High blood pressure is also called the "silent killer" because its symptoms are rarely seen. Nevertheless, there are some such symptoms, by identifying which high BP can be detected. Especially, if someone already has a BP problem, then he should be more careful. Dizziness is also often associated with the symptoms of high BP. Generally, there is a problem of dizziness only when BP is low, but it cannot be ruled out completely even with high BP.

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Today in this article you will know in detail whether there is any link between high BP and dizziness -

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  1. Does high blood pressure cause dizziness?
  2. Why does orthostatic hypotension happen?
  3. Treatment of dizziness in hypertension or low BP
  4. Takeaway
Doctors for Can high blood pressure cause dizziness?

Ashita Dwivedi, MD, a cardiologist at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, says that the patient does not feel dizzy due to high blood pressure directly. Yes, if the BP becomes too high, this condition can lead to stroke and can lead to dizziness. Apart from this, high BP medicines or sudden changes in blood pressure can also cause dizziness.

Of course, dizziness is not a direct symptom of high BP, but patients with high BP may experience dizziness in the following situations -

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When we lie down or sit, due to gravity, blood from the upper part of the body moves to the lower part of the body and gets accumulated in the legs and abdomen. This temporarily reduces blood flow to the brain. Then when we wake up, the autonomic nervous system that controls blood pressure signals the blood vessels to constrict.

This makes the heart beat faster and pump more blood. This allows blood to quickly reach where it needs to go and thus balances blood pressure. Sometimes this system does not work properly and as a result, orthostatic hypotension can be a problem.

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If someone has high BP and is having problems with dizziness or orthostatic hypotension, then the doctor should be informed as soon as possible in this regard. Along with this, there is a need to make some changes in the lifestyle, such as -

  • Avoid staying in the same posture for a long time and some care should be taken while changing the posture. For example, after waking up in the morning, sit comfortably for a few minutes and then get down from the bed.
  • Never stay empty stomach. Keep eating something in a while and avoid eating more in one go.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day, so that the body does not become a victim of dehydration.
  • Wearing compression socks or abdominal binders can also be beneficial. This can reduce the problem of blood clotting in the lower part of the body and avoid orthostatic hypotension.

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It is clear from this article that there is no direct link between high BP and dizziness, but these two problems are related. To avoid this, it is necessary to pay attention to your health. Also, avoid staying in the same posture for a long time and keep the body hydrated. If there are still fluctuations in blood pressure and dizziness, then a doctor should be consulted.

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