 Mg Injection79.0
EkcefEkcef 1000 Mg Injection55.0
EmtriaxoneEmtriaxone 1000 Mg Injection90.0
Encef (Enzo)Encef 1 Gm Injection69.0
EracefEracef 1 Gm Injection65.0
GramozoneGramozone 1 Gm Injection78.0
HanucefHanucef 1 Gm Injection56.0
Hicef (Wyeth)Hicef 200 Mg Tablet130.0
IfytroxIfytrox 1 Gm Injection85.0
Litacef XLitacef X Injection69.0
MahazoneMahazone 1 Gm Injection22.0
Marcef TMarcef T 1.125 Mg Injection105.0
MaxizonMaxizon 1 Gm Injection135.0
MaxizoneMaxizone 500 Mg Injection45.0
MedtraxMedtrax 1 Gm Injection69.0
MocefMocef 1 Gm Injection65.0
MonocareMonocare 1 Gm Injection72.0
MonogeeMonogee 500 Mg Injection18.0
NefzonNefzon 1000 Mg Injection63.0
NirixoneNirixone 1 Gm Injection130.0
NosocefNosocef 1000 Mg Injection25.0
OmisafeOmisafe 1 Gm Injection76.0
Oncef (Plus India)Oncef 1 Gm Injection73.0
OnecefOnecef 250 Mg Injection22.0
OnlycefOnlycef 1000 Mg Injection61.0
Oxy (D.R. Johns)Oxy 250 Mg Injection38.0
RanceffRanceff 1 Gm Injection28.0
ReceftReceft Injection82.0
RitecefRitecef 1000 Mg Injection64.0
RitexoneRitexone 1000 Mg Injection78.0
Rocef (Glenmark)Rocef 1 Gm Injection95.0
SafeloSafelo 250 Mg Injection35.0
SafezoneSafezone 1000 Mg Injection60.0
Safezone PlusSafezone Plus Injection105.0
SasucefSasucef 250 Mg Injection74.0
SofcefSofcef 1000 Mg Injection83.0
SpectacefSpectacef 1000 Mg Injection28.0
StacefStacef 1 Gm Injection69.0
SupraxoneSupraxone 1000 Mg Injection56.0
SymtraxSymtrax 1 Gm Injection72.0
SynthocefSynthocef 1 Gm Injection21.0
TriocefTriocef 1000 Mg Injection81.0
TrioxTriox 1000 Injection60.0
TrixoneTrixone 1 Gm Injection72.0
Trox (An Pharmaceutical)Trox 1 Gm Injection78.0
TrustcefTrustcef 1000 Mg Injection61.0
TruxoneTruxone 1000 Mg Injection64.0
TulixoneTulixone 1000 Mg Injection58.0
UcefUcef 1 Gm Injection67.0
XiacXiac 125 Mg Injection25.0
XiftXift 500 Mg Injection55.0
XoyXoy 500 Mg Injection89.0
Zipod XZipod X 1000 Mg Injection57.0
ZoftarizZoftariz 1 Gm Injection37.0
ZotacefZotacef 1000 Mg Injection71.0
Amicin InjectionAmicin 100 Mg Injection19.0
AmikamacAmikamac 100 Mg Injection21.0
AmitaxAmitax 500 Mg Injection66.0
IvimicinIvimicin 100 Mg Injection18.0
MacmikaMacmika 100 Mg Injection21.0
MbkacinMbkacin 100 Mg Injection18.0
Mikacin InjectionMikacin 100 Mg Injection19.0
MikastarMikastar 500 Mg Injection53.0
MikMik 100 Mg Injection19.0
OmnikacinOmnikacin 100 Mg Injection25.0
AcilAcil 100 Mg Injection21.0
AcmacinAcmacin 100 Mg Injection17.0
AkikAkik 100 Mg Injection11.0
AlfakimAlfakim 100 Mg Injection24.0
AmiactAmiact 100 Mg Injection17.0
AmibioticAmibiotic 100 Mg Injection8.0
AmicaAmica 500 Mg Injection48.0
AmicidAmicid 100 Mg Injection16.0
AmicomAmicom 100 Mg Injection15.0
AmijectAmiject 100 Mg Injection27.0
AmikabAmikab 100 Mg Injection16.0
Amikacin InjectionAmikacin 100 Mg Injection15.0
AmikamedAmikamed 100 Mg Injection21.0
AmikanitAmikanit 100 Mg Injection25.0
AmikasAmikas 250 Mg Injection12.0
AmikaterAmikater 100 Mg Injection20.0
AmikatilAmikatil 100 Mg Injection19.0
AmikefAmikef 500 Mg Injection69.0
AmikopAmikop 250 Mg Injection8.0
AmikosideAmikoside 100 Mg Injection58.0
AmilabAmilab 100 Mg Injection58.0
AmimacAmimac 250 Mg Injection35.0
AminatAminat 100 Mg Injection19.0
AminogenAminogen Eye Drop136.0
AmisacAmisac 100 Mg Injection11.0
AmisafeAmisafe 100 Mg Injection15.0
AmisterAmister 100 Mg Injection19.0
AmitrustAmitrust 100 Mg Injection20.0
AmivaAmiva 500 Mg Injection55.0
AmizecAmizec 100 Mg Injection16.0
AmkeyAmkey 100 Mg Injection15.0
AmtopAmtop 100 Mg Injection19.0
AroxineAroxine 100 Mg Injection22.0
BiklinBiklin 100 Mg Injection15.0
Biocin (Marc)Biocin 100 Mg Injection15.0
CachmikCachmik 100 Mg Injection9.0
CormikCormik 100 Mg Injection15.0
DimikDimik 100 Mg Injection16.0
EmicaEmica 100 Mg Injection16.0
EmikacinEmikacin 500 Mg Injection60.0
EncinEncin 100 Mg Injection16.0
G KacinG Kacin 250 Mg Injection29.0
GlycacinGlycacin 500 Mg Injection65.0
GlykacinGlykacin 500 Mg Injection58.0
JakacinJakacin 500 Mg Injection55.0
KazomikKazomik Ear Drops54.0
M Cin (Parenteral)M Cin 100 Mg Injection237.0
MegamikaMegamika 100 Mg Injection14.0
Mika BestMika Best 100 Mg Injection10.0
MikabitMikabit 100 Mg Injection17.0
MikadexMikadex 100 Mg Injection15.0
MikajectMikaject 100 Mg Injection15.0
MikaromMikarom 500 Mg Injection55.0
MikasafeMikasafe 100 Mg Injection16.0
MikasetMikaset 100 Mg Injection15.0
Milkalab 500Milkalab 500 500 Mg Injection34.0
OmacOmac 500 Mg Injection19.0
OrkacinOrkacin 100 Mg Injection20.0
SitrocinSitrocin 100 Mg Injection13.0
SpaikeSpaike 100 Mg Injection58.0
ZekacinZekacin 100 Mg Injection6.0
ZoftamicZoftamic 100 Mg Injection70.0
AcgatesAcgates 500 Mg Injection74.0
AerobactAerobact 100 Mg Injection14.0
AkasynAkasyn 250 Mg Injection9.0
AlinfecAlinfec 250 Mg Injection30.0
AmcinAmcin 100 Mg Injection7.0
AmeeAmee 100 Mg Injection8.0
AmfectAmfect 250 Mg Injection34.0
AmicipAmicip 100 Mg Injection6.0
Amikacin SulphateAmikacin Sulphate 500 Mg Injection11.0
AmikanexAmikanex 100 Mg Injection6.0
AmikapenAmikapen 500 Mg Injection8.0
AmimaxAmimax 100 Mg Injection19.0
AmineAmine 500 Mg Injection59.0
AmipicAmipic 100 Mg Injection5.0
AmironAmiron 100 Mg Injection16.0
AmistarAmistar 100 Mg Injection18.0
AmitalAmital 500 Mg Injection61.0
AmitoAmito 500 Mg Injection59.0
AnamikaAnamika 500 Mg Injection61.0
AycinAycin 100 Mg Injection19.0
AzcinAzcin Gel50.0
BlumikaBlumika 250 Mg Injection35.0
BrukinBrukin 500 Mg Injection60.0
CamicaCamica 100 Mg Injection18.0
CecefCecef 1000 Mg Injection70.0
CuresinCuresin 250 Mg Injection27.0
D CinD Cin Eye Drops22.0
EmbikaEmbika 100 Mg Injection14.0
EumikEumik 100 Mg Injection15.0
FymikaFymika 100 Mg Injection16.0
Ivimicin 50Ivimicin 50 50 Mg Injection18.0
KacimarkKacimark 100 Mg Injection13.0
KacinKacin 100 Mg Injection19.0
KlomicKlomic 500 Mg Injection59.0
LupamikLupamik 100 Mg Injection30.0
MakinMakin 100 Mg Injection14.0
MarichMarich 500 Mg Injection15.0
MaxeeMaxee 100 Mg Injection1.0
MciMci 100 Mg Injection18.0
MicaMica 100 Mg Injection22.0
MicinMicin Injection8.0
MikanirMikanir 100 Mg Injection79.0
MikataxMikatax 100 Mg Injection15.0
Mikatax MdvMikatax Mdv 500 Mg Injection250.0
MkcinMkcin 100 Mg Injection5.0
NikacinNikacin 500 Mg Injection44.0
NkacinNkacin 500 Mg Injection70.0
NosomikNosomik 100 Mg Injection15.0
ProcinProcin Eye Drops57.0
SermikaSermika 100 Mg Injection19.0
UdicinUdicin 250 Mg Injection29.0
UnimikaUnimika 100 Mg Injection21.0
Web MWeb M 500 Mg Injection45.0
Abclox CvAbclox Cv 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup45.0
AcAc 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Syrup50.0
ActisActis 125 Mg/31.25 Mg Syrup55.0
Actis HsActis Hs 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Suspension60.0
AcuclavAcuclav 1.2 Gm Injection119.0
Add ClavAdd 625 Mg Tablet77.0
Admoxy CvAdmoxy Cv 625 Tablet120.0
Advent ForteAdvent Forte 400 Mg/57 Mg Dry Syrup139.0
AfdclavAfdclav 625 Mg Tablet180.0
A KlaveA Klave 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection190.0
AksimaxAksimax 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet126.0
AlclavAlclav 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet191.0
Alclav DuoAlclav Duo 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup42.0
Altamox DuoAltamox Duo 625 Mg Tablet198.0
AmclueAmclue 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet235.0
Amex CvAmex Cv 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection210.0
AmiktamAmiktam 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection190.0
AmolclaveAmolclave 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection127.0
Amotid ClavAmotid Clav 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup55.0
Amox ClAmox Cl 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Syrup49.0
AmoxyclavAmoxyclav 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection56.0
Ampilox CvAmpilox Cv 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection128.0
AnticlavAnticlav 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup64.0
ApcilApcil 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet98.0
AugclavAugclav 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection190.0
AugmentinAugmentin 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection119.0
AugmexxAugmexx 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection136.0
AugpenAugpen 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection143.0
AugukaAuguka 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet216.0
AugumaxAugumax 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection173.0
AugutroyAugutroy 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection146.0
AugymoxAugymox 125 Mg/31.25 Mg Suspension100.0
AugzenAugzen 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection155.0
AzomentinAzomentin 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet95.0
BactoclavBactoclav 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Tablet Dt95.0
BactovanBactovan 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection150.0
BenzoclavBenzoclav 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection179.0
BestomaxBestomax 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet115.0
Biclopen CvBiclopen Cv Syrup54.0
BilclavBilclav 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection127.0
Bilclav DsBilclav Ds 400 Mg/57 Mg Dry Syrup115.0
Bilclav DuoBilclav Duo 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Suspension64.0
Blumox CaBlumox Ca 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet93.0
BmxclavBmxclav 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet133.0
BoostimBoostim 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection151.0
CavmoxCavmox 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet93.0
Ceaze AcCeaze Ac Tablet179.0
CismoxCismox 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup66.0
Cismox DuoCismox Duo 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup116.0
ClamchekClamchek 125 Mg/31.25 Mg Suspension52.0
ClamocidClamocid 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection117.0
ClamoxClamox 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection142.0
Clamox BidClamox Bid 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup65.0
ClamoxinClamoxin 125 Mg/31.5 Mg Syrup57.0
ClampClamp 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Drop78.0
Clamp Kid ForteClamp Kid Forte Dry Syrup125.0
ClanoxyClanoxy 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection162.0
ClarenceClarence 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup65.0
ClauvmentinClauvmentin 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection180.0
ClavactumClavactum 1000 Mg/200 Mg Infusion184.0
ClavamClavam 1000 Mg/62.5 Mg Tablet Xr400.0
Clavam BidClavam Bid 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Syrup52.0
Clavam ForteClavam Forte Dry Syrup127.0
ClavcareClavcare 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup45.0
Clavcare DsClavcare Ds 500 Mg/125 Mg Dry Syrup45.0
ClavcureClavcure 625 Tablet260.0
ClavidurClavidur 1.2 Gm Injection119.0
ClavifastClavifast 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup73.0
ClavimoxClavimox 125 Mg/31.25 Mg Syrup61.0
Clavimox PlusClavimox Plus 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup60.0
ClavlinClavlin 125 Mg/31.25 Mg Dry Syrup67.0
ClavmentinClavmentin 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection84.0
ClavofordClavoford 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet125.0
ClavohextClavohext 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Suspension58.0
ClavosealClavoseal 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection144.0
ClavosisClavosis 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup110.0
ClavotecClavotec 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet219.0
ClavotrolClavotrol 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup85.0
ClavoxClavox 1000 Mg/200 Mg Tablet194.0
ClavoxoneClavoxone 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet190.0
Clavu MClavu M 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet82.0
ClaxinClaxin 250 Mg/125 Mg Capsule65.0
Claxin CvClaxin Cv 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet153.0
CledomoxCledomox 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection133.0
Cledomox KidCledomox Kid 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Tablet46.0
ClevermoxClevermox 400 Mg/57 Mg Dry Syrup59.0
ClovinextClovinext 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet248.0
ClovistaClovista 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet99.0
C MoxC Mox 125 Mg/31.25 Mg Dry Syrup18.0
CoeamoxCoeamox 375 Mg Tablet179.0
CombetCombet 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup45.0
Cormox CvCormox Cv 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet280.0
CuramCuram 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection140.0
CvilinCvilin 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup59.0
CvmoxCvmox 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet157.0
DelpoclavDelpoclav 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Suspension70.0
Demox CvDemox Cv 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup46.0
Demox Cv KidDemox Cv Kid 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Tablet49.0
Demoxin Cv (Alde Medi)Demoxin Cv 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection180.0
Demoxin Cv (Indchemie)Demoxin Cv 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet102.0
Dicimox CvDicimox Cv 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Suspension62.0
Dilmox CvDilmox Cv 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup58.0
DosclavDosclav 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup47.0
DuclavDuclav 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection131.0
DumoxDumox 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection193.0
DuomoxDuomox 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup79.0
DuroclavDuroclav 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup57.0
EndoclavEndoclav 625 Tablet153.0
EradiclavEradiclav 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection87.0
Eradiclav DuoEradiclav Duo 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection124.0
Evoxil CvEvoxil Cv 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup62.0
ExclusiveExclusive 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup47.0
FectionFection 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet141.0
Fection BdFection Bd Dry Syrup62.0
Fection DsFection Ds 400 Mg/57 Mg Dry Syrup89.0
Fection DtFection Dt Tablet69.0
FemexelFemexel 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet171.0
FightoxFightox 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet139.0
Flemoxin CvFlemoxin Cv 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet175.0
Flemoxin Cv PlusFlemoxin Cv Plus Tablet138.0
FmclavFmclav 350 Mg/75 Mg Dry Syrup44.0
Genomox CvGenomox Cv 500 Mg/125 Mg Syrup65.0
GlanclavGlanclav 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection198.0
GodclavGodclav 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet134.0
GrandmoxGrandmox 375 Mg Tablet149.0
HhamclavHhamclav 375 Tablet199.0
IficlavIficlav 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Tablet Dt62.0
IndclavIndclav 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection115.0
JediJedi 625 Mg Tablet141.0
JonclavJonclav 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet243.0
JoyclavJoyclav 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet239.0
JuvclavJuvclav 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet96.0
KeebioticKeebiotic Tablet110.0
KlavucillinKlavucillin 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup104.0
KoactKoact 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection60.0
Kokkos ClavKokkos Clav 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup96.0
KonqurKonqur 125 Mg/31.25 Mg Syrup58.0
LaciclavLaciclav 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup103.0
Laciclav DtLaciclav Dt 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Tablet78.0
Laciclav ForteLaciclav Forte Syrup104.0
Lacom CvLacom Cv 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection160.0
LactoclaavLactoclaav 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection113.0
Lactoclaav KidLactoclaav Kid 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Tablet71.0
Lectimox Cv BdLectimox Cv Bd 500 Mg/125 Mg Dry Syrup65.0
LimaclavLimaclav 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet120.0
LmgLmg 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet180.0
MasterclavMasterclav 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup61.0
Medmox CvMedmox Cv 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup55.0
Mega CvMega Cv 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet96.0
MegoxMegox 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection20.0
MoclaveMoclave 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Syrup94.0
Molox CvMolox Cv 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Tablet56.0
Monamox ClMonamox Cl 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection153.0
Monix CvMonix Cv 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet113.0
MonoclavMonoclav 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet148.0
Monomox ClMonomox Cl 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup58.0
MordicaMordica 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection109.0
MoxclavMoxclav 1.2 Gm Injection119.0
Mox CvMox Cv 1 Gm Tablet300.0
Moxica CvMoxica Cv 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet104.0
MoxigemMoxigem 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet99.0
Moxigold CvMoxigold Cv 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet85.0
Moxileb CvMoxileb Cv 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Syrup46.0
Moxilium CvMoxilium Cv 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection55.0
Moxina CvMoxina Cv 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup56.0
MoxmentinMoxmentin 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet148.0
Moxodin CvMoxodin Cv 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet126.0
Ms ClavMs Clav 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup90.0
MucoclavMucoclav 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup98.0
Mucoclav KidMucoclav Kid 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Tablet Dt100.0
Myclav InjMyclav Inj 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection140.0
Nable DsNable Ds 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Syrup63.0
NavclavNavclav 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet199.0
Nikomox CvNikomox Cv 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection135.0
Niomox CvNiomox Cv 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet143.0
Nuromox CvNuromox Cv 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Syrup56.0
OcclavOcclav 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup59.0
Octamox CvOctamox Cv 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup53.0
OgmenOgmen 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup87.0
OgmiosOgmios 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection133.0
OptimoxOptimox 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet173.0
Optimox CvOptimox Cv 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet260.0
Patra DsrPatra Dsr Capsule60.0
PatraPatra Tablet37.0
Pd Mox CPd Mox C 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection172.0
Pd Mox C DuoPd Mox C Duo 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Syrup46.0
Penalin CvPenalin Cv 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup56.0
PenclavPenclav 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection128.0
PenhancePenhance 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection183.0
Penhance BdPenhance Bd 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Syrup52.0
Penhance DdPenhance Dd 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet134.0
PensynPensyn 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Tablet109.0
PexoclavPexoclav 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup52.0
PolyclavPolyclav 125 Mg/31.5 Mg Dry Syrup35.0
PowerclavPowerclav 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet153.0
PressclavPressclav 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection120.0
PriclavPriclav 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet49.0
Q Mox CvQ Mox Cv 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup52.0
Q Mox Cv KidQ Mox Cv Kid 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Tablet55.0
RemiclavRemiclav 625 Mg Tablet101.0
ResiclavResiclav 625 Mg Tablet124.0
R Mox CvR Mox Cv 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet77.0
RoclavRoclav 375 Mg Tablet243.0
Romox ClRomox Cl 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup65.0
RonclavRonclav 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection199.0
RoxclavRoxclav 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet386.0
SeptoclavSeptoclav 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection194.0
SolzerSolzer 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet120.0
StaclavStaclav 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection171.0
StarclavStarclav 100 Mg/62.5 Mg Tablet128.07
Starclav BidStarclav Bid 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Syrup55.0
Surmox CvSurmox Cv 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection125.0
Umox PlusUmox Plus 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Syrup57.0
Unimox CvUnimox Cv 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup64.0
ValuementinValuementin 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup50.0
VerclavVerclav 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection146.0
WarclavWarclav 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Oral Suspension52.0
WeclavWeclav 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup59.0
XoclaveXoclave 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup60.0
XtendXtend 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet180.0
XynateXynate 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection133.0
YugclaveYugclave 625 Tablet101.0
Zemox ClZemox Cl 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection169.0
ZoclavZoclav 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet199.0
Zoxil CvZoxil Cv 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection189.0
ZubactZubact 1000 Gm/200 Gm Injection184.0
ZyclavZyclav 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Syrup62.0
Zyclav KidZyclav Kid 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Tablet85.0
AclavAclav 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup71.0
AdvallerAdvaller Dry Syrup58.41
AdventAdvent 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup52.0
AkelloAkello 200 Mg/28.50 Mg Syrup105.0
Aloclave DsAmoclave Ds 400 Mg/57 Mg Syrup66.0
AmclaidAmclaid 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet84.0
AmokavAmokav 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup62.0
Amol(Idol)Amol 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet120.0
Amopot CvAmopot Cv 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet142.0
AmopotAmopot 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection133.0
AmoxclavAmoxclav 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet230.0
AmoximentinAmoximentin 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet68.0
Amoxy PlusAmoxy Plus 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup58.0
Amoxy(Symbiosis)Amoxy Plus Cv 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet147.0
Ampilox Cv KidAmpilox Cv Kid 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Tablet88.0
AmplifyerAmplifyer 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet135.0
Ampoxin CvAmpoxin Cv 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Suspension56.0
AnateAnate 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet42.0
AnsquareAnsquare 625 Tablet141.0
AthoclavAthoclav 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet199.0
Atmox ClAtmox Cl 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet235.0
AugduoAugduo Syrup54.0
AugmedAugmed 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection172.0
AugnicAugnic 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup76.0
AugremoAugremo Tablet91.0
AugumedAugumed 625 Mg Tablet252.0
Axl CvAxl Cv 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet127.0
BacticlavBacticlav 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet133.0
Bactoclav DdsBactoclav Dds 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Syrup107.0
Barclav PdBarclav Pd 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Suspension66.0
BarclavBarclav 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection191.0
Barrister KidBarrister Kid 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Tablet54.0
BarristerBarrister 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup55.0
Bax Cv Kid Tablet DtBax Cv Kid Tablet Dt80.0
Bax CvBax Cv 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection127.0
Bmoxy CvBmoxy Cv 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet206.0
Boosti ClavBoosti Clav 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet75.0
Boostim BdBoostim Bd 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup60.0
Boostim DsBoostim Ds 400 Mg/57 Mg Suspension101.0
BruclavBruclav 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection153.0
Carolox CvCarolox Cv 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet79.0
Cepoxim XpCepoxim Xp 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet246.0
CerclavCerclav 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet209.0
CipclavCipclav 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection200.0
Cipmox CvCipmox Cv Dry Syrup39.0
ClafelClafel 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet324.0
Clamchek BdClamchek Bd Dry Syrup59.0
Clamchek ForteClamchek Forte 400 Mg/57 Mg Syrup93.0
Clamp KidClamp Kid 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Tablet114.0
Clav DenClav Den 625 Mg Tablet46.0
Clavilect A ForteClavilect A Forte 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup102.0
Clavilect AClavilect A 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet114.0
ClavitufClavituf 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup54.0
ClavmarkClavmark 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup43.0
Clavmentin DuoClavmentin Duo Dry Syrup36.0
ClavobactClavobact 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet167.0
ClavogardClavogard 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection126.0
ClavricClavric 625 Mg Tablet259.0
ClavscotClavscot 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection175.0
ClavsunClavsun 625 Mg Tablet243.0
ClavwokClavwok Tablet57.0
Clearmox CvClearmox Cv 125 Mg/500 Mg Tablet192.0
Clompic CvClompic Cv 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup52.0
Co SymoxylCo Symoxyl 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Syrup46.0
CureclavCureclav 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet79.0
DuetDuet 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup52.0
DuomentineDuomentine 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet87.0
Duomox KidDuomox Kid Tablet71.0
Elmox CvElmox Cv 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet99.0
EnhancinEnhancin 125 Mg/31.25 Mg Suspension60.0
Eradiclav DsEradiclav Ds Dry Syrup109.0
Erox CvErox Cv 200 Mg/22.8 Mg Syrup54.0
EstoclavEstoclav 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet123.0
EstraclavEstraclav Tablet114.0
ExclavExclav 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet305.0
ExtraclavExtraclav 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet144.0
Fightox KidFightox Kid 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Tablet82.0
Fil CvFil Cv 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet190.0
Fixtrue CvFixtrue Cv 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet250.0
FlamclovFlamclov 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection153.0
Flamox CvFlamox Cv 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup30.0
Flemiclav ForteFlemiclav Forte 400 Mg/57 Mg Dry Syrup92.0
Flemiclav KidFlemiclav Kid 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Dry Syrup45.0
FlemiclavFlemiclav 250 Mg/125 Mg Tablet88.0
ForticlavForticlav 1000 Mg/200 Mg Injection169.0
FytoclavFytoclav 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet198.0
GemclavGemclav 125 Mg/31.25 Mg Dry Syrup66.0
Genmox CvGenmox Cv 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet110.0
GericlavGericlav Injection127.0
[email protected] Cv[email protected] Cv 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Syrup58.0
GoldclavGoldclav 125 Mg/31.25 Mg Dry Syrup111.0
HexamentinHexamentin 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet325.0
HibridHibrid Dry Syrup306.0
Hibrid KidHibrid Kid 200 Mg/28.5 Mg Tablet40.0
HiclavHiclav 500 Mg/125 Mg Tablet355.0
Accuzon PlusAccuzon Plus 1.5 Gm Injection135.0
Ancef SbAncef Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection109.05
AticefAticef 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection85.0
Avitrax SAvitrax S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection112.37
Axiron EsAxiron Es 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection122.0
BenokingBenoking 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection115.0
Big TumBig Tum 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection124.54
Calicef SbCalicef Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection123.5
CebactumCebactum 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection100.0
CeetaCeeta 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection116.5
Cefaday SCefaday S 250 Mg/125 Mg Injection99.0
CefjoinCefjoin 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection159.0
Cefnid SCefnid S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection125.0
Cefomarc PlusCefomarc Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Tablet140.0
Cefpen SCefpen S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection93.81
Cefpra SCefpra S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection102.27
CefsulCefsul 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection127.38
CeftichekCeftichek 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection115.0
Ceftocid PlusCeftocid Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection130.0
Ceftrax SbCeftrax Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection125.0
Ceftrica SCeftrica S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection125.0
Ceftril SCeftril S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection112.68
CeftrimaxCeftrimax 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection119.03
Ceftron SbCeftron Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection140.0
Cem 1500Cem 1500 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection116.12
Cephone SCephone S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection124.87
Cesafe SmCesafe Sm 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection106.32
Cetriax SCetriax S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection109.4
CezoprimeCezoprime 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection169.0
C ForteC Forte 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection73.87
Comtrix SComtrix S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection104.76
Corcef SbCorcef Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection120.0
C Zone PlusC Zone Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection130.0
Efectal SEfectal S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection122.0
Efoceft SEfoceft S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection109.51
Etri SEtri S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection123.42
Extacef XlExtacef Xl 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection90.0
FtaFta 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection150.0
Gracef SbGracef Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection100.0
Imunocef SImunocef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection112.0
Kefotax SbKefotax Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection119.0
Klokcef SlKlokcef Sl 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection139.0
LiftazLiftaz 1000 Mg/125 Mg Injection126.45
Lorisol SLorisol S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection95.0
Lucetum ForteLucetum Forte Injection85.71
Lyceft PlusLyceft Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection128.06
Mat CsMat Cs 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection103.6
MonobactMonobact 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection127.15
Monocef SbMonocef Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection139.0
Monotax SbMonotax Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection70.44
Notax SbNotax Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection85.0
Ocizox SbOcizox Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection112.28
Odicef SOdicef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection129.0
Odicef S KidOdicef S Kid 125 Mg/62.5 Mg Injection35.0
Omaxe SbOmaxe Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection125.0
Onetrix SOnetrix S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection111.08
Oxy SOxy S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection115.57
Pilcef SbPilcef Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection123.5
Recef SRecef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection114.0
ResichekResichek 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection67.78
RokcefRokcef 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection113.0
Safetri SSafetri S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection90.0
Sefozon SbtSefozon Sbt 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection119.0
Sefxim SlSefxim Sl 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection139.0
Sitrotax SSitrotax S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection96.91
Stercef SStercef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection99.05
SulbactomaxSulbactomax 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection149.0
TericefTericef 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection116.0
Tericef MonoTericef Mono 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection58.0
Traxol STraxol S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection125.0
Triglan STriglan S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection116.18
Trixone PlusTrixone Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection72.5
Trixon STrixon S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection122.25
Troyaxone STroyaxone S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection155.0
Unitrax SUnitrax S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection123.8
Vancef SlVancef Sl 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection148.69
VcefVcef 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection105.0
Wavocef SWavocef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection130.21
Xl OneXl One 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection128.19
Xolycef SbXolycef Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection132.0
XtumXtum 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection162.09
Zepodox SZepodox S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection84.5
Zetri SZetri S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection125.0
Zylocef SZylocef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection116.0
Afzone SAfzone S Injection136.0
Auxone SAuxone S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection110.42
Axone SbAxone Sb 500 Mg/250 Mg Injection64.26
Cefbact SCefbact S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection43.75
Cefika SCefika S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection95.0
Cefoat SCefoat S 250 Mg/125 Mg Injection168.42
Cefodin SCefodin S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection131.46
Cefrad SCefrad S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection108.62
Cefrine PlusCefrine Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection122.85
Cefritz SCefritz S Injection128.07
Cefscope SCefscope S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection120.18
Ceftriaxone 500 Mg + Sulbactam 250 Mg InjectionCeftriaxone 500 Mg + Sulbactam 250 Mg Injection39.28
Cefzone SCefzone S 500 Mg/250 Mg Injection81.25
Cetrex SCetrex S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection92.28
Cewar SCewar S Injection127.96
C One SbC One Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection40.0
ConsCons 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection106.17
Cs 1Cs 1 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection135.28
Cs 2Cs 2 1000 Mg/1000 Mg Injection270.56
C Tox SC Tox S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection37.5
Curecef SsCurecef Ss 500 Mg/250 Mg Injection125.0
Edizone SbEdizone Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection120.43
Effimax SEffimax S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection108.9
EffimaxEffimax 250 Mg/125 Mg Injection38.1
Ekcef SEkcef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection125.01
Emtriaxone SbEmtriaxone Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection118.11
Fixi SFixi S Injection142.35
Formic NeoFormic Neo 125 Mg/62.5 Mg Injection36.5
Gramolin SbGramolin Sb Injection130.9
Grandcef XpGrandcef Xp 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection103.6
Grosafe SGrosafe S Injection110.95
Ifytrox SbIfytrox Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection135.0
Infutrax SInfutrax S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection125.0
I Tax SI Tax S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection114.11
KeftragardKeftragard 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection124.0
Kxone SlKxone Sl 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection131.2
LentazLentaz 1.5 Gm Injection103.5
Litacef XsLitacef Xs 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection124.0
Lupitrix SLupitrix S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection148.0
Maczone PlusMaczone Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection122.85
Marcef SMarcef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection115.37
MilibactMilibact 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection142.5
Mocef SMocef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection119.9
MonomacMonomac 1000 Mg/500 Mg Infusion71.92
Monomac SbMonomac Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Infusion96.25
Nefzon SNefzon S Injection124.96
Oframax ForteOframax Forte 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection139.0
Omisafe PlusOmisafe Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection128.1
Opera SOpera S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection98.94
Pancef SPancef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection115.0
PulcefPulcef 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection105.0
S CefS Cef 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection104.15
Stacef SStacef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection151.81
Tg Cef STg Cef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection106.7
Traxol S KidTraxol S Kid Injection37.22
TraxtoTraxto 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection119.0
Truxone SbTruxone Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection41.66
Viocef SViocef S Injection111.42
VitaferolVitaferol Sachet19.5
Xiac AdXiac Ad 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection131.0
Xone SbXone Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection103.5
Zotacef SZotacef S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection123.75
Zoxin SZoxin S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection124.0
AugtaxAugtax 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection205.91
Biotax SbBiotax Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection38.07
Cefnimax SCefnimax S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection31.79
Desatax SDesatax S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection71.5
DuotaxDuotax 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection41.0
IvimaxIvimax 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection70.0
Lyforan PlusLyforan Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection82.9
MaxitaxMaxitax 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection43.03
Otax SOtax S 250 Mg/125 Mg Injection20.0
Rycef SRycef S 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection250.0
TaxtamTaxtam 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection32.8
TuftaxTuftax 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection74.28
XibactXibact 500 Mg/250 Mg Injection42.3
CefupCefup 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection32.83
Edicef SbEdicef Sb 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection31.87
Effimax PlusEffimax Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection31.79
Nutaxin SNutaxin S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection33.15
SultaxSultax 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection34.72
TaximaxTaximax 1500 Mg Injection49.5
Ca 007Ca 007 125 Mg/500 Mg Injection133.0
PotentoxPotentox 125 Mg/500 Mg Injection179.87
MikapimeMikapime 125 Mg/500 Mg Injection144.7
PrimegardPrimegard 125 Mg/500 Mg Injection133.0
Ceflin SCeflin S 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection32.6
ZydotumZydotum 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection320.0
CilasafeCilasafe Injection 500 Mg/500 Mg1529.0
CilasimuneCilasimune Injection1219.68
GlimaxinGlimaxin 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection1280.0
ImicritImicrit 1000 Mg/1000 Mg Injection2450.0
LastinemLastinem 125 Mg/125 Mg Injection336.53
PrimanatPrimanat 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection1100.0
ZienamZienam 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection1777.0
Zienam MonovialZienam Monovial 250 Mg/250 Mg Injection1692.37
Alimpenam CAlimpenam C Injection1247.62
CilamacCilamac 250 Mg/250 Mg Injection957.7
Cilanem CdsCilanem Cds 500 Mg/500 Mg Infusion1476.16
CilanemCilanem 250 Mg/250 Mg Injection832.01
CilaspenemCilaspenem 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection1450.0
CilaspenCilaspen 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection1332.37
CilastatCilastat Injection1110.0
CilaxinCilaxin 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection624.37
CilaxterCilaxter 125 Mg/125 Mg Injection402.86
CritinemCritinem 250 Mg/250 Mg Injection866.25
Ime CilaIme Cila 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection1615.0
ImicelumImicelum 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection1310.0
Imi CilaImi Cila 250 Mg/250 Mg Injection600.0
ImigemImigem 250 Mg/250 Mg Injection1624.0
ImilastinImilastin 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection562.5
ImirenImiren 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection1142.86
ImitopImitop 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection1099.0
ImitrustImitrust 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection1285.71
ImitufImituf Injection693.75
ImiwokImiwok 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection1323.81
InemplusInemplus Injection1380.95
Ipen CilIpen Cil 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection2100.0
LupinemLupinem Injection549.0
LupishotLupishot 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection1599.0
MaxigardMaxigard 250 Mg/250 Mg Injection1141.9
Micelum NddMicelum Ndd Injection1619.05
MicromaxMicromax Injection1166.0
MpenexMpenex 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection1575.0
PrimapenPrimapen 250 Mg/250 Mg Injection587.5
ZilamacZilamac 125 Mg/125 Mg Injection332.37
ZilonemZilonem 500 Mg/500 Mg Injection1050.0
TobracefTobracef 1000 Mg/120 Mg Injection450.0
Vanco PlusVanco Plus 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection428.0
Xl VXl V 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection360.0
XplocefXplocef 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection425.0
Cefirone VCefirone V 1000 Mg/500 Mg Injection390.0

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