Symptoms like loss of appetite appear during bone cancer. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to diet during bone cancer. During this period, it is necessary to consume protein and calorie rich food to fulfill the nutritional needs of the body. One should try to have a diet rich in eggs, fish, milk etc. and avoid eating unpasteurized drinks, undercooked seafood etc.In this article you will learn about what to eat and what not to eat in case of bone cancer.

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  1. What To Eat For Bone Cancer?
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Doctors for Bone Cancer Diet: What to Eat and What to Avoid

During the treatment of bone cancer, one may have to face problems like nausea, pain or loss of appetite etc. Therefore, it is important to improve your diet even before treatment. During this period, there is weakness in the body and even then one does not feel like eating anything, but health can be maintained only by eating right. Therefore, nuts, beans or milk products should be consumed in the diet.

There are different treatment methods for bone cancer, such as surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and changes in diet may have to be made during each treatment. Therefore, it becomes even more important to increase the intake of protein-rich fruits etc. in the diet and keep yourself hydrated. Come, let us know in detail what to eat and what not to eat during bone cancer-

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Protein Rich Food For Bone Strength

To overcome the weakness of the body, one should consume a diet rich in protein and calories, but do not eat such things which can harm the health. Consume only healthy calories. Lean meat, eggs, fish, cheese and dairy products like milk are good sources of protein. Consuming these can be beneficial. Keep eating some of these things in small quantities at regular intervals. This diet is very helpful during surgery.

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Stay Hydrated For Healthy Bones

Apart from food, pay full attention to drinks also. It becomes very important to keep yourself hydrated during bone cancer. Therefore, keep drinking something liquid every hour throughout the day. Fresh fruit juice will provide hydration as well as nutrition. Drink as much water as possible during the day.

Snacks To Eat For Strong Bones And Joints

If you are on radiation therapy, it becomes very important to eat something from time to time. If you are taking chemotherapy, you don't feel like eating much. Still, you should not refuse some tasty options, like curd, your favorite soup and crackers etc. Take these in small amounts only, so that it seems as if food is entering the body.

Fruits And Vegetables For Bone Strength

Eating fruits and vegetables is also important in bone cancer. Try to eat one or two cups of fruits or vegetables daily. If you feel like eating sour fruits like grapes and oranges, then definitely eat them. These are all beneficial fruits. Among vegetables, choose colorful vegetables, especially green and leafy vegetables.

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The patient needs to be very cautious about his diet during or after cancer treatment. For example, consumption of unwashed fruits and vegetables, raw or undercooked sprouts, smoked fish etc. can increase bacterial infections in the body. Apart from this, one should avoid eating the following things, known in detail.

Do Not Eat Unwashed Fruits And Vegetables

One should avoid consuming unwashed fruits and vegetables or leafy vegetables, because dirt or bacteria remain hidden in them. Consuming these can cause infection in the body.

Do Not Eat Raw Or Undercooked Sprouts

Consuming raw or undercooked sprouts or sprouted grains or raw or undercooked smoked fish or beef can also harm a cancer patient.

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Do Not Eat Fried Food

During this time, there is freedom to eat food rich in calories, but it does not mean that outside junk food and fried food should be eaten. Eating these can cause great harm to the body. After some time, symptoms like nausea may also be seen. After this you won't even feel like eating healthy food.

Do Not Drink Cold Drinks

If you drink milk or drinks which are not pasteurized, they can be dangerous for health during cancer. Unpasteurized drinks may contain bacteria that can enter the body and spread further infections. Due to this, cancer cells can increase further.

Do Not Eat Uncooked Seafood

Seafood is a good source of protein and a lot of nutrients, but when it comes to cancer, avoid certain types of fish (which are high in mercury). If you are consuming fish or other seafood, then cook them well.

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During cancer, one should eat a healthy diet like green vegetables, fruits, beans etc., while one should avoid consuming undercooked seafood and fried food etc. Many times it happens that during cancer treatment the patient is not able to eat or drink at all. In this situation a feeding tube is required. If protein or other nutritional needs are not being met by diet, consult a doctor before consuming any supplements.

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