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Monsoon season always brings a steady increase in the number of dengue cases with it in India. People from densely populated areas are more vulnerable to this infection. Wherever there is stagnation of water or where clean water accumulates, there is a high risk of dengue.

Initially, symptoms like headache, nausea, pain behind the eyes, vomiting, pain in the bones, muscle pain and skin rashes may start to appear in dengue. If dengue patients do not get timely treatment, then these common symptoms can become more serious. Severe symptoms of dengue include abdominal pain, breathlessness, vomiting blood, bleeding gums and a drop in platelets.

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To overcome these symptoms of dengue, doctors advise you to have a good diet along with the medicines you’ve been prescribed. The right diet can speed up your recovery. In this article, we will discuss whether dengue patients should consume eggs when they’re sick.

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Doctors for Are eggs good for dengue patients?

Eating eggs is considered very good for health, given its high protein content. A normal-sized egg contains about 75 calories. It consists of about 7 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat and about 1.6 grams of saturated fat. Apart from this, it is rich in vitamins (vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B12), folate, iodine, iron, minerals and carotenoids. All these nutrients provide your body with much-needed energy when you’re sick.

Yes, dengue patients can consume eggs. Dengue patients are advised to include high protein and iron-rich foods in their diet. Eggs contain both protein and iron. Apart from this, eggs are also rich in other nutrients. As such, you can give eggs to a dengue patient. As a part of their recovery diet, they can work to increase iron levels and immunity in their body.

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You can consume eggs to meet the deficiency of nutrients in the body when suffering from dengue. However, you need to consume them properly, such as:

  • Eat boiled eggs without salt.
  • By frying the egg, the fat content in it increases by about 50%. As such, do not eat eggs after frying too much.
  • Try having more of the white part of the egg than the yellow. 
  • Do not eat undercooked eggs as it increases the risk of spreading infection and bacteria in the body.

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Dengue patients should include iron and protein-rich foods in their diet. Apart from eggs, there are many other things that you can include in your diet like:

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Apart from a diet rich in protein and iron, dengue patients need to drink an increased amount of liquids. Along with water, you can include coconut water, fruit and vegetable juices in your diet. Not only this, dengue patients should include foods rich in vitamin C (such as oranges, pineapples and kiwis) in their diet, as it can prove to be helpful in boosting our immune system.

Dengue patients should take special care of their diet if they want to recover quickly. Follow all the directions given by your doctor. In the case of dengue, make any changes in the diet you’re following only after consulting your doctor about them. Your diet may seem like a small aspect but it can keep dengue from becoming too severe.

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