The number of sugar patients is increasing day by day. At the same time, some misconceptions have also been formed among the common people regarding this disease. Some people believe that bananas should not be eaten if you have diabetes, while some people say that eating ghee increases blood sugar. Now to know how true these things are and how wrong, scientific evidence is needed.

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Today in this article you will learn about the various myths related to diabetes and the truth behind them -

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Here we are telling about some such myths related to diabetes, about which there is often doubt among the people -

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Avoid Bananas in Diabetes

A patient suffering from diabetes is often forbidden to eat bananas. All fruits contain natural sugars, most of which are low in the glycemic index. Bananas are also approved by the American Diabetic Association but shunned by doctors and dietitians in their country of origin. Bananas are not only safe but are also recommended for people with diabetes as they are rich in minerals and help prevent high blood pressure as well.

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Avoiding Sugar in Tea in Diabetes

Adding a teaspoon or two of sugar to your tea is much better than low-grade sugar and transat biscuits/crackers. The thing is, if you see sugar as a problem, then you can continue to have tea/coffee/cola without sugar. If you want to beat diabetes then you should see the real risk of diabetes whether it is due to irregular consumption of food or misconception. So enjoy tea with sugar but limit it to 2-3 cups daily and don't touch and like biscuits.

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Ghee Increases Blood Sugar

Both ghee and coconut contain essential fatty acids that further support insulin, protect the heart and help maintain intestinal mucus. So if you have diabetes, you can safely consume ghee.

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The gym is not good for diabetics

Some people feel that a person suffering from diabetes should not work out by going to the gym, but should do walking or any cardio exercise. But not at all like this, diabetic patients can also do weight training by joining the gym. Train your big muscles and develop strength in them. Lack of energy in the body is directly linked to the incidence of insulin resistance and diabetes. If you have diabetes, then gymming is the best exercise for you.

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Once You Are Diabetic You Can't Regulate Blood Sugar

It is often said that once you have diabetes, you are always diabetic. But it is not true. Through the right approach to diet, exercise, and lifestyle, blood sugar can be regulated and insulin can be supported. Nowadays we are moving away from our healthy eating habits and are starting to lead a new lifestyle.

But with this new lifestyle, we have become a victim of obesityhigh blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Although it is still not too late to change it. Regularize your grandmother's way of eating and your sleeping time. Also, try to exercise regularly. This will bring down both your stress and sugar levels and boost your confidence.

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There are many misconceptions related to diabetes, which people believe to be true. Through this article, we have tried to explain on a scientific basis how wrong these beliefs are. Along with this, let us also make it clear that it is not possible to eliminate diabetes from the root. It can be kept balanced through a good diet and regular workouts, yoga, and meditation.

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