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What are E. coli infections?

Escherichia coli, commonly called E. coli, is a natural resident of your gut. Since its discovery in the late 1880s, this bacterium has been used in microbiological and biotechnological studies due to its ease of handling and its ability to grow in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. It has 7 different pathogenic types, which are responsible for causing various infections such as urinary tract infection (UTI), septicaemia, meningitis and diarrhoea. In India, E. coli infections are commonly seen every year, the most common being diarrhoea and UTI.

What are its main signs and symptoms?

You will experience a broad spectrum of symptoms depending on the type of E. coli infection you have. Based on the kind of infection, the signs and symptoms seen are:

  • Diarrhoea in children and traveller’s diarrhoea: Watery stools (sometimes with mucus) and vomiting.
  • Haemorrhagic colitis: Bloody stools.
  • E. coli infection with Crohn’s disease: Persistent inflammation of the intestine, lesions on intestinal wall and watery stools.
  • UTI: Pain with urination, foul-smelling urine and high fever.
  • Neonatal meningitis: High fever in newborns.

What are the main causes?

The main cause of infections is the contamination of food and water caused by the pathogenic E. coli. Although E. coli may be a friendly bacterium inside the gut, its pathogenic strains can create havoc in the human body. These can produce infections even in healthy humans and can be spread by:

  • Drinking contaminated water
  • Eating contaminated food
  • Consuming vegetables grown in E. coli-contaminated soil
  • Unhygienic eating habits
  • Hospital effluents contaminated with E. coli

How is it diagnosed and treated?

Diagnosis of different E. coli infections will mainly involve testing for the presence of bacteria or its toxins in the specimen. Depending on the infection, the diagnostic tests conducted are:

  • UTI: Urine examination and urine culture.
  • Diarrhoea: Testing of stool specimen.
  • Neonatal meningitis: Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) examination and culture.
  • Crohn’s disease: Conventional radiology to study lesions in the intestine and differentiate them from ulcerative colitis, along with stool examination to confirm the presence of E. coli.

With multidrug-resistant species of E. coli around, the treatment can be challenging. The treatment of E. coli infections includes:

  • Rational use of antibiotics
  • Probiotics
  • Bacteriophage therapy
  • Antimicrobial peptides

In addition to medication, some self-care measures like drinking plenty of water and taking rest can be helpful.

Preventive measures include proper hygiene, safe food practices and good sanitation.

  1. Medicines for E. coli Infection
  2. Doctors for E. coli Infection
Dr. Jogya Bori

Dr. Jogya Bori

संक्रामक रोग

Dr. Lalit Shishara

Dr. Lalit Shishara

संक्रामक रोग

Dr. Alok Mishra

Dr. Alok Mishra

संक्रामक रोग

Medicines for E. coli Infection

Medicines listed below are available for E. coli Infection. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
NeopredNeopred 20 Mg Tablet15.69
Acostin ForteAcostin Forte 2000000 Iu Injection1449.0
ColibugColibug 1000 It Injection785.0
ColistopColistop 12.5 Mg Suspension37.0
ColistColist 1000000 Iu Injection1361.0
HopstinHopstin 1 Miu Injection505.0
IclIcl 1000000 Iu Injection790.0
KoolistinKoolistin 1000000 Iu Injection500.0
WalamycinWalamycin 12.5 Mg Suspension30.0
Xylistin Forte PlusXylistin Forte Plus 3 Miu Injection2541.0
XylomonasXylomonas 1000000 Iu Injection836.0
BestomycinBestomycin 12.5 Mg Syrup36.0
Colinem(Macleods)Colinem Forte 2000000 Iu Injection1375.0
ColiremColirem 1 Miu Injection721.0
Dilozol CDilozol C 12.5 Mg Suspension35.0
Gd SafeGd Safe 12.5 Mg Dry Syrup38.0
HicolyHicoly 1 Miu Injection794.0
IcustinIcustin Tm 1000000 Iu Injection866.0
IystinIystin 12.5 Mg Suspension35.0
MyxitinMyxitin 1 Miu Injection749.0
NeolistimNeolistim 1000000 Iu Injection891.0
PmxPmx 1 Miu Injection587.0
PolymonaxPolymonax 1000000 Iu Injection416.0
PolymxePolymxe 1 Miu Injection769.0
SudostarSudostar 1 Miu Injection767.0
UnilistinUnilistin 1.0 Miu Injection664.0
WalagylWalagyl 12.5 Mg Syrup30.0
WenmycinWenmycin 25 Mg Dry Syrup29.0
WockstinWockstin 1000000 Iu Injection468.0
ZombistinZombistin 1000000 Iu Injection760.0
ColiceaseColicease 2 Miu Injection1561.0
ColigylColigyl 12.5 Mg Tablet Dt69.0
ElistinElistin 1 Miu Injection770.0
Hopstin ForteHopstin Forte 2 Miu Injection942.0
Cortilate NCortilate N Ointment48.8
Neomycin SulphateNeomycin Sulphate 350 Mg Cream3.5
SoframaxSoframax Cream10.0
Triben PlusTriben Plus Cream49.0
Amprabec NAmprabec N Cream55.5
Betnovate N CreamBetnovate N Cream22.85
Diprovate N PlusDiprovate N Plus Cream95.0
Bactoderm NBactoderm N 0.12%W/W/0.5%W/W/01%W/W Cream18.11
Beclolab NBeclolab N 0.025%/0.5% Cream13.12
Beclomark NBeclomark N 0.025%/0.1% Cream20.5
Biomet NBiomet N 0.025%/0.5% Cream38.5
Beclocort NBeclocort N 0.025%/0.5% Cream14.9
Beclosone NBeclosone N 0.025%/0.5% Cream17.85
Beclotas NBeclotas N Ointment27.0
Beclotec NBeclotec N Ointment9.37
Becmet NBecmet N Cream28.5
Betabiotic PlusBetabiotic Plus Drops26.0
Betawok NBetawok N Cream12.5
Betsonir NBetsonir N Cream15.75
Daily MDaily M Tablet50.0
BencreamBencream Cream58.59
CandivateCandivate 0.025%/0.5%/1% Cream15.0
Canison BnCanison Bn Cream51.0
Clomax BnClomax Bn 0.025%/0.5%/1% Cream53.0
Clomazole SnClomazole Sn 0.025%/0.5%/1% Cream65.0
Cnb (Als)Cnb 0.025%/0.5%/1% Cream25.0
DermikemDermikem 0.025%/0.5%/1% Cream9.37
InfadermInfaderm Cream41.0
Naderm RfNaderm Rf 0.025%/0.5%/1% Cream21.15
OndermOnderm 0.025%W/W/0.5%W/W/1%W/W Ointment39.0
OtobioticOtobiotic 0.025%/0.5%/1% Ear Drop53.0
Qualis RfQualis Rf 0.025%/0.5%/1% Cream32.0
Ring OutRing Out 0.025%/0.5%/1% Cream20.0
Trizole BTrizole B Cream70.0
ZefacortZefacort 0.025%/0.5%/1% Cream18.0
ArdermaArderma 0.025%/0.5%/1% Cream17.46
Becsone NBecsone N Cream12.81
Burnol PrickdermBurnol Prickderm Cream23.56
Candex BgCandex Bg 0.025%/0.5%/1% Cream33.0
CutigardCutigard 0.025%/0.5%/1% Cream30.2
Czson NbCzson Nb Cream27.0
DermitrustDermitrust Cream7.35
FungihealFungiheal Cream33.22
Fungitop RfFungitop Rf Cream13.12
GerdermGerderm Cream8.75
GetridGetrid 0.025%/0.5%/1% Cream36.0
Mazoderm BnMazoderm Bn Cream15.0
MegadermMegaderm Cream7.5
Nb ClozNb Cloz 0.025%/0.5%/1% Cream32.8
PerisanPerisan Cream57.9
ZenodermZenoderm Ointment12.5
Benicort NBenicort N 0.5%/0.1% Drops9.18
Betal NBetal N Drops10.0
Betamethasone + Neomycin CreamBetamethasone Valerate 0.1 % w/w + Neomycin Sulfate 0.5 % w/w Cream14.85
Betamil NBetamil N 0.05%/0.5% Cream13.8
Betasone NBetasone N 0.5%/0.1% Drops17.6
EphytolEphytol Lotion44.88
Anglomet NAnglomet N Cream7.27
Betabiotic LBetabiotic L Drops28.5
Milbeta NMilbeta N 0.35%/0.1% Drops15.77
Solubin NSolubin N Drops19.41
Zobet NZobet N Cream22.87
Biodexone NBiodexone N 0.5%/0.1% Eye Drops9.37
Dekortyn NDekortyn N 0.5%/0.1% Drops8.25
Dexacort NDexacort N 0.5%/0.1% Eye Ointment9.11
DexcinDexcin Eye/Ear Drops11.55
Opthodex NOpthodex N 0.5%/0.1% Drops9.41
Canflo BnCanflo Bn 1%/0.05%/0.5% Cream43.86
Crota NCrota N Cream34.0
Sigmaderm NSigmaderm N 0.025%/1%/0.5% Cream57.2
Tolnacomb RfTolnacomb Rf Cream29.96
Xeva NcXeva Nc Tablet29.0
ZotadermZotaderm Cream27.62
Clopan GClopan G Cream60.0
Clovate GnClovate Gn Cream38.08
Dipgenta PlusDipgenta Plus Cream92.89
Exel GnExel Gn 0.05% W/W/0.5% W/W Cream48.0
Propygenta NfPropygenta Nf Cream125.0
Tenovate GnTenovate Gn Cream23.6
ClostagenClostagen 0.5%/0.5% Cream105.0
Dipgenta FDipgenta F Cream81.8
Klosoft NKlosoft N 0.05%/0.5% Cream24.0
Clonit GClonit G Cream38.36
Cortisol GCortisol G Cream17.0
Powercort NPowercort N Cream40.0
Viclob NViclob N Cream47.92
ZyclogZyclog Ointment76.93
EclospanEclospan 0.025%/2%/0.5% Cream44.5
MegaspanMegaspan Cream22.9
NovacorNovacor Cream30.0
ValbetValbet Cream21.0
Gentalene PlusGentalene Plus Cream76.0
Nuforce GmNuforce Gm 0.025% W/W/1% W/W/0.5% W/W Cream33.0
Quadriderm RfQuadriderm Rf Cream97.0
Toprap NcToprap Nc Cream28.85
TrijekTrijek Cream40.0
TrinilTrinil 0.025%/1%/0.5% Lotion43.8
BageeBagee Cream39.8
Bestopic NBestopic N Cream45.0
Candiderma PlusCandiderma Plus Cream72.0
Cloben GCloben G Cream84.0
Dermolin GmDermolin Gm Cream34.9
Fungid NcFungid Nc Cream38.67
Gentalene C PlusGentalene C Plus Cream66.18
MegaseptMegasept Ointment59.0
SkintopSkintop Cream58.0
Sriderm CreamSriderm Cream22.0
TotaldermTotalderm Cream37.0
Micona FMicona F Cream40.83
Flucreme NmFlucreme Nm Ointment54.0
NasofineNasofine Nasal Cream64.5
PentadermPentaderm Cream32.0
Ring GuardRing Guard Cream42.3
Surfaz SnSurfaz Sn + Cream60.14
Neo CeodermNeo Ceoderm Ointment8.43
QurefastQurefast Ointment57.75
Clostar Gm CreamClostar Gm Cream40.0
IotrimIotrim Eye Ointment57.0

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